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Fram till mig en kvinna förs Av arga män som henne slagit Som en brottsling fram hon körs Av mannen som hon har bedragit Kvinnan knuffas ned på knä Mannen

Þlä usko  - Terapia
joku kieltää Jumalanja ihmistä kumartaajoku kieltää korkeimmanja alitajuntaa kumartaaälä usko mitäänälä usko mitäänälä usko m

¿Double You Es  - Silage
Another cover falls down, you see And you're all, "You've got to be joking Is this all you are?" So far you're lost inside. And can I take a walk on the shore? It's the e

(Salmo 115) Nuestro Dios est?n los cielos, todo lo que quizo el ha creado, gobierna sobre: todo principado y potestad. ?olos de hombre son de oro y plata, obras de mano d

Ba Ba Ba Ba  - TheSeventySevens
(Mike Roe)if it works then it must be goodif it's good then it must be true........welcome to truth custom madecome in and have some lemonadereality will readjust while w
The Seventy Sevens

Ba Ba Ba Ba  - The77s
If it works, then it must be good. If it's good, then it must be true... Welcome to the truth custom made Come in and have some lemonade Reality will readjust while we ev
The 77s

If it works, then it must begood. If it's good, then it mustbe true...Welcome to the truth custom madeCome in and have some lemonadeReality will readjust while we evadeTh
The 77s

Baby Killer  - Rackets&Drapes
(baby cries in agony)Playing God with the innocent livesYou decide who will liveAnd who will dieIt's homocideIt's homocideBaby KillerBaby KillerBaby KillerBaby KillerMurd
Rackets & Drapes

Babystarr  - Polarboy
Watch that babystarr cross my sky and catch my eye Till it follows her down the isle Returns my curious glance with a warm, warm smile So I take one last chance

Back And Forth  - TheLads
Late at night all alone in the bathroom You’re freaking out cause you just can't control everything That happens around you Set in stone with no proof of validity
The Lads

Back For More  - Polarboy
Looking for a northern place where I can slide Looking for another place where I can hide, yeah I said running away, I said from those eyes When, I scream, love

Back To The Drawing Board  - LAMassChoir
Verse 1I apologize (for doing You wrong when You do me so right).I want to be right (I know You don't think so, but I really do).I know what You're thinking, ("how can we
LA Mass Choir

Back To The Street  - Petra
It's so easy to lose the burden - Take our eyes off the fields Settle into apathy and forget what the harvest yields It's so easy to think we're finished with our labor f

Back To You  - MadattheWorld
There once was an ugly old manAnd in the way of love he’d standAnd he wouldn’t be a friend to anyone except himselfAnd in the days of the ugly man’s
Mad at the World

Back Up  - 12Stones
I hear the words you say to meI see the way you look at meI know what's on your mind soStand up get up back up nowJust stay awayI know the fear you hold insideI know what
12 Stones

Backlash - NeonCross
I heard ‘em talkin’ on the radioBut what they’re sayin’ does anyone know?Can you tell when it’s gone too far?Well ain’t it soundi
Neon Cross

Bad Cop  - Don'tKnow
Bad cop, no donut Bad cop, no donut Bad cop, no donut Bad cop, no donut Nope No
Don't Know

bad day in heaven  - MadMax
Man in the TV, He's talkin' to me I watch all these pictures I don't wanna see War in the Far East Kids runnin' wild Hate and starvation A mistreated child Bridge We're r
Mad Max

Bad Indigestion  - LostDogs
Twinkees were a defenseFor a murder bingeThe killer had a high sugar countBut now he's on the mendHe sold his soul to the hostessShe turned his brain to mushThe lawyer sa
Lost Dogs

Bad Luck  - KingsX
here's a little story, it is frighteningor just a fantasyjust a little boy, he is differentdifferent than you on me the serpent is risinggrowing stronger every dayyou wil
Kings X

Bad Marriage  - CraigsBrother
So much for arguingI know I can't convince younot that there aren't some things worth fighting forbut nothing worth trading in my lifeHow can I stand and watch yougive up
Craig's Brother

Ball And Chain  - CarlisLMoody
In the middle of the night, wakened by the windOr was it something from my past, come to call again?It was the presence of the pain that I could not escapeAnd it wrapped
Carlis L. Moody

Ballad of Adam And Eve  - MadattheWorld
Long ago when the world was youngAnd nobody understoodThe way a man and a woman could be in loveThe way they shouldHe was sadHe knew that something was missingBut soon Ad
Mad at the World

Ballad Of San Francisco  - Caedmon'sCall
So Im walking down the street somewhere outside of San Francisco And I dont really know my way around And Id love to stay a day or two and get into s
Caedmon's Call

Banquet at the Worlds End  - DanielAmos
The beautiful people, all send their excuses:(Real estate and sex lives, livestock and ex-wives)But the poor are coming, the lame are runningIn their sleazy clothes and o
Daniel Amos

Banquet Table Part 3  - PaulColmanTrio
Welcome to the banquet table All my friends, won't you please gather 'round You've been invited to the banqueting table So look around (repeat) Welcome to the banquet tab
Paul Colman Trio


Baregrounds  - Teramaze
influence runs thick the majority grips a strong controlling force with the absence of light they feast on your broken down soul maintain the rights of the poor and oppre

Baregrounds 96 live  - Teramaze
influence runs thick the majority grips a strong controlling force with the absence of light they feast on your broken down soul maintain the rights of the poor and oppre

Bargain - Rez
I'd gladly lose me to find YouI'd gladly give up all I haveTo find You, I'd suffer anything and be gladI'll pay any price just to get YouI'll work all my life, yes, I wil

Barn Yard Grind  - VomitorialCorpulence
Grab Your Partner Dance For JESUS Hill Billy People!
Vomitorial Corpulence

Baroque Moderne  - VeniDomine
Veni Domine

Baseline - Bleach
You got me dreamin' in colorI refuse to think any other wayGotta get it straightBefore it gets too lateBring backBring back the baselineI think it's about that timeI cant

Battle Hymn Of The Republic  - RevJohnFlowers
Glory, glory, hallelujahGlory, glory, hallelujahGlory, glory, hallelujahHis Truth is marchingHis Truth is marchingOh, His Truth is marching onMine eyes have seen the glor
Rev. John Flowers

Battle of the Flesh  - Bloodgood
Pleasures of the flesh seem sweetWorldly thoughts rush inWe fight and fight for mind controlOur weakness turns to sinPride of man makes him fallAnd lust is in his eyesSuc

Battle of the living dead  - LordianGuard
The morning has come with the dawn of the sunand the masses arise to the day.They meet their despair in pointless travail,lost in the maze of the world where Death is the
Lordian Guard

as night turns into morning, our cries will fill the air we will not stand for persecution of our true birthright the swords will clash with thunder, their sheilds will b
With Faith Or Flames

Battle Wounds Pt2: Hell Hath No Fury  - WithFaithOrFlames
we shall not retreat as long as the five of us stand united in truth, we shall not submit to demands we've suffered no loss despite the amount of our wounds our weapons a
With Faith Or Flames

Be  - RevJohnFlowers
BeAll in all we're fading Like a soul lost in the wilderness We're cold and we're cut off from it Not knowing where it's gonna end There's a star in Bethlehem, it's calli
Rev. John Flowers

Be A Man  - TonyVincent
his daddy told him when he was five real men dont cry the whole world sold him this pack of lies teal men dont cry so his tender heart turns colder as
Tony Vincent

Be Alright  - TrinityTempleFullGospelMassChoir
ChorusBe alright (2x),last night I talked to Jesus and He told me that everything is gonna be alright (2x),last night I talked to Jesus and He told me'VerseDon't let thes
Trinity Temple Full Gospel Mass Choir

Be Like Him  - 1NCOneNationCrew
Kwabona kala thina so fananaye Kwaze kwabona kala thina so fananaye (So fananaye) So fananaye thina so fananaye So fananaye thina so fananaye [x2] When he comes I shal be
1NC (One Nation Crew)

Be My Hiding Place  - LostDogs
Unto Thee I cry, my SaviorDon't be silent long, O' my LordHear the voice of my troubled heartWhen I lift my hands to TheeBe mu hiding place in times of troubleCompass me
Lost Dogs

Be Open  - JerryWashington
Be Open(written by Raymond Reeder)(recorded by Richard Smallwood & Vision)Chorus:Be open to the Spirit, be open to the Word.Be open to His power, let it move all through
Jerry Washington

Be Still  - RevJohnFlowers
Always thought you wouldn't love me Just the way I am So I tried to satisfy you I didn't understand How misguided I was in my search to know you love I was working hard i
Rev. John Flowers

Be There Forever - Laudamus
Lyrics Not Available

Be Thou My Television  - GrandIncredible
Words of life fill up my empty souland set my spirit freeand there's a light in a black remote controlThat turns on my TVMy salvation and my playstation Are both competin
Grand Incredible

When some loud bragger tries to put me downAnd says his school is greatI tell him right awayNow what's a matter, buddyAin't you heard of my schoolIt's number one in the s

Be With You  - RevJohnFlowers
Chorus: I wanna be with you again Drink from the well deep within Love everlasting overflows I just wanna be with, oh, to be with you again. Verse One: I can't remember,
Rev. John Flowers

Be Ye Steadfast  - FloridaMassChoir
ChorusBe ye steadfast,unmoveable, always aboundingin the word of the Lord.(repeat)Verse 1I often wonder why clouds seem to dim my skies,even though I search with hope and
Florida Mass Choir

Bear  - JacksOfAllTrades
Follow these thoughts through the maze of lifeAmazed by the little things that catch my eyeNot knowing what to do, where to go, what to beBut I need you there to rest at
Jacks Of All Trades

Beat The Devil  - Rackets&Drapes
Beat the devil down...Born again, hallelujah (x2)I beat the devilI beat the devil and I beat him down (x4)Praise the Lord, hallelujah (x2)I beat the devilI beat the devil
Rackets & Drapes

Beat The System  - Petra
Caught in the undertow being swept downstream Going against the flow seems like such a dream Trying to hold your ground when you start to slide Pressure to compromise com

Beaten  - Travail
Tears drip down my swollen face I blink my eyes and i try to embrace What kind of mind to do this sort of thing can it take The very next day every thing that you do Is a

Beaten By The Best  - TheOperation
So I try everyday to do what only you can do through me,and I fall and I hang my head in frustration again.I think of the same things everyday,and I can't escape this rou
The Operation

Beatnik - Silage
I could be a hypocrite, just full of itAnother lunatic, or weird beatnikI could be wasting you timeFor the sake of a rhymeJust making a dimeOr more for Sub LimeI could be

You run to try to justify your sin. You're feeling shame... Because you've killed an innocent victim. You can't forgive yourself. You've done away with those r
Twice Born

Beautiful Lady  - RobRock
[limited edition bonus track]Beautiful Lady, tell me what you looking forBeautiful Lady, let me help you find the doorShe was just a lonely child, left out in the streetS
Rob Rock

Beautiful Mystery  - Caedmon'sCall
I tried to know Every mystery Soon realized, no It was too much for me 'Cause most things true Are simple and complex So it is with You What else should I expect
Caedmon's Call

Beautiful One  - DanielAmos
Leaves of sound are shed they fallOn this murmuring mindWhere the lullabies callAnd from these words I sink and fallTo the beautiful oneBehold this dreamerIn the arms of
Daniel Amos

Beautiful Places  - 441z
I have seen beautiful placesAnd people there have beautiful facesAnd imported cars, Hollywood starsCould it be?I have seen beautiful placesEverything seems to run smoothl

Go on up to the mountain of mercyTo the crimson perpetual tideKneel down on the shoreBe thirsty no moreGo under and be purifiedFollow Christ to the holy mountainSinner so
Lost Dogs

Beautiful World  - GSMegaphone
I'm lying in bed, but I can't sleep.It's like I'm locked in this bedOn the greatest night you've made so far.I take a walk outside beneath the stars,And as I look all aro
GS Megaphone

Beauty Queen  - TheCafFiends
(v1) They set the standards high quotas that cant be met the life of a superstar I forgot how unforgettable you are 110% the beauty queen faces on the TV set dictate what
The CafFiends

Bebed Mi Sangre  - Exousia
Comed mi carne, bebed mi sangre, C?z que por muchos entregu?Comed mi carne, bebed mi sangre, Copa para vuestra salvaci?? Su sangre ca?quemando el coraz??Pasi??ue encend?e

Because Of Calvary  - VictoryInPraiseMusic&ArtsSeminarMassChoir
Because of CalvaryBecause of CalvaryBecause of CalvaryWe share victoryBecause You died for meYou gave me the victoryNow I'm free indeedWe share victoryJust because of You
Victory In Praise Music & Arts Seminar Mass Choir

Because Of Who You Are  - MarthaMunizziBishopPaulMorton&TheGreaterStStephensMassChoir
Verse 1Because of who You are, I give You glory. Because of who You are, I give You praise. Because of who You are, I will lift my voice and say; Lord, I worship You beca
Martha Munizzi, Bishop Paul Morton & The Greater St. Stephens Mass Choir

Become Flesh  - The7Method
Become fleshIn meHoly SpiritSet me freeYeah, Yeah, becomingLive in, Live in meYeah, Yeah, becomingLive in, Live in me(Bridge)Enter me and live in me and dwell in me and s
The 7 Method

Been So Good  - Israel&NewBreed
Been So Good by Trin-i-tee 5:7Why you been so, been so good to meOoo You knock me; knock me right off of my feetWhy you been so, been so good to meOoo You knock me; knoc
Israel & New Breed

Beep Raised  - JacksOfAllTrades
2 die 4 is not something thatWould come to my mind you seePain is more like it when I`m shooting this rhymeAnd now I know that my master is alive and not deadCos He didn`
Jacks Of All Trades

Beetle Bug  - SkankinBuvas
I drove to the dealer in my Rabbit.He told me to wait in the lobby please.I have a strange feelin', today's the day I get some new keys.I want a new Beetlebeetlebeetlebee
Skankin Buvas

Beetroot Stain  - TheLads
V1)I thought I was a loserThat I wasn’t good enoughI could not see how You could care about meOr how I could deserve Your love(V2)But You, You specialise in comeba
The Lads

Before My Eyes  - FOG
I seek your faceIts drawing nearerThirsting for another glimpse of you I feel your spiritIts drawing closerFilling up deep inside of me I need you now I read your wordIt

Before The Time  - VengeanceRising
Follow Me, let the dead bury their own deadHave not fear, I Am here, this is what He saidWhen He had come unto the other sideThey cried out, gripped in fear knowing the t
Vengeance Rising

Before There Was Time  - Caedmon'sCall
Before there was time There were visions in Your mind There was death in the fall of mankind But there was life in salvation's design Before there were days There
Caedmon's Call

Before Your Throne  - EverStaysRed
And before Your throne we come And we honour You, Lord And before Your throne we humbly bow And we exalt Your Name With everything we have With everything we have Hear th
Ever Stays Red

Begin  - The77s
you say everything is gray in your head they all wanna run you out you just wanna stay in bed time's taken every bit of your confidence stolen all your dreams no recompen
The 77s

Behold A Pale Horse  - SaviourMachine
Behold the suffering unspeakable in deathAnd the abominations of the earth;Its desolation turns,And now there is no life in her ...Behold the pale horse ...With fire in i
Saviour Machine

Behold A Pale Horse Album Mix  - SaviourMachine
Behold the suffering unspeakable in deathAnd the abominations of the earth;Its desolation turns,And now there is no life in her ...Behold the pale horse ...With fire in i
Saviour Machine

Behold His Face  - Charles&Taylor
Behold His FaceRev. James MooreAlbum: It Ain't Over (Till God Says It's Over)(Key of F/G flat/G)Choir:Behold His FaceBehold His FaceAlto: Behold the Lamb of GodBehold Hi
Charles & Taylor

Behold The Lamb Of God  - GlennKaiserBand
Behold the Lamb of GodWho takes awayWho takes away the sins of the worldBehold the LambOf GodWhite as snowPure as goldGreater love the worldWill never know!
Glenn Kaiser Band

Behold the Signs  - VeniDomine
Hold On My People, The Sign Is In The AirIt Came Like A Whispering Of A Coming WorldRise Up, My Children - Your Day Has Come At LastI've Seen You SufferingYour Tears Kept
Veni Domine

Being Alive  - RevJohnFlowers
Rev. John Flowers

Belated Perception  - AcousticTorment
My life on earth is overI died a sudden deathI didn't care about JESUSI am sorry to confessI don't know where I amIt could be hell I guessShould this be the terminalFor a
Acoustic Torment

Believe - KingsX
If your back is pinned against the wallAnd the stress is killing you,And the cross you carry on your backMakes it hard for you to moveIn yourself believe, it's all rightI
Kings X

Believe Its True  - Shop11Phoenix
I went to your house and rang the bellAnd no one answeredSo I went back homeAnd called you on the phoneI can't believe it's trueI went to your house and rang the bellAnd
Shop 11 Phoenix

Believer - Jake
Things never happen like I wish they could Only in my dreams I've never been willing to give up my heart Or let myself believe But I have been waiting all of my life Just

Believer In Deed  - Petra
On his journey we begin at birth This fleeting moment that we spend on earth No second chance to live it all again It must be now or never To cherish each endeavor What w

Believers Destiny  - Oratorio
Death greets me warm but my soul is not to be damned.This never ending agony deep inside my soulThe sun is setting down - the pale being of the moon bringsmemories I don

Believers Shelter  - Noiz

Bema Seat  - Petra
When our labor all retire There will be a trial by fire Will your treasure pass the test Or will it burn up with the rest You may build upon a sure foundation With your b

Besieged - Slechtvalk
We are besieged by our enemies,their armies have gathered around us;A great host of horses, chariots and men.We can't live through such a vast number.Will we fall to the

Betrayed - Antestor
I Am The PainI Am... The Cursed OneLife Is Not What It Was Meant To BeWhat I Didn't Ask For Has Now Turned My WaySomewhere In A Garden It All Turned WrongThings I Once Be

Betrayed Again  - Paramaecium
[Music by A. Tompkins]I have been betrayed againAll my rights have been deniedAll my friends have turned me inI have been betrayed by themEven though I have done my allEv

Better  - DanielAmos
2nd man:(smugly)Take my groceries and put 'em in the sack,No checks, no cash, don't give me no flack.Everyone:(with reluctant optimism)It's getting better, so much better
Daniel Amos

Better Days  - LondaLarmond
(featuring Darwin Hobbs)Can you take a moment and look upCan it really be possibleFor you and me to live a better wayHave you ever taken a momentAnd thought of his loveAn
Londa Larmond

Better Idea  - Slingshot57
I've got a better ideaI'll give you my heart if you take care of itWon't you take care of meNow I'm learning to trustwhen I don't understandWhen I can't comprehendYou kno
Slingshot 57

Better Is One Day  - Petra
How lovely is your dwelling place O Lord Almighty For my soul longs and even faints for you For here my heart is satisfied Within your presence I sing beneath the shadow

Better Off Dead  - WarRocketAjax
Lane Meyers at the top of the slope.Looking down thought he didn't have no hope.With his back to the wall there was no escape.So he ran the k-12 and he broke the tape.If
War Rocket Ajax

Better Off Just Me  - amDrive
when i was young they had my life planned out I would be successfull destiny would chase me down they hang their heads in shame when i can not compete with the person the

Better Than Good  - WillGoodwin
I am nothing more than nothing
 In comparison to You I am nothing more than nothing But in You I am made whole
 Through You I will find life Chorus: It's in
Will Goodwin

Better Things Undone  - JeremiahsGrotto
I try, the Lord knows I try,every single day seems farther from the way...I know, so I cry, my eyes show I cry,every single tear only shows the fear...I know, I wait, bee
Jeremiahs Grotto

Better Way  - TheAmericanCultureeXperiments
I want change to happen!I want Social justice!I want Service! Programs!No don't drink that wine.So many huge decisionsAre made in corporate board roomsWhat about the stre
The American Culture eXperiments

Between the Wheels  - Coriolis
If everything should end in the blink of an eye Would the rules still bend, would you still have time? Have you had your fun? Would you be content to die in your present

Beware Of The Devil  - Impellitteri
Beware of the DevilThe devil looked into my eyes when I was seventeenHe said, I'll give you all the world if you will follow me.He dealt the cards, I drew the kingWith th

Beyond All Words  - TonyVincent
sometimes hiding in my soul fear and pain too deep to ever know i ran from what i did not understand until your mercy took control i was running through a maze
Tony Vincent

Beyond Belief  - Petra
We're content to pitch our tent When the glory's evident Seldom do we know the glory came and went Moving can seem dangerous In this stranger's pilgrimage Knowing that yo

Beyond the Doom  - VeniDomine
I. PRELUDE TO THE DOOMThe Empty Eyes And Shaking HandsBetray The State Of His MindOnly The Pale Moon LightEnlightens The Path Of This Lonely ManSee The Anxiety In His Eye
Veni Domine

Beyond The Gun  - Rez
Still, in the fog- ruled chillI have had my fillNow the will to move, I chooseTo run, out beyond the gunThey're as cold as youLike the barricade, you builtAnd, with no gu

Beyond The Mountain  - SacredWarrior
Many people live their livesAs if there's no tomorrowNot caring what goes onJust drowning in their sorrowsThe times are toughAnd their just heading for a fallSo can you t
Sacred Warrior

Bichos Asesinos - Antidemon
No sé qué hacer¿Qué voy a hacer?¡Voy a matar!No esperaba esto, no!Matar, abortar¿Quitar la vida?¿Será que son padres?¡Asesinos!Animales, animal

Big Amos Groove  - SkankinBuvas
Skankin Buvas

Big Bad Billy  - RevJohnFlowers
Big bad Billy had a belly acheHe had a bit of bad bread for dinnerEver since then no food he'll takeSo now Billy he's much thinnerHe's got a brother named Ben with a base
Rev. John Flowers

Big Blue Planet  - PaulColmanTrio
I always wanted to be a part of something Eternally And I was searching for you and now I know You were searching too Then I met you, your arms were open wide I've been a
Paul Colman Trio

Big Boy  - PaulColmanTrio
Who's a big boy? You're running out of excuses And you're gonna have to face the day Don't you know this situation not gonna go away? No more burying your head Like a big
Paul Colman Trio

Big Brother  - DearEphesus
The sky is falling. Meet the UFO's. There's bombs and then there's wars. The people are faceless. They're leaving this town. The skay is falling. They're scared of the mo
Dear Ephesus

Big Fat Nothing  - BelievablePicnic
So you're so big and I'm so smallYou're ten feet high I'm under tallYou just go on and on and onYou're all nine yardsI'm just a fewI've never won you'll never loseAccordi
Believable Picnic

Big Is The New Small  - GrandIncredible
Let me learn by paradox thati've got to fallif I wanna walkthat I hear a voice that doesn't talkthat didn't start and never stops(pre chorus)A touch of folly that it may
Grand Incredible

Big Picture - KingsX
She's got everything I need and more to livemy life Never ever thought to think ofnever survive The circle has been broken it'salways been this way The Big Picture Iwanna
Kings X

He will always trust his own visionCould be a dangerous manHe's guided by no oneAttracted to the soundOf the interior voicesHe will not listen hard enoughTo any other man
Daniel Amos

Bigger Than You  - ForeverMoon
Daddy's little girl dancing in the night His love so sweet, if only for tonight Another day older without getting wiser Each night she's closing off the pieces inside her
Forever Moon

Biggest Part Of Me  - LynnBaird
Biggest Part Of Meby Take 6from CD: Join The BandSunrise, there's a new sun a-risin'In your eyes I can see a new horizonRealize, that will keep me realizin'You're the bi
Lynn Baird

Billboard Justice  - Crashdog
human commercials for billboard justicehand in hand with the merchants of lustingraining us since birth with a fasion of rejectionwhat does this perfection have to do wit

Billboards  - Silage
Life in the bubble, there ain't no troubleWe like to judge our booksBy staring at the coverIf one of us should stumbleWe'll hide in undercover'Cause we can't have trouble

I feel defenseless as my whole body tenses discontent caused by pretenses fences put up around this endless emptiness and no I can't fight it Father, take this disease aw

Birthday Song  - PaulColmanTrio
Well I travel so far to be where you are I'm leaving this sad and lonely place You tell me receive but it's hard to believe That everyday can be my birthday (That I could
Paul Colman Trio

Birthright LBC  - EveryDayLifeEDL
The birth right of a crew out the 310.Long Beach,CA if you're from the hills and don't know.We've spent many years and paid many dues,five record companies later and this
Every Day Life (EDL)

Bishop Of Souls  - VengeanceRising
Alleluiah, God - you are worthy of all praiseRighteousness and honor are your's all the dayAs for me, words can't express what my spirit knows as graceYour mercy, how it
Vengeance Rising

Bite The Hand  - TheAmericanCultureeXperiments
Bite the handThe hand that feeds you, needs youGreeds you, bleeds youGrieves you, leaves youGreets you, eats youBite the…They want what's best for youThey would nev
The American Culture eXperiments

Bitter Sweet  - KingsX
Killing a bird with a knifeTurning away from her lifeAll that I do isn't rightLosing my way in the night Ever reading... something's bleeding in my soulAnd I can't seem t
Kings X

Bitterness  - NeonCross
Here comes that black dog ‘round my back doorOn the Lore and the lie die in misery sometimesDon’t want you ‘round no moreAll the rage here contained in
Neon Cross

Black And Blue Ego  - Dodgin'Bullets
When all I can think about is you at the stake under fire and under trial the noose being tightened around your already bruised throat, by my hands, I s
Dodgin' Bullets

Black Flag  - KingsX
A year in the hole had taken its toll When Itook a good look at me And what a surprisethe scope of my eyes could only see blackAnd I remember someone who was takingthem t
Kings X

Black Gold Fever  - DanielAmos
Goin' down to Texas where you can't see the top of their hatsThat's fat-cat country, Thank you, honey, put the money in the sackMakin' oil my middle name, gonna play the
Daniel Amos

Black Hole  - Callisto
Traveling at the speed of light into the void.Destination unknown.Lost in orbit in the midst of heathendom.Watched the sun dark - the stars fall from heaven.Picking up si

Black Like Sunday  - KingsX
he bites many people, he gives no one resti'm growing weary of cleaning up his messbig brother's watching, and everybody seesit's way too heavy, it brings me to my knees
Kings X

Black Metal  - SacredWarrior
You see your face in that magazineYou wanna be in the spotlightEach day goes by you're living a dreamCountless hours spent in front of the mirrorYou've really made it cle
Sacred Warrior

Black Raven Death  - Slechtvalk
A Falcon was sent into the air by his masterTo begin his hunt for food.With firm beats of his wings he ascendedInto the sky to begin his search.The his eyes spotted far b