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LaShun Pace Lyrics

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Christian Music Lyrics by "LaShun Pace"

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All Things Working - LaShun Pace
All Things Workingby LaShun PaceCompleteChorusAll thing work together for the good of them who love the LordAll things work together according to his purposeLeadNo matte …
LaShun Pace

Another Days Journey  - Lashun Pace-Rhodes
Chorus 1(It's another day's journey and I'm glad) I'm glad about it, (I'm glad), I'm glad about it, (I'm so glad), I'm glad about it).(It's another day's journey and I'm …
Lashun Pace-Rhodes

Be Grateful - LaShun Pace
Intro: Ooh, grateful Ooh, grateful Chorus: Be grateful. Be grateful. Verse 1: God has not promised me sunshine, that …
LaShun Pace

Emotions - LaShun Pace
Chorus:All my emotions, I give them to You;my feelings of hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness,jealousy, and revengefulness too,All these emotions, I give them to You. Verse …
LaShun Pace

For My Good  - LaShun Pace
Things I've gone through in lifeI thought was too hard for me to bearThe enemy tried sometime to make me feel just like God did not careBut I remember reading in God's Wo …
LaShun Pace

Holy One  - LaShun Pace
Verse 1:Day is almost night, I don't want to lose this fight,I've fooled around much too long.Now I've been laxed, but I don't want to look backI know that I've done wron …
LaShun Pace

In Everything Give Thanks  - LaShun Pace
ChorusIn everything give thanks,in everything give thanks;oh, this is the will of God in Christ Jesus,concerning you.VerseI will bless the Lord at all times,for His prais …
LaShun Pace

Just Because God Said It  - LaShun Pace-Rhodes
Just because God said it,that's enough for me.Just because God spoke it,why shouldn't my heart believe?God is not a man that He should lie,Neither the son of man that He …
LaShun Pace-Rhodes

Prayer Can Fix It For You  - LaShun Pace
Verse 1:Prayer can fix it for youPrayer is the most you can doPrayer can fix it for youPrayer, that's what you should doAnd before you let the devil winGo back and pray a …
LaShun Pace

Special Friend  - LaShun Pace
SPECIAL FRIEND I always knew that God loved me. But when He gave me a friend like you, you Now I know, Now I know I'm special You and Me, that's special A friend that w …
LaShun Pace

The High Place  - LaShun Pace
I will make the darkness light before thee Whatever is wrong I'll make it right before thee All your battles I will fight before thee And the high places I'll bring down …
LaShun Pace

Chorus:Lead: There's a leak in this old building and my soulChoir: has got to moveLead: My soul Choir: has got to moveLead: My soul Choir: has got to moveLead: There's a …
LaShun Pace

Chorus:There's a leak in this old buiding and my soulChoir: Has got to moveMy soulChoir: Has got to moveMy soulChoir: Has got to moveThere's a leak in this old building a …
LaShun Pace

This Place  - LaShun Pace
Verse:This place I'm in is a terrible place, I feel so alone.It looks like there's no God anywhere or no one to turn to.So I wonder what is the purpose of going on?So I a …
LaShun Pace

Music Lyrics by"LaShun Pace" Search Results (0-50)

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LaShun Pace Lyrics

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