A Mind Of Her Own Lyrics

A Mind Of Her Own

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A Mind Of Her Own Lyrics
Performed by- Pedro The Lion
Album- Winners Never Quit
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Dear, unlock the door, you're acting like a child. When you said it yourself, we are at war. How dare you turn on me now, right when I need you most. I wish I could have seen their faces when they heard the news. Now that's the sort of smack that leaves a bruise. The victory is ours at last, I beat them at their own dirty game. They perverted the words of godly men, for their own selfish gain. I took their wrong and I took their lies, and I made them right, I made them right. Oh, look who it is. It's my supportive wife and she thinks she's going to squeal. Hey where do you think you're going? Don't you walk away from me. You put down that telephone, you're not calling anyone. You put down that telephone, you're not calling anyone. You put down that telephone, you're not calling anyone, you're not calling anyone0002007-01-12
1419314781079April 6, 2039April62039Here we have our dust-free dining set we guarantee it won't collect a speck freeing up the children to instead grow into your molding heed more of your scolding go early to their new self-making beds seems like you'd be tired of losing face like you'd want to put the children in their place the more you have to tell them to do their chores the more you run the risk of being ignored if you're lucky they'll turn out as good as you you tell them that they're good kids but you know it isn't true your father drank a little; you're on liver number two progress has a way of feigning ease convenient new inventions bait the tease for though it is impossible to cure: a husband bent on cheating the oxygen depleting a child who's always bragging a wife's persistent nagging we're equipped to live though it we0002007-01-12
1419414781080A Simple PlanASimplePlanthe plants and the factories are perfectly run the workers and bosses are living as one people are equal people are good people are working as hard as they should be it's food for my family and clothes for my kids the class war is over and everyone wins it's such a simple plan to take it like a man but i'm not sure i can we fought for a decade corruption and greed it gave me a purpose a reason to breathe but now that it's over now that we've won it's back to my bedroom alone with a shot gun to think of my family no longer compels me with all things in common they'll manage without0002007-01-12
1419514781081Bad Diary DaysBadDiaryDaysBarely ever fight, she knows that I love her. At first we made it every night but I don't want to bug her 'bout it, she just has a funny way of loving me. A pair of tickets stubs in the desk, a movie I'd never seen. I probably shouldn't ask, its sounds so accusing. She must have forgot to mention girls night out. The breakfast cereal talked more than we did all day long. I asked her for a walk but she had to be on her way. So I told her that I knew she'd been stepping out. But she swore that she could explain, she swore that it would not happen again. And she swore that she could explain, we both knew her words were in vai0002007-01-12
1419614781078Bad Things To Such Good PeopleBadThingsToSuchGoodPeopleMy jail shoes on, the well kept cemetery lawn. Both of them weeping, their one good son now was gone. The irony to see my dad down on his knees, crying out to Jesus, 'But Lord, I've always done what's right.' And all the while, the good Lord smiled, and looked the other way, and looked the other way. When we were kids, I did my best to make them proud. It just wasn't in me, I could not fly straight to save my life. And all the while, the good Lord smiled, and looked the other way, and looked the other way. Their big success is now their biggest failure, their golden child has been dethroned, their reputation is now in ruins, their tower to Heaven has come tumbling down. And all the while, the good Lord smiles, and looks the other way, and looks the other way
Album- Winners Never Quit
(Downloaded: 121 times)

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A Mind Of Her Own

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