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Lost Without Your Love  - DaleThompson
My heart is crashin inI have no where to goWhat's the point of livingIf I am to live it aloneI have no where to run toI can't go on todayWhere am I to goFar from this wor
Dale Thompson

Love  - Petra
Love is patient, love is kind No eyes of envy, true love is blind Love is humble, it knows no pride No selfish motive hidden inside Love is gentle, makes no demands Despi

Love & Hate  - WildernessOfTekoa
We live in a world with our broken veins We live in a room with our dying names We are not the same, no were not the same Believing in everything that screams Ah Yeah, sp
Wilderness Of Tekoa

Love & Sorrow  - JacobsDream
I guess I'll walk alone in the pouring rainI hold this candle that burns in your nameWith every teardrop that falls from my eyesI can't forget you, the memory never diesB
Jacobs Dream

Love Alone  - Caedmon'sCall
No one would love me if they knew all the things I hide My words fall to the floor As tears drip through the telephone line And the hands Ive seen raise
Caedmon's Call

Love And Sorrow  - JacobsDream
I guess I'll walk alone in the pouring rain I hold this candle that burns in your name With every teardrop that falls from my eyes I can't forget you, your memory never d
Jacobs Dream

Love Colour  - Rock'N'RollWorshipCircus
la la is the color, is a color without grayblack as the nighttime and white as dayi know a secret i can tellif you wanna know God,you can kn
Rock 'N' Roll Worship Circus

Love Comes Down  - Rez
He said that He had your number You cut the telephone lineYou say you needed a reasonHe said There ain't much timeYou kept tryin' to avoid itHe kept knockin' on the doorI

Love Conquers All  - HolySoldier
1-Sometimes it can hurt so much to feel without a touchTo be here all alone.It's easy to lose heart, when life is falling apart,And it seems you've looked everywhere for
Holy Soldier

Love Found A Way  - TheBlackboxWithin
Wonderful love that rescued me Sunk deep in sin Guilty and vile as I could be No hope within When every ray of light had fled Oh glorious day Raising my soul from out of
The Blackbox Within

Love In A Yielded Heart  - DanielAmos
Well, you say you want freedomThere ain't nothing you wouldn't doWell, you're reaching, but not looking'Cause the Truth is right in front of youYou can't win itYou can't
Daniel Amos

Love Inhalation  - Mastedon
This world is goin’ crazy and I’m ready to screamFeels like I’m about to come apart at the seamO my vision gettin’ hazy and it’s hard t

Love Is All I Need  - NikkiLeonti
Some say love don't come easy At a time I found that to be true I was searching for completion In my object of affection Doing things my own way When I should have l
Nikki Leonti

Love Is Different  - Caedmon'sCall
Well it looks like five thousand miles Broke the camel's back But it's not as though I had a plan To win you back Because I don't know what I want But at least I know tha
Caedmon's Call

Love Is Everything  - ThyneScabbard
words and music by Mark Gersmehl don't you let anyone sayit's a jungle out thereso jump in the fraythere is a far better waylovelove is everythingtake an axe to the famil
Thyne Scabbard

Love Is Here  - BetterDaysAheadBDA
Say the word foolish Say dazed and confused Say there's no way to do this In this clueless, senseless world But you can't say that we are alone You can't say that we are
Better Days Ahead (BDA)

Love Letter To:  - MyChildrenMyBride
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled Was confincing the world he didnt exist And like that He's gone Love Bleed this heart with pen and ink Return to sender Send to r
MyChildren MyBride

Love Letters  - LondaLarmond
I read a story'Bout a woman who'd fallen in sinHe came along and gave her life againAnd just like that womanI have sometimes gone astrayBut through his words I seeHow muc
Londa Larmond

Love Lies  - EveryDayLifeEDL
You can't see the very thing that my anguish has done to me you can only sit and pretend to be interested in the fact that I proclaim the love no longer thread bear to a
Every Day Life (EDL)

Love Life  - AaronBenward
I couldn't dream up A day any better than yesterday I wouldn't dream of Living my life any other way The love that is holding me Won't disappear with the setting sun
Aaron Benward

Love Light In The Midnight  - MadattheWorld
How can evil control our sinful appetites?Look at all of the souls in shipwrecked ocean nightI’m trying to make thru a world-unholyThe valley of death has a shadow
Mad at the World

Love Me  - HolySoldier
I'm alone, but rememberOne wet and cold SeptemberMy tears were falling in the rainI was lonely, I was blindI needed her to ease my mindShackles of lust, chains of painI'v
Holy Soldier

Love Me Dangerously  - Undercover
Suddenly, with no surpriseIt's in your mind, it's in your eyesYou wanted something more than I could shareHow could you know, how could you careIt just isn't fair, you sa

Love Me More  - PaulColmanTrio
I can't believe that you still want me After everything I've done I can't believe that you still want me To be with you I was sure that you would leave me With the mess t
Paul Colman Trio

Love Never Dies  - SaviourMachine
And the children shall lead the angels at play in the fields of slaves.For man is the hunted, accused and forsaken and slain by his own domain.The diamonds edge will cut
Saviour Machine

Love Paid The Price  - DallasMusic&ArtsSeminarMassChoir
Chorus 1For God so loved the world,He gave His only Son,that whomsoever would believe on Him,shall have eternal life through Jesus Christ.Chorus 2At Calvary, God's gift t
Dallas Music & Arts Seminar Mass Choir

Love Song for Z  - Hope
Like an ocean your love is deep And mine to tive Like the universe is your patience In which I Fly Your body my home Your lips my salvation Your arms my asylum In which I

Love Take It All  - Truth
Though it's a mystery to me I trust and I believe In a love that is blind For through my trials I have seen Love give unselfishly Time after time I have no r

You'll find him lying on a bed of nails and broken glassCovered by the blood dimmed sheet of dust and ashHe fell the day before they stopped the warSurrounded by the bloo
Lost Dogs

All my life, I’ve been lookin’ for somethingStanding in line, oooh waiting for my timeSearchin’ for the real thing, it’s hard to believeSo man

Love With A Fist  - Rackets&Drapes
Child playful laughter)The bruises on my skinAre all from falling off the swingMy daddy likes to buy me ice creamFor my blackened eyesDaddy loves me with his fist (x2)I n
Rackets & Drapes

Child playful laughter)The bruises on my skinAre all from falling off the swingMy daddy likes to buy me ice creamFor my blackened eyesDaddy loves me with his fist (x2)I n
Rackets & Drapes

Love Without Dreams  - The77s
One more question before you're out the door Can you believe in me the way I believe in you? Without dreams our love can come to nothin' Without love our dreams won't com
The 77s

Love Your Enemies  - SmileyKids
You looked me in the eye, Just as you stabbed me in the back. And I was so angry so scared, ya You humiliated me and smashed my pride down to the ground and I'm so thankf
Smiley Kids

Love's Irony  - 441z
My hope’s in a prayerFrom the first time I saw youI knewAnd howThrough a window paneCounting drops of rainI see you there, see youI misunderstood loveIt’s n

Loves In Need  - RudolphMcKissick
Verse 1Somewhere a man will cry outFor help to meet others needInside his heart will break'Cause his voice no one wants to heedVerse 2Somewhere a mother mourns her lostS
Rudolph McKissick

Loves Labor Found  - StrangeOccurrence
There was a time when you belonged to another Counting the moments down till you freed yourself I stood here waiting in my own selfish candlelight Praying that God wou
Strange Occurrence

Loves Labor Found Kendras Song  - StrangeOccurrence
There was a time when you belonged to another Counting the moments down till you freed yourself I stood here waiting in my own selfish candlelight Praying that God would
Strange Occurrence

Loves Done Something  - CastingPearls
Life was a roller coaster ride, pushin' me up down side to side I could barely hold on spinnin' out of control I was lost, lost like a ship in the deep blue sea Like an a
Casting Pearls

Loved and Forgiven - LostDogs
Go on and watch the horizon reeling inYou're free now to open every forbidden doorOr let a thunderstorm chase you all the way back eastBut don't ever think I won't love y
Lost Dogs

Loveland - DanielAmos
It's a different world, but it's still you and meWe've crossed the great divide,And met the enemyWe've realized, we're still aliveLet's rest a little whileAnd dream we're
Daniel Amos

Loveliest Bride  - Rock'N'RollWorshipCircus
all of my love is a ribbon of scarletcovers the head of the Loveliest Bridecome, come away...come with me tonightfollowed by a train of the purest whitewashing and kissin
Rock 'N' Roll Worship Circus

Lovely Lord  - Petra
You are filled with compassion and mercy and grace With Your banner of love over me I am longing to see You one day face to face And to be with You endlessly Lord, how lo

Lovely Man  - LostDogs
Hey little mama, be my friendYou can be the trouble that you think I'm inI'm a lovely manLovely manYes I am, I'm a lovely man(Right by damn, I'm a lovely man)I traveled t
Lost Dogs

Lovespeak  - Rez
I can preach at you til I'm blue in the faceJudge you to death and put you in your placeI can feed your body yeah share the wealthAnd still lose my soul to the fires of

Loving you, loving me, throughout all eternityI care for you, would you care for meYour love, it holds the keyIn the morning, in the nightThoughts of you take me higherYo

Low  - These5Down
I heard about what you do To your family To your friends I heard about what need The thing you feed Your soul that bleeds How low did you go To get that high How low did
These 5 Down

Lucas McGraw  - Petra
Lucas McGraw, what's come over you? We're beginnin' to think you're touched We heard you got religion Ya ain't been 'round to see us much Ya threw away your corncob pipe

Lucid  - ModernDayJohn
all the world must really love you i see through your disguisepose and smile for the camera pretty pictures pretty liesi can see you drowning your ocean of deceitgrab hol
Modern Day John

Luckiest - ManicDrive
When I look at my life I see the hurt I try to hide Through the pains that brought me tears I've learned a vital thing this year It was meant for me I am the luckiest It
Manic Drive

Lucky 13  - SocietysFinest
To the one I love, I'll always be here waiting until the gates close behind me. Look into my eyes for the untold story. The truth is seen, but it's so hollow. Bury me ben
Societys Finest

Lucrece  - Ballydowse
CHORUS: Sweet and low, sweet and low, Winds of the Western Sea, Blow, blow, breeze and blow Winds of the Western Sea, Over the rolling waters go Come from the dropping mo

Ludicrous Smiles  - SaviourMachine
Sanity falls by the knifeThat lacerates the brainListen to the painTouch the empty spaces within our heartsAnd see the dream is our realityStand upon the edge, fall into
Saviour Machine

LukeWarm - LeeSisters
(Music)Verse 1I was reading Matthew and Revulations.(ooh)And it was speaking on those stratled in aviction.See their are those living the christian life.Still doing, stil
Lee Sisters

Lullabye - 24Idaho
see you walking by my side wondering if you miss me at all take the furthest step to reach your dreams take the furthest step and give your all don't lose hope on a dark
24 Idaho

Lunar Wave  - FoldZan
yesterday I rememberscenes from a childhood tendersecond world, rising sunkbeyond from a hundred rune Decembersfrom the noise of the crowded streetsdown to the soles of t

Lying Beneath A Dream  - AnahAevia
Lord, come tonight with the wind you have created.I will walk with you through the gates in the promised kingdom.Your hand in mine I stand in awe.Let me not exist in this
Anah Aevia

Lying Durge  - Headnoise
In the middle of the massesAn island on the seaUnyielding are the peopleThey cannot hear, the cannot seeThey're marching to the beat of a hopeless drumRepetitious cloggin

MATW Reprise  - MadattheWorld
All the children that we used to knowNow they’re holding knives at their wrists and throatsHoly Saviour can you still be found?Is there hope for the human race lef
Mad at the World

MPG  - Headnoise
Invest your money run that race greed carves deep lines in your face,lust for more you love the taste, you can’t serve God and money,you can’t serve God and

Maailma pyörii  - Terapia
voisit viettää tuntikausia etsienoikeaa sävyä sinisenvoisit viettää vuosisatoja itkiensalaisuutta ihmisenja aamulla ennen kuinkoneet heräävät p

Mad Dog World  - Bloodgood
If you bark and bare your teethIf you foam at the mouth, you got companyThe race is on to rule the streets‘Cause it’s a mad dog worldWe’re all unleash

Mad House Of Cain  - JacobsDream
It's a landscape of terror of evil's dark hueBeset by the glow of an ominous moonFrom the forest of nightmares to the garden of deathThe stench of the flesh and the blood
Jacobs Dream

Mad Man  - SacredWarrior
In the world where we live from day to dayLives a man who sees only one wayStalking the night for a weak, yeah, that`s his preyOn the loose he`s dressed to kill, another
Sacred Warrior

Mad Mad World  - SacredWarrior
One nation under God but where are we going?We try to make the best of our lives not really knowingThat our own righeousness is but filthy ragsIn the eyes of the Holy One
Sacred Warrior

Magic Mirror  - Petra
(Chorus) Magic mirror don't let me walk away without seeing who I am Magic mirror don't let me see who I am and only walk away I must have walked by you a thousand times

Magic Words  - Petra
Say the magic words I won't say the magic words to please you 'Cause you might decide to judge me By what I say to you and not what I do Hide behind my words I won't hide

Magnet Of The World  - Petra
There are things that look attractive on the surface of despair There are things that hold my interest when I really shouldn't care I have felt intoxicated viewing pleasu

Magnify The Lord  - VisionsAChoralMinistry
ChorusMagnify the Lord(2x)Sing praises to His nameFor He is worthyHe's worthy (3x)Yes, He is worthy of God and KingBridgeMagnify the LordSing praises to His nameUnto His
Visions A Choral Ministry

Mailman kuvia  - Terapia

Majestic - Renascent
The Lord reigns in heaven and on earthRobed in majesty and armed with strengthYour righteous throne is from all eternityYour Kingdom cannot be movedThe seas have lifted u

Majestic Arrival  - Teramaze
Persecution blinded is the foeResolution fed into the soulFreed from our sins by his fallen bloodOur Saviour is serving your right to liveAgainThe sacred chosen fewEscapi

Majesty  - JerryWashington
Majesty... How I worshipMajesty... How I Bless youFor you alone are worthy of my praiseMajesty... How I worshipMajesty... How I Bless youFor you alone are worthy of my p
Jerry Washington

Majesty Revered  - SweetImperfection
dear diary i saw this guy at the show he was singing to me at least i think so all the world around me stopped when he said (hi, what's up baby) he's the perfect guy
Sweet Imperfection

Bells buzzers sirens and hornsRinging in my headBills budgets savings and loansAlways in the redTimes schedules deadlines and formsI think I'll go crazyWish I could remem
The 77s

Make Believe - LostDogs
I'm trying to make believeMy heart isn't breaking in twoPretending you'll never leaveI've still got a chance to win youI've asked the dark questionsI let them go on the w
Lost Dogs

Make It Loud  - Kainos
In this life, you got so many options Possibilities endless and the world wait To suck you in But youve changed, found another direction Will you stand fast now that youv

Make Your Mark  - AaronBenward
I hear Your voice Crash through the clouds I have no choice But to sing out loud Then Your fire engulfs me Sends a shock right through me I need You I love
Aaron Benward

Makes Me Wanna Shout  - ChristForTheNations
When I think about the Lord,How He saved me, How He raised meHow He filled me, With the Holy GhostHow He healed me, to the utter mostWhen I think about the Lord,How He pi
Christ For The Nations

Making A Way  - ClarenceRobinson
Making A Way(written by Darius Brooks)(recorded by Rev. Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers)Chorus:God, He keeps making a way for me,and yes, He keeps openin
Clarence Robinson

Your brain, it needs to feed on God's wholesome, nourishing word Transform life and thinking towards God Stop your brain,Stop your brain ! Infesting your heart, Infesting
Vomitorial Corpulence

Mall All Over the World  - DanielAmos
Mall all over the worldMall all over the world...Moving into the age of leisureWhere east meets west in a maze of pleasureAnd why do we feel we can live forever?Cos' they
Daniel Amos

Mamas Kitchen  - RadioAngels
I remember Saturdays helping Mama in her kitchen Conversations prying, baking with passing down the wisdom She said babygirl you're a queen and this is how you should be
Radio Angels

Mamas Song  - RudolphMcKissick
Summertime has come and goneThe leaves are slowly fallingThe other day my mother heardThe voice of Jesus callingHe said 'Come home with Me my child,I'll take away your s
Rudolph McKissick

Man Alone  - GSMegaphone
how can we ever learn the truth if our teachers always lie? when our feet are growing to the floor how are we suppose to fly? (chorus)how can we get rich, when the men wh
GS Megaphone

Man Is A Social Animal  - SilenceTheEpilogue
I'm lost in the distance like corroded images expanding in space. Mans main need involves several social acts that teach the value of survival taught on a scale that star
Silence The Epilogue

Man Overboard  - ThyneScabbard
words and music by Mark Gersmehl and Billy Smiley man over meman over youman like a fistman wanna rulethe crystal ballpredicts the fallman over lordman overboard...feels
Thyne Scabbard

Like Marlon Brando with a Jimmy Cagney styleJohn Wayne kind of swagger with a Henry Fonda smileHe hang out on the corner, he hang out on the streetAll the homies come aro

MANS BLACK HOLE  - DeadinChrist
Dead in Christ

Man You Made A Lonely World  - Frank'sEnemy
in the beginning there was darwin and marxformulating theories to throw out Godartificial reality free of absolutesthe only sin left is telling the truthpregnant child-mo
Frank's Enemy

Manic Depression  - KingsX
Manic Depression's touching my soul,I know what I want,but I just don't know how to go about getting it.Feeling, sweet feelingdrops from my finger, fingersManic Depressio
Kings X

Manic Moonlight  - KingsX
Help me let me tell youWhat you mean to meI don't want to scare youMake you run from me Or let's pretend it's tomorrowAnd we borrowedThe life of a perfect spinning circus
Kings X

Manifest  - JonathanNelson
Verse 1 Pregnant possibilities now birth anew, travailing to obtain it for it must come to pass. I decree it, declare it, and call it in the Spirit to become what God's d
Jonathan Nelson

Mannequins Dream  - Rez
Dull steel, my personal skyClouded with confusion, rainin' insideLightning flashes when I understandBut it tastes like ashesAnd melts in my handI'd kiss real lifeMine is

Manners And Means  - Caedmon'sCall
The heart is a lonely thing to lose in the dead of night The heart is a sad thing to lose in the throws of a fight The heart is the match to the fire And the embers of de
Caedmon's Call

Manology - Teramaze
Spreading pain to mankind, can't you see you're in the wrong?To enflict to fellow manHow can we fight? This world is insaneTreat ech other as you would your own self, fel

Many Will Come  - SacredWarrior
Many will comeIn the name of HimBut the Spirit's thereFor all to seeTheir blood runs coldJust like the restBut in the end of timeWill tell who will be blessed (Chorus)We
Sacred Warrior

Maps  - Terminal
I don't mind if we never make it to where we're headedas long as we don't end up herewe need to find our own waybelieve in something we half madewe're making good timerem

Maranatha 1520  - LikeDavid
I saw the stars were falling down.And the moon was bleeding red.Is this the end?Maranatha!Our Lord comes! Are you shaking now?Maranatha!Our Lord comes! Are you nervous?An
Like David

Marine  - FoldZan

Mark My Words  - PayableOnDeathPOD
Checkmate, pull the plug on a fakeGet to steppin too late, gotta take em, break em downOne testify, see the fire in his eyesWe determine the ghost when a warrior cries th
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

Mark Of The Beast  - SaviourMachine
Behold the final solution,Waiting in the shadows of indoctrination ...The beast arise;Rotting in the system of the antichrist ...This is the tragedy, the ominous prophecy
Saviour Machine

Mark Your Words  - WithBloodComesCleansing
Destroy, the thoughts that plague my mind The battle within myself hidden inside. My spirit's willing but my flesh is weak. My spirit's willing but I am weak My spirit's
With Blood Comes Cleansing

Marks Of The Cross  - Petra
These days shallow and feeble resolve abound And true devotion and passionate fervor are seldom found But there are those who often feel they're all alone Those of whose

Marry Me  - GlennKaiserBand
Call it old-fashioned, I dont careCall it anything youd like, fair is fairAnd I love you, and I need youAnd this will never changeFrom the risin of the
Glenn Kaiser Band

Marsh Mellow Field  - KingsX
Heard you were coming backBeen hanging around for so longA militant mother... A militant brotherA militant marsh mellow field Loosen the tourniquetLong way to go for so l
Kings X

Marshall Reality  - SocietysFinest
Do you need me to shove your head underwater just to make you drink? I'm not mentioning any names, Tyler. Your ignorance has gone too far. Your brain's full of static, yo
Societys Finest

Martyrium  - Antestor

All day long All day long so alone All day long All day long so alone Won't you come and take me Lord Come and take me, take me home Lordy please Take me from this misery
The 77s

Marys Alabaster Jar  - Solomon'sWish
We all stood in wonder Passing silent judgment down Casting her off as crazy Made me feel more comfortable somehow Expecting anger, I was Taken back by His re
Solomon's Wish

Marys Song  - Petra
Hold that blanket closer Mary dear All the world waits with you for your day But for now the wind is cold and it's drear And Bethlehem's still so far away Do you remember

Mask Me  - StrangeOccurrence
Stop, don't speak Tell me something I already don't know the answer to Why am I always the freak inside your twenty-first century world? It's been driving me crazy the wa
Strange Occurrence

Masonic - Callisto
Secrets revealed in the Masonic legacyBrainchild chosen to be,veiled all in whiteRevelation lucifugous in the lightNo knowledge, no proofSwimming so deepWho let you downT

Masqureade  - ModernDayJohn
care to dance- hypnotic lights and sounds have left me in a tranceneed a chance- to shed this lie and show inside and leave this mask i wear behindi see everything in thi
Modern Day John

Massacre - Antidemon
[Ef 6:12]massacre, massacremassacre a todo malde posse de um poderpoder que vem do altopoder para vencerpoder que nos foi dadopoder vindo de um sanguepoder inigualável

Master of Disguise - RobRock
Feel the power rushing through my veinsSince you came into my lifeFeel your love electrifyYou steal away the nightDown so low and maybe moreMy back's against the wallTurn
Rob Rock

Master Of Lies  - SacredWarrior
Well I'm gonna tell ya a little storyAbout a man named luciferHe is the master of deceptionAnd he wants to see you burnHe's got the power in him to make the evilness to c
Sacred Warrior

Master Of Masters - Exousia
(Apocalipsis 19:16, 17:14, San Juan 14:6, San Mateo 10:8, San Juan 1:41, San Mateo 16:6) MASTER of Master's, GOD of god's YOU ARE THE LORD of all creation YOU ARE THE KIN

Masters Command  - SacredWarrior
The pain you feelIs caused by all the things I've said and doneBut your love for me is so realYou forgave meAnd you sent your only SonOh, and you sayMy people are falling
Sacred Warrior

Masterpiece Conspiracy  - PayableOnDeathPOD
Evil eyes behind their smilesYou swallow it up when sincerity liesLock me up, label me “dangerous†filesFear of the unknown, so scared of my styleAlert the pr
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

Materalisic Lie  - Antestor
Satisfaction death reactionLifeless being life deceivingMaterialistic lie existing till you dieThe world cannot give nor let you liveLustful bodies skinned to the coresti

Material Sanctuary  - VeniDomine
Wasted Years Slaving Under The SystemRaised With The Needs Of HumanismWe've Failed To See The Crucial PointsLike A Blind Leading A BlindThe Truth Is FrighteningOur Souls
Veni Domine

Matter At Hand  - AccordingToJohn
Whats the matter at hand? Its a matter of truth And the matter with me Is whats the matter with you. As a matter of fact Its a matter of
According To John

Me  - PFRPrayForRain
Angel voice love's charadeRun away On and onWindowpane longer daysCan't hold you yetLosing my mind so beautifully You turn around thats where i'll beA million miles into
PFR (Pray For Rain)

Me Out  - ClarenceRobinson
Me Out(written by John P. Kee)(recorded by John P. Kee & The New Life Community Choir)Verse 1:Out of all the things You taught me,out of all the things You brought me,I
Clarence Robinson

Mea Culpa/Remember Me  - Undercover
I have seen my faults todayI remember yesterdayMea Culpa, Mea CulpaKyrie, Kyrie, Mea CulpaSkies turned black, thunder crackWomen crying, dressed in blackMea Culpa, Mea Cu

Meal  - DanielAmos
I'm thirsty, Lord, my soul's on fireI'm thirsty, Lord, my soul's on fireAnd I'm hungry, too, and eatin' is my great desireI'm thirsty, Lord, my soul's on fireFeed me brea
Daniel Amos

Mean Green Season  - The77s
i walked out i didn't want it anymore i already had one foot out the door i was into moving they were on the slower road it came down about as plain as day to see the roa
The 77s

Meaning 2 Life  - PastDoubt
When He comes to earth in glory, A happy ending to my story, What will i say what will I do, Fall to my knees and worship You Will I cry and praise Your name, Or b

Media Machine - RobRock
Headlines, staring in your face, trying to catch your eyeQuestion, words upon the page only criticizeSpeculation dramatizedMedia MachineIt's an evil in disguiseMedia Mach
Rob Rock

Medical Suicide  - TheMercy
Sometimes a voice comes screaming inside. Most days I can just turn it off but now it's louder and it's so convincing. My life seems like it's not worth living. Days come
The Mercy

Medicine Head  - Rackets&Drapes
You know when I grow up...I want to be a junkie...I'm just a prisonerLocked in a cellCan someone save meI am in hellLook inside my medicine head (x2)Get inside my medicin
Rackets & Drapes

We see wave after wave of people in the streetPlaying their songs, but missing the beatPeople, oh people why can't you understand?Fools with no disguises and love so clos

Medley Hold Out/Homegoing  - RadioAngels
Medley: Hold Out / Homegoing(recorded by Rev. Clay Evans & The Fellowship Choir)"Hold Out"Chorus:I promised the Lord that I would (hold out, hold out, hold out
Radio Angels

Meet Us Here  - Unashamed
It's your kindness that leads to repentance. It's your love that draws us to you. It's your life taken in our place, through your mercy, we are made new. We praise your n

Meet With Me  - Petra
I'm here to meet with you Come and meet with me I'm here to find you Reveal yourself to me (Chorus) As I wait, you make me strong As I long, you draw me to your arms As I

Melt Me  - Jake
You were standing there And I was not aware Of the sunshine in your stare Melting me Changing me from gray to clear Never before have I been seen like this CHORUS:

Memory  - GlennKaiserBand
maybe i'm in love with a memorywhat once was true and real to mewaves shapin' sandtime like the seamaybe i'm in love with a memory i used to wait for the morning dovethe
Glenn Kaiser Band

Memory Lane  - DanielAmos
You have gotten much thinnerYou're lookin' like a shadowIt's from dwelling on the might-have-beensLiving in a time-warpTo whom am I speaking? Some ghost from the past?Whi
Daniel Amos

Mene pois  - Terapia
saatana tuli käymäänmuodossa ystävänsai auringon hetkeksi paistamaansitten veti ylle pimeänsaatana tuli käymäänja hymyili kauniistisai sydäm

Menneen talven lumia  - Terapia
mä olen loman tarpeessa vaanen suostu sitä uskomaankompensoin sen muutoinsiten stressin kumuloinmä uskon muiden uskovanvielä enemmänkin jaksankertokoon sii