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Disease infected human torso Of malignant bile andcancer Decrepitated festering gore drenched innardsAnd hepatic liverworts Bubbling festering deadly sinSludge, puss, and
Vomitorial Corpulence

Need Someone - Parkway
Sick and tired of being sick and tired.Sick of sticking out my neckTo get me burned like a Bic lighter,Sick of all the Jim Carrey types,Liar, LiarSo I'm trying to get a g

Needle  - SometimeSunday
I see you crying tears of painI see you crying hiding and lyingNeedle won't hide your painNeedle will push you down againI know it's hard and life has shot you againBut t
Sometime Sunday

Neglected  - FocalPoint
neglected. the apathy begins at birth. the absolute destruction of ones self worth. when father comes home, the closest becomes a refuge and the drinking increases the ab
Focal Point

Nerve  - Sanctifica
Posture sondelay faces twirlshow nerveshow blissa daring young mindto methat frightened son of yourswhat does he do?I've got the nerve you'll seeSkeletal excuse for a bod

Never  - LondaLarmond
Neverby Greg O'Quin 'N Joyful NoyzeWritten by James Mossfrom CD: ConversationsWith all my wishesAnd all my dreamsEverything isn't what it seemsTimes are tough, life is to
Londa Larmond

Never Alone  - ClarenceRobinson
Never Alone(arranged by Rudolph-Stanfield )(recorded by Thomas Whitfield & The Thomas Whitfield Company )Verse:I've seen the lightning flashing and I've heard the thunde
Clarence Robinson

Never Be Afraid  - CrucialKick
It's a hard place, Sad faceIt's a wonderful waste, Never be afraidNow do you like the styleRunning scared like a little childThere's a desire to be, somebody BIGOr is it
Crucial Kick

Never Be the Same  - Bloodgood
Pick me up, help me through the nightI'm So alone, gotta make it rightI need to feel Your touchRight from the startHelp me Lord, gonna lean on YouTouch me now, gotta see

Never Can Repay  - GlennKaiserBand
ChorusHow can I expect I could repayLove so true as what I feel today Light of my worldStrength of my heartYou took the burden that tore me apartGod of all powerLove of m
Glenn Kaiser Band

Never Give Up  - LynnBaird
Words & Music by Darlene Zschech & David HolmesNever give up, never give inNever look backC'mon now my friendYou're not aloneThe hope of tomorrow is callingThere's a brig
Lynn Baird

Never Gonna Let Go  - Caedmon'sCall
You've been lost in the wind And the rain of a storm at sea The waves crashing over your back And you're crying out for me But as the ocean rages I am sleeping in
Caedmon's Call

Never Say Die  - Petra
You've been tossing in your sleep All the promises you made that you couldn't keep And you're feeling sorry for yourself Think He's done with you, had Him on the shelf An

i so desire something simpleso Why am I making things so hardi need to make this better now in my mindif I can only lower down my guardwould it make you happyif I swallow
Names Without Numbers

Never Stop  - Shout
Now can't you see, Oh that I'm racin'timeIt's on with the goal, another uphillclimbFollow the heart, satisfy the soulI'm movin' on, headin' along, well youknowIn time, ti

Never Surrender  - Headnoise
Never Surrender, never, never surrenderHave you compromised, have you left the fight,wake up smell the coffee, your asleep in the light,have you walked away, have you tur

Never Too Late  - RobRock
By your broken words, I feel your tables turnDon't try to feed me with your liesBy the way you talk, I'd say you need a friendIt's time to throw off your disguiseIt's nev
Rob Rock

Neverend - Unashamed
You call me close-minded, yet you're not listening. I give you my hand, but you push me away. I'm just trying to help you, to show you the truth. I give you my ha

Neverending Like The Sky  - SkysTheLimit
jump in the mess of human lives undressed and sin uconfessed, and see beauty look at the sea of misfits and misery and cry 'til you bleed and see beauty that's was god do
Sky's The Limit

Neverland Ballroom  - DanielAmos
Neverland, you pay your moneyThey stamp your hand, ParadiseDance on thin iceSoul to soul, won't see the sun againOnce they dance the Neverland BallroomHearts on fire, don
Daniel Amos

New Age Illusion - Bloodgood
Straight from Hell, tongue of deceptionWith their words mystify they are breeding a lieTo deceive youDancers dream, new age illusion‘Cause it’s only a whim y

New Car!  - DanielAmos
Contestant:Well, I know what I want, I know what I needI want a miracle, I know what I needI know what I want, I know what I need, give me aJohnny Jacobs: (A new car!)Con
Daniel Amos

New Day  - Mirador
I watch the men go byThe troops are marching inAnd when we make for the borders they’ll flee from their virtues withinLost in the long run, always betrayedLonging

New Hair Style  - Don'tKnow
This scene is crazy People wigging out To find their own identity Time to just have to scream and shout You've seen better days for this Start a new trim today There's go
Don't Know

New Jerusalem  - Theocracy
New JerusalemIn My dreams I have seen beyondin my dreams i have seen what I am coming fromVisions of my eternityvisions of a celestial holy city12 gates of jerusalem12 an

New Land  - 441z
I see these faces surround me againFeeling these feelings I can’t understandTimes before I’ve felt this wayTurned and walked awayTimes before I’ve sa

New Revelation  - PraiseIIChoir
Chorus 1God has given me a new revelation,a new revelation, a new revelation.God has given me a new revelation,a new revelation in my heart.BridgeHe's given me joy in the
Praise II Choir

New Track  - Sorrowstorm
Lyrics not available.

New Wave Revolution  - Rock'N'RollWorshipCircus
you say you belong to ouruseless wasted generation?for too long everything from hellhas come to destroy our livesit's time for you and i to re-arrangethis constitutionton
Rock 'N' Roll Worship Circus

New World Order  - SaviourMachine
[The Missing Piece From Legend Part II]Behold the illusion of peace;The devil's greatest lie beneath...The time is now...It is our destinyThe time is now...It is anarchy.
Saviour Machine

New York Hate of Mind  - Frank'sEnemy
We go about our businessStatistics on our sideWe wear our flagsFilled with national prideBabies in their cribsEnvy of the worldJet plane circling aboveIt's passed I am su
Frank's Enemy

Nick Of Time  - LynnBaird
I led a lonesome journey Full of disdain and fury I kept my angered yearning Close to me like fire burning I watched a million chances Slip through my weathered hands I a
Lynn Baird

Nickels for green eyed girls Empires built from the world In which things will fade away Yeah yeah yeah CHORUS(*): You need to take what you get You need to

Nicodemus  - Barnabas
In the night, when no one would be watchingA man came with a question on his mindHe'd seen this Jesus working many wondersHe'd watched as Jesus spoke, performing signsTea

Night & Day  - Krusade
JESUS, JESUS, HE IS THE WAY HE'S THE ONE THAT TURNS YOUR NIGHT INTO DAY He didn't die on that cross for nothing He died to pay the price to take your sins away He sent do

Night Fears Morning  - Paramaecium
Take it all away, I have walked aloneAnd wept in silent thought upon the cobblestoneThey ridicule my faith, the learned of this rich establishmentI fear they hold the tru

night of white rock  - MadMax
Hey you Do you need a remedy? Come on Do you want my sympathy? Hey you This is not a prophecy Come on Come on and follow me Bridge Stop - stop - stop Look what we've got
Mad Max

Nightglow  - PatrickHolmes
If I close my eyes I can still see This night be light to me Twist and turn in my weak soul Seach for your coal to burn me (Chorus:)In Your nightglow, in Your nightglow I
Patrick Holmes

Niin alhaalla - Excubiae
Niin alhaalla ei kukaan kulje, ettei siellä Jeesus ois.Hän ei yhtäkään luotansa suljeeikä karkoita ketään pois.Maan alimpiin paikkoihin astuiHä

Nineteen - Bleach
I think you're amazingeverything you do and say just blows me awayi can't stand to be alonewithout youwithout youall i do is think about youi know you're waiting for an a

No Comprende  - NamesWithoutNumbers
you never called at all todayand i knowsometimes you feel devoid of faithand it showsin your words in your actions(don't think that i can't see)and my heart is fractured(
Names Without Numbers

No Compromise  - Headnoise
We live by faith, and not by our sight, we’d all rather die then dishonor Christ,we have life through his blood shed on the cross,the gift of God the power of love

No Contest - Fearscape
The spirit world, you think is an even fightBetween the power of evil and the power of lightOccult practice you seek to traceBecause you're frightened of God's face.You f

No Destruction  - Headnoise
We're hard pressed on everyside we're perplexed, no destruction,persecuted not abandoned struck down, no destruction.we're hard pressed on everyside we're perplexed, no d

No Doubt  - Petra
There are times when you feel like you can't go on There are times when you feel like giving in And there are times when you feel like you can't try anymore There are tim

No Fault  - JerryWashington
No Fault(recorded by Lee Williams & The Spiritual QCs)ChorusI find no fault in God.I find no fault in Him.VerseTook my blessed Savior,led Him to a place they called the
Jerry Washington

No Greater Love  - GlennKaiserBand
no greater loveHe laid His life down, so mine will never endHe laid His life down, calls me His friendHe poured His blood out there on the treethere's no greater love for
Glenn Kaiser Band

No Happy Endings  - SacredWarrior
A lay awake at night afraid to fall asleepThere`s something in my mind that comes back to haunt meTearstains on my faceI`ve cried for you, my tension slowly buildingThere
Sacred Warrior

No Limit  - GospelMusicWorkshopofAmericaYouthMassChoir
ChorusTenorsYou can't find a friend like the lowly Jesusno matter how you try, no matter how you try.Altos/SopranosYou can't find a friend like the lowly Jesusno matter h
Gospel Music Workshop of America Youth Mass Choir

No Loss Cut  - Mirador
The life divine, the bitter brewThe tasteless wine and the endless days with youOne pair of wings abandoned starts the grooveNo loss cut - we’re lost forevermoreWo

No Mercy  - Detritus
You take it day by day, waste your life awayYou only live once but for your ignoranceThere's a price you'll have to payYou take no notice of the signsDon't read between t

No Mistakes  - MadattheWorld
It makes me sad when I think of youCause what they’ve told you just isn’t trueYou weren’t included in the plans they madeAnd one time they said â€
Mad at the World

No More Innocence Reprise  - MadattheWorld
In your little mind you see the crimeThe script is written line by lineYou’re so aware of everythingThat’s going on in thereWritten down by your consentYou
Mad at the World

No More NIght  - WeddingParty
The Bible says life passes like a shadowAnd I knowAnd as I got older words were said that I regretOh, but yetLife goes on after lifeIn the light, no more nightDon’
Wedding Party

No Need To Run  - TowerofHundred
In a brilliant flash of lightThe earth moon sun and skyWill all be gone foreverAnd like a thief in the nightThe Groom returns to claim His brideThe time is now or never N
Tower of Hundred

No One Else  - JerryWashington
Every man must use the gift he is given Every man must do the will of God You were created for a reason and chosen for a season So never feel your gift is just too small
Jerry Washington

No One Knows My Heart  - David&TamelaMann
Standing at my window, hidden by the nightHarboring the private wounds, safe and out of sightThere's an agony in living, but there's a comfort in the truthThat no one kn
David & Tamela Mann

No Ones Home  - NeonCross
The phones been ringin’ now for quite sometimeIf someone’s in there won’t you drop me a line?Seen the faint outline of your shadow upstairsBut the sh
Neon Cross

No Other  - GlennKaiserBand
You are God there is no other You are God there is none like You You make known the end from the beginningbefore the beginning there was You and Your purposes shall stand
Glenn Kaiser Band

No Place Like Hell  - Rackets&Drapes
daddy’s looking in mommy’s dresserhe is careful he doesn’t wake herin the basement is naked sisterhe masturbates while he takes her picturecrying wil
Rackets & Drapes

No Return from Hell  - Oratorio
My heart feels like a black graveyardAll the keys are lost. Cloud of sin blackens my mindI treasure my memories. Where lays my future?I'm wasting my thoughts.Wish to bett

No Room For Us  - LostDogs
Our souls balanced on a wireBelow is a consuming fireIf there's no room for doubt nowThere's no room for usInside and out nowHe's looking for usChrist comesFill the empty
Lost Dogs

You do not sleep and forever keepwhat you have begunThe songs have been played and the promise madewill not be undoneNo shadow of a turning. You're the same today as yest
Lost Dogs

No Ship Coming In  - LostDogs
It's all breaking downCrushed into the groundBut I will love you foreverIt's falling apartHopeless and darkBut we're gonna see itThrough togetherCaught in a landslideEart
Lost Dogs

No Umbrellas  - EverStaysRed
With the voice You gave I will sing As I come into this place As I fall before You Cause the Son has bled for me I can come into this place I can fall before You Place al
Ever Stays Red

No Way No How  - Shout
This one goes out to the unknown godAll those goin' the way (of) all the worldand for who's a law unto themselvesA road that's gonna burnWhen love is done and all is made

We are the children of the King We're not afraid to let our voices ring Christ is our salvation He's the light that shines We are a chosen generation Redeemed, sactified,

No weapon formed against us shall prosper All those who rise up against us shall fall I will not fear what the devil may bring me I am a servant of God I am a servant of

No You  - LynnBaird
Feelin' so crazy lately When it seems that You're not around The sun and the moon shine bright But my eyes are all Yours now Don't know how I lived with out You I don't r
Lynn Baird

Nobody  - 1NCOneNationCrew
People talk about the way I dance dance dance They think it's funny when I lift my hands hands hands All the things I've been going thru'(I'm telling you)
1NC (One Nation Crew)

Nobody Home  - TheRemnants
I remember 15, thoughts of leavin townto be alone, no one arounda bit older and a little bit wiser, i like to thinkleavin town, well it still sounds good to meNOBODY HOME
The Remnants

(Jimmy Page and Robert Plant - apologies to Blind Willie Johnson)Nobody's fault but mineNobody's fault but mineif I don't keep my soul aliveit's nobody's fault but mineTh
The 77s

Nocturnal Apparition  - Sorrowstorm
Silent Night. Unholy NightSilent Night. Unholy NightSkies of night, relentless, unforgivingAngry winds proceed amongst the livingHere comes the storm, the cosmos brings a

Noelle  - DanielAmos
She lives in the little green houseand drives an electric carShe's very good friends with the mouse next doorand the flowers in the yardShe combs her golden hairby the La
Daniel Amos

None But The Righteous  - RickyDillard&TheNewGenerationChorale
ChorusNone but the righteous shall see God;You must be holy, you gotta live right I say.If you want to see Jesus over there;Get right church,Get right church I say,Get ri
Ricky Dillard & The New Generation Chorale

None But You  - GlennKaiserBand
i will praise You foreverfor the things You have donein Your name i find hope, hope to carry me throughi will praise You in the presence of Your saintswith a loud voice i
Glenn Kaiser Band

None Like You Medley  - JerryWashington
I worship You, Almighty God, There is none like You. I worship You, oh Prince of Peace, That is all I long to do. I lift my hands for You are my righteousness. I worship
Jerry Washington

NorthBound  - GlennKaiserBand
I thought Id seen an angelI should have looked away But your honey-blond hairand your sweet blue eyeswere all you had to say When a man is lonelyhe sometimes drops
Glenn Kaiser Band

Not All Bad  - Terminal
I barely know you from a stranger but Ihere now ask the friend to talknothing's quite as hardas you've been on yourselfjust stay herecouldn't we all use the companywhen d

Not Alone  - KenTamplin
I never sold or surrenderedFeelin' all alone I know I won't go underand you never know when your heart is on the lineI can feel it in the air it's tellin me bewareIt's go
Ken Tamplin

Not By Actions  - TowerofHundred
Look in my eyes what do you seeA broken man forgiven eternallyNot by my hands but through His grace aloneWe try so hard to do what’s rightOur works are filthy rags
Tower of Hundred

Not By Sight  - Petra
Sometimes we're runnin' along Blind to where we're goin' Sometimes we lose our bearings When the storm is blowin' We know this shadow land is only temporary These light a

Not By Works  - TwiceBorn
Why can't you see that it not your deeds that get you into heaven. No man is worthy enough to earn this Holy Blessing. No man is perfect, no man will ever be. That's why
Twice Born

Not For Himself  - NationalBaptistConventionMassChoir
ChorusNot for Himself, He did it all for us. Not for Himself, He did it all for us. He could have stayed in His home in glory, instead He brought us redemption's story; n
National Baptist Convention Mass Choir

Not Forgotten  - ClarenceRobinson
Israel & New Breed - Not ForgottenLead:I am not forgotten, I am not forgottenI am not forgotten, God knows my nameI am not forgotten, I am not forgottenI am not forgotten
Clarence Robinson

Not Givin Up  - Shout
Wanting to leave I'm asking you to stayWhy does all our pride, come into playHearts on the line, give another tryI know we were wrong, let's keep movin'onA will to surviv

Not Gonna Change  - SkyHarbor
Well you look at me, the rebellion I speak, you try to say that it’s conformityYou think that I am different, well you’re rightYou try to tell me, yo, how t
Sky Harbor

Not Guilty Remix  - RudolphMcKissick
ChorusThank You, Lord for saving usFrom the guilt of sinThe path of righteousness aboundsThat we may never sin againAnd if we doThere You are with open armsTo make us wh
Rudolph McKissick

Not Just For The Dead  - KingsX
I find it hard some days to remember I findit hard some days to forget and some days Igive everything within me And some days Idon't give a bit Will it be? It will absolu
Kings X

Not Just What You Say  - RudolphMcKissick
[Intro]Not just what you say...Not just what you sayNot just what you say...Not just what you sayThen we can act like we know what love is...[Verse 1]When you say how ar
Rudolph McKissick

Not Of This World  - Petra
We are pilgrims in a strange land We are so far from our homeland With each passing day it seems so clear This world will never want us here We're not welcome in this wor

Not quite Right  - Taketh
The city wakes up from the night's slumberand the engines start rollingBut he did not search for productivitynor did he search for wealth And the city is captured by tele

Not The Criminal - Teramaze
Yesterday you came to, and asked me to do a favourHoping that you'd turn around and ask me to be your saviourThrough all the years you've known the facts but still you ig

Not The One  - LynnBaird
Sick of all the games This story's getting old It's time for a change I'm gonna take control I'm not an object or possession You played with the wrong girl And you don't
Lynn Baird

Note to Anna  - DanielAmos
Ring it under Deep watersClue to the crime Nobody saved youI'm lost on Dark bridgesI missed the signs I could not reach youI could not hear you at allAnd through the rain
Daniel Amos

Notes On Breathing  - TheNarrow
All these wheels, dreams of old, A Lifeless sole.The road is never clear, fueled by tears and notes on breathing.And now here I am, an aching man.Not for you not for the
The Narrow

Nothin But Love  - GlennKaiserBand
I come to You with nothing to giveAnd I cannot ask for anything Ive earnedIm in need, yes its true, for time and time againI need more than a friend,Thi
Glenn Kaiser Band

Nothing But The Blood  - TragedyAnn
what can wash away my sin?what can make me whole againnothing but the Blood of Jesusoh precious is the flow that makes me white as snowno other fount I know nothing but t
Tragedy Ann

Nothing Changed  - Frank'sEnemy
And so I lashed out outside and inVented my anger at every whimI kicked the dog after poisoning his foodI couldn't think of anything else to doAnd I was scaredOh Lord so
Frank's Enemy

Trials and tribulations Surely come my way Desperate situations Cause my heart to say Lord, I know in my own power There is nothing I can do But impossible is possi

Nothing Too Hard  - LamarCampbell&SpiritOfPraise
ChorusThere is nothing too hard for my God to work out,there is nothing too hard for Him.Verse 1If you've got a problem that's too hard for you to solve,and a burden that
Lamar Campbell & Spirit Of Praise

Nothings Left  - Diversions
when kingdoms fall on solid ground this sand beneath my feet but walls contain the broken hearts and minds of love's defeat upon this grave i choose to stand i choose to

Now  - NeonCross
Neon Cross

Now And Forever  - Shop11Phoenix
Tell me where have you goneI haven't seen you in so long.I'm wondering if the rumors are trueback where the beaches run for daysare you stepping on the shells are you cat
Shop 11 Phoenix

Now I Believe In Miracles  - NikkiLeonti
One gray and lonely day You came into my life Those foolish little games I played Had left me cold Like the world outside Your love was there for me To melt
Nikki Leonti

Now Or Never  - LeoG
I've forgotten where I've come from, why these stains won't go awayScattered pieces on my shoulder, blood stained letters calling meBroken flash backs, fumbled thoughtsHe
Leo G

Nowhere Else  - TheSeventySevens
(Mark Tootle)hey na nahey na nathere is nowhere else i'd rather bethan in your heartthere is nowhere else i wanna bebut in your eyesin your armsthe wind blew through the
The Seventy Sevens

Nuclear Warfare  - AcousticTorment
A vision in the skyCasting a shade on mother earthThey know what it will bringBut no belief - denying the truthFleeing creatures everywhereEach possessed by tremendous fe
Acoustic Torment

Numb  - RevJohnFlowers
NumbSlipping awayAre we sleeping at the wheel and unaware now Has the population put us in a trance now Overtaken by the tide and washed away now What do you say now In a
Rev. John Flowers

Numbering The Stars  - SweetImperfection
dear diary i saw this guy at the show he was singing to me at least i think so all the world around me stopped when he said (hi, what's up baby) he's the perfect guy
Sweet Imperfection

Numbers - Rez
I'm the one with the stare who talks to himselfI live in a chair ‹ I'm put on the shelffI'm an ugly picture in a twisted frameDo you recognize me? Do you know my na

Nuori  - Terapia
kuinka olenkin vanha ja väsynytliikaa kuullut ja liikaa nähnytvuodet nopeat palanutliian monesta mutkasta kääntymättä jättänytaivan turhaan juossu

Nuts For You  - The77s
goin' my own way gives me a thrill until i take a spill oh, what a kill goin' my own way i have to flag a ride out to the end of the road where i've already died but if y
The 77s

O Clap Your Hands  - ClarenceRobinson
O Clap Your Hands(written by Marcus Dawson)(recorded by Joe Pace)Verse:O clap your hands all ye people, shout unto God with a voice of triumph.O clap your hands all ye p
Clarence Robinson

O Great City  - VeniDomine
Fallen Fallen Is Babylon The Great She Has Become A Home For Demons For All The Nations Drank Of Her Poisonous Wine The Wine Of Her Adulteries Come Away From Her So That
Veni Domine

O Holy Night  - RudolphMcKissick
O holy night, the stars are brightly shiningIt is the night of the dear Savior's birth.Long lay the world in sin and error pining, Till he appeared and the soul felt its
Rudolph McKissick

O How Precious Is The Name  - RadioAngels
O How Precious Is The Name(Key of A flat)Myrna Summers/Gospel Music Workshop of AmericaVerseWhen you're lonely...heart filled with despairRemember God cares (God cares f
Radio Angels

O Lord Your Love  - Caedmon'sCall
Oh Lord I give you all I have But it seems so little When you have given me so much I come to you with empty hands And a heart that's fragile You come to me with a wea
Caedmon's Call

O Se Baba Nigerian Praise  - JerryWashington
O Se' Baba (Nigerian Praise)(written by Danniebelle Hall) (recorded by Danniebelle Hall) Intro: Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. Verse 1:As I journey to the motherland of Africa
Jerry Washington

O The Blood  - NewJerseyMassChoir
ChorusO the blood of Jesus,O the blood of Jesus,O the blood of Jesus,it will never loose its power.BridgeHe was despied and rejected,a man of sorrow acquainted with grief
New Jersey Mass Choir

OTT Over The Top  - Detritus
Prejudice is one thing that I hateBlindness by those who can't relateBut one thing that I cannot standAre those who on the other handAre fighting against prejudiceAnd the

Oasis  - Petra
You give me water in a dry and thirsty land You satisfy my hunger Yo feed me from your hand I was a wanderer in the wildnerness Until I stumbled on your oasis And I will

Obliviant  - Beanbag
No don't you're looking so out of it!No don't you're looking so out of it!Don't even bother, 'cause you shouldn't even try.So , no don't you're looking with doubt.Walk fa

Obsessed And Drivin  - DaleThompson
I'm taking another pillAnother shot of pick me upI don't like what I seeThe reflection of a worn soulI am searching for lifeI'm coping with tragedyHow many do I takeTo re
Dale Thompson

Obsessions  - SacredWarrior
As the dollar exchanges the hand of manyThere lie the poor who dream of having enough for todayThe rich control the government while the gangs control the streetsIt`s han
Sacred Warrior

Obvious - Blissed
Do I let you down like a family black sheep Do I say all the wrong things Do I disappoint like a common liar and thief Am I half the man that you thought I would be I wan

Occult Moon  - Sorrowstorm
Crushing angst to find a better wayTo live a life without painThe portal opens, and the gate cannot be shutThe room is filled with shadowsAnd skin begins to burnHow do yo

Occupy  - Petra
The enemy surrounds the perimeter Searching for an op'ning Sneaking 'round, tryin' to gain some ground He's laying down a smokescreen Never full, he prowls about For some

Ocean  - BChaseWilliams
(Verse 1)He who stands, by meThrough the stormy weatherThorugh good times and badAlways there for meTakes me to the waterAnd crenches my thirstMy sweet inspirationI wanna
B. Chase Williams

Ocean Deep  - DearEphesus
Oh to find some peace of mind rest for the soul. Drifting out invitingly she welcomes me. Caressed by your hand hearing warm gales low. I am so relieved. Sailing out thro
Dear Ephesus

October 12 1998  - AnahAevia
The whisper stream ran through the town for days.The backwoods insecurities had laid him six feet belowwhere the snow now covers the roses.They were afraid of where his e
Anah Aevia

October 12 1998  - AnahAevia
The whisper stream ran through the town for days. The backwoods insecurities had laid him six feet below where the snow now covers the roses. They were afraid of where hi
Anah Aevia

October Sky  - BlankLogic
verse1: Am I hopeless or romantic, I've spent these past years in love with you. I wake up tired 'cause I had the best dream of you and me in love. pre-chorus: But then I
Blank Logic

Ode To Joy  - TheLads
(V1)And the sun is shining on the hills, on the hillsWhere once the cold and bitter frost it froze all life awayAnd I feel Your Spirit coming close, coming closeAnd it wa
The Lads

Of My Darkest Hour  - Paramaecium
[Music by A. Tompkins, C. Burton and J. Sherlock]Lassitude overwhelming me, my consideration to relent oncemore strengthened with time. But the pervasiveness of thepromis

Of Slumber and Death  - Slechtvalk
We are called upon to go to war.Our banners raised hihg, we march on.Our Steel glinting in the setting sun,death can't stop us from achieving victory.When we finished to

Off The Rails  - TheBlackboxWithin
Can You hear my call?Trouble here on EarthOnce You were our RockNow just a rockNow just a rock in the wayNow we're chasing our tailsWe've went off the railsFight for righ
The Blackbox Within

Oh Give Him Glory  - LamarCampbell&SpiritofPraise
ChorusOh give Him glory,oh give Him praise.Oh give the Lord glory,oh give the Lord praise.Verse 1I will praise You, Lord with my whole heart, I will tell of Your goodness
Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise

Oh Great City  - VeniDomine
Fallen Fallen Is Babylon The GreatShe Has Become A Home For DemonsFor All The Nations Drank Of Her Poisonous WineThe Wine Of Her AdulteriesCome Away From Her So That You
Veni Domine

Oh How He Loves Me  - JerryWashington
Oh How He Loves MeSaints With a Vision Music & Arts Seminar Mass ChoirKey of D flat/E/E flat)Oh how he loves me (Oh how loves me. Oh How loves me)(I cannot tell it all.
Jerry Washington