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12 Victory Check  - TyeTribbett&GA
1-2 (Victory Check) 1-2 (chant) I've got VICTORY, can't no devil in hell stop me, I've got VICTORY I always win 1-2 Everybody gather round' we gon' praise God to the trum ~ez_hellip~
Tye Tribbett & G.A.

26 Letters - BenGlover
I can't for a sentence To save my life I try to coin a phrase But I can't make it sound right I feel helpless A little dumb I'm an educated fool With a brain gone numb Al ~ez_hellip~
Ben Glover

27th Psalm  - WaltWhitman
27th Psalms(arranged by Walt Whitman)(recorded by Walt Whitman and The Soul Children of Chicago)Verse:(The Lord is my light and my salvation),(of Whom shall I fear)?The L ~ez_hellip~
Walt Whitman

A Beautiful Day  - JudithChristieMcAllister
(Verse One)<p>In the morning when I rise I lift my hands and say:<p>"Thank You for another chance to give Your name the praise"<p>Through my day I ~ez_hellip~
Judith Christie-McAllister

A Brighter Day Ahead  - MargaretAikens
A Brighter Day Ahead(words & music by Margaret Aikens)Verse 1There is a brighter aheadfor Jesus has said;if by Him we will be led.There's a brighter day ahead.Chorus(On u ~ez_hellip~
Margaret Aikens

A Chance  - MalcolmWilliams
I woke up this morningAnd I'm in my right mindWhen I sleep He didn't let No harm come to meHe blesses me all the timeHad a little trouble but God held meI was down, He di ~ez_hellip~
Malcolm Williams

A Cowboys Dream  - Way
By Bruce HerringI always wanted to be a cowboy,And ride along the hot and dusty trailOut on the open prairie that's never ending, Breathing sweet country airAt night I'd ~ez_hellip~

We are a family that's been through so much painWe stand together through sunshine and the rainWe fuss and fight but we love each other soWhen in trouble, down on our kne ~ez_hellip~
Tyler Perry

A Heart Like Yours  - OneNationCrew
I tried to reach out for You but I fallSometimes You seem so close,And yet so farOh I need another chance,I need to know Your mercyJust give me the strength,To change wit ~ez_hellip~
One Nation Crew

A Holy Ghost Take Over  - RickyDillard&TheNewGenerationChorale
Chorus:We're launching a holy ghost take over, taking back.We're launching a holy ghost take over, taking back.Sopranos: We're taking back everything...Altos: everything. ~ez_hellip~
Ricky Dillard & The New Generation Chorale

A New Beginning  - NewBirthTotalPraiseChoir
Yesterday is goneAnd tomorrow is newEverything that's gone undoneNow its time for you to doLook forward to a brighter dayAnd a great expected endIt's a new day and a new ~ez_hellip~
New Birth Total Praise Choir

A Testimony  - FloridaMassChoir
Chorus:Look at me, I'm a testimony,I didn't make it on my own, I'm not standing here all alone.It is Jesus who gave me this opportunity,look at me, I'm a testimony.Verse: ~ez_hellip~
Florida Mass Choir

Act Like You Know  - NatalieWilson&SOPChorale
Chorus:If He's ever done anything for ya,get on your feet and show what He's done.Saying has He ever shown any love to ya,you oughta go and spread love around.Did He ever ~ez_hellip~
Natalie Wilson & S O P Chorale

Adoration  - MichaelMcKay
Hallelujah to the Father - Hallelujah to the Son - Hallelujah to the spiritYou not only know all about us but - You will meet every need in our livesJehovah, God Almighty ~ez_hellip~
Michael McKay

Adoration Medley  - SaintsInPraise
We bring the sacrifice of praise into the house of the lord (2xs). And we offer up to you the sacrifice of thanksgiving, And we offer up to you the sacrifices of joy. God ~ez_hellip~
Saints In Praise

Afrikaans  - ResurrectionBand
I hear the gunfire, see the blood run, feel the rageI see a black man, see a coloured man, in a cageThe sweat of miners, digging diamonds, digging gravesTo feed the bossm ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Band

After The Rain  - GMWAMassChoir
Chorus 1:Count it joy (joy),count it joy (joy);after the rain the sun will shine again. Count it joy (joy)count it joy (joy),Chorus 2:After the rain the sun will shine ag ~ez_hellip~
GMWA Mass Choir

After This You Shall Live  - LarryTrotter&TheSweetHolySpiritChoir
Verse:Won't have to cry like this no more, won't have to struggle like this no more; you'll never pass this way again, after this, you shall live. Chorus 1:Look up, look ~ez_hellip~
Larry Trotter & The Sweet Holy Spirit Choir

Alienated  - ResurrectionBand
I like your name I like your faceAre you a charter member of the human raceAre you ever frustrated by the things you seeDoes it make you sad or upset like meAlienated fro ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Band

Alive  - AaronBenward
I get a feelin', it chases every breath I take, yeahYou know it's Your love that's making me smile this wayI have tried and tried to break it downAlways find it simple ye ~ez_hellip~
Aaron Benward

All Come Down  - BenGlover
I've been thinking about you Haven't seen you in quite some time I've been busy at work for you But I must confess that I've left you behind This world is like a crazy ra ~ez_hellip~
Ben Glover

All I Wanna Do Is Bless Your NameApostle Donald AlfordAll I Wanna Do Is Bless Your NameBless Your Name, For All You DoneAll I Wanna Do Is Give You PraiseGive You Praise A ~ez_hellip~
Donald Alford

Verse:This precious gift that I've been given,is wonderful to me.I don't understand His goodness,when His Son died on Calvary for you and me.I am more than a conqueror th ~ez_hellip~
GMWA Mass Choir

All That I Am Praise Service  - JerryPeters
All that I amOh LordOr ever hope to beI owe it allYes all - To You my LordThis is my prayerOh LordOf praise and thanksgivingI just can't stop - Can't stopGiving You prais ~ez_hellip~
Jerry Peters

All That I Have  - PheobeHines
What I have may not be much, in the eyes of someone else It may be limited by human frailities I know it cannot be, compared to what you've given me It may not be much, b ~ez_hellip~
Pheobe Hines

All That Really Matters  - PeggyBritt
Verse 1:Sometimes in me the things I see are so sadIts hard to leave the bitterness of my passBut with Your love and arms wide open you dried my tears of whyAnd with Your ~ez_hellip~
Peggy Britt

All The Way From Heaven Down  - LAMassChoir
Verse 1Jesus, I can't forget You've done for me,how You suffered, bled, and died on Calvary,You did it all to prove Your love for me.And I am so grateful that You chose t ~ez_hellip~
LA Mass Choir

All The Way To Calvary  - IsaacOdeniran
All The Way To Calvary(written by Alfred Ackley)(recorded by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir & Isaac Odeniran)All the way to Calvary, He went for meHe went for me, He went ~ez_hellip~
Isaac Odeniran

All These Blessings  - MississippiChildrensChoir
Verse 1All these blessings come from God.All these blessings come from God.Eyes to see, ears to hear,a voice to talk and legs to walk;all these blessings come from God.Br ~ez_hellip~
Mississippi Children's Choir

All Things  - GMWAYouthMassChoir
All Things(recorded by Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) Youth Mass Choir)(based on Phillipians 413)Chorus:All things, I can do all things;through Christ I can do a ~ez_hellip~
GMWA Youth Mass Choir

All Through The Night  - VickiYohe
When twilight comesWhen shadows gatherWhen clouds of trouble hover lowWhen sorrow steals the joy of laughterI have a place where I can goA place where you surround meKeep ~ez_hellip~
Vicki Yohe

All To Jesus  - MalcolmWilliams
All to Jesus (x3) I surrenderAll to Jesus (x3) I surrenderSopranos: My way of thinking, I give it upAtlos: The passion in my heart, I give it upTenors: If my will is not ~ez_hellip~
Malcolm Williams

All We Have  - MississippiChildrensChoir
Chorus:We give You all the praise,we give You all the glory,we magnify Your name,Lord You are worthy.Words are not enough to express the love we have inside for You, all ~ez_hellip~
Mississippi Childrens Choir

Allelujah Praise Jehovah  - WaltWhitman&TheSoulChildrenofChicago
Verse 1The Lord our God is a mighty God,(Allelujah, praise Jehovah).The Lord our God is a mighty God,(Allelujah, praise the Lord).The Lord our God is a mighty refuge,(All ~ez_hellip~
Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago

Almighty - VickiYohe
Verse 1Let all the earth proclaimThe glory of Your nameYou are still the same, Almighty!From the rising of the sunUntil the day is doneYou?re the only one, Almighty!Choru ~ez_hellip~
Vicki Yohe

Already Done  - AndrettaRandle
I'm Holding Fast to The Promise, to All God has spoken to meHe promised me, if I'd believe, I shall move mountainsInto the seaTenors- Don't you know I Believe what he sai ~ez_hellip~
Andretta Randle

Always  - DonnellWright
Verse Worship Him Worship Him For He's worthy Let's worship Him Bless His name His truth proclaim Lift Him high Chorus We lift holy hands in the sanctuary We bless His ho ~ez_hellip~
Donnell Wright

Amazing  - ResurrectionBand
You put me up when life put me downYou took me in when sin shut me outYou call my name when I felt forgottenIt's amazing - your loveIn silence, I sat without and withinIt ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Band

Amazing Grace  - MyraWalker
Amazing grace how sweet the soundThat saved a wretch like meI once was lost but now I'm foundwas blind but now I see'Twas grace that taught me heart to fearAnd grace my f ~ez_hellip~
Myra Walker

American Dream  - ResurrectionBand
The complexity of life is a label we must wearSnarled the vision of the dreamerCondemned by his own dareAs a child I asked the questionsBut only for their sakesBelieving ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Band

Ancient Of Days  - Praise&Worship
Blessing and honorGlory and powerBe unto the Ancient of daysFrom every nationAll of creationWill bow before the Ancient of daysEvery tongue in heaven and earth will decla ~ez_hellip~
Praise & Worship

And Bless  - MarylandMassChoir
Enter his gates with thanksgivingAnd his courts with praiseOh, be thankful unto himOh, be thankful unto himAnd bless his name(repeat)[Solo]:I will bless the Lord at all t ~ez_hellip~
Maryland Mass Choir

Angel  - HeatherMiller
Oh, it's the wind that moves trough the treesOh, it's the peace I feel on my kneesOh, it's the hand that reaches meRight when I need it, You send me an angelChorus:You se ~ez_hellip~
Heather Miller

GloriaIn excelsis DeoGloriaIn excelsis DeoAngels we have heard on highSweetly singing o'er the plainsAnd the mountains in replyEcho back their joyous strainsGloria ...Com ~ez_hellip~
Myra Walker

Annabelle  - RadialAngel
Late night I go walking in my headBut I know I can't be pushed around againWell he laid down his life for me in the endWell i've seen a million faces fall down at your fe ~ez_hellip~
Radial Angel

Anoint Me Lord  - VickiYohe
Here I am again LordAsking for moreFill me up completelyWith the anointing oilNot only my headBut every part of meI'm yielded and humbly thineA servant to theeAnoint me L ~ez_hellip~
Vicki Yohe

Anointing  - MississippiChildrensChoir
Verse 1:Lord, let me feel Your anointing,let Your Holy Spirit dwell in me.Lord feel me with Your presence,let Your anointing fall on me.Verse 2:Lord, I'm Your child,Lord, ~ez_hellip~
Mississippi Children's Choir

Another Blessing  - TrueBelievers
Verse 1:I woke up this morning, got out of my bedI looked around this is that I said,thank you Lord, For the blood You shedYou put a roof, up over my headThank you Lord, ~ez_hellip~
True Believers

Answer  - TyeTribbett&GA
Verse 1: This song is for those who feel aloneAnd for those who can't seem to find no loveOnly those that stay awake at ~ez_hellip~
Tye Tribbett & G.A.

Anticipation  - FloridaMassChoir
Verse:Can't wait to see Him, look upon His face,bow down before Him, thank Him for His grace.Shake hands with the elders, the twenty and the four,say hello to my loved on ~ez_hellip~
Florida Mass Choir

Any Way You Bless Me  - VanessaBellArmstrong
Verse 1:Any way You bless me.Any way You bless me.Any way You bless me.Any way You bless me,I'll be satisfied, satisfied.shower down on me and I'll be satisfied.Verse 2:A ~ez_hellip~
Vanessa Bell-Armstrong

Anything Is Possible  - NewBirthTotalPraiseChoir
Anything is possible No matter how impossible it seems It can be a reality If you believe Just hold your head up high Know that God is on your side You can conquer anythi ~ez_hellip~
New Birth Total Praise Choir

Anytime - VickiYohe
Something within meHas got me feeling warm insideIt's overwhelming to knowThat you won't ever leave my sideOh my Lord you're all I needI'm laying all my cares at your fee ~ez_hellip~
Vicki Yohe

Anyway You Bless Me  - ThomasWhitfield&TheWhitfieldCompany
Verse 1:Anyway You bless me (4x)I'll be satisfied, satisfied.shower down on me and I'll be satisfied.Verse 2:Anyway You use me (4x)I'll be satisfied, satisfied.Oh shower ~ez_hellip~
Thomas Whitfield & The Whitfield Company

By Dana AngleAre you listening, can you hearThe Holy Spirit, is drawing you nearAre you feeling, can you feelThe Son of God, will show you it's realHe came down for you, ~ez_hellip~

Arise And Be Healed  - KevinDavidson
VERSE 1Be healed my brother, be healed my sisterArise and be healed. (repeat x2)CHORUSArise, arise, arise and be healed x2VERSE 2Believe it, receive it, right now your he ~ez_hellip~
Kevin Davidson

Army of Love  - Jake
Oh---VERSE ONE:Nothing to say, so far awayTalking to youYou say I can never understandWhat you've been through, oh---(You can't go on) You can't go on like this anymore(T ~ez_hellip~

Around the Throne  - VisionsAChoralMinistry
ChorusAre we they that worship Him,Around the throne?Are we they that worship Him,For He has shownHis love, His favorAre we the ones that shall worship Him,Around the thr ~ez_hellip~
Visions A Choral Ministry

As Good As God Has Been To Me  - PraiseIIChoir
As Good As God Has Been To Me(recorded by Praise II Choir)As good as God has been to meI can't afford not to praise His nameAs good as God has been to meI'm going to give ~ez_hellip~
Praise II Choir

As Your Word Says It  - JudithChristieMcAllister
As Your Word Says It(David B. Smith/Arr. Judith McAllister)As your word says it, I believe itI'm saved, I'm healed, I'm freeAs your word says it, I believe itAnd I have e ~ez_hellip~
Judith Christie-McAllister

Ascension Dont Ever Wonder  - LondaLarmond
It happened the momentI gave you my heart, lordRepented of my sins then youGave me a new, a new man's life withinYou gave me this joy, jesusThis joy down insideYou saved ~ez_hellip~
Londa Larmond

Ask Anything In My Name  - NorthCarolinaMassChoir
Ask Anything In My NameNorth Carolina Mass Choir Let's Magnify The LordListen my friendYou go around and talk about thethings you need in lifeIf you would have the faith ~ez_hellip~
North Carolina Mass Choir

Author of My Praise  - GMWAWomenofWorship
Chorus:For everything you are I give you praiseAnd with a grateful heart our hands are raisedI go to you in worship and I exalt your nameLord you are the author of my pra ~ez_hellip~
GMWA Women of Worship

Autograph  - ResurrectionBand
I said, "Sign here please," and You inscribedYour Name in my heartDidn't know what I was getting intoOr what was getting into me for that matterA little slow to understan ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Band

Available To You  - MyraWalker
You gave me my hands to reach out to manTo show him your love and your perfect planYou gave me my ears; I can hear your voice so clearI can hear the cries of sinners, but ~ez_hellip~
Myra Walker

Awaiting Your Reply  - ResurrectionBand
A voice on the other end said"Where in the world have you been"I said "I been all around,But I ain't seen a thing"I was lying in my bedTrying to arrange my headWhen a let ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Band

Awesome  - TwinkieClarkTerrell
Awesome Awesome Lord You are so Awesome(Chorus)Lord you are so Awesome, awesomeLord you are so Awesome, awesomeLord you are so awesome , awesomeLord you are so awesome, a ~ez_hellip~
Twinkie Clark-Terrell

Awesome God  - PaulDozier
Awesome God(written by Rich Mullins)Chorus:Our God is an awesome God,He reigns from heaven abovewith wisdom, power, and love;our God is an awesome God. (repeat)Verse 1:Wh ~ez_hellip~
Paul Dozier

Baby Baby  - ThisTrain
Words and music: Amy Grant & Keith ThomasLove it or hate it, this is one of those songs you can't seem to get out of your head once you've heard it. We decided to stop fi ~ez_hellip~
This Train

Back To The Drawing Board  - LAMassChoir
Back To The Drawing Board(words and music by Gregory Jones)(recorded by LA Mass Choir)Verse 1I apologize (for doing You wrong when You do me so right).I want to be right ~ez_hellip~
LA Mass Choir

Battle Hymn Of The Republic  - LAMassChoir
Glory, glory, hallelujahGlory, glory, hallelujahGlory, glory, hallelujahHis Truth is marchingHis Truth is marchingOh, His Truth is marching onMine eyes have seen the glor ~ez_hellip~
LA Mass Choir

Battlefield  - JoshuasTroop
Chorus:I am on the battlefield for my Lord, for my Lord.I am on the battlefield for my Lord, for my Lord.Verse:You know I promised,promised Him that I,would serve Him,ser ~ez_hellip~
Joshua's Troop

Be Alright  - TrinityTempleFullGospelMassChoir
Chorus:Be alright (2x),last night I talked to Jesus and He told me that everything is gonna be alright (2x),last night I talked to Jesus and He told me‚~ez_euro~¶Verse:Don't let ~ez_hellip~
Trinity Temple Full Gospel Mass Choir

Be Connected  - JackieMcCullough
Be Connectedby Rev. Jackie McCulloughStay connected to the tree of lifeStay connected to the way that is rightStay connected to the creative powerStay connected to GodSta ~ez_hellip~
Jackie McCullough

Be Grateful  - WalterHawkins&LoveCenterChoir
Intro: Ooh, grateful Ooh, grateful Chorus: Be grateful. Be grateful. Verse 1: God has not promised me sunshine, that ~ez_hellip~
Walter Hawkins & Love Center Choir

Be Healed  - NewBirthTotalPraiseChoir
Be Healedby The new Birth Total Praise ChoirDo you want to be healed in your body?Do you want to be healed in your soul?Do you want to be healed in your spirit?You can be ~ez_hellip~
New Birth Total Praise Choir

Be Like Him  - OneNationCrew
Kwabona kala thina so fananaye Kwaze kwabona kala thina so fananaye (So fananaye) So fananaye thina so fananaye So fananaye thina so fananayex2 When he comes I shal be li ~ez_hellip~
One Nation Crew

Be Open  - RichardSmallwood&Vision
Chorus:Be open to the Spirit, be open to the Word.Be open to His power, let it move all through your life.God is moving by His Spirit, be open and receive it;be open to H ~ez_hellip~
Richard Smallwood & Vision

Be Ye Steadfast  - FloridaMassChoir
ChorusBe ye steadfast,unmoveable, always aboundingin the word of the Lord.(repeat)Verse 1I often wonder why clouds seem to dim my skies,even though I search with hope and ~ez_hellip~
Florida Mass Choir

By Dana AngleLet me tell you the story about a bearded young man,With shoulder long hairA long time ago he came into this land but,Most people didn't careAnd He died, to ~ez_hellip~

Beautiful Savior  - JudithChristieMcAllister
(Verse One)Most powerful Jesus, You're the lover of my soulGiver of Life, my only hope that's what You areAlways beside me, pick me up when I am lowForever guide me, be m ~ez_hellip~
Judith Christie-McAllister

Because He Lives  - CathedralQuartet
Because He Lives(Performed by Various Artists)(written by Bill Gaithers, Gloria Gaithers)God sent His son, They called Him Jesus. He came to love, heal and forgive. He li ~ez_hellip~
Cathedral Quartet

Because Hes The One  - FredaBattle
Because He's the One who gives me strengthI can do all things through ChristThrough Christ - I can handle it, when I'm upThrough Christ - I can handle it, when I'm downTh ~ez_hellip~
Freda Battle

Because Of Calvary  - VictoryInPraiseMusic&ArtsSeminarMassChoir
Because of CalvaryBecause of CalvaryBecause of CalvaryWe share victoryBecause You died for meYou gave me the victoryNow I'm free indeedWe share victoryJust because of You ~ez_hellip~
Victory In Praise Music & Arts Seminar Mass Choir

Because Of These Things  - NewDivineDestiny
Your joy and Your peaceYour love and libertyThe warmth of Your presenceYour tender merciesYour grace is sufficientThine ear will cling to meYour blessings are graciousYou ~ez_hellip~
New Divine Destiny

Because of Who You Are  - VickiYohe
Because of who You are, I give You gloryBecause of who You are, I give You praiseBecause of who You are, I will life my voice and sayLord I worship You, because of who Yo ~ez_hellip~
Vicki Yohe

Because of You  - SacrificeofPraise
I'm amazed that You are always seeking me.I'm astonished I am present in Your dreams,Holy God, noble King,I am humbled by a love that runs so deepAnd the vows You pledge ~ez_hellip~
Sacrifice of Praise

Because We Believe  - NancyGordon
Because We BelieveWritten by Jamie Harvill, Nancy GordonChorus 1Holy holy holy is our GodWorthy worthy worthyIs our KingAll glory and honorAre His to receiveTo Jesus we s ~ez_hellip~
Nancy Gordon

Been A Long Time  - Jake
VERSE ONE:It's been a long time since I felt like I do nowIs it my imaginationYou got through to me somehowI don't even try to get you off my mindAnd I know that I can't ~ez_hellip~

Beggar In The Alleyway  - ResurrectionBand
Tomorrow comes early in the morning lightBut like a spider in the shadows we spin in the nightThe wrong and right is black and whiteSomeone tell me why we hide from the t ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Band

Believer - Jake
Things never happen like I wish they couldOnly in my dreamsI've never been willing to give up my heartOr let myself believeBut I have been waiting all of my lifeJust for ~ez_hellip~

Benny And Sue  - ResurrectionBand
Susie was a high school queenShe understood the scoreThe price for popularity ask a little moreWent though an abortion before she was 17Then she met Benny, a drifting ex- ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Band

Better Days  - LondaLarmond
(featuring Darwin Hobbs)Can you take a moment and look upCan it really be possibleFor you and me to live a better wayHave you ever taken a momentAnd thought of his loveAn ~ez_hellip~
Londa Larmond

Big Fat Nothing  - BelievablePicnic
So you're so big and I'm so smallYou're ten feet high I'm under tallYou just go on and on and onYou're all nine yardsI'm just a fewI've never won you'll never loseAccordi ~ez_hellip~
Believable Picnic

Bleed  - BelievablePicnic
So it's come to this again, beggingFor another chance.See you're still bleeding from theLast, still you choose toDrink this glassStill wonder how youCan forgive meEvery t ~ez_hellip~
Believable Picnic

Bless His Holy Name  - VelmaWatkins
Chorus 1:Oh magnify the Lord with meLet us exalt His name togetherSing praises, praises unto the KingFrom the rising of the sunUntil the setting of the sameWe sing praise ~ez_hellip~
Velma Watkins

Bless The Lord  - RichardSmallwood&Vision
(based on Psalm 103:1)Chorus:Bless the Lord, oh my soul,and all that is within me.Bless the Lord, oh my soul,and all that is with me.With my whole heart I will bless Him, ~ez_hellip~
Richard Smallwood & Vision

Bless Thou The Lord Oh My Soul Anthem  - JudithChristieMcAllister
Bless Thou The Lord, Oh My Soul, Oh My Soul (2x)Praise Ye the Lord, Praise Ye the LordBless Thou The Lord, Oh My Soul (2x) ~ez_hellip~
Judith Christie-McAllister

Bless Thou The Lord Oh My Soul/ Hes Worthy  - JudithChristieMcAllister
CALL AND RESPONSEBless the Lord O My SoulAnd Everything Within MeBless His Holy NameI Will Bless the Lord (2x)He's Worthy (2x)CALL AND RESPONSEHe's Worthy, He's Worthy, H ~ez_hellip~
Judith Christie-McAllister

Bless You Real Good  - TwinkieClarkTerrell
Bless You Real Good (written by Donald Lawrence & Cedric Thompson)(recorded by Twinkie Clark)Chorus:May the Lord, God bless you real good,May the Lord, God bless you real ~ez_hellip~
Twinkie Clark-Terrell

Blessed Assurance  - RubyTerry
Blessed Assurance(recorded by Ruby Terry) Chorus:Blessed assurance, blessed assurance,Jesus is mine, Jesus is mine.Blessed assurance, blessed assurance,Jesus is mine, Jes ~ez_hellip~
Ruby Terry

Blessed Be The Name  - CynthiaTurner&Heartspeak
Blessed Be The Name(recorded by Cynthia Turner & Heartspeak)Blessed be the name of the Lord My SaviorI will praise His Holy NameI will lift my voice and sayHallelujah to ~ez_hellip~
Cynthia Turner & Heartspeak

Blessed Is The One  - MississippiChildrensChoir
Verse:Blessed is the One that died for Me.Blessed is the One that set me free.For He has purchased my salvation,bless His Holy name.Chorus:Bless Him (4x).OhBless,oh bless ~ez_hellip~
Mississippi Children's Choir

Blessin Waitin On Me  - MarkHubbard
Chorus:There's a blessin' waitng on meAnd it's got my name all over itThere's a blessin' waiting on meAnd it's got my name all over itThere's a blessin' waiting on meAnd ~ez_hellip~
Mark Hubbard

Blessing Me  - JackyClarkChisholm
Blessing Meby Jacky Clark Chisholm featuring the Clark SistersFrom CD: Jacky Clark Chisholm Expectancy(The lord is keep on) Blessing me, He keep on blessing me.(Open door ~ez_hellip~
Jacky Clark-Chisholm

Born To Win  - KevinDavidson
Hold on through the night ‚~ez_euro~~ez_ldquo~ everything will be all rightCome along to victory's side ‚~ez_euro~~ez_ldquo~ you were born to winVerse:Destiny is calling me (calling my name) to fulfill wh ~ez_hellip~
Kevin Davidson

Bounce Back  - KevinDavidson
verse:Every time I turn around, the enemy he attacks meHe tries to steal, take away my joy and take away the victory.But when the enemy comes in like a flood,The spirit o ~ez_hellip~
Kevin Davidson

Bow Down My Child  - JesusGang
Chorus:Bow down my child and pray to Him.Bow down my child and pray.Bow down my child and pray to Him,and He'll make your life brand new,and He'll make your life brand ne ~ez_hellip~
Jesus Gang

Breaking Of Day  - MauretteBrownClark
Chorus:I can feel the breaking of day,I won't look back, I'll just keep pressing my way.Oh, I can feel the breaking of day,my blessing's got to be on the way (2x).Verse:O ~ez_hellip~
Maurette Brown-Clark

Breath Away  - OneNationCrew
ChorusJesus Your loveTakes my breath awayI can't get You off my mindI think about You night and dayWhen the tears fell from my eyesYou caught 'em in the nick of timeOh Je ~ez_hellip~
One Nation Crew

Breathe  - StraightGateMassChoir
This is the air I breatheThis is the air I breatheYour holy presence living in meThis is my daily breadThis is my daily breadYour very word spoken to meAnd I, I'm despera ~ez_hellip~
Straight Gate Mass Choir

Brighter - Jake
VERSE ONE:There's a brand new sunHanging in the sky todayIt's been there every morningWhen I pull back the curtainsAnd open up the shadesIt hit me without warningMaybe it ~ez_hellip~

Brighter Day Ahead  - MargaretAikens
(words & music by Margaret Aikens)Verse 1:There is a brighter aheadfor Jesus has said;if by Him we will be led.There's a brighter day ahead.Chorus:(On up the road)farther ~ez_hellip~
Margaret Aikens

Broken Promises  - ResurrectionBnad
Broken promises,We lost the joy that we once knew.Where do we go from here,From something old to something new?Past dreams done gone from me,I'm losing daylight, losing v ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Bnad

Build Me An Alter  - JonathanStocksill
Build Me An Alterby Jonathan StockstillBuild me an alter in this placeI'll send the rainBuild me an alter in this placeI'll send the rainBuild me an alter in this placeI' ~ez_hellip~
Jonathan Stocksill

By Faith  - NewBirthTotalPraiseChoir
By faithThe substance of things hoped forAnd the evidence of things you cannot seeBy faithMove the mountains that's in my wayAll I have to do is pray, trust, and believeF ~ez_hellip~
New Birth Total Praise Choir

By His Grace  - MauretteBrownClark
By His GraceBy Maurette Brown-ClarkChorus 1But by His graceI would be hopelessBut by His loving graceLost and aloneHis graceDon't want to thinkAbout not havingHis love wi ~ez_hellip~
Maurette Brown-Clark

Call Him Holy  - VIPMassChoirfeaturingJohnPKee
I call him holy I call him kingruler of nations my everythingI will live holy Lord unto theeHoly I shall be for thou art holyVerse1Holy is the lamb of Godfor my life he w ~ez_hellip~
VIP Mass Choir featuring John P. Kee

Call Him Up  - RickeyGrundyChorale
(based on Psalm 37:4)Verse 1If you confess the Lord, call Him up.If you confess the Lord, call Him up.If you confess the Lord, call Him up.If you confess the Lord, call H ~ez_hellip~
Rickey Grundy Chorale

Call Him Up (based on Psalm 37:4)Verse 1:If you confess the Lord, call Him up.If you confess the Lord, call Him up.If you confess the Lord, call Him up.If you confess the ~ez_hellip~
Florida Mass Choir

Call Of The Dung Beetle  - Knowadverbs
[Chorus: Knowdaverbs]Misery not exactly known consciouslyDoesn't like being alone but loves companyLa di dah di dah bahtah bahtah dweedleLet your ears be deadend to the c ~ez_hellip~

Calvary  - NatalieWilson&SOPChorale
Verse:You died for me to set me free,You shed Your blood way back on Calvary.You died for me to set me free,You shed Your blood way back on Calvary.You died for me to set ~ez_hellip~
Natalie Wilson & S.O.P. Chorale

Can It Be  - Way
By Kelly DiederichThere is a way that seems, right to a manBut for him, there's only, death in the endEven in laughter, the heart has sorrowAnd in the mind of a man, ther ~ez_hellip~

Cant Do It On My Own  - ResurrectionBand
I've tried to understand what went wrongI've tried to figure out why it took so longI've tried to go back through my pastAnd just undo the selfishnessI've tried to turn m ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Band

Cant Get Enough  - Jontez
(Chorus)I don't know why,But somehow I just can't getEnough of your lovingContagious, outrageous,I'm addicted to you and I'm floatingI should've had you, in my lifeAlong ~ez_hellip~

Cant Get You Outta My Mind  - ResurrectionBand
I heard Your song on the radioIt stole my heart and it won't let goI'm telling You it was so unrealYou know exactly how I feelIt said that You were the Only OneWho unders ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Band

Cant Live  - TyeTribbett&GA
Every time I wake up in the moring God is there In the sun or even if it's storming God is there Even in a crowd or if I'm all alone He's still there...still there There' ~ez_hellip~
Tye Tribbett & G.A.

Cant Nobody  - TrinityTempleFullGospelMassChoir
Chorus: Can't nobody do me like Jesus (4x), He's my, my friend. Verse 1: Picked me up and turned me around (4x), He's my friend (3x). ~ez_hellip~
Trinity Temple Full Gospel Mass Choir

Cant Nobody Do Me Like Jesus  - LamarCampbell&Praise
ChorusCan't nobody do me like Jesus, nobody, nobody.Can't nobody do me like Jesus, nobody, nobody.Verse 1He's my closest and my dearest friend,he stuck with me through th ~ez_hellip~
Lamar Campbell & Praise

Cant Nobody Tell It  - LamarCampbell&SpiritofPraise
Remember old times when we used to havetestimonial serviceThank God for my life, health, strengththe Lord is worthyWoke me up this morning,clothed and in my right mind on ~ez_hellip~
Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise

Captured  - AaronBenward
I have to tell YouI'm captured insideYou shaped my worldBrought me to lifeYou're my freedomYou gave me my wingsTo fly so highI see heavenYou have opened my eyesI feel for ~ez_hellip~
Aaron Benward

Celebrate  - WaltWhitman&TheSoulChildrenofChicago
ChorusThis is the day of thanksgiving,blessed be the name of the righteous One.This is the day of rejoicingfor all the things that He has done.He reigns supreme over ever ~ez_hellip~
Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago

Celebrate His Power  - VickiYohe
All of God's childrenWe have gathered in this placeTo entertain the spirit of the LordHeaven is waiting and the angels are hereSo let us get our minds in one accordJehova ~ez_hellip~
Vicki Yohe

Celebrate The Lord  - BrynHaworth
Chorus 1Sing hallelujahCelebrate the LordSing Him a new songCelebrate the LordLet's celebrateVerse 1Everybody clap your hands in joyShout triumphant praisesTo the Lord of ~ez_hellip~
Bryn Haworth

Center of My Joy  - RichardSmallwood&TheRichardSmallwoodSingers
Chorus 1:Jesus, You're the center of my joy,all that's good and perfect comes from You.You're the heart of my contentment, hope for all I do;Jesus, You're the center of m ~ez_hellip~
Richard Smallwood & The Richard Smallwood Singers

Champion  - DeonKipping
(Spoken) Turn me up Chip, yea. There's been a lot of people that call themselves champions. But there is only one true champion. And his name is Jesus Christ. One boxer l ~ez_hellip~
Deon Kipping

Child of the King  - MississippiChildrensChoir
VERSEMy father is rich in houses and landsHe hold's the wealth of the world in His handsRubies and diamonds, Silver and GoldHis coffers are full, He has riches untoldCHOR ~ez_hellip~
Mississippi Children's Choir

Christ In Me  - NewBrithTotalPraiseChoir
Not on my own, I live this lifeI'm not alone, He lives insideHow good it feels to know this manI let Him lead, He has the planIt's Christ in me, he is the hope of gloryNo ~ez_hellip~
New Brith Total Praise Choir

Christ Is Coming Back Again  - TwinkieClarkTerrell
Intro:Oh Christ is coming back again.Verse:You be careful of the things you say on me,I am an heir of salvation, don't you see?It is time for us to stop living in sin for ~ez_hellip~
Twinkie Clark-Terrell

Christmas Time  - MississippiChildrensChoir
Chorus Christmas time is a special time of the year, we give all praises to God for sending Jesus Christ, His beloved Son. Christmas time is a special time of the year, w ~ez_hellip~
Mississippi Children's Choir

Churchbus  - TinmanJones
There were 32 of usPacked into an old churchbusBack seat was reigning kingShotgun, it didn't mean a thingWe'd washed a thousand cars To land a ticketMove over let me in t ~ez_hellip~
Tinman Jones

Climbing Up The Mountain  - MattieMossClark
Climbing up the mountaintrying to reach the topalmost finished my journeyI've gone half way and I just can't stopAt the end of the mountain there is faith and trustI can ~ez_hellip~
Mattie Moss-Clark

Closer  - LamarCampbell&SpiritofPraise
Verse 1Oh Lord, I felt Your presence when I opened my eyes this morning;I remembered how we started the day together,somehow we drifted apart.I need to feel Your presence ~ez_hellip~
Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise

Closer Than Close  - GMWAYouthMassChoir
Chorus 1:Closer than close, closer,I want to be near You.Closer than close, closer, I want to be near You Closer than close, closer than close,closer than close to You.Ve ~ez_hellip~
GMWA Youth Mass Choir

Closer To God  - Way
By Gary ArthurI have a song to share with you, about the things I've learnedThe Lord, He has been showing me, how much He is concernedThe things that I've been going thro ~ez_hellip~

Colours  - ResurrectionBand
In the dead of night, like the lightning bright, You'll comeIn the eyes of my heart, where You silenced the dark, I know You'll comeAs the planets dance around the sun I ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Band

Come Before His Presence  - RichardSmallwood&Vision
ChorusCome before His presence with thanksgiving,enter into His court with praise,and be thankful unto Him,and be thankful unto Him,for He is worthy, worthy of all praise ~ez_hellip~
Richard Smallwood & Vision

Come Bless His Name  - WilburBelton&LadwecMusicMassChoir
UnisonLift your voice and clap your handsGive Him praise throughout the landChrist is King, my Jesus reignsHe is great, come bless His namePartsCome bless his name Come b ~ez_hellip~
Wilbur Belton & Ladwec Music Mass Choir

Come Into His PresenceWritten by Lynn BairdCome into His presenceWith thanksgiving in your heartGive Him praiseGive Him praiseCome into His presenceWith thanksgiving in y ~ez_hellip~
Lynn Baird

Come Let Us Worship  - GMWAMassChoir
Come Let Us Worship(words and music by Calvin B. Rhone)(recorded by Gospel Music Workshop of America(GWMA) Mass Choir)(based on Psalm 95)Verse:Oh come let us sing unto th ~ez_hellip~
GMWA Mass Choir

Come Lord Jesus  - SacrificeofPraise
Come Lord JesusI am emptyAnd I'm lost without Your loveCome and enterMy heart longs forJust a taste of who You areCome in Your mercyCome in Your powerCome to abide within ~ez_hellip~
Sacrifice of Praise

Come On Children  - MississippiChildrensChoir
Chorus:Come on children let's sing,let's sing, let's sing.Come on children and shoutof the goodness of the Lord.Bridge:For He has done so much for me,I just can't, I just ~ez_hellip~
Mississippi Children's Choir

Come On Down  - Way
By Gary Arthur and Dana AngleCome on down, to the way it's always beenIt's the way that you know will never endGive your life, to the one who gave hisCause if you, do the ~ez_hellip~

Come On Zion  - LarryTrotter&TheSweetHolySpiritChoir
Verse:O clap your hands, everybody stomp your feet; proclaim that He is Lord, sound the alarm of victory.O clap your hands, everybody stomp your feet; proclaim that He is ~ez_hellip~
Larry Trotter & The Sweet Holy Spirit Choir

Come Ye Disconsolate  - Ted&Sheri
Come Ye Disconsolate(written by Thomas Moore and Thomas Hastings)(recorded by Ted & Sheri)Verse:Come ye disconsolate, where'er ye languish your mind.Come to the mercy sea ~ez_hellip~
Ted & Sheri

Come Lord Jesus  - SacrificeofPraise
Come, Lord JesusCome release usCome unleash Your power and lay out Your designCome and fill usCome and free usCome accomplish everything that You desireAs we push ourselv ~ez_hellip~
Sacrifice of Praise

Comforter  - VickiYohe
‚~ez_euro~~ez_oelig~Faithful friend‚~ez_euro~ and ‚~ez_euro~~ez_oelig~Father‚~ez_euro~I've called you through the yearsYou're been ‚~ez_euro~~ez_oelig~great Physician‚~ez_euro~When sickness lingered nearThrough distressing momentsYour name is ~ez_hellip~
Vicki Yohe

Coming As A Thief In The Night  - PAWNationalMassChoir
If Jesus should come would your soul be preparedHe's coming as a thief in the nightWhat answer would render your life to each dayHe's coming as a thief in the nightIf Jes ~ez_hellip~
P.A.W. National Mass Choir

Complete The Work  - TwinkieClarkTerrell
Complete The Work(recorded by Twinkie Clark-Terrell & The Florida A&m Gospel Choir)ChorusComplete the work in me (3x)Lord! Complete the work in meVerseLord do a new thing ~ez_hellip~
Twinkie Clark-Terrell

Concert For You  - VickiYohe
Walking down the aisleThe church is emptyKneeling down besideA barren pewStained glass light isCovering the alterAlthough I'm all aloneI'm here with you And you shelter m ~ez_hellip~
Vicki Yohe

Conqueror  - EricMcDaniels
Couldn't hardly sleep last nightBattered by the painAnd hurts of the dayThats when Jesus sent his word to meAnd i'll never forget what He saidHe's said I'm moreMore than ~ez_hellip~
Eric McDaniels

Corridors  - JohnElefante
Sometimes I feel lonely Sometimes I feel sad Sometimes I grow weak But I always know that you're there Sometimes I am so selfish Sometimes I fill up with pride But I alwa ~ez_hellip~
John Elefante

Couldve Been Me  - OneNationCrew
It could've been me with no clothes, no shoes and no food to eat It could've been me, without Your love Lord tell me where would I be It could've been Me in the cold with ~ez_hellip~
One Nation Crew

Count On Me  - DavidAndTheGiants
I am determined and I've Settled my mind To take my cross and follow you this time I've played the world with all the fun and the games But in return it brought me so muc ~ez_hellip~
David And The Giants

Crave  - TinmanJones
I need You more than I admit or understandTo see You renew me and heal me once againPursue me to the end of everything I amAnd teach me deplete me and keep me in Your han ~ez_hellip~
Tinman Jones

Crazy  - Jake
Oh yeah---VERSE ONE:Yesterday I saw you look at meThere was something in your smileI didn't see beforeBaby, now I see you in a different lightAnd I just can't do anything ~ez_hellip~

Cry Holy  - GMWAYouthMassChoir
VerseHoly, Holy,the God Almighty, Mighty.So early in the morning, morningour song shall rise to Thee.BridgeHe's so worthy can I get a witness.He's so worthy can I get a w ~ez_hellip~
GMWA Youth Mass Choir

Danniebelle Hall  - TheJesusInMe
Verse:You tried messing with my mind,then you tried sneaking up on me from behind.You tried to make wonder if I really had a friend,then you tried to make me wonder if I' ~ez_hellip~
The Jesus In Me

Days Of Elijah  - CalvaryChristianChurch
These are the days of Elijah,Declaring the word of the Lord:And these are the days of Your servant Moses,Righteousness being restored.And though these are days of great t ~ez_hellip~
Calvary Christian Church

Days Of Joy  - BelievablePicnic
I thought I knew, I thought ICould define what love wasBut I'd misunderstoodYou've taught this teacher,The table's turnedThe brutal lesson I had to learnGoodbye my love, ~ez_hellip~
Believable Picnic

Days Of Noah  - Way
By John WickhamIt's just like it was in the days of Noah, Jesus is coming backThe signs all around are telling you, that Jesus is coming backIt's all laid out in the Word ~ez_hellip~

Dearly Loved  - JimmyNeedham
Please lay down your arrowsFor they're sure to pierce the skinAnd water from a broken wellWill make you thirst againWhen all things you've acquiredAre tested by the flame ~ez_hellip~
Jimmy Needham

Deep Love  - JoshuasTroop
Intro:When nothing else could help, love lifted me.Verse:Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus,vast unmeasued, boundless, free.Rolling as the mighty ocean,in His fullness over ~ez_hellip~
Joshua's Troop

Deliverance  - UnitedVoicesforChrist
Verse1:Trials come, just to make you strongBurdens come, you don't have to bear them all aloneChorus: (unison)Hold your head up, be encouragedYour deliverance, is on the ~ez_hellip~
United Voices for Christ

Deliverance Is Available  - VickiYohe
So you came to this meetingBroken and confusedListen to this songFor in it there is good newsCast your cares on JesusHaven't you heard all that He can do?Deliverance is a ~ez_hellip~
Vicki Yohe

Verse 1So you came to this meeting broken and confused,listen to this song, in it there is good news;cast your cares on Jesus, haven't you heard all He can do,deliverance ~ez_hellip~
Vicki Yohe

Deliverance Is On The Way  - MarkHubbard
V1:Trials come, just to make you strongBurdens come, you don't have to bear them all aloneChorus: (unison)Hold your head up, be encouragedYour deliverance, is on the wayV ~ez_hellip~
Mark Hubbard

Desires Of My Heart  - VanessaBellArmstrong
Oh Lord, I Love YouShow me the desires of my heartOh Lord I Love YouShow me the desires of my heartI love You, I love You, I love YouYea, Yea, Yeah I love YouI love You, ~ez_hellip~
Vanessa Bell-Armstrong

Devil Is Bad  - Ws
She was walkin' in the garden one day When a snake slithered round her feetFollow me right over to this treeAnd I'll give you something good to eatWell I know are you sur ~ez_hellip~

Dexter  - Ws
Dexter was this little town my family used to live in. All my kin lived real close and everyone had an opinion. Grandma and gramps lived up the street right next to the w ~ez_hellip~

By Dana AngleWould you like to see, why we play our songsWould you like to know, what is going onDo you feel the change, well, it won't be longAnd if you feel the love, w ~ez_hellip~

Dont Change  - KarenClarkSheardfeaturingKierraKikiSheard
(Kiki) Hey, Ma(Karen) yeah(Kiki) Can we kick it?(Karen) Can we kick it?!(Kiki) I'm sorry, Can I talk to you for a minute(Karen) That's more like it(Kiki) Ok, here's my st ~ez_hellip~
Karen Clark-Sheard featuring Kierra Kiki Sheard

Dont Let Them  - BrantleyTurner
Solo 1Don't let themTake your joy awayGod is comingTo save the dayHold your head upAnd be strongTrials comes andIt wont be longDon't you worryDon't be sorryGod has a plan ~ez_hellip~
Brantley Turner

Dont Want No Rocks  - RevPaulJones
Don't Want No Rocks (recorded by Rev. Paul Jones) Solo: With my voice, I will speak for You Lord When I open my mouth, I will sing Your pr ~ez_hellip~
Rev. Paul Jones

Dont Want To Lose  - Jake
I used to live out hereMy life and limb togetherI used to hang my headAnd dream to make it betterIf you could understand what's happening to meThen I wouldn't need myself ~ez_hellip~

Donna  - OneNationCrew
Donna was seventeen and And she had some big dreams She wanted to be a big star and Move away out to LA She's having a rough time now 'Cause she's pregnane with her secon ~ez_hellip~
One Nation Crew

Down  - RadialAngel
I went back down to the water It seemed so clean and quiet I fell back down in that lake She seemed so quiet And I will never ever fall back down And I will never ever be ~ez_hellip~
Radial Angel

Down By The River  - RonaldEBrown
Verse 1:Let's go down by the riverLet's go down by the riverLet's go down by the riverLet's go down by the riverVerse 2:There is joy by the riverThere is joy by the river ~ez_hellip~
Ronald E. Brown

Down By The Riverside  - MyronWilliams
Myron Williams

Draw Me Into Your Holy Place  - SacrificeofPraise
Here I am; I love you.Draw me near; I need you.Pour Your presence over me,Till the world has ceased to be,And I stand in Your Holy place.Pressing in to know you.I have co ~ez_hellip~
Sacrifice of Praise

Drive Satan Away  - NuBeginningfeaturingDamonLittle
Verse 1Hebrew children were in the fiery furnace and Daniel was in the lions' den. And old man Satan thought he had them in the palm of his hand. ChorusDrive ol' Satan aw ~ez_hellip~
Nu Beginning- featuring Damon Little

Due Season  - MalcolmWilliamsandGreatFaith
Walking In My DestinyI have dealt with things in my lifeThat did not seem fairWhen I prayed for deliveranceDidn't know I had to go through hellTo get thereNow I realize e ~ez_hellip~
Malcolm Williams and Great Faith

El Shaddai  - RodneyPosey&Praise
Chorus:El Shaddai, El Elyon na Adonai,we praise You and lift You high,El Shaddai (2x).Verse:(We praise you)For what You've done and what You're gonna do,for who You are G ~ez_hellip~
Rodney Posey & Praise

Elevator Muzik  - ResurrectionBand
Who needs rock'n rollWho needs song savin' your soulPlastic musik plastic foodCellophane tunes for thatSynthetic moodYou got your inspiration from a vending machineIt's a ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Band

Empty Handed  - RadialAngel
Well i've seen the damage that you've causedWell i've seen all those babies that you've killed for youAnd I know you are staring right at meBut I know you will be waiting ~ez_hellip~
Radial Angel

Enter His Gates  - TheNationalYouthNPraiseMassChoir
Verse:Enter His gates with thanksgivingand enter His courts with praise.Be thankful to Him for He's worthyand bless His holy name.Bridge:When I come in the house of the L ~ez_hellip~
The National Youth N Praise Mass Choir

EtchASketch  - TinmanJones
Black lines on greyPut on displayWithin this plastic red frameAbstract at bestMy soul will test--ify that I am not saneI turn the knobs to the left to the rightTry to dra ~ez_hellip~
Tinman Jones

Even In The Rain  - MauretteBrownClark
Even In The Rainby Maurette Brown-ClarkBy His GraceNever said the way would be easyDidn't guarantee a permanent smileEveryday can't always be sunnyRain has got to come af ~ez_hellip~
Maurette Brown-Clark

Even Me Showers of Blessings  - VictoryInPraiseMusic&ArtsSeminarMassChoir
Chorus:Lord I hear of showers of blessings,Thou art scattering full and free.Showers of thirsty, land refreshing,Let some drops now fall on me.Verse 1:Even me Lord, even ~ez_hellip~
Victory In Praise Music & Arts Seminar Mass Choir

Everlasting Love  - VickiYohe
It was love at first sightJust what I'd been searching forSomeone who would fight for loveI never dreamed I could find so much moreYou were committed to meSo much that yo ~ez_hellip~
Vicki Yohe

Everlasting Place  - NikkiLeonti
I can see beyond The meadows and the fields I can see forever I can tell you now That His love is real And holding me together And I want to tell you that Life isn't alwa ~ez_hellip~
Nikki Leonti

Every Day Is Thanksgiving  - GMWAMassChoir
Chorus:Everyday is a day of thanksgiving.God's been so good to me,everyday He's blessing me.Everyday is a day of thanksgiving;take the time to glorify the Lord today.Vers ~ez_hellip~
GMWA Mass Choir

Every Time It Rains  - ResurrectionBand
Music: Jim DentonLyrics: Glenn KaiserI been aloneOut on my ownExchanging truth for a liePleasure for prideHell on my sideSay what you pleaseThis brought me to my kneesJes ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Band

Every Word You Said  - ThisTrain
Words and music: MarkPart tribute to Fred Rogers (a true American hero), but mostly a song about growing up. Something I'm fighting to this day...It's a beautiful day in ~ez_hellip~
This Train

Everybody Got A Story  - DavidAndTheGiants
There's a lady down in New Orleans Walking the streets trying to make the scene She's a runaway Everybody got a story to tell Mr. President you're just a man You've got y ~ez_hellip~
David And The Giants

Everybody Needs Love  - DavidAndTheGiants
Everyday that you walk on this earth You read it in the paper and it's on the radio Someone is fighting and taking a life Don't you think it's time they should know Well ~ez_hellip~
David And The Giants

Everybody Ought To Know  - EricGambrell
Solo (Male) - Everybody ought to know, Everybody ought to know who Jesus is, who Jesus is I'll tell it every where I go, I'll let the whole world know who Jesus is, who J ~ez_hellip~
Eric Gambrell

Everybody say Yeah  - BertramMajor
Everybody say Yeah!!!!!!!Yeah!!!!!!!!(1x)Oh Yeah!!!!!!!Yeah!!!!!!!!!!(Repeat Many Times you want to)Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!!(4x)OhhhhhhhhhhhThank you lord!!!!!!!!!!He's a ~ez_hellip~
Bertram Major

Everything  - TyeTribbett&GA
Tye Tribbett & G.A.

Everything Part I Part II  - TyeTribbett&GA
EverythingYou're everything to meEverythingYou're everything to meLIfe and breathYou're everything to meYou're my peaceYou're everything to meJoy in sorrowYou're everythi ~ez_hellip~
Tye Tribbett & G.A.

Say everything(Lead)everythingyour everything to me(Lead)everything to mesay life and bread(Lead)life and breadyour everything to mesay your my peace(Lead)your my peaceyo ~ez_hellip~
Tye Tribbett & G.A.

Everything That Has Breath  - MalcolmWilliams
I come to praise Him, and magnify His wonderful nameHe's worthy of praise, I've come to praise him, lift up JesusI command, I command my hands to clapI command, I command ~ez_hellip~
Malcolm Williams

Everything Will Be Alright  - DonaldMalloy
Chorus:Everything is gonna be alright, oh.Everything is gonna be alright, yes.Everything is gonna be alright, oh.Everything is gonna be alright, yes.Verse:Everything will ~ez_hellip~
Donald Malloy

Everything You Are  - JonathanNelson
Everything You Are -Recorded by Johnathan Nelson & Purpose Verse:I worship You - with Holy matriomonyThe intimence is shared - when I'm aloneIn your presence - such peace ~ez_hellip~
Jonathan Nelson

Everything You Need Is Right Here  - TwinkieClarkTerrell
Verse 1:Whatever you want, whatever you need,just ask in His name, everything you need is right here.Whatever you want, whatever you need,just ask in His name, everything ~ez_hellip~
Twinkie Clark-Terrell

Everywhere I Turn  - Glassbyrd
If I raise my eyes to the sky I see glorious things Clouds alive and white and starlight These are glorious things Everywhere I turn, You meet me there Everywhere I turn, ~ez_hellip~

Evidence  - TinmanJones
With my eyes, I can gaze at all the finger painted skiesWith my ears, I can hear the old man laugh, the baby cryWith my mind, I can fly through the buckle of Orion's belt ~ez_hellip~
Tinman Jones

Evolution Is Pollution  - DavidAndTheGiants
I do believe that God is God And He created man He made the fishes in the sea And every speck of sand Now don't you try to tell me That Darwin is the truth Saying we came ~ez_hellip~
David And The Giants

Exalted Praise  - BornAgainChurchChoir
(Recorded by The Born Again Choir presented by CeCe Winans)Lead-I Worship the Lord in the beauty of holinessHis excellent greatness we exalt above the restI present my mi ~ez_hellip~
Born Again Church Choir

Expectation  - StraightGateMassChoir
ChorusI expect my miracle to come,all that You've promised me,I believe it's already done.You are God and You live outside of time,the blessings You've promised me, it's ~ez_hellip~
Straight Gate Mass Choir

Eyes Of My Heart  - JohnElefante
What must I do to make you love me What must I do to show I care I sacrificed hoping you'd understand What must I do to prove to you that I will be there How many heartac ~ez_hellip~
John Elefante

Face To Face  - VickiYohe
The moments passAnd the seasons come and goOne day we're youngAnd then we're oldThe scenes of lifeShow the changes through the yearsWith memories my heart will always hol ~ez_hellip~
Vicki Yohe

Fair Weather Friend  - ThisTrain
Words and music: MarkEver get tired of being mad at someone, yet still not able to get over it? This is my side of the story.I'll see you again soon, when the sun comes o ~ez_hellip~
This Train

Faith  - RichardSmallwood&Vision
Verse 1:There are times when adversityseems to over take your life.Doubts and fears seems to cloud your mindand confusion's all inside.But there's a message for you my fr ~ez_hellip~
Richard Smallwood & Vision

Faith That Conquers  - VanessaBellArmstrong
I have the faith to see the invisible,expect the incredible,receive the impossible;oh faith that can conquer any, anything.Faith that obtrudes my problems, oh faith to kn ~ez_hellip~
Vanessa Bell-Armstrong

Faith to Believe  - StraightGateMassChoir
Lord I've got to worship youIn the good times In the bad times tooLord I've got to worship youIn glad timesIn sad times tooYou are my strong delieverYou are my Lord and m ~ez_hellip~
Straight Gate Mass Choir

Fall Down  - DennisLeonard&TheHeritageChristianCenterMassChoir
ChorusSpirit, Holy Spirit,Spirit, fall down on me.Spirit, Holy Spirit,Spirit, fall down on me.VerseOn the day of Pentecost they were all on one accord,waiting patiently f ~ez_hellip~
Dennis Leonard & The Heritage Christian Center Mass Choir

Falling Forward  - TinmanJones
Face is in the dirt againSeems to be a normal trendI wash in with the tideYou take my fault in strideEven though I fall so fastYour love for me has never pastTripped agai ~ez_hellip~
Tinman Jones

Famous  - AaronBenward
You've been knocking like Woody Woodpecker for the longest timeYou wouldn't stop 'til I would listenBut through the peep hole I kept my distanceCuriosity finally got the ~ez_hellip~
Aaron Benward

Father  - Pajam
Father we praise you, Father bless you, Father we lift you high Father we love you Father adore you Father we lord we exalt you now. (x2) We give you glory and honor All ~ez_hellip~

Father Heal My Unbelief  - SacrificeofPraise
Sometimes I lose my heart's desireMy hopes and dreams cast in the fireMy heart gives in to doubt and fearI wonder if You're really hereHow can Your wisdom reignInside a w ~ez_hellip~
Sacrifice of Praise

Father I Believe  - SacrificeofPraise
Painted on the canvas of a clear and perfect sky,Brushstrokes of a masterpiece unveil before my eyes.Evidence of beauty far superior and wise.What a lovely surprise,You h ~ez_hellip~
Sacrifice of Praise

Father Like You  - TinmanJones
A father will do what he said he'll doHe sent love through His Son and then He died for youA father will do what he said he'll doHe sent love through His Son and then He ~ez_hellip~
Tinman Jones

Favorite Song Of All  - RandyPhillips
Favorite Song of All-Words & Music by Dan DeanHe loves to hear the wind singAs it whistles through the pines on mountain peaksHe loves to hear the raindropsAs they splash ~ez_hellip~
Randy Phillips

Feel Like Going On  - LAMassChoir
I like to talk to you this eveningI like to talkI like to talk about getting on when things not going quite so wellLike this morningI woke upI was real depressedBut somet ~ez_hellip~
LA Mass Choir

Feel the Revival  - DennisLeonard
CHORUSI feel a revival breaking out in me-LEADEROh I feel a revival breaking out in meI've been waiting all day long, got my shouting shoes onAnd I feel a revival breakin ~ez_hellip~
Dennis Leonard

Fight Every Battle  - VictoryInPraiseMusic&ArtsSeminarMassChoir
Verse: Every mountain, every valley, every obstacle that's in my way, (He'll fighr your battles), (if you just keep your peace) Chorus: Fight every battle for me. Bridge ~ez_hellip~
Victory In Praise Music & Arts Seminar Mass Choir

Fight On  - KevinDavidson
FIGHT ONLead:In this walk we face many battles.But they're not yours, they belong to the Lord.Put on the armor of GodDelight yourself in his word.Chorus:Don't give up the ~ez_hellip~
Kevin Davidson

Fill Me  - NorthCarolinaMassChoir
Fill Me North Carolina Mass Choir Let's Magnify The LordLord possess me now, I prayMake me holy, Thine todayGladly do I own Thy swayWith Thy spirit fill me.Lord, I yield ~ez_hellip~
North Carolina Mass Choir

Fill Me Up  - KimDexter
I come to YouSeeking a new way of looking at this lifeFor until nowI couldn't allow you to have Your way with meIn myHeart I know I'm empty 'till YouFill me upFill me up, ~ez_hellip~
Kim Dexter

Fire Next Time  - RevMiltonBrunson&TheThompsomCommunitySingers
Chorus:It's gonna rain (2x),you better get ready and bear this in mind.God showed Noah by the rainbow sign,no more water, but fire next time.Verse 1:Way back then, in the ~ez_hellip~
Rev Milton Brunson & The Thompsom Community Singers

First Degree Apathy  - ResurrectionBand
You sit there don't care twiddling your thumbsYou don't mind to waste your time contemplate the airThere's no life it ain't right the passive state you're inApathetic yeh ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Band

Fix It For Me  - GMWAYouthMassChoir
Chorus:Fix it Lord, fix it for me,Lord I want life eternally, oh.Fix it Lord, fix it for me,Lord I want to be Your child.Verse:When you're down and out,And you don't know ~ez_hellip~
GMWA Youth Mass Choir

Flower Tattoo  - Ws
Do you want to go for a walk you can hold my hand we can laugh and talk. You can lead the way, which way you want to go. Tell me all the things I really, really want to k ~ez_hellip~

Flutterby  - TinmanJones
When you wake up in your dreamAnd you don't remember what it meansYou go looking to the skyAsking whyLook your throne is over-kingedCrowded with so many thingsYou've been ~ez_hellip~
Tinman Jones

Follow Me  - MauretteBrownClark
You live a life of ups and downsOf here today and gone tomorrowOh changes you can't controlThey fill you with gloom and sorrowBut My own they call meA shelter in the time ~ez_hellip~
Maurette Brown-Clark

For All Youve Done  - FredaBattle
"For All You've Done" is by Freda Battle and the Temple Worshippers. Here is Our PraiseChorus:Lord if I had 10,000 tongues I could not praise you for what you've doneAnd ~ez_hellip~
Freda Battle

For All Youve Done For Me  - FredaBattle
For All You've Done For Me(Written by Freda Battle)(Recorded by Freda Battle & The Temple Worshippers)Chorus:Lord if I had ten thousand tonguesI could not praise you for ~ez_hellip~
Freda Battle

For Freedom  - JimmyNeedham
(Galatians 5:1-2)O to be delighted by youAnd to see the colors of your trainAnd to be freed by youThat would be that would beThat would be my claim to fameSo rejoice my f ~ez_hellip~
Jimmy Needham

For God So Loved The World  - GospelMusicWorkshopofAmericaNationalMassChoir
(based on John 3:16)Chorus:For God so loved the worldthat He gave His only begotten Son,that whomsoever believth on Himshould not perish, should not perish,but they shall ~ez_hellip~
Gospel Music Workshop of America National Mass Choir

For Me  - DeonKipping
Turn your radio up..Turn your radio up..C'monFor Me (2x)I can't think of the words to say to explain exactly why I'm still here.How I was able to walk away with my life w ~ez_hellip~
Deon Kipping

For Whatsoever A Man Soweth  - TwinkieClarkTerrell
Verse:Be not deceived God is not markedBe not deceived God is not markedChorus: For whatsoever, for whatsoever a man soweth a man soweth, a man soweth, a man sowethTenors ~ez_hellip~
Twinkie Clark-Terrell

For You To Be Seen In Me  - SacrificeofPraise
Lord, I must confess it's true.Much of what I say and doIs focused more on me than You.Forgive my selfish ways.Build Your holy fire in me.Let's its flames burn bright and ~ez_hellip~
Sacrifice of Praise

For Your Tears I Died  - JaniceBrown
For Your Tears I Diedby Rev. Janice BrownChorusHe said come to the waterAnd stand by my sideAnd drink from the fountainYou won't be deniedI have seen every teardropThat f ~ez_hellip~
Janice Brown

Frank  - Ws
Frank was a contractor, who got up every morning. Skinn'n cats and fix'n cars, his day was far from boring. Souped up Ford, V-8-289, running down those punks was always o ~ez_hellip~

Free  - VanessaBellArmstrong
Verse 1Struggles we face each daySometimes we lose our wayEach moment that passes byLonging for reasons whyThe problem that seems so greatDefeat is the final phaseNot kno ~ez_hellip~
Vanessa Bell-Armstrong

Freedom Cage  - TinmanJones
It was the lnad of the freeThe home of the braveA nation with trust in the power to saveWhere did it goWhat did it becomeIt was a freedom ofAnd now a freedom fromIn a pub ~ez_hellip~
Tinman Jones

Friend  - TinmanJones
Come on out of your shellTake a hand and shake it wellUs plus you makes weWon't you join our companyCause I want to take you inWe'll be there to stand onHold you up so yo ~ez_hellip~
Tinman Jones

Full Joy  - SoutheastInspirationalChoir
Full Joy (recorded by Southeast Inspirational Choir) Chorus: These things have I spoken unto you, and that your joy might be full, might b ~ez_hellip~
Southeast Inspirational Choir

GA Hymn  - TyeTribbett&GA
G.A. Hymn Who is He who answers when I call? Who is there in the time of need? And when I get weak who gives me His strength? Who else but God, who else but God Who has p ~ez_hellip~
Tye Tribbett & G.A.

Garment Of Praise  - PatrickLundy
If you wanna be blessedPut on the garment of praiseFor the spirit of heavinessYou don't have to live in defeatPut on the garment of praiseGod will make your life so compl ~ez_hellip~
Patrick Lundy

Get Back Satan  - CrefloDollar
Get Back Satan(recorded by Creflo Dollar)Get back SatanGet back SatanGet back SatanGet back SatanI'm going to the enemy's campGonna get what he took backI'm going to the ~ez_hellip~
Creflo Dollar

Give  - RadialAngel
I'm feeling, secure as I warm my feet on the rugOver, my eyes this rug becomes a woolNow i'm finding, comfort in what is here todaySo sure, yet so wrong as this rug is pu ~ez_hellip~
Radial Angel

Give Me My Flowers  - Slim&TheSupremeAngels
Give Me My Flowers(recorded by Rev. James Cleveland, The Consolers, and Slim & The Supreme Angels)GIVE ME MY FLOWERSWHILE I YET LIVESO THAT I, I, I CAN SEE THE BEAUTYTHAT ~ez_hellip~
Slim & The Supreme Angels

Give Ya Priase  - BrantleyTurner
You saved meYou raised meYou loved meYou bless meFor this I give you praiseYou hold meYou mold meYou kept meYou made meFor this I give you praiseCheer me upFill my cupMad ~ez_hellip~
Brantley Turner

Glorify Your Name  - LakewoodChurchChoir
Your presence, your glory, you're welcome inAll honour, dominion Lord please come, nearWe want you, we need youWe live to glorifyYour nameChorus:Glorify, your nameGlorify ~ez_hellip~
Lakewood Church Choir

Glory And Honor  - RudolphMcKissickJr
Verse 1:Glory and honor,dominion and power,all such praises be unto Your name.Glory and honor,dominion and power,all such praises be unto Your name.Chorus:For You are wor ~ez_hellip~
Rudolph McKissick, Jr.

Glory to the Highest  - NoelJones&TheCityofRefugeSanctuaryChoir
Glory to the highest (6x)Lift up your hands in praise (6x)Come on and clap with me (6x)Come on and dance with me (6x)Lift him Up (15x)Higher, Lift him up (4x)Lift him up ~ez_hellip~
Noel Jones & The City of Refuge Sanctuary Choir

God Has Smiled On Me  - GeorgeAdams
Chorus:God has smiled on me,He has set me free.God has smiled on me,He's been good to me.Verse 1:He is the source of all my joy,He fills me with His love.Everything that ~ez_hellip~
George Adams

God Is  - NewBirthTotalPraiseChoir
Verse 1God is an awesome God, God is an awesome GodGod is an awesome God, He is an awesome God(Repeat in harmony)ChorusGreat and mighty is His Holy NameGreat and mighty i ~ez_hellip~
New Birth Total Praise Choir

God Is In Control  - RickyDillard&NewGenerationChorale
Chorus:Ooh is in control. Ooh is in control. God is in control. God is in control. Bridge 1:What matter of man is this, that winds they obey? What matter of man is this, ~ez_hellip~
Ricky Dillard & New Generation Chorale

God Is Merciful  - MarkHubbard
Chorus:God is Merciful, MercifulSo very MercifulGod is MercifulHe's Merciful, Merciful to meVerse1:I was one of them whoPromised the LordThat I wasn't gonna do thatThing ~ez_hellip~
Mark Hubbard

God Is Not Dead  - JoshuasTroop
Chorus 1:God is not dead,yet He's still alive.Oh my God is not dead,He's still alive.I can feel Him moving,I can feel Him moving,I can feel Him moving,I can feel Him movi ~ez_hellip~
Joshua's Troop

God Is Not Through Blessing You  - GMWAMassChoir
If you're looking for a blessing and it seems it just won't come;doors are shut and friends are few,and it seems you're all alone.But the devil is a liar and a deciever t ~ez_hellip~
GMWA Mass Choir

God Is Still On The Throne  - RevEarenstDavisJr&WilmingtonChesterMassChoir
Chorus: God is still on the throne,within your bosom, you have a phone.Where'er ever you walk, you're not walking alone,for God, is still on the throne. Verse 1:When in d ~ez_hellip~
Rev Earenst Davis Jr & Wilmington-Chester Mass Choir

God Is Your Friend  - DevonKey
have you ever had a time when you ran out of luck, with nobody to turn your head tosometimes all you'll need is a friend, who will always want to support youwell god is o ~ez_hellip~
Devon Key

God Knows How Much You Can Bear  - GMWANationalMassChoir
Chorus:When you've done your best and it seems it's not enough;hold on, God knows how much you can bear.There's a present just standing by when the going get's rough;hold ~ez_hellip~
GMWA National Mass Choir

God Made Me  - MississippiChildrensChoir
Verse 1God made me in His image,He made me just like Him;eyes to see and ears to hear,and He put movement in my limbs.ChorusI owe Him my all,I cannot let Him downfor He's ~ez_hellip~
Mississippi Children's Choir

God Of Mercy  - InnerCityMassChoir
God of Mercy(words and music by John P. Kee)(recorded by Inner City Mass Choir)Chorus 1God of mercy, God of love,rain on us from heaven above.(repeat)VerseHallelujah is t ~ez_hellip~
Inner City Mass Choir

God Of Wonders - Glassbyrd
Lord of all creation Of water, earth and sky The heavens are Your tabernacle Glory to the Lord on high God of wonders beyond our galaxy You are holy, holy The universe de ~ez_hellip~

God Said It  - SaltOfTheEarth
Chorus:God said it and I believe it.God said it and I believe it.God said it and I believe it,and I won't turn back.Verse:I won't turn back from my journey no, no,(I won' ~ez_hellip~
Salt Of The Earth

God So Loved The World  - VanessaBellArmstrong
God So Loved The World(written by Lanny Wolfe)(recorded by Vanessa Bell-Armstrong)(based on John 3:16)Chorus:For God so loved the worldthat He gave His only begotten Son, ~ez_hellip~
Vanessa Bell-Armstrong

God Specializes  - KevinDavidson
God SpecializesOoh I know (I know God Specializes) In things that seems impossible I know (I know God Specializes) In things that seems unreasonable (Oh Whoop) It's no s ~ez_hellip~
Kevin Davidson

God Will Bring You Out  - AntoineWilliams
God will bring you outGod will bring you out (2x)See I've some troublesin this old life of mineseems like the more I tried burdens press me downWhen the storms are raisin ~ez_hellip~
Antoine Williams

God Will Take Care  - Ted&SheriMoffett
(Isaiah 41:10 )Verse 1:Late last night, I had a lot of things on my mind, All of the things that I've gone throughand what I'm dealing with right now.Sometimes it feels l ~ez_hellip~
Ted & Sheri Moffett

Gods Got It  - RevMiltonBrunson&TheThompsonCommunitySingers
VerseI once was young and now I?mm old,but I?ve never seen the righteous forsakennor His seed begging for bread.Chorus 1You just trust and believeand when you ask you sha ~ez_hellip~
Rev Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers

Gods Greatness  - GMWAYouthMassChoir
Verse 1:The sun, the moon, and the stars magnify,the air we breathe, and the winds glorify,all nature in manifold witness, testifyof the greatness of our Lord,of the grea ~ez_hellip~
GMWA Youth Mass Choir

Gods Here  - AaronBenward
Say don't you thinkWe make things too complicatedWhat, what if, what if allAll we ever needed to knowIs we are not aloneGod's hereWatching us allHe's nearRight where we a ~ez_hellip~
Aaron Benward

Gods Message  - GeraldPierce&TheWordofLifeOutreachChoir
GOD'S MESSAGE(Verse one)Have you had hard trails, you could not conquer; Have you had high mountains, it seems you could not climb, Has your heart been aching, for someon ~ez_hellip~
Gerald Pierce & The Word of Life Outreach Choir

Gods Response - ShaSimpson
I hear the Lord singing over usSweet melodies of Heaven aboveTake comfort in knowing He cares for usAs He quiets us with His loveI hear Him say‚~ez_euro~¶Come to me all who are w ~ez_hellip~
Sha' Simpson

Going To Heaven To Meet The King  - MattieMossClark
I'm going to walk (I'm going to walk)I'm going to talk (I'm going to talk)I'm going to sing (I'm going to sing)For the heavenly King (For the heavenly King)I want to be t ~ez_hellip~
Mattie Moss-Clark

Going Up Yonder  - WalterHawkins&TheLoveCenterChurchChoir
Verse 1:If you want to knowwhere I'm going,where I'm going soon.If anybody asks youwhere I'm going,where I'm going soon.Chorus 1:I'm going up yonder.I'm going up yonder.I ~ez_hellip~
Walter Hawkins & The Love Center Church Choir

Golden Road  - ResurrectionBand
They told me about a golden road paved with dreams and fameI though I'd try to walk it-get down and play the gameThe treasures of the world kept comin'...all my dreams ca ~ez_hellip~
Resurrection Band

Good Things  - GMWAMenOfPromise
Verse:We know something better is coming,but we don't know just when.Hold on to the promises of His word,what you're going through is not the end, because...Chorus:Eyes h ~ez_hellip~
GMWA Men Of Promise

Goodbye - ThisTrain
(Words: Mark and Beaker/ Music: Mark)We're stuck between heaven and earth. We reckon the old man dead and he shows up at our doorstep the very next day. One of these days ~ez_hellip~
This Train

Goodbye World  - GospelImperials
Verse 1Good bye world, I'm going home (2X)L I'm on my wayC I'm on my way to see JesusL Said I'm on my wayC I'm on my way to see JesusL To see the Lord C To see the Lord V ~ez_hellip~
Gospel Imperials

Gospel Heritage Choir  - MyPraiseIsMyWeapon
MY PRAISE IS MY WEAPONCHORUS I'm a soldier in God army and I ‚~ez_euro~~ez_tilde~m fightingRepeatYes I'm fighting to pull down strongholdFighting to pull down strong holdsFighting fightin ~ez_hellip~
My Praise Is My Weapon

Gospel Ship Take A Trip  - BChaseWilliams
Gospel Ship (Take A Trip)Verse 1I'm gonna (take a trip), On that good old (gospel ship)and we'll go sailing through the air (2X)Verse 2And when my (ship comes in), I'm go ~ez_hellip~
B. Chase Williams

Got Just What I Wanted  - ChristopherBrinson
Leader: Got just what I wanted. Choir: Got just what I wanted. Leader: Got just what I wanted. Choir: Got just what I wanted. Leader: Got what I come for. Choir: Got what ~ez_hellip~
Christopher Brinson

Grace  - KevinDavidson
Oh‚~ez_euro~¶‚~ez_euro~¶‚~ez_euro~¶ Oh‚~ez_euro~¶‚~ez_euro~¶‚~ez_euro~¶I was searching high and lowCould not find nowhere to goOne day Jesus, came passing byReached down His hand and changed my lifeIt was grace that br ~ez_hellip~
Kevin Davidson

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