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Christian Music Lyrics by "Joe Pace "

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#7  - Tenderfoot
Coach put me in I'm itching to play.I'll never be ready on the end of the bench.I remember the plays again and again.I know what to say as the huddle begins.Yeah, I got o

81  - NeonCross
Lyrics Not Available
Neon Cross

Aint Gonna Fight It  - LostDogs
No, I ain't gonna fight it, His Spirit is taking me thereI cannot doubt, that love is in the airSurrender my will to the One who's calling my nameThey tell me once your h
Lost Dogs

I could never hide away in a place that You won't see Caught between the way I am and the way I want to be You can take away the mask that hides the man inside You illumi

Standing alone with my dreams and my plans But I cannot find love without You I'm feeling my way with my senses and discovering That I cannot find love, I cannot find lov

It's the eightiesIt's the eighties so where's our rocket packsIt's the eighties so where's our rocket packs?Go anywhere, we strap them on our backs1. (It's the eighties s
Daniel Amos

Riding down the coastlineHeaded for the warm sunshineGonna meet the Dream of dreamsSomewhere deep in timeWe can sit in the sand and talkThink about things we've doneWe co

So would you take me for a rideand let me know that I'm aliveOh sometimes I wish I neverhad a question for a clue to anythingAll this wondering and this thinkingand wonde
Kings X

Whats Come Over Me  - DanielAmos
You're in the light and in the darkIn the peace and in the chaosIn the world that's ours for namingYou're in my sleeping and my wakingA vision in my ears and in my eyesA
Daniel Amos

Burning Your Witches  - Rackets&Drapes
Burn your witchesBurn them all (x4)Ding-dong the witch is dead (x4)Burn your witchesBurn them all (x4)Ding-dong the witch is dead (x4)I see witches hidingAround every cor
Rackets & Drapes

Lost @ Sea  - TheLads
V1)We all said that it was okTo live our own way - without GodWe cut the ties and we began shiftingQuietly drifting out to sea(CH1)Now there’s no solid groundWhere
The Lads

My World  - HolySoldier
In My World, Things Are Not As They Appear,Looking Through Beyond The Mirror.In My World, It's Not Here Or Today,Surrounds Us All, I Can't Explain.(Chorus I:)When Heaven
Holy Soldier

Proverb Doll  - GSMegaphone
love is more than a lover a wife is more than a ring drink all of your day's pleasure let it bring tomorrow;s sting a virgin's pride's gone out of style it seems but i sa
GS Megaphone

Who Am I  - Craig'sBrother
Lying idle in my room, telling my thoughts to the moon: Why do I always feel so unimportant?To other egos my mind clings and inside these voices ringThat I'm just a carbo
Craig's Brother

And Nobody Thinks  - DearEphesus
Beauty frogs and princes dance as one. These words are further from the truth than ignorant. Boxers squaring off in manly fervor. To think the last one standing gains the
Dear Ephesus

12 Victory Check  - JerryWashington
1-2 (Victory Check) 1-2 (chant) I've got VICTORY, can't no devil in hell stop me, I've got VICTORY I always win 1-2 Everybody gather round' we gon' praise God to the tru
Jerry Washington

10000 Miles  - CraigsBrother
wandered 10,000 milesI never found what I was searching forto wind up here in your arms and now I know it's my faultI earned myself a place in infamybut still no sympathy
Craig's Brother

10:28  - Gryp
I give them eternal life and they shall never perish.No one can snatch them out of my hand. (8x)

120 Degrees  - TheBlackboxWithin
Do you like where you are?Do you like where you've been?Do you even know?Do you always sit there?Do you always wonder,How will I get through?Do you ever wonder?Sometimes
The Blackbox Within

17th Century Chicken Pickin  - Impellitteri

1955  - Society'sFinest
I saw your eyes and I didn't know what happened, but it stole my heart. I buried myself underneath the stars. Looking towards the open sky for a familiar face to answer m
Society's Finest

1995  - SocietysFinest
I saw your eyes and I didn't know what happened, but it stole my heart. I buried myself underneath the stars.Looking towards the open sky for a familiar face to answer my
Societys Finest

1:st Of Ten  - VeniDomine
I see your anger I see your fear Time will slowly fade away the youth you hold so dear You're six feet under And still you breathe Lines that crawl across your face will
Veni Domine

24/7  - Terapia
kivat kuvat haavekuvat mainoskuvat valekuvatoppia ikä kaikki kantapään kauttavedetyksi peliin uuvuttavaan tulin muttatämä kaikki putoaa taakse jää as

26 Letters - BenGlover
I can't for a sentence To save my life I try to coin a phrase But I can't make it sound right I feel helpless A little dumb I'm an educated fool With a brain gone
Ben Glover

3000 Miles Away  - RevJohnFlowers
3000 Miles AwayNew Orleans could not find the grooveIn Nashville the grass did not seem blueAnd Denver did not seem more than three feet highThe Empire did not scrape the
Rev. John Flowers

33  - JunkerJorg
Lost in illusion.........It's a strike out of strike outsVoices calling me the voices calling meAll this time I look into my life and findThe emptiness find the lonliness
Junker Jorg

40 Acres  - Caedmon'sCall
Out on these Texas plains you can see for a million lives And there's a thousand exits between here and the state line About the last time that I saw you You said call me
Caedmon's Call

52nd And 9th  - TheRemnants
another night on 52nd streetsun's comin up and i got nothin to eateyes wide i can't get no sleeptake a walk with sores on my feetwalk on by walk on byi got the feelin i'm
The Remnants

597999  - Don'tKnow
59-79-99 59-79-99 59-79-99 59-79-99 This place I go when it's time for lunch It's got the stuff and eat a bunch A quench of thirst Satisfy your hunger at it's worst Choru
Don't Know

6 seconds until daylight  - SocietysFinest
It's not fair that it happened, That the day fell and took you from me, It's nightime now and I rushed to find you, Knowing that I wouldn't. I know there's a day that the
Societys Finest

60 Intentional  - Antiskeptic
Do you remember that day? I said I loved you but now everything has changed Thought you were off on holidays Yeah, but I saw you in town laughing with whats his

60 s/min  - Terapia
pimeys laskee mustia harsojaantajusinko edes teiden kadonneenselkäni takaa ennenkuin huomasin kääntyäse oli jo kaikkiallalennän liian lujaaen pysty eläm

60% Intentional  - Antiskeptic
Do you remember that day? I said I loved you but now everything has changed Thought you were off on holidays Yeah, but I saw you in town laughing with what’s his n

67  - KingsX
Based on the information hangin' on my brain,put it all together, and this is what I getKinda like an acid trip you'd take in '69When it was strongerLooked in the mirror
Kings X

7  - Tenderfoot
Coach put me in I'm itching to play. I'll never be ready on the end of the bench. I remember the plays again and again. I know what to say as the huddle begins. Yeah, I g

777  - Rackets&Drapes
Todays program has been brought to youBy the letter R and by the letter DAnd by the number 7...
Rackets & Drapes

80 Years  - Staple
Don't look! They cried, with phoney smiles paisted on their faces.Don't look! They cried.We've gone so far with this false confidence in our lives! It's the meaning of li

80s Tune  - EverStaysRed
One Two Three Hold it! Hold it fellows. Im afraid youre just too darn loud. Next please. Can we have the next group please? Everyday, Youre always with me In everything,
Ever Stays Red

Bones beneath the shovel's bladeThat's what the radio saidYears ago a pay-off madeBuild a mall on top of the dead80,000 Undergound80,000 not a sound80,000 nameless soulsB

8th And Washington  - TheOperation
Minutes pass, moments fadeInto the sunset of a yearDreams stand still, like they were meant toLacking only inspirationQuickly fades, back to imaginationI've lazily stoppe
The Operation

School  - Crashdog
Got the right shoesGot the right hairGot tattoos everywheremore piercings more dyeJurassic clothes of increasing sizePreach acceptance and being freeBut they're left out

A Bayonette Doesnt Make You A Hero  - MyChildrenMyBride
The war has been one! Today we will take that hill Today we will conquer that plane Today we will win this war Gather around the campfire And smile for the photo You'll a
MyChildren MyBride

A Beautiful Glow  - Rock'N'RollWorshipCircus
everyday i've lived alone from Youseparated from the Love i knewand no one else can tell me how to feel'cuz there has never beena love more real - than anyone but You...s
Rock 'N' Roll Worship Circus

A bleak wail  - Bleakwail
My vision of the existanceall blurred by a gray clouda slave I am of my misery;a thrall of my funereal boundsIs this the end of my wandering?am I to depart these realms?p

A Blessing in Disguise  - LostDogs
How often do we spot the angels?Or feel the unseen hand?Most times are tough, the going roughLike there never was a master planThose steadfast doors won't openAnd you pra
Lost Dogs

A Box  - KingsX
Lonely days will come and go,nothing new unless you're bold,revolution #19 brand new wave of angerStain yourself with pumpkin pie, liquid tattoo I got mine,don't forget f
Kings X

A Brighter Day Ahead  - MargaretAikens
Verse 1There is a brighter aheadfor Jesus has said;if by Him we will be led.There's a brighter day ahead.Chorus(On up the road)farther up the road,(far in the distance)fa
Margaret Aikens

A Call in the Night  - Slechtvalk
Cold sharp hail is blown into my face by a storming wind.I take shelter in a small wooden church near the black woods.A choir sings some songs of praise for their lord.Fo

A Certain Love  - LostDogs
I took a drink of a long dark night, then drunk on doubt I cursed the lightBut there's a certain love that I seem to recall,here when I rise, here when I fall.I had a dre
Lost Dogs

A Christmas Blessing  - RudolphMcKissick
Carolyn ArendsMay your receive the good gift of laughterMay you feel the love of your friends near and farMay you be filled with the joy of the seasonAnd may there be pe
Rudolph McKissick

A City Built Foursquare  - ClarenceRobinson
A City Built Foursquare(written by Jerry Smith) (recorded by Mississippi Mass Choir) Chorus :(They got the word) they got the word, (they got the word) they got the word
Clarence Robinson

A Cold Winters Mourning  - SocietysFinest
I feel the hands from hell grasping my last breathmy ears bloody from the eruption that I've heardand my knees are bruisedmy hands are brokeI've tried too hard to escape
Societys Finest

A Day In The Sun  - Skratchline
We all get our day in the sunTake your first breath and it's goneA quick blink eternityYet still enslave to the dirt beneath our feetUntil i'm goneMake it worth your whil

A Demon Bloodbath  - ThyneScabbard
They'll rise from the grave And devour the innocent The living dead walk free This is the beginning They scream in pain open sores that will never heal The feast begins o
Thyne Scabbard

A Different Kind Of Light  - TheSeventySevens
(Steve Scott)I heard about the light of progressI could never see that farcouldn't find the light of successmust've had a change of addressI don't care what the people sa
The Seventy Sevens

Words and Music by Mike StandI a restless night I wanderedThrough silent paths of doubtTesting truths to stand onAnd throwing the others outI've so many questionsAnd all
Mike Stand

A Friend  - RevJohnFlowers
A friend, a friend, a friend, a friend Friend of mine and yours Out of all the love in the world No one could love you more Verse: Sometimes, there's no one to talk to No
Rev. John Flowers

A Good Day  - RevJamesClevelandandTheSouthernCaliforniaCommunityChoir
Chorus(It's been a good day), I thank God for it.(It has been a good day), I thank God for it.(I've had some heartache and pain,sunshine and rain, some ups, some downs,so
Rev. James Cleveland and The Southern California Community Choir

A Little More Of Everything  - SystemBreakdown
how come we can't control this way we strangle life?what brought these suicidal tendences alive?mass produce another smile and I will sick and tired of every lie
System Breakdown

A Little More Time  - amDrive
it gets hard sometimes everybody's got an arm they pull to the left and to the right your body's tired their grip's too tight and you'd think that you would know you've s

A Little While  - RoseBlossomPunch
I’ve taken every word you say to me with of grain of saltAnd it’s not just your fault anymoreIf you would have thought back way before it all went badYou mi
Rose Blossom Punch

A Lonely Prayer  - Oratorio
Sitting on the porch I am wondering what is there for meWhat this life gives to me.Singing of the birds I wish I could be so free-mindedLike those in the skyIs it wastage

A Love That Cant Be Sold  - NeutralAgreement
i never thought you'd leavei never thought you'd goi always knew you caredyou never left me scarednow all of this has changedi can see it in your facea love that can't be
Neutral Agreement

A Matter Of Time  - Petra
Do you ever think about the ways you're getting older? You sit around and realize your heart is colder There'll come a time you'll think your youth is almost over Where d

A Moment  - Paramaecium
[Music by I. Arkley]Life is a moment

A Move Of God Is On The Way  - RudolphMcKissick
A Move Of God Is On The Way(written by Norman Hutchins)(recorded by Norman Hutchins)Verse 1:I feel a breakthrough coming your way,it's a mighty move of God, it's gonna c
Rudolph McKissick

A New Being  - TransfiguralForm
INTRO - A NEW BEING (instrumental)MUSIC: POPE© POPENOTES MUSIC (ascap)(harmony solo one)(harmony solo two)(solo one)(solo two)(harmony solo two)
Transfigural Form

A New Day  - RadioAngels
A New DayA new dayI am freeAin't no more chainsHolding meWashed in the bloodI am freeI thank the LordFor saving meVictoryVictoryI've got itI've got it[repeat]V-I-C-T-O-R
Radio Angels

A New Heart  - BlankLogic
Verse 1: Today I met an angel, and I know for sure, I was broken hearted and she found the cure. Quit looking for love,then it will be found. Never believed it, until you
Blank Logic

A New Math  - TheOperation
Wasting timeLooking at an empty sky I knowWaiting for anyone, anywhereTo comfort me with words too few sayI cough a new diseaseMy voice is broken By the emptiness of the
The Operation

A New Trend  - TorturedConscience
There's a plague among us Tainting the truth of Christ Taking the Word of God Dissected and diced They will tell you of paths Other beliefs embraced "It doesn't matter wh
Tortured Conscience

A New Trend Tortured Conscience  - TorturedConscience
There's a plague among usTainting the truth of ChristTaking the Word of GodDissected and dicedThey will tell you of pathsOther beliefs embracedIt doesn't matter what,In a
Tortured Conscience

A Painting in Dark  - CrimsonMoonlight
Refer to the Covenant Progress
Crimson Moonlight

A Plea for the King  - Slechtvalk
My king, hear my plea as I kneel before thee.In the last hour of my watch I have fallen asleep.When Darkness came I did not protect them.When they were struck with panic

A Prayer Away  - RudolphMcKissick
A Prayer Away- Walter HawkinsHe is a way out of no wayHe's the one who turns My darkness into dayHe dispatches the angelsAngels in flightTo assist in every battleEvery b
Rudolph McKissick

A Prophecy  - SaviourMachine
I saw a lamb standingAs though it had been slain;Seven horns and seven eyes remain.The son of man, the first born of the dead;Knowledge will pass through himIn a veil bou
Saviour Machine

A Real Change  - Curbsquirrels
I say that I want more of you then I turn around and run the other way. What will it take for me to change? I say I want to spend more time with you, then I don't. What i

A Reason To Bleed  - The7Method
I don't know how to please You.I don't know what Your wanting out of me.But all I know is that I need You.I want to be what Your calling me to be.But every time I get nea
The 7 Method

A Song  - ClarenceRobinson
A Song(written by Percy Bady)(recorded by New Direction)Verse 1:A song can change the whole atmosphere,move you to tears, stir up joy within.A song can speak when troubl
Clarence Robinson

A Song For A Friend  - Travail
Friends don't let friends destroy themselves Because your pain becomes my pain We can't fall like the devil Got to wack him with a shovel The struggles have their end can

A Song For Kate  - SkysTheLimit
jump in the mess of human lives undressed and sin uconfessed, and see beauty look at the sea of misfits and misery and cry 'til you bleed and see beauty that's was god do
Sky's The Limit

A Spar Too Late  - MyChildrenMyBride
Murder murder! Did you read the headlines There was a death Just over there, on the top of that hillside A new beggining, in three days time Whats worth living for But wh
MyChildren MyBride

A Step Into The Dark  - RoseBlossomPunch
the steps of faith fall on the seeming void, but find the rock beneath. -john g. whittier i guess i thought a letter would be less confusing so for your eyes i write ano
Rose Blossom Punch

A Tale of Two Revolutions  - AnahAevia
Your eyes reflect the fire that burns this city.The tall buildings reach for the air above the smoke.The sky will never clear.A trumpet sounds the revolution.The streets
Anah Aevia

A Testimony  - FloridaMassChoir
Chorus: Look at me, I'm a testimony, I didn't make it on my own, I'm not standing here all alone. It is Jesus who gave me this opportunity, look at me, I'm a testimony. V
Florida Mass Choir

time will pass before us and before the sun is gone we shall sing in victory as if it were our only song for the wicked here are brewing and a dark day we shall name as w
With Faith Or Flames

A Thorn in My Heart  - CrimsonMoonlight
Refer to The Covenant Progress
Crimson Moonlight

A Time For The New  - LikeDavid
It is a time for new beginnings.I have known and seen the longings of my people's heart.Many have waited. (Some have waited a life time.)Some have said in their hearts, G
Like David

I heard the law came down in Vegas townThey no longer fear the mobTold my wife and kids, It's a business trip,Daddy's only doin' his jobSo I emptied out the savings accou
Lost Dogs

A Way  - FromAshes
Hear me now as I speak to you,for there is something that you should know,for there is a way to lightand a way to delight.And the way is there for you,the passage is open
From Ashes

A White Realm  - Drottnar
Old times of pagan customs Times of darkness Belong now to the past Times have come Where idols can't stand Within the once dark land A white realm arises Crusaders for t

A Woe  - DearEphesus
Shifting as I lie beside you. Warmed by all the love that moves you. I wish I was some wonderful guy. Left alone with no great honor. Drinking in my tears like wine. No c
Dear Ephesus

A World Alone  - SaviourMachine
Love leaves the soulBlood feeds the man who standsAlone in the grasp of the handsThat fornicate the landThat emulate the pastTo infiltrate a man to tear his brother's fle
Saviour Machine

A N  - CrashRickshaw
Take off the oldPut on the newRefill my mind memorizeCut off the thought before it goes to actionCut off the thought as soon as it startsTake off this weight I don't have
Crash Rickshaw

Açoite  - Antidemon
[Ro 6:23]Olhe o seu futurovocê será queimadoNas garras do diabovocê será açoitadoJuras do teu pactofiel será cumpridoA escuridão da morteeterna do se

Abidin  - DanielAmos
No bribin', no conivin', no strivin' will doThey'll never make no change in you You can hold your breath, stand on your headStill the changes won't come, till their Spiri
Daniel Amos

Abolishment of belial and demons! Eradication of satan! Dispose of malevolent existence! Abolishment of belial and demons!
Vomitorial Corpulence

Abolishment of Hate  - JeffLewis
Jeff Lewis

About You  - LynnBaird
I've been thinking lately about YouWhen it hit me from nowhere, out of the grayEverything's been coming togetherNow that I've moved beyond myselfAnd wrapped my head aroun
Lynn Baird

Abstraction  - Paramaecium
Deathly hatred of lifeLife with a hatred of deathRitualistic slaughter of goodUnrelenting torture(Bridge)Condemnation, a raging fireEternal damnation of the soulEffected

Abundantly Blessed  - RadioAngels
Abundantly Blessed(recorded by Dr. Ed Montgomery & The Abundant Life Cathedral Choir)Verse I Where would I be if Christ had not found me?I'd be lost on my own, no one lo
Radio Angels

Accept My Valentine  - MatthewAllen
Verse 1:You had a boyfriend in a bandhe just hopes that right now, you understandhis feelings are of a different brandif you cross the road, I'll hold your handChorusWish
Matthew Allen

Accept the Lamb  - Bloodgood
Accept the lamb of the living GodAccept the lamb of the living GodAccept I Am He's the living GodAccept I Am He's the living GodRun in the night, can you feel your body's

Accept the Lamn  - Bloodgood
Accept the lamb of the living GodAccept the lamb of the living GodAccept I Am He's the living GodAccept I Am He's the living GodRun in the night, can you feel your body's

Acceptable  - GlennKaiserBand
All could never be enough to fully pay my debtFor all the wrong I've doneNow You say it is enough that I accept the GiftThe offering of Your Son ChorusJesus, Sacrifice, A
Glenn Kaiser Band

Accuser - Saint
He wears the coat of darknessYou know he wears it wellHe is the king of evilSent to us straight from hellWorking his master planDestroying all of manSo quickly to deceive

Acid Head  - Sorrowstorm
Johnny is a chemist's sonBut Johnny is no moreWhat Johnny thought was H20Was H2SO4Water cleans the systemAcid eats the fleshSquirm yourself much deeperInto the pit of sel

Across these fieldsI take my pleasureForce of willNo matter what may comeWhen will they face their own disasterThey live a lie - not their sonThis is the day - my declara

Across these fieldsWhere daylight travelsI want to yieldDispite this veil of tearsWhen will YouWhen will You be returningI cast my lotBeyond the fearAcross these fieldsI

Action Figure  - Knowdaverbs
CHORUS: Action! Getting Ready for some Action Figure. Put the Word into motion, not only hear that we do that! Action! Getting Ready for some Action Figure. Put the Wor

Acts of Love  - Frank'sEnemy
I don't know the circumstancesAll I've heard is what I readAnd a couple of people where I workedAre dead of the diseaseYour emptiness your void no differentThan the one o
Frank's Enemy

Ad/BC  - Shout
I can remember the good ole daysWhen the boys knew how to play their azeThe singers wailed and the drummers slayedMan those are just the factsThe energy groved, The kind

Add Up Those Points  - LikeDavid
Bet add up those points, now your card reads betterThan mineI apologizeI’ve been trying to look upNot around this timeYour wrists are weak my friendOh brother hold
Like David

Addiction  - Staple
Face to dying face with my future while you mock me behind its broken lines. Wide awake, but I'm still sleeping with all your lies cuz I Made the choice to forfeit my fre

Additional tracks unavailable  - TransfiguralForm
Lyrics unavailable
Transfigural Form

Adonai  - Petra
This thirsting within my soul Won't cease til I've been made whole To know you, to walk with you To please you in all I do You uphold the righteous and your faithfulness

Adopting the Stillborn  - Coriolis
Show me the self-righteous men, and I’ll show you liars. Show me a mind that’s open, I’ll show you a fool. Show me the bravest of kings, and Iâ€

Africa  - PaulColmanTrio
Africa I came to change you but instead you changed me And I confess I came to frame you in a photograph But you showed me why And you turned this heart around And I see
Paul Colman Trio

Afrikaans  - Rez
I hear the gunfire, see the blood run, feel the rageI see a black man, see a coloured man, in a cageThe sweat of miners, digging diamonds, digging graves To feed the boss

Against the Crowd  - Gryp
Almost everyday.I hear the things they say.Always being rude.Going with the multitude.I pray to keep me strong.I know what's right and wrong.Keep me from lashing out.Go a

Against The Dying Of The Light  - TruthBeKnown
In my darker hourswhen the shades have all been drawnI count the cost I've paidjust to count myself aliveFeel the sand slip through my fingersas I clutch at the shorefeel

Age of Reason  - Teramaze
The tightope I walk everyday you choose your own path and i'll choose mine you self centered life that's where I draw the line your age of reason you let me down show no

Ages Before  - Oratorio
Flying in the sky with holy ghostJust a dream a fantasy?Moment burned to dust. The future or the past?My life passed before my eyesWhat is this, another dream?No doubt no

Agnes  - TheSpiritThatGuidesUs
What if I cut my wrist just because You made me like this.I want You to show me what love is.What if the fifth car would take us anywhere but far away.I want You to drive
The Spirit That Guides Us

Agree To Disagree  - Selfmindead
Who’s wrong who’s right Life’s to short to waste on fighting There has to be a better way to Settle out our different opinions We all want the freedo

Aimlessly  - ManicDrive
Aimlessly moving forward Tripping backwards Killing time Woke up my appetite For some more emptiness As I starve Climb back into my bubble Safety cuts me From my air supp
Manic Drive

Aint Much Difference  - GlennKaiserBand
I been broken, I have lost in loveI've been cheated, mistreatedYeah, I have lost in loveBut one thing is for certainI know I ain't the only oneSometimes I been the victim
Glenn Kaiser Band

Aint No Need To Worry  - ClarenceRobinson
Ain't No Need To Worry(recorded by The Winans & also Vicki Winans)Chorus 1Ain't no need in worryingwhat the night is gonna bring,it'll be all over in the morning.Verse 1
Clarence Robinson

Aint Nobody  - LondaLarmond
somebody told me all of your goodnessIt sure sounded good to meNow I was thinking if I could try itJust a little bit to seeNow through every temptationYou were on my side
Londa Larmond

Aint No Need To Worry  - TheWinans&VickiWinans
Chorus 1Ain't no need in worryingwhat the night is gonna bring,it'll be all over in the morning.Verse 1There's a fear of night fall,when darkeness comes and covers all th
The Winans & Vicki Winans

Airlock - Gryp
Lyrics Not Available

Alameda Hill  - SmileyKids
Leave a car at the bottom, take the other to the top. Scream and yell all you want I guarantee the fun won't stop Dodging cars is lots of fun, see a cop you better run Me
Smiley Kids

Alienated  - Rez
I like Your Name I like Your faceAre you a charter member of the human race?Are You ever frustrated by the things You see?Does it make You sad or upset like me?Alienated

All About Love  - CastingPearls
Excuse me mister got a little story that I'd like to share Hey little sister you're so lonely oh if only you could hear me yeah I found a love that's never gonna let you
Casting Pearls

You are tied-in and networked You've got people to see You have friends in high places You've got places to be You've got plenty of time to make your mark You've been abl

All Around The  - PaulColmanTrio
Let me tell you something Nothing beats my lonely girl For tonight we may be parted But this candle burns And the light it shines forever Out into the night Crossing ever
Paul Colman Trio

All Comes Down  - BenGlover
Ive been thinking about you Havent seen you in quite some time Ive been busy at work for you But I must confess that Ive left you behind T
Ben Glover

You said you made us in the middle of the afternoon while we said we're frusterated. But you tried to take us. "Go on, get ready, cause it's coming soon" you

All Fall Down  - RevJohnFlowers
All Fall DownYour Word Oh Lord is eternal It stands firm Your faithfulness continues through all the earth All creation hangs on Your every word CHORUS: With the sound of
Rev. John Flowers

All Fired Up  - Petra
When the weight of the world begins to show When the flames of faith begin to die before I know Time to be rekindled by the everlasting Source The all Consuming Fire, ill

All Hope Is Gone  - JacksOfAllTrades
I ain`t no soul assassin I will make your soul aliveI will give you the words put this rhyme insideYour heart let it dwell make it swell then tellEverybody around you to
Jacks Of All Trades