Edwin Hawkins Lyrics

Edwin Hawkins Lyrics

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Christian Music Lyrics by "Edwin Hawkins"

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Cant Tell It All  - Edwin Hawkins
1st VerseWhen I look back over my lifeI think about what God has done for meSo much, He has doneAnd I just can't tell it allChoirI just can't tell it allHe's been my all …
Edwin Hawkins

He Is God Alone  - Edwin Hawkins
He Is God Alone- Edwin Hawkins(choir) Look to the hills from whence cometh your helpAll your help cometh from the LordNo matter the problem, He can solve themHe is God al …
Edwin Hawkins

Hes God   - Edwin Hawkins
Verse 1When I come into His presenceI humble myself,lift up both my hands, and I began to worship Him,I worship Him.(repeat)ChorusFor all He's done for me,redeemed and se …
Edwin Hawkins

I Feel Like Going On  - Edwin Hawkins
I feel like going onThough trials come on every handI feel like going onFeel like going onYeah YeahI feel like going onI gotta go - say that II feel like going onSay SayT …
Edwin Hawkins

I Found The Answer  - Edwin Hawkins
Verse 1I was weak and weary, I had gone astray,walking in the darkness, I couldn't find my way.Then a light came shining to lead me from despair,all my sins forgiven, and …
Edwin Hawkins

I Love You Lord Today  - Edwin Hawkins
Verse 1:I love You, I love You,I love You, Lord, today;because You cared for mein such a special way.That's why I praise You,I lift You up,and I magnify Your name;that's …
Edwin Hawkins

Jesus Christ is the Way  - Edwin Hawkins & The Love Center Choir
(When I think about the hour then I know - what I must do - when I think about what God - has done - for me).Then I will (I will open up) my heart to every …
Edwin Hawkins & The Love Center Choir

Joy Joy  - Edwin Hawkins
Joy JoyBehind, every dark cloudThere's a silver liningAnd after each rain stormThere's a bright new sky(?)When troubles grieve youAnd friends deceive youOh don't worryIt …
Edwin Hawkins

Love Paid The Price  - Edwin Hawkins & The Dallas Music
Chorus 1: For God so loved the world,He gave His only Son,that whomsoever would believe on Him,shall have eternal life through Jesus Christ.Chorus 2: At Calvary, God's gi …
Edwin Hawkins & The Dallas Music

Nobody Like Jesus  - Edwin Hawkins
(verse 1)You can search high and lowIt doesn't matter where you goYou won't ever findFind no-body like the Lord(repeat) (chous)Nobody like JesusYou won't ever findNobody …
Edwin Hawkins

Oh Happy Day  - Edwin Hawkins & The Edwin Hawkins Singers
Oh happy day Oh happy day When Jesus washedOh when He washedMmm, when He washedAll my sins awayOh happy dayOh happy day (Oh happy day)Oh happy day (Oh happy day)When Jesu …
Edwin Hawkins & The Edwin Hawkins Singers

Praise The Lord  - Edwin Hawkins
ChorusPraise the Lord, He has done great things for me. Praise the Lord, He gave me the victory. Praise the Lord, He is shelter from the storm. Praise the Lord,He is wort …
Edwin Hawkins

Precious Jesus  - Edwin Hawkins
Precious Jesus, how I love youHow I lift high my voice with your praiseHoly Spirit, I implore thee; drench my heart as my lips part yor grace.I am persuaded, Lord to love …
Edwin Hawkins

The Blood  - Edwin Hawkins
Edwin Hawkins w/Tampa Music & Arts SeminarChorus:What can wash, away my sinsWhat can make me whole again.....What can heal, my sin sick soulGive new life, joy untold..... …
Edwin Hawkins

We Serve A Mighty God  - Edwin Hawkins
(chorus)We serve a mighty GodThere's nothing He can't solveHe's done so much for meI cannot tell it allIf you have tried the restCome on and.. try.. the…bestWe serve a …
Edwin Hawkins

What A Time  - Edwin Hawkins & Arts Seminar Mass Choir
Chorus:What a time when we all get to heaven,what a time, what a time, what a time.When the saints of God are gathered around the throne,Sopranos: Oh what a time, All: ti …
Edwin Hawkins & Arts Seminar Mass Choir

When Praises Go Up  - Edwin Hawkins & The Edwin Hawkins Music
Chorus:When the praises go up, blessings come down,and I don't mind praising my Lord.There's a blessing in storewhen you praise Him the more,so why not praise Him right n …
Edwin Hawkins & The Edwin Hawkins Music

With My Whole Heart  - Edwin Hawkins and The Edwin Hawkins Music and Arts Seminar Mass Choir
Verse:There's so much in my heart that I wanna say dear Lord.There's so much You are and so much You've done.I wanna get some help from You, Lord,in my heart I wanna to t …
Edwin Hawkins and The Edwin Hawkins Music and Arts Seminar Mass Choir

Wonderful  - Edwin Hawkins
Chorus: Wonderful, wonderful, my God is wonderfulLead verse1:My God is, so wonderfulHe's so wonderful to meHe loosed my shackles and set me freeGave me peace and a whole …
Edwin Hawkins

Music Lyrics by"Edwin Hawkins" Search Results (0-50)

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Edwin Hawkins Lyrics
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