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Don't Wanna Be  - Gretchen
All the things you used to sayColor them in any wayYou were always running aroundAll the things I used to knowColor them in IndigoI don't want you bringing me downCalled ~ez_hellip~

Don't Wanna Know  - Lloyd
I'm sick and tired of lyin' here and thinkin'With informercials sinkin' inAnd I can't find my remoreI won't accept the terms of this surrender'Cause there is something bi ~ez_hellip~

Don't Want To Lose  - Fred Hammond
I used to live out hereMy life and limb togetherI used to hang my headAnd dream to make it betterIf you could understand what's happening to meThen I wouldn't need mysel ~ez_hellip~

Don't Want To Lose  - Jake
I used to live out here My life and limb together I used to hang my head And dream to make it better If you could understand what's happening to me Then I wouldn't need m ~ez_hellip~

Don't Want To Make A Move  - Natalie Grant
"Lord, Please guide my steps. I commit my way to You. I wont make a move, until I hear Your voice!" Don't wanna make a move! I gotta be on gua ~ez_hellip~

Don't Worry  - BChaseWilliams
(written by Kirk Franklin)(recorded by Kirk Franklin & One Nation Crew)Verse 1:Have you ever been so down, down,that you don't really know what to say;you tried and tried ~ez_hellip~
B. Chase Williams

Don't Worry  - Rebecca St. James
On the corner of Fifth and Broadway I was walking to the grocery store on Third I saw a man up on a box He seemed a bit unorthodox He was preaching up a storm As I p ~ez_hellip~

Don't Worry  - ZOEgirl
The way seems hardWe've come too far to give up nowDon't Worry (No don't you worry)Though the pressures of life seem to trap you insideBe encouraged (My friend be encoura ~ez_hellip~

Don't You Know  - Deitrick Haddon
I have hidden you I have set you apart and... Saved the best for me...saved the best for me..(oh) I love you that much that I would Hold the things that you think you wa ~ez_hellip~

Don't You Know  - Norman Hutchings
(Chuck Girard)Don't you know it's not enough to sit aroundDon't you know the time has come to get it onDon't you know the benefits you will receive my friendIn the long ~ez_hellip~

Don't You Know  - Watermark
I have hidden you I have set you apart and~ez_hellip~ Saved the best for me~ez_hellip~saved the best for me..(oh) I love you that much that I would Hold the things that you t ~ez_hellip~

Don't Be Afraid  - Avalon
I know it's hard to believeWhen your eyes just can't seeSo lean on MeI have not disappearedAnd I can see you from hereTears are blinding you from the truthOh, I'm right h ~ez_hellip~

Don't Be Long  - Nodes Of Ranvier
Father finally I'm brokenStretched so thin that I can hardly moveAnd all that I have left are the promises You've spoken to meFather finally I'm shatteredA hollow shell o ~ez_hellip~

Don't Be Silent  - SweetImperfection
dear diary i saw this guy at the show he was singing to me at least i think so all the world around me stopped when he said (hi, what's up baby) he's the perfect guy ~ez_hellip~
Sweet Imperfection

Of all the things to do to a friend You hurt them by your tongue. Relationships will fatally end Without a knife or gun. Waitin' till you 're back behind them, Then you p ~ez_hellip~

Don't Be Weary  - Tarralyn Ramsey
ooh ooh ooh yeah yeah yeah yeahI guess your wondering how to make it throughsome times you feel like you don't know what to do .there is a solution to your every problem ~ez_hellip~

Don't Bring Me Down  - TobyMac
Do you rememberThe southern breakfast treatReferred to as gritsBut it looks like cream of wheat (chorus)Don't bring me downPlease, pleaseDon't bring me down (repeat choru ~ez_hellip~

Don't Call the Roll  - Debra Snipes
L: I'm coming LordC: Coming LordL: All by myselfC: by myselfL: Don't call the rollC: call the rollL: till I get thereC: I get thereL: I'm coming LordC: coming LordL: all ~ez_hellip~

Don't Censor Me  - Audio Adrenaline
Pop bang boom pow Kill somebody and you take a bow Naughty (words), naughty (words) Mouth full of potty (words) You stretch and you flex And you sing your S.E.X. I try to ~ez_hellip~

Don't Change  - Karen Clark-Sheard
(KeKe)[Karen]phone rings[hello?](hey mama)[yeah](can we kick it?)[can we kick it?](i'm sorry, can i talk to you for a minute)[that's more like it](well here's my story)ve ~ez_hellip~

Don't Change  - KarenClarkSheardfeaturingKierraKikiSheard
(Kiki) Hey, Ma(Karen) yeah(Kiki) Can we kick it?(Karen) Can we kick it?!(Kiki) I'm sorry, Can I talk to you for a minute(Karen) That's more like it(Kiki) Ok, here's my st ~ez_hellip~
Karen Clark-Sheard featuring Kierra Kiki Sheard

Don't Cry  - Kirk Franklin
Why do you cry?He has risenWhy are you weeping?He's not deadWhy do you cry?He has risenWhy are you weeping?He's not deadHe paid it all on that lonely highway (heyyyyy)For ~ez_hellip~

Don't do it Again  - Ace Troubleshooter
Can you hear yourself?A saner man would run from the thingsComing out your mouthYour voice is all barbed wire and it stingsDonââ~ez_sbquo~¬â~ez_bdquo~˘t do it again, girl, noDonââ~ez_sbquo~¬â~ez_bdquo~˘t ~ez_hellip~

Don't Ever Sell Your Saddle  - Randy Travis
Daddy shoulda been a preacher man'Cause everybody loved to hear him speakHe didn't always follow his own adviceBut we got a sermon every weekHe'd say trouble always start ~ez_hellip~

Don't Fake This  - Chevelle
Don't Fake ThisIgnoring,A loss of sight,Afraid,To bleed,Come night,Lose the sun.But don't,Make this out,To be more,Than it is,I'm behind,Every lie,There's a bird song wit ~ez_hellip~

Don't Fear  - amDrive
you were only twenty three i told you you could be a king you followed me for days and days and days tomorrow i'll send you on your way you told me you were afraid that b ~ez_hellip~

Don't Forget To Remember - Donald Lawrence
Don't Forget To Remember(written by Donald Lawrence and Andrae Crouch)(recorded by Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers)Chorus:Don't forget to remember where your bless ~ez_hellip~

Don't Forget To Remember Me  - Carrie Underwood
Dont Forget to Remember Me Eighteen years had come and gone For Momma they flew by But for me they drug on and on We were loadin up that Chevy Both tryin not to cry Mo ~ez_hellip~

Don't Forget Where You Came From  - Carolyn Arends
Words and music by Carolyn ArendsYou're so fresh from heaven there's Still angel dust on you Am so amazed God sent you here Every time I hold you I am thanking Him for yo ~ez_hellip~

Don't Get Comfortable  - Brandon Heath
NA na na na na na na na nanaaahNA na na na na na na na nanaaahComfortable, don't get comfortable.I am gonna' move this mountain then I'm gonna move you in.Yesterday, this ~ez_hellip~

Don't Get Left Behind  - V*Enna
I would love to show youIf you'll try to understandYou need someone to lead youTo the heaven in your handsYou can try to make it on your ownBut if you ever change your mi ~ez_hellip~

Don't Give Up  - Andrae Crouch
Don't give upStand and fight for what you know is rightAnd I know that it will be alrightJust you wait and see, Oh my LordThere'll be timesWhere I know you'll have to sit ~ez_hellip~

Don't Give Up  - MadattheWorld
Written by Randy RoseDonââ~ez_sbquo~¬â~ez_bdquo~˘t give up, soldiers youââ~ez_sbquo~¬â~ez_bdquo~˘re almost thereDonââ~ez_sbquo~¬â~ez_bdquo~˘t give up, believers youââ~ez_sbquo~¬â~ez_bdquo~˘re almost thereââ~ez_sbquo~¬Ë~ez_oelig~Cause youââ~ez_sbquo~¬â~ez_bdquo~˘re in a la ~ez_hellip~
Mad at the World

Don't Give Up On Jesus  - Daryl Coley
When your life is tossed and scornedAnd the hope you have is goneDon't give up on JesusWhen you've tried everything you knowAnd you're looking for a place to goDon't give ~ez_hellip~

Don't Give Up On Jesus  - The Whitfield Company
Verse 1:When your life is tossed and scorned,and the hope you have is gone,don't give up on Jesus.When you've tried everything you know,and you're looking for a place to ~ez_hellip~

Don't Go  - Deitrick Haddon
verse 1you said dont walk out the doori slamed the door in ya facei took advantage of ya lovenow im in an empty place will you take me backcoursei remember when you said ~ez_hellip~

Don't Go Into The Woods  - Calibretto13
Am I bein untruewhen i blame it on youafterall I'm the one who let you go in (it's all my fault now)I'm sorry to saythat I gave you awayto somebody else, I fear I'll neve ~ez_hellip~
Calibretto 13

Don't Help The Devil  - Bryan Duncan
I got a friend who thinks he's right on time, He's got the answers for everyone else on a shelf He's really angry but he says he's fine Sees his finger point but not the ~ez_hellip~

Don't Hold Back Full On  - The Normals
Time is a slow sword that can pierce any armorAs we drown our hearts hiding from the ghosts of one anotherIt's all that I can do to keep smilingDon't hold backCould you k ~ez_hellip~

Don't It Make You Want To Go Home The morning paper is reading like a scroll Like headlines from 2000 years ago Everywhere I look I see the signs My heart's telling me it ~ez_hellip~

For days and weeks I made the parting call. I cupped my hands, my mouth in "O." I shouted saying, "Brothers, hold my fading arms in the air, I am weak!" They just faded t ~ez_hellip~

Don't Last  - Bishop Larry Trotter & The Sweet Holy Spirit Combined Choirs
Verse 1I have a message just for you,it's in His Word, I know it, true,it doesn't matter what you're going through,I know the Lord will see you through.ChorusTrouble don' ~ez_hellip~

Don't Last  - Larry Trotter
Verse 1: I have a message just for youIt's in His Word, I know it, trueIt doesn't matter what you're going throughI know the Lord will see you through Chorus: Trouble ~ez_hellip~

Don't Leave Me Long  - The77s
You made a promise to me long ago Saying that you would never leave But this I know You were the one Not me who chose to blow When I loved you so Raise high the roofbeam ~ez_hellip~
The 77s

Don't Let  - J. Moss
CHORUS:Don't let it take your joy away- NoHold on because it's almost overDon't let it take your joy away- NoHeaven's gonna answer your callI know you're hungry- Hold onI ~ez_hellip~

Don't Let Me Come Home Alone  - Fernando Ortega
As I walked out one eveningTo breathe the air and soothe my mind,I thought of friends and the home I had,And all those things I left behind.A silent star shone on me,My e ~ez_hellip~

Don't Let Me Fall  - Deitrick Haddon & Unity Praise
Verse 1:When the enemy comes in like a flood, God will lift a standard against him. When my enemies encamp 'round about me, I will lift my voice unto the Lord. Chorus 1:L ~ez_hellip~

DON'T LET THE DEVIL RIDEDon't let the Devil rideOh don't let the devil ride'Cause if you let him rideHe'll want to try to driveDon't let him rideDon't let him flag you do ~ez_hellip~

Don't Let Them  - BrantleyTurner
Solo 1Don't let themTake your joy awayGod is comingTo save the dayHold your head upAnd be strongTrials comes andIt wont be longDon't you worryDon't be sorryGod has a plan ~ez_hellip~
Brantley Turner

Don't Look At Me  - Stacie Orrico
Don't look at me If you're looking for perfection Don't look at me I will only let you down I'll do my best to point you In the right direction But don't look at me No, n ~ez_hellip~

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