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Christian Music Lyrics Starting With "I"

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I Wouldn't Know  - Margaret Becker
If I didn't know What You'd done for me If I didn't know How hard You'd look If I didn't know How far You'd come for me I'd never know What love took Well I've seen a lot

I Yield  - Fred Hammond
VerseI Yield To You Lord, In All I DoI Yield To You Lord, Please Help Me ToI Yield To You Lord, That's How I LiveI Yield To You Lord, My All I GiveChorusWithout You I Wou

I Yield  - Richard Smallwood
VerseI Yield To You Lord, In All I DoI Yield To You Lord, Please Help Me ToI Yield To You Lord, That's How I LiveI Yield To You Lord, My All I GiveChorusWithout You I Wou

I Yield My All To Thee  - Olanda Draper & The Associates
Chorus 1I yield my all to Thee,Lord God, You give so free.I yield my all to Thee,Lord God, You give, You give.Chorus 2All that I have, I yield it to You,You can do just w

I'd Like To Thank You Jesus  - Bryan Duncan
Oh! come on now! I'd like to thank you Jesus for everything you've done for me But I'm sure I won't have the time for all the good things come to mind So for now we'll st

I'd Like To Think I Am Still Immature  - TheYoungAndTheUseless
There's a constant struggle between my flesh and my spirit, I'm searching for the things I think I need to be happy. There is nothing I hate more than the feeling I get w
The Young And The Useless

I'd Rather Dwell  - Dorinda Clark-Cole
I'd Rather Dwell(written by Alvin Darling)(recorded by Alvin Darling & Celebration)(based on Psalm 84:10)Chorus:I'd rather dwell in the house of the Lord, than to dwell

I'd Rather Have Jesus  - Jeff Deyo
I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold I'd rather be His than have riches untold I'd rather have Jesus than houses or land I'd rather be led to His nail-pierced hand T

I'd Rather See God's Face  - GSMegaphone
You came so subtly and i never thought you'd have your claws in me i can't remember when you first appeared but i know i never really wanted you here the situations chang
GS Megaphone

I'd Trade A Lifetime - Fred Hammond
Now friend why don't you liveYour life for JesusIt's the only life that really paysI know you really really want toServe HimAnd to Jesus you'll give all your Days So come

I'd Trade A Lifetime - New Direction
Now friend why don't you liveYour life for JesusIt's the only life that really paysI know you really really want toServe HimAnd to Jesus you'll give all your Days So com

I'll Always Have Jesus  - Bryan Duncan
Memory.... is the first to go That's what people say when you're gettin old But I'll always have Jesus For the rest of my life Eternally.... it's so good to know H

I'll Be A Witness - William Murphy
I'll Be A Witness(recorded by Timothy Wright)I'll be (I'll be a witness)Sanctified witness (sanctified witness)I'll be (I'll be a witnessA witness for my Lord (a witness

I'll Be Alright - Warren Barfield
Theres a time in everyones life when everything falls I believe theres a time in everyones life when they cant find Any hope at all Ive been there But You have a way of c

I'll Be Around  - Tammy Trent
This is a fork in the road Hurts last episode There's no where to go I made my choice Now it's up to me To give faithfully I know you hold the key CHORUS:

I'll Be Believing  - Point Of Grace
When I'm walking the straight and narrow Sometimes life throws a little curve If I slip on the stones beneath me Will I lose my nerve? Looking up when I've hit the bo

I'll Be Home Soon  - Fred Hammond
Life it just goes on When the traveler's gone And that's the hardest part Cause time has no respect For a lonely man With a longing heart Cause once you're where you've

I'll Be Searching  - Impellitteri
On a mission, another setting sunThere is no time to wasteOne obsession, keeping me on the runThe vision won't fade awayCan't you see, nothing else matters to meCan't you

I'll Be There  - SonsOfThunder
Yihaa!I do believeJesus Christ will come back one dayI say one dayThere will be no more sorrow and painI do believeIn the coming of the Kingdom of GodOh Lord, come nowI'm
Sons Of Thunder

When finally its over itsTime to start over now that’s I’ve builtMyself up so strong don’t look over yourShoulder it’s just me I’m gett

Staring through the window, longing for the other sideYour days are so much better, I wish I was by your sideYou were there for me everydayIn my heart I can hear you sayI
Rob Rock

I'll Be With You  - Bishop Leonard Scott
I'll Be With YouI'm afraid I see nation fighting nationI hear war has gathered in the airWill my child live a life of freedom?And I will I stand true until the endI hold

I'll Be With You  - RobRock
I'm not looking for an answerBecause I'll always know the truthWhen I'm walking through the fireI know I will never loseI hear the sweet voice of the love I can't denyI w
Rob Rock

I'll Bless Your Name  - Ramiyah
I'll Bless Your Name(written by John P. Kee)(recorded by New Life Community Choir featuring John P. Kee)Verse 1: So many wonder what tomorrow's going to bring,I say you

I'll Carry You  - Rebecca St. James
I know that look in your eyes I see the pain behind your smile Please don't hold it all inside Together we can run To the finish line And when you are tired I'll ca

I'll Cry For You  - EdensWay
When times have been so rough / You thought you'd lost control / Feel the pressure deep down inside / The desires starting to burn / Don't turn Him away / Get on your kne
Edens Way

I'll Do Your Will  - ClarenceRobinson
Whatever you wantJust say the word and I'll obeyWherever you want me to goTake my hand and show me the wayIf you need someone, no matter what the costTo climb the rugged
Clarence Robinson

I'll Fly Away  - Youthful Praise
I'll fly away, oh glory, I'll fly awayWhen I die, hallelujah by and by, I'll fly awaySome bright morning when this life is over, I'll fly awayTo a land on God's celestial

I'll Forever Sing  - Run Kid Run
Please make this heart of mine Synchronize your beat Only Your words will I speak To feel Your love and mercy Shine on through me To make me feel complete Take all of me

I'll Give Him My Heart  - Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
SoloistWhat can I give HimPoor as I amIf I were a shepherd,I would bring Him a LambIf I were a wise man,I'd sure do my partSo what can I give HimI'll give Him my heartI'

I'll Keep Holding On  - Ricky Dillard
I'll Keep Holding On By Kim Burrell Written by Derrick Hall, Kim Burrell Album: Everlasting Life Chorus I keep holding on I'll keep holding on Verse 1 Time is filled w

I'll Let Nothing Separate Me(written by Walt Whitman)(recorded by Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago)ChorusI'll let nothing separate me from the love of God.I'l

she stands in the waitingshe looks down to speakyour eyes speak invitationto follow with the beatshe said oh no i'll never be the sameyou struck my heart like lightningi'
Kings X

I'll Never Do That  - TwoThirtyEight
if i could cut you of without conciencei'd dimiss you like someone i never knewalthough I feel you brought the world upon my shouldersthere are some things i can't bring

simple words i have in mindnothing more between the linesi have heard that love is blindif its true then i will findfrom my heart i want to saybut the words get in the wa
Kings X

I'll Never Go Back There  - MadattheWorld
It’s empty and it’s lonelyIt’s pleasure and it’s phonyIt pulls you and controls youIt fills you with pain you can’t bearChorusYou lied
Mad at the World

I'll Never Leave You  - Guardian
It's late at nightAnd you're all aloneTears in your eyesNowhere to goYa hear me callingAnd you want to knowWell I'm here to tell youI'll never leave youI'll never leave y

I'll Never Understand  - Last Tuesday
Keep it in line, you can save can save yourself Don't waste your time, you can save yourself...just forget the rest or suffer the consequence of a life out

I'll Praise Your Name  - Kim Burrell
I'll Praise Your NameYou've been so good to meYou gave me lifeLife more abundantlyWith all of my heart, with all of my soul (3xs)You are worthy, worthy to be praisedFrom

I'll Remember You  - Michael Sweet
According to Your gracious word, In meek humility,This will I do, my dying Lord, I¹ll remember Thee.Your body, broken for my sake, My bread from heaven shall be;Thy te

I'll See You  - PAX217
it's amazing in all of this. that You could find me in all of my mess. i don't get it and i don't deserve You. cause You're amazing and i am a me You in everyth

I'll See You Again  - Ramiyah
I'll See You AgainWords and music by Richard SmallwoodSeems like only yesterdayThat your laughter filled the airAnd whatever I was going throughYou were always threreHow

I'll See You Tonite  - The Huntingtons
tonight when i'm walkin' by myselfand you're walkin' there with himi'll be wishin' that was mealright so i'm not the cutest guyand he's got the coolest carbut there's jus

I'll Stay There  - Chris Rodriguez
Think I was born For such a time as this And I can't ignore this brutal war That still exists You've been there Every moment through the fray Whisper your heart to

I'll Take Care Of You  - Steven Curtis Chapman
I'll take care of you Don't be sad, don't be blue I'll never break your heart in two I'll take care of you I'll take care of you I'll kiss your tears away I'

I'll Tell The World  - EverStaysRed
I'll let the whole world know That You are holy I'll let my lifestlye show That You're the only Lord, I am not ashamed To say I live for You And I will live to proclaim Y
Ever Stays Red

I'll Trust You  - Clark Sisters
I'll Trust You Oh GodAlways, I'll Always dependit's by your grace I'm here todayThat's why I sing Your PraiseI'll Trust You, Lean and Depend on YOuEveryday, walk by faith

I'll Trust You Lord  - Rebecca St. James
I know that faith is easy when everything is going wellBut can you still believe in Me when your life's a living hell?And when all the things around you seem to quickly

I'll Wait  - Impellitteri
they say in time that all my wounds will healbut they don't know all the pain I feelso I ask you now, won't you be my guideand maybe hold me to the end of timeand if I lo

I'll Wave My Hands  - Ramiyah
I'll Wave My Hands(recorded by Rev. Clay Evans & The Fellowship Choir)Chorus 1God's been so good, hmm, I just cannot tell it all,so I'll wave my hands, singing glory to

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