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Each day I'll do (each day I'll do)A golden deed (a golden deed)By helping those (by helping those)Who are in need (who are in need)My life on earth (my life on earth)Is ~ez_hellip~

A debtor to mercy alone,Of covenant mercy I sing,Nor fear, with God's righteousness on,My person and off'rings to bring.The terrors of law and of GodWith me can have noth ~ez_hellip~

A New Day  -
A new dayI am freeAin't no more chainsHolding meWashed in the bloodI am freeI thank the LordFor saving meVictoryVictoryI've got itI've got it[repeat]V-I-C-T-O-R-YVictory ~ez_hellip~

‚~ez_euro~~ez_oelig~Abba, Father!‚~ez_euro~ We approach TheeIn our Savior's precious Name;We, Thy children, here assembled,Now Thy promised blessing claim;From our sins His blood hath washed us, ~ez_hellip~

Abide in me, O Lord, and I in Thee,From this good hour, oh, leave me nevermore;Then shall the discord cease, the wound be healed,The lifelong bleeding of the soul be o'er ~ez_hellip~

Written by Frederick Martin LehmanChorus 1Abide with me when shadows fallBe Thou with me rule over allIn calm or gale on land or seaO Lord abide with meVerse 1Abide with ~ez_hellip~

VERSE:Where would I be if Christ hadn't found me?I'd be lost, on my own, no one looking for meBut now through His eyes I can see, all that the Father has planned for meI ~ez_hellip~

( ) Lead (Accept) Accept (What God Allows) What God Allows(You're better off any way) Your better off any ‚~ez_euro~~ez_ldquo~way(face the facts) face the facts (and you will never stray) ~ez_hellip~

Ain't no rockGonna cry in my placeAs long as I'm aliveI'll glorify His holy name(repeat)Chorus:Praise His holy nameAs long as I'm aliveI'll glorify His holy name(repeat)A ~ez_hellip~

Ain't nobody like JesusNobody like Him (repeat)Can't nobody, Can't nobody No, no, no-body Can't nobody do me like Jesus Picks me up when I'm down He's the best friend tha ~ez_hellip~

All Hail the KingHe stands in His honorAnd speaks what is trueHe is the King of GloryHoly Spirit flowing throughAll hail the KingAll hail the royal majestyFrom creation u ~ez_hellip~

(Verse 1)Searching for a lifetime for something to satisfyPaid a lot of prices and so many nights I criedIn my time of desperation, came this simple revelation, that wasA ~ez_hellip~

VERSELost I was, now I'm savedBound I was, now no more chainsWashed in the blood of the crucified LambI am all that God said I amI am all that God said I amVERSE 2Once a ~ez_hellip~

1st VerseSometimes in me the things I see are so sadIts hard to leave the bitterness of my passBut with Your love and arms wide open you dried my tears of whyAnd with You ~ez_hellip~

VERSE 1All these blessings come from GodAll these blessings come from GodEyes to see, ears to hearA voice to talk and legs to walkAll these blessings come from GodBRIDGE ~ez_hellip~

In him I place my faith and trustFor in God I shall never give upBridge over troubled water heAnswers all my prayers and hears my pleaAltos: He is the Source of my laugh ~ez_hellip~

Well, I've already been to the water(already been to the water)And I've already been baptized(already been baptized)You know I've already been converted(already been conv ~ez_hellip~

Always -
VerseWorship HimWorship HimFor He's worthyLet's worship HimBless His nameHis truth proclaimLift Him highChorusWe lift holy hands in the sanctuaryWe bless His holy nameFor ~ez_hellip~

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,That saved a wretch like me....I once was lost but now am found,Was blind, but now, I see.T'was Grace that heart to fear.An ~ez_hellip~

Amen   -
ChorusAmen, amenAmen, amen, amen.(Sing it over)Amen, amenAmen, amen, amen.Verse 1(See the little baby) amen,(wrapped in a manger) amen,(on Christmas morning) amen, amen, ~ez_hellip~

Angry words! O let them never,From the tongue unbridled slip,May the heart's best impulse ever,Check them ere they soil the lip.RefrainLove one another thus saith the Sav ~ez_hellip~

Verse 1I woke up this morning, got out of my bedI looked around this is that I said,thank you Lord, For the blood You shedYou put a roof, up over my headThank you Lord, f ~ez_hellip~

Another Day's Journey(recorded by Lashun Pace-Rhodes)Chorus 1:(It's another day's journey and I'm glad) I'm glad about it, (I'm glad), I'm glad about it, (I'm so glad), I ~ez_hellip~

Any Day  -

Anyday -

Asleep in Jesus! Blessed sleep,From which none ever wakes to weep;A calm and undisturbed repose,Unbroken by the last of foes.Asleep in Jesus! Oh, how sweet,To be for such ~ez_hellip~

Years I spent in vanity and pride,Caring not my Lord was crucified,Knowing not it was for me He died on Calvary.RefrainMercy there was great, and grace was free;Pardon th ~ez_hellip~

Away with our fears!The Godhead appearsIn Christ reconciledThe Father of mercies in Jesus the Child.He comes from above,In manifest love,Desire of our eyes,The meek Lamb ~ez_hellip~

AWESOME AND MIGHTY Holy Father, King of KingsYou're the creator of the everythingRuler of Heaven, Ancient of daysForever, always, I'll give you praise(Repeat) Awesome God ~ez_hellip~

've been deceived for the very last timeMy eyes are open and I've made up mindThat I'll have patience in whatever I go through I am encouraged in youThey that wait on him ~ez_hellip~

God sent His son, They called Him Jesus. He came to love, heal and forgive. He lived and died, to buy my pardon. An empty grave is there to prove my Savior lives.Because ~ez_hellip~

My path may be lonely, and dark be the night,The clouds may be hiding the sun from my sight,Yet I have assurance that all will be right,Because I love Jesus.RefrainBecaus ~ez_hellip~

(Chorus) Because of Calvary - Because of Calvary- Because of CalvaryWe share victoryBecause You died for me - You gave me the victoryNow I'm free indeed - We share victor ~ez_hellip~

Because You Loved Me (recorded by Charles Woolfolk & Covenant) Because You loved me loved me, because You loved me. Because You loved me loved me, be ~ez_hellip~

Press onward, press onward, and trusting the Lord,Remember the promise proclaimed in His Word;He guideth the footsteps, directeth the wayOf all who confess Him, believe, ~ez_hellip~

Beulah LandI'm kind of homesick for a countryTo which I've never been before.No sad goodbyes will there be spokenfor time won't matter anymore.(Chorus)Beulah Land, I'm lo ~ez_hellip~

Bind us together Lord, - Bind us together - with Chains that cannot be broken.Bind us together Lord, - Bind us together Lord - Bind us together with love.There is only ~ez_hellip~

Chorus 1:Bless Me Bless MeOh Lord BLESS ME INDEED INLARGEMy TerritoryOh Lord bless meINDEED I Pray For IncreaseBLESS ME INDEED I pray for increase Chorus 2:Increase Incre ~ez_hellip~

Bless the Lord with meBless the Lord with meBless the Lord with meBless the Lord with meHal-le-lu-jahHal-le-lu-jahHal-le-lu-jahClap your hands with meClap your hands with ~ez_hellip~

Verse 1Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine,o what a foretaste of glory divine.Heir of salvation, purchase of God;born of His spirit, washed in His blood.ChorusThis is my sto ~ez_hellip~

Blessed Be The Name Of The LordChorusBlessed be the name of the Lord,Blessed be the name of the Lord,Blessed be the name of the Lord, the most high(repeat)The name of the ~ez_hellip~

Blessed Like That Chorus 1: (The devil don't like it, 'cause I'm) blessed like that. (The devil don't like it, 'cause I'm) blessed like that. (The devil don't like it, 'c ~ez_hellip~

Verse 1Joys are flowing like a river,since the Comforter has come;He abides with us forever,makes the trusting heart His home.ChorusBlessed quietness, holy quietness,what ~ez_hellip~

Verse 1:By grace, through faith,I'm able to receive all that I need.By grace, through faith,the blessings of the Lord belong to me.Verse 2:The blessings of the Lord belon ~ez_hellip~

LEADER:bow down and worship himworship him, o, worshipbow down and worship himenter in, o, enter inCHOIR: repeat above lyrics 4xCHOIR: consuming firesweet perfumehis awes ~ez_hellip~

This is the air I breathe This is the air I breathe Your holy presence living in me This is my daily bread This is my daily bread Your very word ~ez_hellip~

Breathe upon us, Lord, from Heaven,Fill us with the Holy Ghost;Promise of the Father given,Send us now a Pentecost.RefrainBreathe upon us, breathe upon us,With Thy love o ~ez_hellip~

We'll build on the Rock, the living Rock,On Jesus, the Rock of Ages;So shall we abide the fearful shock,When loud the tempest rages.RefrainWe'll build on the Rock,We'll b ~ez_hellip~

By Faith  -
(Choir) by faith the substance of thing hoped for and the evidence of thing you can not see,by faith, move the mountains that's in my way al i have to do is pray trust an ~ez_hellip~

Will you go to Jesus now, dear friend?He is calling you today:Will you seek the bright and better land,By 'the true and living Way'?RefrainI will, I will! by the grace of ~ez_hellip~


In the vineyard of the Lord,There is work for all to do;Will you go and work today,With a purpose strong and true?RefrainHeed the call, brother dear,For workers today;Let ~ez_hellip~

Oh, come to the Savior, His arms are extended,Oh, come to the Savior so loving and true;Behold, He is calling in tender compassion,O brother, the Savior is calling for yo ~ez_hellip~

VERSE 1How many times do I go against Your willThen You forgive me, but I yet I stillTurn around and do the thingsThe things I shouldn't do'Cause I belong to YouAnd I kno ~ez_hellip~

Many in darkness are far astray,Carry the light, carry the light,Spreading the beams of the Gospel day,Carry the beautiful light;Tell them the gift of the Father's love,H ~ez_hellip~

I wish somebody's soul wouldCatch on fire Catch on fire Catch on fire I wish somebody's soul wouldCatch on fireAnd be filled with the Holy GhostAmazing grace how sweet th ~ez_hellip~

Celebrate  -
This is the day the lord hath made rejoice, rejoiceThis is the day the lord hath made rejoice, rejoice be glad in it, Be glad in it rejoice, rejoice in itvamp:Celebrate ~ez_hellip~

Certainly LordCertainly certainlyCertainly LordHave you got good religionCertainly LordHave you got good religionCertainly LordHave you got good religionHave you got the ~ez_hellip~

Child Of The KingWell if i hold it hold it hold ittil i reach that other shorei'm gonna praise his name foreverwont have to suffer anymorethere wont be noone to moak mean ~ez_hellip~

Children, go where I send theeHow shall I send thee?I'm gonna send thee one by oneOne for the little bitty babyThat was born, bornBorn in Bethlehem.Children, go where I s ~ez_hellip~

When I think of His mercy and His kindnessAll I wanna do is thank HimFrom the rising of the sunTo the going down of the sameO clap your hands and say AmenZion let us prai ~ez_hellip~

Clear as crystal flows the riverFrom the throne of God above;'Tis the water pure, of eternal life,From the Fount of endless love.RefrainClear as crystal, clear as crystal ~ez_hellip~

Climbing Up The Mountain I'm climbing up the mountain and I'm going homeClimbing up the mountain going stone by stoneClimbing up the mountain when my work is doneClimbing ~ez_hellip~

Come in the roomCome in the room Come in the roomIn the prayer room Jesus, JesusJesus Christ will meet youThe Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit greet youYou'll find joyUnspeakab ~ez_hellip~

Come, ye disconsolate, wherever ye languish-Come to the mercy seat, fervently kneel;Here bring your wounded hearts,here tell your anguishEarth has no sorrow that heaven c ~ez_hellip~

Count It All JoyVerse 1:My brotherCount it all joyWhen you go into divers temptationsKnowing this that the trying of my faith, worketh patienceKnowing this that the tryin ~ez_hellip~

Verse IYour my healerMy redeemerYour my closest friendYour my delivererMy way makerWith me till the endfor your my covenant God, You are the Godwho makes promises, that y ~ez_hellip~

Chorus:God don't want noHe don't want no coward soldiersHe don't want no coward soldiers in His bandAnd‚~ez_euro~¶God don't want noHe don't want no coward soldiersHe don't want n ~ez_hellip~

Daily, daily, sing the praisesOf the city God hath made;In the beauteous fields of EdenIts foundation stones are laid.RefrainO that I had wings of angels,Here to spread a ~ez_hellip~

Standing by a purpose true,Heeding God's command,Honor them, the faithful few!All hail to Daniel's band!RefrainDare to be a Daniel,Dare to stand alone!Dare to have a purp ~ez_hellip~

Decision  -
If pathless forests meet my view,I will not doubt or fear;What has been done that I can do,My way shall be made clear.RefrainI've decided, Lord, that I will follow Thee,A ~ez_hellip~

Into the heart of JesusDeeper and deeper I go,Seeking to know the reasonWhy He should love me so,Why He should stoop to lift meUp from the miry clay,Saving my soul, makin ~ez_hellip~

Onward go the sunbeams,Shining all the day;Looking down upon us,Now they seem to say:Let your smile be cheerful,Ever warm and bright,Make the hearts around youHappy with ~ez_hellip~

Pass me not, Oh gentle SaviorHear my humble cryWhile on other's though art callingDo not pass me bySavior, SaviorHear my humble cryWhile on other's though art callingDo n ~ez_hellip~

Does Jesus care when my heart is painedToo deeply for mirth or song,As the burdens press, and the cares distressAnd the way grows weary and long?RefrainOh yes, He cares, ~ez_hellip~

DON'T LET THE DEVIL RIDEDon't let the Devil rideOh don't let the devil ride'Cause if you let him rideHe'll want to try to driveDon't let him rideDon't let him flag you do ~ez_hellip~


'DOORS OF PROGRESSLead: When it seems, like the doors of progressHave closed, in your faceAnd no matter, what you doYour friends don't, appreciateLead: You need to just C ~ez_hellip~

Doxology  -
DoxologyPraise God from Whom all blessings flow, praise Him all creatures here belowPraise Him above ye heavenly hostsPraise Father and the Son, praise Father and the Son ~ez_hellip~

Draw me close to you never let me go i lay it all down again to hear you say that i'm your friend You are my desire no one esle would do cause nothing else can take your ~ez_hellip~

Dry Bones  -
Dry BonesAll them bones, all them bones,In the morning, all them bones,Dry bones gonna rise againSome of them bones, my mother's bones;Some of them bones, my father's bon ~ez_hellip~

Far away the noise of strife upon my ear is falling.Then I know the sins of earth beset on every hand.Doubt and fear and things of earth in vain to me are calling.None of ~ez_hellip~

Enter In  -
Enter in, enter inAll God'sPeople Enter inEnter in, enter inAll God'sPeople Enter inLet us worship inThis holy placeEnter in, enter inLet us bow beforeThis throne of grac ~ez_hellip~

Enthroned is Jesus now,Upon His heavenly seat;The kingly crown is on His brow,The saints are at His feet.In shining white they stand,A great and countless throng;A palmy ~ez_hellip~

Eternal Light! eternal Light!How pure the soul must beWhen, placed within Thy searching sight,It shrinks not, but with calm delightCan live, and look on Thee!The spirits ~ez_hellip~

Time's clock is striking the hour,Jesus will soon descend,Clothed in the garments of power,The reign of sin to end.Then will this anthem be ringingLike to a mighty flood, ~ez_hellip~

Faith  -
I have the faith To see the invisible Expect the incredible Receive the impossible Ohhhh ‚~ez_euro~~ez_ldquo~faith That can conquer Any-, anything ~ez_hellip~

Encamped along the hills of light,Ye Christian soldiers, rise.And press the battle ere the nightShall veil the glowing skies.Against the foe in vales belowLet all our str ~ez_hellip~

verse1 Falling in love with JesusFalling in love with JesusFalling in love with JesusWas the best thing I ever, ever done(repeat)verse2In His arm I feel protectedIn His a ~ez_hellip~

Father of Heaven, Whose love profoundA ransom for our souls hath found,Before Thy throne we sinners bend;To us Thy pardoning love extend.Almighty Son, Incarnate Word,Our ~ez_hellip~

Father of love, our Guide and Friend,O lead us gently on,Until life's trial time shall end,And heav'nly peace be won.We know not what the path may beAs yet by us untrod;B ~ez_hellip~

Fight On  -
Lord Jehovah, He is soon to comeJust fight on, Christians fight onHe's coming to judge each and everyoneJust fight on Christians fight onWork the works of him who's striv ~ez_hellip~

ChorusFill my cup, let it overflow (3x),let it overflow with love.Verse 1Lord, let me be your instrument,spreading sunshine in the land;let men see your work in me;help m ~ez_hellip~

ChorusYou are flesh of my flesh,bone of my bone,there's no one closer.You are flesh of my flesh,bone of my bone,we are one.Verse 1I do pledge my life to you forever and a ~ez_hellip~

FOR MY GOODThings I've gone through in lifeI thought was too hard for me to bearThe enemy tried sometime to make me feel just like God did not careBut I remember reading ~ez_hellip~

VERSE:The race is not givenTo the swift, nor to the strongBut to the one That endurethUntil the endThere'll be problemsSometimes you may walk aloneBut I know things will ~ez_hellip~

Galilee, bright Galilee,Hallowed thoughts we turn to thee!Woven through thy history,Gleams the charming mysteryOf the life of One Who came,Bearing grief, reproach and sha ~ez_hellip~

Gates of the beautiful, golden and bright,Guarding that city of splendor and light;Oft I behold thee, in distance and dream,Flash in the sunlight of heavenly gleam.Refrai ~ez_hellip~

It was down at the feet of Jesus,O the happy, happy day!That my soul found peace in believing,And my sins were washed away.RefrainLet me tell the old, old storyOf His gra ~ez_hellip~

Give me the wings of faith to riseWithin the veil, and seeThe saints above, how great their joys,How bright their glories be.Once they were mourning here below,And wet th ~ez_hellip~

O give thanks, give thanks unto the Lord,For He is good, and His mercy endureth forever.To Him which led His people through the wilderness,For He is good, and His mercy e ~ez_hellip~

Glad I've got Jesus (Down in my heart)Glad I've got Jesus (Down in my heart)Glad I've got Jesus (Down in my heart)Glad I've got Jesus in my heartGlad I've got a friend (D ~ez_hellip~

Glad to be in the service, Glad to be in the service, Glad to be in the service one more timeHe didn't have to let me live,He didn't have to let me live,Live to be in the ~ez_hellip~

Glory be to Jesus,Who, in bitter pains,Poured for me the lifebloodFrom His sacred veins!Grace and life eternalIn that blood I find;Blest be His compassion,Infinitely kind ~ez_hellip~

'Glory Glory Hallelujah(African-American Traditional)Verse 1:Glory, glory, hallelujah,since I laid my burden down.Glory, glory, hallelujah,since I laid my burden down.Ver ~ez_hellip~

Verse 1Down at the cross where my Savior died,down where for cleansing from sin I cried;there to my heart was the blood applied,glory to His name.ChorusGlory to His name, ~ez_hellip~

Verse 1When Israel was in Egypt's landLet my people goOppressed so hard they could not standLet my people go(Chorus)Go down (go down)Moses (do down Moses)Way down in Egyp ~ez_hellip~

Go tell it on the mountain over the hills and everywhereGo tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ isGo tell it on the mountain over the hills and everywhereGo tell it ~ez_hellip~


God Is A Good God(recorded by Bishop Paul Morton & The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Mass Choir)God is a good God, worthy to be praised.God is a good God, and He' ~ez_hellip~


God is truly amazingGod is truly amazingGod is truly amazingOur God is truly amazingHe is a friend in needHe is a problem solverHe is the strength that never lets you fal ~ez_hellip~

Chorus 1:God of mercy, God of loveRain on us from heaven above.(repeat)Verse 1:Hallelujah is the highest praise,in advance we praise You for Your rain.We exalt You for we ~ez_hellip~

Gods Favor  -
I know that you don't feel your bestHold on, be strong(God's not forgotten you)Broken dreams got you fellin blueHold on, be strong(God's looking out for you)Juat remember ~ez_hellip~

Lord I know you've been so goodLord I know you've been so goodYou watched over me, all night longLord I know you been so goodVerse OneJesus I've done wrong in my lifeAnd ~ez_hellip~

If you don't like the way I am, don't judge me yet just hang around God's not finished with me yet Now I'm not what I used to be, there's still work to do in me God's not ~ez_hellip~

I'm going to another level I'm going to another level Don't stop reaching Keep believing Come on we're going to another level Don't stop pressing For Your blessing Come o ~ez_hellip~