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Phony Eyes  - The77s
tuned in the radio to a passion play sounds much better now sounds all the same say this, say that it's just a game some things go 'round and 'round but never change no p
The 77s

Piano Song  - Diversions
with broken hands so strong you carry the weight of the world you whisper loud enough to drown out the voice of doubt there's nothing i could do in return for what you ha

Picture - KingsX
She was a white skinned black beauty,the daughter of an IndianHer Grandparents raised her in northern Illinois.I call her mother.He was the son of a hellfire holiness pre
Kings X

Picture Frame  - DennisLeonard
Lord God, You are my only answer Holy Father, You are my only prayer I need Your love to guide me through my troubles I need Your light to guide me through despair You a
Dennis Leonard

Picture Of Jesus  - PastDoubt
Picture of Jesus! Verse 1: His preaching the kingdom, His healing the sick, His delivering the demonised, And call to discipleship, His telling the truth, And ente

Picture Pains  - Grammatrain
Bones in mama's brains / bones in sister's brains / baby thinks about butterflies / sleeps through all the painGrandpa s crying on the wall / gramma died and left us all

Pictures of the Gone World  - DanielAmos
Pictures of the gone world, memories handed downPictures of the gone world, when you and I were not aroundCould you ever do it justice? Could you ever get it right?These
Daniel Amos

Piece Of Glass  - Caedmon'sCall
Cant believe that I did it again Wake me up from this nightmare Cause this monster is filling me up filling me out Everyday I live a bit less; one
Caedmon's Call

Pied Piper  - Petra
It's not so hard to understand what people see in you You tell them it's okay to have their cake and eat it too You traded truth for Godless gain and noone will suspect Y

Piercing - KatyHudson
Living in fear is not what you had in mind for me But holding to you is so hard, I cling to what I see CHORUS(*): In a world where my emotions Seem to rule my
Katy Hudson

Pillow  - KingsX
I walked thru the door and took a seatlistening to words that seem to bounce right off my chestlike I heard it all beforeteach an old dog the same old trick tide undersid
Kings X

Pillow Fighting - Terminal
If these candles don't burn out before you make itlets put them out in celebrationover a bad bad bad bad yearyou faded you fadedto lonelier placesand I can find you there

Wouldn't it couldn't it Shouldn't it be nice To be in love Wouldn't it couldn't it Shouldn't it be nice To be above All of the pain And frustration of being alone Nobody
The 77s

Pinning Dreams  - DearEphesus
Pin that rose high. Watch it fly. Heard them laughing. Watered eye. You keep running. Slow motion. You keep flying. Cut that string. You can't make bread with dirt. If yo
Dear Ephesus

Pity Show  - Staple
Unite with your words to fright the weak small fragile mind Defend all the pain you feel, soon it will become real Until you realize the pain you feel isn't real you'll c

Plan II  - Saint
No mercy for the devil no mercy for the foe The King shall wad him up Throw him away Then cast him to the rocks of never ending scald This shall all take place Sure as yo

I admit that it wasn't rightthe junk that happened here tonitei admit that it isn't fairthat you were left standing thereadd it up on a list so longof all the things that

Planned Parenthood  - Crashdog
illegitimate birth for another teenage motherprocedures for reversal had yet to be discovereda little refugee girl names God the fatherno psychiatric wards to keep her un

Plant The Seed Again  - GlennKaiserBand
Tell me if you ever sawA field of unripe wheatThirsting in the summer sunWithered in the tortured heat Tell me if you ever heardThe thunder of the stormOr felt the sting
Glenn Kaiser Band

Plastic Ideals  - Evergrace
Obscene and unwelcomeTrapped inside yourselfStruggling for firm groundDeeper and deeper you goThis voice of arroganceWhispers in your earA never ending circleStuck onto y

Plastic Jesus  - Rackets&Drapes
Away in the mangerNo crib for his bedThat's the storyThat they to told youWhen they tucked you inThe little Lord JesusLay down his sweet headThey never told youThat's not
Rackets & Drapes

Play With Fire  - Impellitteri
You can see it in your lifeYou can feel it hold you tightAnd I know just where you go'cause you're hiding from the lightYou can't deny the fear in your mindWalk before yo

Players - Rez
She left me strangely not lingering like beforeHer face sad but sure - I stopped her at the doorMade some empty promises she'd heard too many timesI tried a little a litt

Playground  - Rez
Go on kid get out of hereYou're just in my wayI don't see you I don't hear youNothing that you sayI'm too busy living my lifeYou just drag me downHere's a dollar, maybe t

Playing With Fire  - Detritus
Singing of death, singing of hate, singing of demons and ghostsTwisting their minds, taking their souls, digging their graves with your boastsJust for an image, just for

Plead the Blood  - Betrayal
Blood shed, down Calvary's crossIs the place the story startsIt continues when you know Who it wasWho shed His blood for you and meGod's only Son gave His lifeSo you and

Pleasant Dreams  - amDrive
when we were young we would dress like heroes that we loved in our minds we could visit far off lands and we'd vow that the day never would it come when we'd need more th

Please Be Patient With Me  - TrinityAllNationsChoir
ChorusPlease be patient with me, God is not through with me yet.Please be patient with me, God is not through with me yet.When God gets through with me,when God gets thro
Trinity All Nations Choir

Pleiades - KingsX
when i look up at the stars at nightwhat could i find beyond the lighta hundred million worlds that we ignorewho can restrain pleiadesor know the laws of heavenly'show ma
Kings X

Pocket Full Of Money  - Undercover
Oh, mercy me, I'm in needOf that old-fashioned greenI could work, I could slaveBut how much would do?Got a pocket full of moneyGot a pocket of cashGot a pocket full of po

Poetic  - TinmanJones
Aren't you just like nothing I've ever seenCan I contain you in my rhyming schemeYou're the Lauriet of loveIn the form of a doveIt's you I'm thinking of The art of your d
Tinman Jones

Poetry  - WildernessOfTekoa
Ive fallen down with you The burn and sting cuts through Its all I want to do and not at all Im constantly stuck behind your sinister mastermind Stop begging me for my ey
Wilderness Of Tekoa

Poignant Remedy  - LibertyPrevail
(Instrumental)(With hidden track)
Liberty Prevail

Point Of No Return  - Detritus
The blind led you to the mainlineYou already knew the wayYou were chased there by the dragonYou knew you'd have to stayDying for the endThis is it my friendYour heavens t

Pollys Eyes  - TonyVincent
when the rain becomes your welcome when the stars refuse to shine when the lonely nights are calling i wont loose myself in why Chorus: do you remember
Tony Vincent

Pop  - Staple
Tolerate my stance today.I've found my truth in my own way.So play the blaming game today.This intolerance, it cannot stay.So play the naming game that you've made for me

Portal Of Demonic Torment  - Encryptor
Feed the Spirit, fight the flesh.Worldly lust and worldly hate is here, Christ will conquer all, he controls my mind.I am weak and feeling faint, burdens showing in my ti

Positive Mind Control  - Teramaze
Did God almighty create such a placeFor all normal human life to remainIf we stick by the book our life will be obtainedSoule & mind are not the same thingBut life in gen

Posse In The Sky  - DanielAmos
Narrator:And when the faithful disappearThe world will take it's final turnThe showdown's exactly what some fearMillions die, the land is burnedChorus:Then suddenly there
Daniel Amos

Post Mortem Soul  - Encryptor
Torn apart by sickened spells, the hour has arrived for death.Feeling a final tug upon his soul, he meets his makers face.Bow down before me, says God.Vengeance is mine.T

Postbelievers  - Mirador
Burning plaguesConstant fearsMayhem’s host for thousands of yearsParalyzed and petrifiedNations overthrown and freedom deniedSo we climb up the stairs with our cha

i saw new england fall in the autumnprofessing themselves wisethey learned to be foolsi saw the picture-postcards and the majestyand it died if ever there was a keyto wis
Glenn Kaiser Band

Postpone  - JacksOfAllTrades
I remember the way you told me:“It’s all good, I don’t need your God right nowI kinda believe in the words you sayBut I don’t want to follow yo
Jacks Of All Trades

Potential  - CraigsBrother
Hey there, Mr. Personality, was everybody wrong to think That you would have the world on it's kneesOr perhaps we were too blind to see that all your grace would fall to
Craig's Brother

Pottymouth  - SmileyKids
You come up to me, tell a dirty joke.You're trying to be funny, but you know what? It's not funny, it's just gross.Does everything you say have to be so filthy? I don't t
Smiley Kids

Pour Me Out  - PFRPrayForRain
Pour me outTil there's nothing left of mePour me outPour me outSo that someday I might seePour me outI want to lose myselfIn finding YouEmbracing grace and facing truthTe
PFR (Pray For Rain)

Power Of Your Love  - LynnBaird
Lord I come to You Let my heart be changed, renewed Flowing from the grace That I've found in You Lord I've come to know The weakenesses I see in me Will be stripped awa
Lynn Baird

Powerlord  - SonsOfThunder
You lift children upAnd beggars tooYou heal the sickAnd set prisoners freeWe love you LordYou are awesome LordYeah, yeah, yeah, yeahYeah, yeah, yeah, yeahWe adore you Lor
Sons Of Thunder

Praise And Worship  - ClarenceRobinson
Praise and Worship(recorded by Peggy Britt)Praise and Worship ' Worship and PraiseHow the Lord of All, deserves - our - worship and praiseWe wor-ship You - for who - you
Clarence Robinson

Praise Belongs To You  - RudolphMcKissick
[Intro]{Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa}Can I moan a little bit, hey{Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa}Hey, All the brothers, all my sista's,
Rudolph McKissick

Praise Festival  - RudolphMcKissick
I wanna know What you doin Where you goin What are your plans Here's a proposition Won't you listen Come and take my hand Let's go to a place where All have a single min
Rudolph McKissick

Praise Him  - JerryWashington
Praise Him(written by Byron Cage)(recorded by Byron Cage)Chorus 1:Praise Him, praise Him,praise Him in the morning, praise Him in the noonday.Praise Him, praise Him,prai
Jerry Washington

Praise His Name  - EdensWay
There's a reason why we sing / There's a reason to shout His name / When the walls of life have got you bound, / You're in the dark and you can't be found / Just lift you
Edens Way

Praise Offering  - JerryWashington
Praise Offering(written by James Moss)(recorded by Kierra "KiKi" Sheard)Verse 1:Without stretched handsand with a sincere heart,I come to You with thanks and w
Jerry Washington

Praise Song  - DanielAmos
Love that brings a lightTo a darkened roomThen there is no night'Cause love's bright and newFelling it shine on meKnowing it's in my heartWhat can I tell you'Cept what's
Daniel Amos

Praise the Lord  - KevinDavidson
Tenors: Praise the Lord everbody praise the Lord Tenors & Altos: Praise the Lord everybody praise the Lord Sopranos: For His goodness and His mercies and His kindness eve
Kevin Davidson

Praise Ye The Lord  - Petra
Praise ye the Lord all ye nations The Lord is reigning, you people rejoice The Word of the Lord is a two-edged sword He's placed it in our hands Praise ye the Lord Praise

Praise You  - PoorMan'sRiches
For the star that shoots across the skyFor the sand that gathers on the shoreFor the snow on the mountain topFor the sun that shines forevermoreI want to praise You I wan
Poor Man's Riches

Pray  - LynnBaird
We call upon Your name,Humble ourselves and pray,Move in our hearts,Move in our land,Every national tribe and tongue Will proclaim Your Kingdom comeChorus:We pray, prayOp
Lynn Baird

Pray For Me  - BrotherhoodofDeliverence
ChorusPray for me (2x),Oh my brother, pray for me.When you bow at the altar,please don't forget to pray for me (3x).VerseI once was lost and could not find my way.I thank
Brotherhood of Deliverence

Pray for Rain  - 441z
Each time I see we are not the sameBetween you and me, there’s nothing left to sayI want to do the right thingNo, no, can’t tell you what I’m thinkin

Pray Naked  - The77s
no matter who you are no matter what you do there's only one thing i ask of you and that's if you pray then when you pray be naked prey pray nak
The 77s

Pray Where You Are  - LostDogs
In the submarines and tanksIn the S and Ls and banksIn the cancer wards, the prisons and the barsOn the earth and on the moonIn the closet, in your roomIn the flop houses
Lost Dogs

Prayer Changes Things  - RadioAngels
ChoirWhen you pray, ask and believe itWhen you pray, look and receive itWhen you pray, knock it shall openWhen you pray, doubt Him for nothingLeadIn your heavy situation
Radio Angels

Prayer Wheel  - DanielAmos
Oh, oh, oh These are the fasting daysGonna' break our will Let Christ out of the money boxLet our hearts be still We'll crawl on our bellies nowAnd make a wound to healDr
Daniel Amos

Prayin Sowin Reapin  - LaytonHowerton
PRAYIN', SOWIN', REAPIN' It's required that a man Be found faithful So let the work of our hearts and hands Be willing and able May we not rest in His grace While th
Layton Howerton

Praying Man  - Petra
Noah saw the coming of the flood (He built an ark upon dry land) When Moses prayed, God parted the Red Sea (In faith, he made his stand) And David dropped the giant to hi

Precious Jesus  - ClarenceRobinson
Precious Jesus(written by Thomas Whitfield)(recorded by Thomas Whitfield & The Whitfield Company)Precious Jesus how I love YouHow I lift high my voice with Your praiseHo
Clarence Robinson

Precious Lord  - David&TamelaMann
Written by Thomas A. Dorsey Precious Lord take my hand Lead me on Help me stand I am tired, I am weak, I am worn Through the storm, through the night Lead me on, to the
David & Tamela Mann

Precious Memories  - LostDogs
Precious memories, unseen angelsSail from somewhere to my soulHow they linger, ever near meAnd the sacred paths unfoldChorusPrecious memories, how they lingerHow they eve
Lost Dogs

Prelude  - WeddingParty
Wedding Party

Prelude: Servants Prayer  - DanielAmos
Father, Oh, blessed JesusSpirit reveal in meA servant's heartA humble natureAs found in TheeLet me not fallFrom your divine callTo place others before me
Daniel Amos

Preludium  - CrimsonMoonlight
Crimson Moonlight

Premature Virulency  - VomitorialCorpulence
Sinning once sinning twice it never stops until itsgot that hold in your life premature virulency isinfesting your body and you know sin leads to deathspiritually
Vomitorial Corpulence

Prepare Ye The Way  - Caedmon'sCall
The Word of the Lord came one evening Concerning His bride's great sin He'd send down His Word to renew her To prepare for the Bridegroom again The Word said repent
Caedmon's Call

Prepare Yourself  - RevJohnFlowers
(lead vocalist: Dr. Mattie Moss Clark)Jesus is warning usAnd telling usThat the time won't be longJesus is showing usAnd reminding usThat we have another homeYou can tell
Rev. John Flowers

Prequel  - Shop11Phoenix
I'm not the kid I used to be so confirmed in where I stood.I know now that there's more to know, there's so much more to know.More to know scared of what I might find out
Shop 11 Phoenix

I have finally found a way to live like I never knew beforeAnd I know I don't have much to give but He will open every doorEverybody knows the secret, everybody knows the

Press For The Prize  - RevJohnFlowers
I Must Press for the prize of The high calling in Jesus(Repeat 4x's)If I fight the good fight of faithHold out, endure to the endThere will be prepared for me a crownAnd
Rev. John Flowers

Press Toward The Mark  - WestAngelesCOGICMassChoir
Verse 1: I count not myself to have apprehended, when I think of all the things I've done; but this one thing I do, I put the past behind me, so I can... Chor
West Angeles COGIC Mass Choir

Pretend - KingsX
you took away from me I tried to get it backand if you lie to me I keep it to myselfa trick or treat but then that don't make it rightI can't remember when I could say go
Kings X

Pride Disease - Headnoise
It is on my throne, I am in control, I idolize my feeble mind,my knowledge saves my soul, I prepared my way,I know what to say, I make myself my own God, I’m lord

Primed And Ready  - Saint
The red of dawn is on the rise you know it comes as no surprise, The earth quake came the war are here the end of time is getting near, Poison waters fill the land are yo

Prince Of America - TheLads
Living a life, without any future Just unending appetite, for petty amusement And you with your woes You’ve food on the table You’ve cash in your pocket So
The Lads

Prisoner - KingsX
The looks are - The smile is a lie The clockdrags on - The smoke is in your eyes Youknow the blame is someone's But you don'tquite know who In your mind - If it couldonly
Kings X

Prisoner 13543  - EdeninRuins
Prisoner (13543)Instrumental
Eden in Ruins

Prisoner 13543 JOKINGLY LIVE  - EdeninRuins
Prisoner (13543) (JOKINGLY LIVE)
Eden in Ruins

Eden in Ruins

Problem Of Pain  - JunkerJorg
PumpI know you believe what you cant conceiveHoping to deceive the pain I feel to never leaveWhy does it remain dope injection in my veinProblem in the brain problem with
Junker Jorg

Processed Bodies  - EsoCharis
What I crave, set forth I'll pray.I've been saved and raising God's standards, recieve.Testing faith cast up my legs.Stand up and praise.You must be strong.There is no co

Proclamation  - Crashdog
sit yourself down and pull up an easy chairhere's what we are try not to starea deficient attention and sexual distortionthis is our share, this is our portionremove rest

Prodigal Dad  - GSMegaphone
Well excuse me I don't mean to complain But there's something I've just gotta say Something I just can't get off my brain I need to tell you My heart breaks everyday As I
GS Megaphone

Profundo Abismo  - Antidemon
[1 Jo 5:19 / Jo 3:16,17]Destruição e morte regendo a humanidadeRevolta e ódio percorrendo a minha almaA morte se alastra é só questão de tempoProfundo a

Promise Keeper  - RadioAngels
Promise Keeper(written by Fred Hammond, Tommie Walker, and Kim Rutherford)(recorded by Fred Hammond & Radical For Christ)Verse 1:Seasons come and then they go,but all Yo
Radio Angels

Promise Man  - HolySoldier
The World Is Crashing Down,Lemmings Fall And I'm Watchin' Em ' Go.There's A Hand That's Reaching Out,It Could Save Them But They Just Say No.(Pre-Chorus:)Blame, Blame, Bl
Holy Soldier

Promise Me  - Aaron&Jeoffrey
It's hard to imagine that I've been there too I've felt the passion burning in you Every temptation, oh, I understand Your savior knows what it is to be a man CHOR
Aaron & Jeoffrey

Promised The World  - TheNarrow
Faith!I'm supposed to get this right, not so?But I sold the pressure and fueled the fire.Keep playing the worldly games and you keep missing the goals you aim man.Fuel th
The Narrow

Prophecy Of Infinity  - Encryptor
Torn apart by sickened spells, the hour has arrived for death.Feeling a final tug upon his soul, he meets his makers face.Bow down before me, says God.Vengeance is mine.T

Prophets of Baal  - Betrayal
Abandonment of LordPerforming spiritual adulteryForsaking God their DelivererProstituting themselves to BaalSent to end this apostasyThe last prophet enters the storyStan

Propoganda Mind  - Impellitteri
Fat cat in a suitA fist full of lootMaking claims we don't understandGot the money, the powerTook a greenback showerBroke your law cause your more than a manYou're tax ex

Protesto AMN  - Antidemon
[Mt 12:46-50 / Jo 14:6 / Jr 10:5]onde está que não responde?o seu deus está dormindo?ou será que foi viajar?tirou férias, foi pra praia?idolatriacegos huma

Prove Me Wrong  - Antiskeptic
Do you feel? Feel the way I feelDo you believe in the lies that I told?Do you love?Love the way I lovedAre you feeling the peace that I know Do you believe? Or do you fee

Proverb Doll  - GSMegaphone
love is more than a lover a wife is more than a ring drink all of your day's pleasure let it bring tomorrow;s sting a virgin's pride's gone out of style it seems but i sa
GS Megaphone

Prussian Blue  - NeonCross
Lyrics NOt Available
Neon Cross

Psalm 1  - WillGoodwin
Like a tree planted by a stream
 Flowing full of living water
 Bearing fruit, delighting in the truth
 In everything we do we know we'll promise We are
Will Goodwin

Psalm 113  - TransfiguralForm
Psalm 113words: Psalm 113 King James Version music by: Pope© 2002 Popenotes Music (ASCAP)All Rights Reserved
Transfigural Form

Psalm 151  - SonsOfThunder
The rock of my salvationO’ God is my foundationGuard my life and rescue meHis love will set me free.O’ Lord reach downYour hands from on highJesus save meLi
Sons Of Thunder

Psalm 23  - RudolphMcKissick
Psalm 23(written by Jason Upton)(recorded by Juanita Bynum)(based on Psalm 23) Verse 1:Your hands reached into the depths of darkness,Your arms pulled me to the light ab
Rudolph McKissick

Psalm 57  - TransfiguralForm
Psalm 57 words: King David (arranged by Pope) music: Pope - for lyrics consult the King James version of the bible, not the new King James. not the revised King James, ju
Transfigural Form

Psalm 68  - RadioAngels
Psalm 68 (Let Our God Arise)(written by Kurt Carr)(recorded by Kurt Carr)(based on Psalm 68)Verse 1:You are the awesome Mighty One now,Your enemies they better run now.T
Radio Angels

Psychic Pain  - Frank'sEnemy
utopian visions of a dream worldquickly fade into dustyou finally seize the golden prizeand see it's really rustobstacles are overcome but followed by another testfinally
Frank's Enemy

Psycho  - Grammatrain
They kicked your teeth for pleasure's sake / you hope to die before you wake / and I had a dream that I would take you awayAnd I'd like to free you / and I won't decieve

Psycho Surgery  - Sorrowstorm
Cranial vault the mind's map paved by heart and soul's aimTransfer of DNA forms the cerebral mainframeJust like a computer garbage in - garbage outSubdural detour shuns t

Puedes Confiar - Exousia
(San Mateo 11:28, Salmo 27:10, San Juan 7:37, San Mateo 28:19-20) Puedo mirarte y hoy te encuentras confundido, Puedo observarte y se que estas muy destruido. Pero puedes

Puhu  - Terapia
yksin taas painit sisällä päänon ajatukset kaikki niin säpäleinäon paine liikaa pian kallo räjähtäänyt täytyy saada jollekulle tilitt

Pulp Fiction - Fanmail
laying on the floor i've been here once before and i'm not proud of it misery comes today it's coming back my way and i want it to leave me doubtful you are the people wh

Punk  - Impellitteri
Ladies and gentlemenPlease welcome from Los Angeles California...PUNK RIGHT Come on come onWhat's your nameP.U.N.K...PUNK Heavy metal punkRight Uh oh uh ohHey Curtis chec

Punk Rock Paul  - TwiceBorn
Paul came back from his senior trip with a 14 gauge running through his lip, boy what's your mommy going to say now. Paul's mom said, "Why'd you do that, what were you th
Twice Born

Puppet Strings  - MadattheWorld
I’m working on your mindI’m working on your brainIt’s subtle but it’s trueI’m controlling everythingPulling the puppet stringsI tell yo
Mad at the World

Purification  - Excurses
Disruption of the fleshSave the manifestation?But kill the spiritTo purify?Hold onto bitterness to justify hate insideNo answer of the painIgnorance to soothWhat place do

It’s been a long long timeI’ve been your brotherWe are strangers nowAnd time passes so quicklyWhen you finally wonder howYou’re so farI don’t

Push Up The Level  - TheNarrow
Every time there's a wall I can feel it coming on.Not like a dove gently surfing the air come on.I cant believe can't control all the power over,over the lives on the cre
The Narrow

Pushing  - EveryDayLifeEDL
When they try to take whats yours,when they try to take whats mineWhen they try to take your love,when push comes to shove PUSH BACK!How attached to that in which you hol
Every Day Life (EDL)

Put Me In The Picture  - RevJohnFlowers
Put Me In The PictureYou know that I, I'm the last thing You expectedYou've seen my smile, took Your heart by surpriseits like magic, suddenly Your mind is photographicYo
Rev. John Flowers

Queen Bee  - GlennKaiserBand
Up this mornin' goin' to New York CityComin through my second cupGot nothin' but respect for my sweet home darlin'Always puts the cream in my stuffShe blesses me so that
Glenn Kaiser Band

Queen Of My Heart  - GlennKaiserBand
I'm tellin' you somethin', I'm tellin' you nowI got a love like the world won't allowIt came wrapped in a woman made for me an' me aloneGod sent her to me sure as He is o
Glenn Kaiser Band

Question Stupidity  - Crashdog
Don't believe what you hear and seeAs the way things ought to be,Dime a dozen doctrinesAre out there in the plenty.They twist the truth and sayIt's technicality.They wate

Questioning The Notion  - RevJohnFlowers
Questioning The NotionI've also wondered why across the mapMost of the people starve while few grow fatAnd I too have found it hard to sleepWhen three corners of the squa
Rev. John Flowers

Quiet Surround  - EtherealScourge
for he'd forsaken all he had to give yougreater than words can sayfor he has given more than you neededa death on the cross to paydecay alone with self pityand you . . .
Ethereal Scourge

Quiet Times  - RevJohnFlowers
Verse One: Its those quiet times, quiet times They are so precious to me That's when you tell me those secret things and all you want me to be. Its those quiet times, qui
Rev. John Flowers

Quite Enough  - Rez
Well I used to sign those sad songsBut I don't need to anymoreWell I used to feel so lonelyBut Jesus kicked taht out the DoorNow I'm filled with His Holy SpiritHe's the o

Raade  - Antestor

Race  - Bleach
You’ve not seen the white smoke for yearsIt seems to me you’ve stripped outStripped out all your gearsYou know it will whip you a bitDon’t know if yo

Radical - Noiz

Radio Man  - Fighter
Lull me with your sweet words, tell me everything is fine / Won't you be my friend, 'cause friends are hard to find / Wrap me up your happy world, please don't let me go

Raegoul  - VengeanceRising
In a split second of time, I realize it is over at least that is this lifeAnd in my mind, where ever it was, I rolled it overHow had I lived? And what had I done with my
Vengeance Rising

Rage of Creation - RobRock
The war machine is on the looseMile after mile we tread for youWe cross the land and sea and we journey through the nightWe're never turning back; we'll never give up the
Rob Rock

Rain Dance  - Rez
Talkin' to myselfIdea and images covered with dustMemories well-worn from contant useStained by loneliness and lustHeaping on my heart abuseSomebody tell meWhat's the use

Rain Down  - JerryWashington
Rain Down(recorded by Alvin Slaughter) Rain Down, Rain DownLet Your power fall, let Your voice be heard,As You change our hearts, as we stand on Your word,Rain Down, Rai
Jerry Washington

Rain On  - Brother'sKeeper
Say an old man with a cane, his hair was silver-grey Used to have good friends, now he misses them Winter comes to every life, cause springtimes have to fade Se
Brother's Keeper

Rain On Me  - JerryWashington
Rain On Me(written by Alex Williams)(recorded by Byron Cage)Chorus:You are King of all Kings, Lord above all, God of my praise, You are my song.I'll praise you with my e
Jerry Washington

Rainy Day  - VariousArtists
On a rainy day I feel like I can change the world Cause somehow I know that it's all gonna be alright And on a rainy day I can feel my heart beating And I can taste the t
Various Artists