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I Dont Wanna Go There  - MadattheWorld
Show me that you love me& show me that you careGive me the right to say todayThat I don’t wanna go thereHold me hold me closely, I’m afraid of the end& I wa
Mad at the World

I Dont Understand  - PFRPrayForRain
I retreatBy myself at the back of my brainI cannot seeWhat You're showing me through this painI have foundThat I have foundNothing for so long(chorus)I don't understandI
PFR (Pray For Rain)

I Dream  - PaulColmanTrio
I closed my eyes again and I fought this traffic jam And I tried to slow this engine down But just like all last night I felt injustice bite One body one chance one count
Paul Colman Trio

Chorus: Because He'sthe one who looks out for the world and all eternaty He'll all-ways be there so you really don't have to worry. Verse1: The worry in my dreams,

I Feel Like Going On  - RevJohnFlowers
I feel like going onThough trials come on every handI feel like going onFeel like going onYeah YeahI feel like going onI gotta go - say that II feel like going onSay SayT
Rev. John Flowers

I Forgive You  - GlennKaiserBand
down every alley, up every streetout in the country, where people meetyou see it daily, an' ya hear it toonot only in others, it's in you feel the pain or cause it,right
Glenn Kaiser Band

I Give You Praise  - ClarenceRobinson
I Give You Praise(written by Percy Gray, Jr.)(recorded by New Direction)Verse:Every time I hear Ya, every time I feel Ya,every time You talk to me I get excited.No one c
Clarence Robinson

I Go To The Rock  - Aaron&Jeoffrey
I go to the Rock, I go to the Rock I go to the Rock, I go to the Rock I know, I know He's able Where do I go When there's no body else to turn to Who do I tal
Aaron & Jeoffrey

I Got Sorry 5 On It  - LikeDavid
5And I got sorry 5 on itAnd I got sorry 5 on you5I’m sorry about this song209
Like David

I Got The Joy  - Carman
Help me make a joyful sound Momma and Daddy, girls and boys Help me make a joyful noise Come on gimme a shout of victory Overcomers and conquerors are we Cast off the spi

I Hate You  - Blissed
I want you to release me I want you to let me go Because I've heard the truth and now I know You've been raping and stealing for way too long Forcing yourself and doing w

I Hear You  - David&TamelaMann
There are times I understand and times I question whyAnd when the time's at hand sometimes I want to cryBut cannot shed a tearThere are moments in the shade, there are m
David & Tamela Mann

I Just Want You  - MarvinYancy
I could have fortune and fame Go anywhere do anything But oh God I just want you I could search for earthly things To satisfy my every need But oh God I just want youI j
Marvin Yancy

I Live  - RevJohnFlowers
I LiveMove in me as You mustBreath Your life into this dustMold my heart to Your willShape this shapeless soul untilCHORUSI live to sing Your praiseLike a lullaby, like A
Rev. John Flowers

I Looked Into Her Eyes  - DaleThompson
I thought she was the only one Who could move meThe nights were hard for me to sleepI'd wake screamingThe day she stopped talking to meI thought I had diedMy heart fell i
Dale Thompson

I Love Hating Evil  - VengeanceRising
[D. Theime / R. Martinez]I know it's forthright, to tell you now this wayJust what the Bible says and leave no shadows grayFor all the time I'm here I will and pull back
Vengeance Rising

I Love The Lord  - Petra
Well I don't care what some may say Gonna stand up for the Lord today Well I don't care if they all know Gonna let the Lord's redeemed say so Gonna say it loud - gonna sa

I Love The Radio  - Silage
I love the radioIt always plays a good selectionI never hear the same song twiceI never hear the same song twiceAnd I never touch the dialThere's too much anticipationWha

I Love You  - RevJohnFlowers
Chorus: I love you because you love me x2 Verse 1: I called on you when I couldn't call no one else You cared for me when I didn't care for myself And I love you (chorus)
Rev. John Flowers

I Love You Jesus  - MississippiChildrensChoir
Verse 1Before I even knew who I wasor what my mom and daddy meant to me,You were there guiding my footstepsand sharing all the love You have for me.ChorusNow I can say, I
Mississippi Children's Choir

I Love You Lord  - WalterHawkins&TheLoveCenterChoir
Verse 1For waking me up this morning,for letting me see a brand new dawning,though I made plans for this day,death could have come during the night and took me away.Choru
Walter Hawkins & The Love Center Choir

I Love You So  - Undercover
Don't you rememberWhisper to me, promised to meI'll never leave you, never hurt meNow I'm listeningI called Your name, no answer cameAnother day gone byand even so, I lov

I Made It  - ClarenceRobinson
I Made It(written by DeAndre Patterson)(recorded by DeAndre Patterson and also Brooklyn Tabernacle)Verse 1I've been through many hard trials,I couldn't explain it, no, n
Clarence Robinson

I Made It Over  - FloridaMassChoir
Chorus(Through trials, tribulations), (I made it over) I made it over,(I made it over) I made it over,(I made it over) I made it over ooh, ooh, ooh.(Through trials, tribu
Florida Mass Choir

I Melt Into You  - MikeStand
Words and Music by Mike StandLooking at the sunset through your eyesColor fade away in the twilightNorth star rises slowly into placeChill of dusk grabs hold of meAnd slo
Mike Stand

I Must Tell Jesus  - RevJohnFlowers
Chorus: I must tell Jesus all my trials. I can not bear these burdens alone. In my distress he, how he will help me. He ever loves and cares for his own. Verse One: He'll
Rev. John Flowers

I Need It  - CrossCulture
Just when I thought that there was not a thing that's been left Untouched in this world of music that we live in, I still stretch myself Out thin and find a way to be dra
Cross Culture

I've been away for a little while And I don't like where it takes me Out of touch I'm going out of my mind It's times like these that really break me So here I am all alo

I Press  - RudolphMcKissick
(verse 1) Since you hooked up with the Savior And laid your life down, come on Didn't let nothin' fade you Cause you were heaven bound The gentle rains in your life just
Rudolph McKissick

I Really Love You  - LamarCampbell&SpiritofPraise
Verse 1Here I am Lord, my life is in Your hands.Take and use me, I am Your instrument.It is Your love that keeps me through the day,and Your peace won't let me go astray.
Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise

I Really Love You Lord  - ClarenceRobinson
I Really Love You Lord(written by Percy Bady)(recorded by Rev. Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers)Verse:I really love You, Lord,(You heard my cry and dried
Clarence Robinson

I Remember Mama  - BChaseWilliams
Words and Music by Shirley Caesar, Michael Mathis, Bernard Sterling, Dottie Sterling, Ann Price, Mae Newton I remember Mama, and the love that she gave Kneeling by her b
B. Chase Williams

I See You  - Truth
What is it about a starlit night That catapults my heart to flight I'm drawn away from here Could it be the music that I hear in the Heavens What is it about a

I Sing Glory  - OldManShattered
I find myself embracing a continual releaseAnd my mind and soul before You Lord, I layAnd now my heart is racing as I'm drowning in Your peaceAs I hang on every single wo
Old Man Shattered

I Stand Amazed  - BetweenThieves
Daylight overwhelms my soulI'm taken by emotionMystified, I struggle to respondAnd weep at Your perfectionYour work is wonderfulI marvel at the world I seeIt stirs my hea
Between Thieves

I Still Have Joy  - GMWAWomenofWorship
ChorusI still have joy down in my soul.He promised that He wouldn't leave me,He promised that He'll take care of me;through it all, all of my ups and downs,I still have j
GMWA Women of Worship

I Surrender  - Unashamed
Life my life by faith alone, life my life for God, He gave his only Son, to die on the cross. The word of God is my light, his righteousness, my path. To walk with God is

I Surrender All To Thee  - GlennKaiserBand
ChorusIf I had a million livesIt would never doI could never give enoughTo add one thing to YouAll I amAll I can offerAll I'll ever beDebtor to my SaviorI surrender all t
Glenn Kaiser Band

I Thank You  - TMMassYouthChoir
Verse: What kind of love is this that a man lay down His life, offering salvation for You and me? Oh, what love my Savior has to forgive our sins and heal the land. Oh, w
T.M. Mass Youth Choir

I Think  - Frank'sEnemy
I think I know what to do nowI think I know whyIt looks like I'm where I thought I'd beThe day that I dieHard to believe could it be soSo much more left to goI've been to
Frank's Enemy

(Chorus) I waited For the Lord on high I waited And He heard my cry He pulled me out of my despair He taught me how to walk From fear into security From quicksand to the

I Walk The Wall  - MikeStand
Words and Music by Mike StandI'm the lucky guy who took the testI'm the one who took a chanceI'm the singer of the songs I singIt's all too real the way it isI'm the drea
Mike Stand

I Want A WalMart Girl  - Warrior
She's not afraid to go out in a black miniskirtBut you'll see her every Sunday in her favorite churchShe's nice and normal, sensible, and down to earthShe's not afraid to

I Want It That Way  - Fanmail
you are my fire my one desire believe when i say i want it that way but we are two worlds apart can't reach to your heart when you say i want it that way tell me why ain'

(V1) I cant imagine what it must have felt like Passing by the faces of your friends You hear the voice of the crowd He must be crucified You gave your whole life for me
The Lads

I felt my heart was leadingI set my course on youIn your eyes I'm readingTell me what you want to doI want to live in your heartI want to be in your thoughtsWhere you go,

I Want To Say Thank You  - PastorRudolphMcKissickJrandTheWordAndWorshipMassChoir
ChorusI want to say thank you,I want to say thank you,I want to say thank you for being so good to me.VerseYou've been there for meeven when I wasn't right,You came into
Pastor Rudolph McKissick, Jr. and The Word And Worship Mass Choir

We are so close / Our feelings will never die / You know that one day I may leave / And you'll be left behind / Oh, can't you see, I want to see you there / To be with me
Edens Way

I Went Over The Edge Of The World  - RevJohnFlowers
I Went Over the Edge of the WorldOh the hymns of angelsSuffer over the stench of the twenty-first centuryNothing is black or whiteOr devoid of industryThe face of monoton
Rev. John Flowers

I Will Always  - Ezekiel'sEye
Maybe I could kiss herMaybe I could hold her handMaybe this will last foreverI wonder if she feels the sameThe same question in her mindI would love to see this last fore
Ezekiel's Eye

I will call upon the Lord Who is worthy to be praised So shall I be saved from my enemies The Lord liveth and blessed be the Rock And let the God of my salvation be exalt

I will celebrate Sing unto the Lord I will sing to Him a new song (repeat) I will praise Him I will sing to Him a new song (repeat) When the Spirit of the Lord moves in m

I Will Fight  - Shop11Phoenix
Another day another night then it's overI fought the fight and I can say that I survivedNot giving up and I'm never giving inTired and weak but still aliveAnother day of
Shop 11 Phoenix

I Will Find A Way  - RudolphMcKissick
I've lost some joyI've lost some timeNow it feels like I will loss my mindJourney long and lost my wayAnd now it feels like 'I'm lost' is all I saySearching here and ove
Rudolph McKissick

I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes  - JudithChristieMcAllister
ChorusI will lift up mine eyes to the hills, to the hills from whence cometh my helpMy help cometh from the Lordthe lord who made heaven and earth (repeat 3x)Verse 1He's
Judith-Christie McAllister

I Will Never Be  - LynnBaird
I will never be the same again. I can never return I've closed the door I will walk the path I'll run the race And I will never be the same again Fall like fire, soak li
Lynn Baird

I Will Not Be Afraid Anymore  - NationalYouthNPraiseMassChoir
Verse 1I will not be afraid anymore (3x),be afraid no more,ChorusFor God has not given us the spirit of fear,He's given us love and a sound mind.Yeah (4x).Verse 2I've got
National Youth N Praise Mass Choir

I Will Return  - DanielAmos
And the city stood In a glowing splendor'Til her ashes were laid in an urn Beneath a fast food counterI will returnThe descendants were bornAnd they danced their dancesTh
Daniel Amos

I Will Seek You  - Petra
Living water - I am thirsty and dry Bread of heaven - only You satisfy I am waiting for Your comfort and peace Come and fill me, let this emptiness cease (Chorus) I will

I Will Sing Hallelujah  - NewJerseyMassChoir
ChorusI will sing hallelujah, I will sing oh Lord.I will sing hallelujah oh Lord.For You are the source of my supply,Lord I praise, I lift You high;I will sing hallelujah
New Jersey Mass Choir

I Will Sing Praise  - Petra
I will sing praise to God my King I will sing praise I will sing praise with my whole being I will sing praise (repeat) My meditation of Him shall be sweet because I love

I Woke Up  - Overglow
Verse:It seems so real but so impossibleI walked on streets paved with hatePain and ridacule surround meI'm glad now that I'm awakeChorus:I Woke up today and I see that n

I Wont  - Faithbomb
have I been marked can I change what's been done you've left a bloody handprint on my soul I'm standing on the edge with a lake of fire before me but I won't trip or even

I Wont Complain  - ClarenceRobinson
Florida A & M Gospel Choir - I Won't ComplainI Won't Complain(recorded by The Florida A&M University Gospel Choir featuring Twinkie Clark-Terrell)VerseGod has been good t
Clarence Robinson

I Wont Complain  - RevPaulJones
I've had some good daysI've had some hills to climbI've had some weary daysAnd some sleepless nightsBut when I look aroundAnd I think things overAll of my good daysOutwei
Rev. Paul Jones

I won`t  - Faithbomb
have I been markedcan I change what's been doneyou've left a bloody handprint on my soulI'm standing on the edgewith a lake of fire before mebut I won't tripor even fall

I Worship Thee  - ClarenceRobinson
I Worship Thee(written by Joseph Pace)(recorded by Joe Pace)Verse:Oh Lord, I worship Thee.Oh Lord, I worship Thee.Lord, just for who You are,just for keeping me this far
Clarence Robinson

I Worship You  - RevJohnFlowers
I Worship YouI've been walking with a big grin Singing with my eyes closed Lifting up my hands I've been lost in the moment Sending up praises Now I think I understand Wh
Rev. John Flowers

I Would Choose You  - GlennKaiserBand
If I could hold you forever, I wouldKeep you right by my side forever, I would But I know you arent mine aloneAnd I respect the One on His throneAnd I know that we
Glenn Kaiser Band

Id Like To Think I Am Still Immature  - TheYoungAndTheUseless
There's a constant struggle between my flesh and my spirit, I'm searching for the things I think I need to be happy. There is nothing I hate more than the feeling I get w
The Young And The Useless

Id Rather See Gods Face  - GSMegaphone
You came so subtly and i never thought you'd have your claws in me i can't remember when you first appeared but i know i never really wanted you here the situations chang
GS Megaphone

Ill Be Searching  - Impellitteri
On a mission, another setting sunThere is no time to wasteOne obsession, keeping me on the runThe vision won't fade awayCan't you see, nothing else matters to meCan't you

Ill Be There  - SonsOfThunder
Yihaa!I do believeJesus Christ will come back one dayI say one dayThere will be no more sorrow and painI do believeIn the coming of the Kingdom of GodOh Lord, come nowI'm
Sons Of Thunder

Ill Be Waiting For You  - RobRock
Staring through the window, longing for the other sideYour days are so much better, I wish I was by your sideYou were there for me everydayIn my heart I can hear you sayI
Rob Rock

Ill Be With You  - RobRock
I'm not looking for an answerBecause I'll always know the truthWhen I'm walking through the fireI know I will never loseI hear the sweet voice of the love I can't denyI w
Rob Rock

Ill Cry For You  - EdensWay
When times have been so rough / You thought you'd lost control / Feel the pressure deep down inside / The desires starting to burn / Don't turn Him away / Get on your kne
Edens Way

Ill Do Your Will  - ClarenceRobinson
Whatever you wantJust say the word and I'll obeyWherever you want me to goTake my hand and show me the wayIf you need someone, no matter what the costTo climb the rugged
Clarence Robinson

Ill Never Be the Same  - KingsX
she stands in the waitingshe looks down to speakyour eyes speak invitationto follow with the beatshe said oh no i'll never be the sameyou struck my heart like lightningi'
Kings X

simple words i have in mindnothing more between the linesi have heard that love is blindif its true then i will findfrom my heart i want to saybut the words get in the wa
Kings X

Ill Never Go Back There  - MadattheWorld
It’s empty and it’s lonelyIt’s pleasure and it’s phonyIt pulls you and controls youIt fills you with pain you can’t bearChorusYou lied
Mad at the World

Ill Tell The World  - EverStaysRed
I'll let the whole world know That You are holy I'll let my lifestlye show That You're the only Lord, I am not ashamed To say I live for You And I will live to proclaim Y
Ever Stays Red

Ill Wait  - Impellitteri
they say in time that all my wounds will healbut they don't know all the pain I feelso I ask you now, won't you be my guideand maybe hold me to the end of timeand if I lo

Im A Child  - ClarenceRobinson
I'm A Child(as recorded by Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago)(based on 2 Corinthians 517)I'm a child,yes, a child;there's a difference in me I belong to the Ki
Clarence Robinson

Im A Loser  - LostDogs
I'm a loserI'm a loserAnd I've lost someone who's dear to meOf all the loves I've have love or have lostThe is a love I should never have lostShe was a girl in a million
Lost Dogs

Im A Warrior - RobRock
I could see the city lights, then they turned to blackThen I heard the sirens sounding outI could see the rockets glare, shooting in the nightEveryone was paying for thei
Rob Rock

Im Free  - NeonCross
Neon Cross

Im Grateful  - ClarenceRobinson
(Written by V. Michael McKay)(Chorus)If You had not saved meI don't know where I would beThrough storm cloudsThrough dark cloudsThe sun will always shine through(Vamp)I'
Clarence Robinson

Im Holding On  - ClarenceRobinson
I'm Holding On(words and music by David Frazier)(recorded by The National Youth N Praise Mass Choir)Chorus 1:I'm holding on to my praise,when everything has failed, I'm
Clarence Robinson

Im Movin On  - Shout
I've been mistreated I've been abusedat times I'm beaten and I've been usedand yeah, I've seen a thing or twoHey what about you, yeah how bout youOh you know, it keeps me

Im Not To Blame  - Paramaecium
[Music by A. Tompkins and I. Arkley]The night becomes the dayThe darkness is swept awayMy life became the deathThe pain was in my last spoken breathThey always relyToo mu

Im Okay  - Jake
Why are you weeping Over me this hour I'm slipping away But you know you couldn't keep me forever I've gone too far to turn back again And things will never be the same b

Im On My Way  - Laudamus
Living, dying, laughing, cryingNot quite what it seemsFaith is the gate from surrended to tryingWe have a goal beyond our dreamsNot just existingWe're alive until we're d

Im Only Human  - MikeStand
Words by Mike StandMusic by Mike Stand and Ric AlbaOh, look into my eyesI'm no different from youPinch me and see, I will scream tooScream with all my mightScream until I
Mike Stand

Im Ready  - BChaseWilliams
I'm Ready (written by Kirk Franklin) (recorded by Shirley Caesar featuring Kirk Franklin) Chorus 1: Yes, I'm ready, Lord, I'm ready to be totally committed to You. I'm f
B. Chase Williams

I'm setting you freebut I'm not letting youI'm watching you fly awaybut keeping you closeI can't help but cry a littleHeaven knowsI'm setting you freebut I'm not letting
Lost Dogs

Im Sorry Its Ok  - Shop11Phoenix
Where are the words to describe what I feel right nowWhat else can I say to make the anger go awayNothing more, nothing less - just a bit of bitternessWhat happened to th
Shop 11 Phoenix

Im Thankful - Petra
Jesus, I'm thankful for your love And it's been you I've been thinking of I've got a home in heaven above You gave me my life when I was losing, I was choosing my own way

Im Waiting  - JerryWashington
I'm Waiting(written by Melvin Crispell)(recorded by Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir)VerseI am waiting, waiting on.I'm waiting, waiting on the Lord, I
Jerry Washington

Im Your Servant  - DaleThompson
I'm going to bed without youI'd spend all I own to bring you hearI don't know you well enough to have youBut I crave a moment of your timeWhy did you come to earthI pray
Dale Thompson

Ive Got A Heaven  - MadattheWorld
You tried to tell me that it’s all in vainFaith that often brings me so much painFighting against my own willStill there is hope, there is a reasonI’ve got
Mad at the World

Ive Got A Reason  - RadioAngels
I've Got A Reason(written by O'Landa Draper)(recorded by O'Landa Draper & The Associates)Verse 1:When I was down and out, Jesus, He brought me out and I've got a reason.
Radio Angels

Ive Seen Gray  - MikeStand
Words and Music by Mike StandI've been dreaming of a worldA world of black and whiteA land of simple answersFair is fair and right is rightIt's true a world like this wil
Mike Stand

Ill Give You Rest  - GospelMusicWorkshopofAmericaMenofPromise
Come unto me all ye that labor and heavy laden;ChorusI'll give you rest (2x), rest, I'll give you rest.VerseI am the Lord who sees and yes, I know all about you and I wil
Gospel Music Workshop of America Men of Promise

Ill Go  - PraiseIIChoir
VerseIf You ever needed somebody,here am I Lord, here am I.If You ever needed somebody,here am I Lord, here am I.BridgeI'll go where You want me to go.I'll do what You wa
Praise II Choir

Ill Let Nothing Separate Me  - WaltWhitman&TheSoulChildrenofChicago
ChorusI'll let nothing separate me from the love of God.I'll let nothing separate me from the love of God;neither life or death or anything that's to love,nor height or d
Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago

Ill Praise  - StraightGateMassChoir
Chorus I'll praise, that's my offering,I'll praise to Jesus Christ my King.I'll praise, that's my offering,to Jesus Christ, with all my love I'll bring,and I'll give You
Straight Gate Mass Choir

Ill Show The World  - Calibretto13
I need a jobI need somethin' to show me I ain't nothin'.I need money, I need moolah, and I need it fast.I need a job I gotta start workin'.I'm getting sick and tired of m
Calibretto 13

Ill Talk To You Tomorrow  - Calibretto13
I'll talk to you tomorrowI'll show you love another timeI'll be your friend tomorrowEven though you'll die tonightSo many people, so many hurtsBut you're the one who stan
Calibretto 13

Im A Child  - WaltWhitman&TheSoulChildrenofChicago
I'm a child,yes, a child;there's a difference in me I belong to the King.Verse 1He wakes me up every morningand then He starts me on my way.Opens up my mind for learninga
Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago

Im Blessed  - MississippiChildrensChoir
Chorus: I'm blessed, truly blessed. I'm blessed,truly, truly blessed, truly, truly blessed. Verse 1: Everywhere I go, people want to know, How can someone so young be on
Mississippi Children's Choir

Im Glad About It  - RevTimothyWright&TheChicagoInterdenominationalMassChoir
VerseSitting all alone, alone one day,thinking 'bout the blessings that came my way.I haven't served the Lord just as I should,but still the Lord, He's been so good.When
Rev. Timothy Wright & The Chicago Interdenominational Mass Choir

Im Healed  - JonathanNelson
Got a story to tell you 'bout some things that I've been through but I'm healed, oh I'm healed Had some ups and some downs Leveled to the ground But I'm healed, oh I'm he
Jonathan Nelson

Im In Love With Jesus Christ  - RevTimothyWright&TheLondonFellowshipChoir
ChorusI'm in love, I'm in love with Jesus Christ.I'm in love, I'm in love with all my might.He's my joy, He's my peace, He's my guiding light;I'm in love with Jesus Chris
Rev. Timothy Wright & The London Fellowship Choir

Im Not Sorry  - TheBlackboxWithin
You ask me those questionsAnd I wonder who I amBut today's a new dayAnd the reason I try againAnd I see you see my mistakesIf you only knew what it takesYou think you see
The Blackbox Within

Ive Been Singing Hallelujah  - RevEddieRobinsonandtheVoicesofMtOlive
I've been singing Hallelujah all day, YesI've been singing Hallelujah all daySince God woke me up this morningI've been giving him the praiseI've been singing hallelujah
Rev. Eddie Robinson and the Voices of Mt. Olive

Ive Got  - The77s
you get me going in every way can i make you come in my direction? what's it gonna take babe? are you gonna hear a single word that i say? i've got something i've got me
The 77s

Ive Had Enough  - Headnoise
I've had enough and I can't take it anymoreso tell me how much is too much to bend your knees on the floorAnd cry to God to save you from this sack of fleshI know you kno

Ive Sinned My Lord  - Mariahme
She loved the flowers in her room They helped eased that pain deep inside of her And even though she could not move Her presence lifted the universe And sometimes she'd
Mariah (me)

(featuring Sarah Bendel) Dann fahr'n wir durch die Lichter In einer fremden Stadt Ich denk': Vielleicht wohnt hier die Eine die ich nicht kenne aber meine. Wie mag es bei
Allee Der Kosmonauten

Ichthus - Theocracy
The Price Upon my head is deathThey've pushed us undergroundfor all who dare to speak the namethe iron fist comes downface the test, put to death if discoveredits the pri

Ida Sem Volta  - Antidemon
[Pv 16:25]será que você não percebeque o mal só leva a mortedrogas miseráveiscaminhos sem saídaida sem voltavem pro reino do bem, vem correndovem lutar

Identity - SkyHarbor
Well I guess it, guess it all began whenI could understand the social life, the worriesAnd I heard what, what you used to say butNow these things have changed and it seem
Sky Harbor

If I Be Lifted  - ClarenceRobinson
If I Be Lifted(written by Johnson Oatman, Jr.)(arranged by Darius Brooks)(recorded by Rev. Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers)Verse 1:How to reach the masse
Clarence Robinson

If I Be Lifted Up  - JerryWashington
If I Be Lifted Up Artist - Mississippi Mass ChoirSopranos: If IAll: If I, be lifted up, I will draw all men unto meIf I, be lifted up, I will draw all men unto meBridge:
Jerry Washington

If I Can Dream  - MadattheWorld
(Music and lyrics by W. Earl Brown 1968)There must be lights burnin’ brighter somewhereGot to be birds flyin’ higher in a sky more blueIf I can dream of a b
Mad at the World

If I fall asleep  - VeniDomine
These walls are made of glassNot concrete as they seemsWhat is wrong with this pictureBehold a gilded frameConceals the life withinHow is it that no one ever seesThe dept
Veni Domine

I wear my seatbelt in the car I buckle up for safety I run for cover from the storm I wear a band aid on my knee I look both ways when crossing and I flee Any danger I ca

If I Leave This World Tomorrow  - GlennKaiserBand
If I leave this world tomorrowLord, let me leave a little love behind(2 x)There is too much pain and miseryToo much heartache, too much cryin'I seen my share of troubleBu
Glenn Kaiser Band

If I Lose My Way  - MadattheWorld
Where is that Heaven I was heading forOnce I could see the bath, I can’t no moreBut if I lose my wayI can call on your name and thenYou bring the light of dayAnd y
Mad at the World

If I Were Dead  - RoseBlossomPunch
man is sometimes extraordinarily, passionately, in love with suffering and that is a fact. -fyodor dostoyevsky so long i guess it's so long i can feel this now my time y
Rose Blossom Punch

If It Be Your Will  - LostDogs
If it be Your willThat I speak no moreLet my voice be stillAs it was beforeI will speak no moreI will abide untilI am spoken forIf it be Your willIf it be your willThat a
Lost Dogs

If It Cost My Life  - RadioAngels
If It Cost My Life(written by Greg Mitchell)(recorded by Ruby Terry)Verse 1If it costs my life, pain, misery and strifeI've got to make it, I've got to make it, I've got
Radio Angels

If It Wasnt For You  - PayableOnDeathPOD
Do I believe in the resurrection of CHRIST?And did HIS death bring forth new life?And did HE raise up and bring back Lazarus from the grave?And is there supposed to be a
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

If Jesus Cant Fix It Nobody Can  - RudolphMcKissick
Chorus: If Jesus can't fix it, nobody can! (Oh my Lord, I want to say it again) Oh, if Jesus, can't fix it, nobody can, nobody can. Someone is struggling and all he feel
Rudolph McKissick

If Jesus Cant Fix It  - RevJamesMoore&MississippiMassChoir
ChorusIf Jesus can't fix it (nobody can, no,oh no.)If Jesus can't fix it (nobody can).He can move the pain from everywhere,He can make you feel like it was never there.(o
Rev. James Moore & Mississippi Mass Choir

There's a place, were a riverflows form the soul deep withinand through the haze and stormy weathershows who we are, and where we've beenIf we only had the faith, to beli

If You Come To Him  - TriStateMassChoir
Verse 1I was a wretch undone, living in a world of sin,had no hope, no peace within.Somebody told me what Jesus did,said He gave His life, died for my sins.Now I'm justif
Tri-State Mass Choir

If You Could See Me Now  - RevJohnFlowers
My soul is alive and so are youI'm still trying to pass the time, it ain't easy without youAs long as I can try, I'll make it throughBut it might take a while, believe me
Rev. John Flowers

If You Listen  - MadattheWorld
Sorrow in their eyes, chasing anyone, burning like the blazing sunThe demons are calling to the souls of millionsAnd the demons come back if you listenThey want your inno
Mad at the World

A freeway runs right past my homeIt's the home where you left me to live aloneAnd I admit I feel good knowin' you feel hurtEvery time you pass by on your way to work(CHOR
Lost Dogs

Caged mind, caged life - Death behind locked doorsDog eat dog eat - Faithless chew on bad newsPeacetime promise - Psychologic lobotomyWarped thought warped feel - Warped

If You Want To  - LostDogs
I'll pick you upI'll set you downWe'll fall in loveIf you want toI'll stay right hereOr I'll go awayWe'll live foreverIf you want toI looked through a window and I saw in