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Who's To Blame  - Unashamed
I believe in treating women, like I want to be treated. When a woman's degraded, by the lustful eyes of men, I'm angry. It makes me sick, seeing women looked at a

You've been running and running Running for a long time Your time is winding up You better make up your mind It's getting late in the evening The sun is going down You be

Preachers beggin' on the radioMakin' pleas on T.V. shows - all rightAll I hear is gimme gimme moneyIsn't that a little bit funny - all rightI know what you're thinkin'I k

Whos To Blame  - BelievablePicnic
You say you do, then you say youDon't and don't want toBut there is more to this, separationOf yourself and the oneYou want to point your finger toChorusYou, you say that
Believable Picnic

Whoa Nelly  - Undercover
Whoa NellyWhen I see you in a black dressI tell ya' that it makes me think of homeI'm riding out early in the morningRiding out aloneWhen I close my eyesLook inside my so

Whoever Said  - OldManShattered
Whoever told you I've forgottenOr somehow turned my back on youWhoever told you that you're brokenAnd that my love cannot renewWhoever told you you were nothingWho brough
Old Man Shattered

Whole New Spin  - TonyVincent
ten steps to the wall and ten steps back wore a grove in the floor maybe six feet deep retracing the same old track now its safe to say, it felt safe to be hid
Tony Vincent

Whole World  - Petra
Hearts are falling left and right Children fear this planet's plight Fatalistic fears abound And take their toll without a sound But through the vague uncertainty - comes

Whole World In His Hands  - CastingPearls
When all around is fading Nothing seems to last When this day is filled with sorrow Still I know with all my heart He's got the whole world in his hands 2x I fear no evil
Casting Pearls

Whom Have I In Heaven  - Diversions
may my love grow more and more in knowledge and all insight may my eyes turn from this darkness to the light that is found in your word keep that hope in my soul y

Why  - Headnoise
Terrified this is the endYou ask me why must we all die?We all must dieAnd was your life meaningless?Unless you live for Jesus ChristYour life is a lie!!Why must you live

Why Cant The World Love  - TragedyAnn
why cant the world lovethere are people hurtin' other people every other daythere are broken people's wings laying all along the wayyou could send someone a smile but you
Tragedy Ann

Why Cant I Be On MTV  - Calibretto13
Why can't I be on MTV? Why can't I be on MTV? Why can't I be on MTV? 'Cos they just don't like me Why can't I be on MTV? Why can't I be on MTV? Why can't I be on MTV? 'Co
Calibretto 13

Why Did Sarah Laugh  - LikeDavid
Where’s your faith girl?Did it slip through the tent?As quick as it left God’sLeft God’s lipsAnd it’s been six years nowAnd as you were not ab
Like David

Why Do They Do That  - Impellitteri
Someone broke down my doorSmashed the glass in the windows brokenThen one more twist of the bladeThey just keyed the carNo one here knows me for I just moved in hereBut n

-1-Sipping whiskey from a pager cup.You drown your sorrows till you can't stand up.Take a look at what you've done to yourself.Why don't you put the bottle back on the sh
Holy Soldier

Why Im Crying Tonight  - MatthewAllen
You're only 15 miles awayinstead of distant 30.So close yet so far.And I think I miss you morethan I've ever missed you beforeeven though it's been only 24 hourssince i l
Matthew Allen

Why is the Devil Red  - LostDogs
Why is the Devil red?Why ain't the Devil blue?Why is the Devil red?Why is the Devil you?You give the Devil a pitchforkYou give the Devil hornsYou give the Devil sulfurYou
Lost Dogs

Why Not Trust God Again  - ClarenceRobinson
Why Not Trust God Again(written by Kurt Carr)(recorded by Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers)Verse:When life seems cruel and so unfair,with each new day it seems a greate
Clarence Robinson

(Chorus) Why should the Father Bother to call us His children? Why should the Spirit Hear it when we pray? Why should the Father Bother to be concerned with all our needs

Why Wait  - PayableOnDeathPOD
Thinkin that I won't up on dread hahaha, RastaOoo-ahh Hey, ah-haha HeyOoo-ahh Hey, ah-haha HeyLift my head up this morningBefore I awake gotta give Jah Jah praises first
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

WhySure - Silage
Back to the backside, hover as you goAnd everything means nothing as you knowAnd sure I know your helping hands arePressed against your picked fenceBut everything means n

Why  - MadattheWorld
There’s a little boy on my street& his name is Johnny& all the other little boys like to tell himThat he looks funnySo they laugh at him & he criesBut what has he
Mad at the World

wicked  - ThirdRoot
proverb 14:9 - and the evil bow beforthe good and the wicked at the gates of the rightousness the evil bow, the evil bow oh Lordhere i stand and i see youbut where shall
Third Root

Wicked Generation  - SacredWarrior
Signs that mark the times are clear to seeJust look around at a world of miseryIf you can`t read the writing`s on the wallDelusions, victory, rejections last callThere`ll
Sacred Warrior

Wild Blue  - The77s
I'm never gonna have the time All the time I really need To do what I want to Don't even have the time Enough time to do everything That I really need to I'm never gonna
The 77s

Wild Ride  - LostDogs
Darlin', don't you shed one tear for me,if I want to be the hero I was meant to beAnd if I'm treadin' in deep water or gettin' blinded by the sun,could be that I'm dancin
Lost Dogs

Wildfire  - PayableOnDeathPOD
Come and give me that WILDFIRE! The uncivilized sound that I love The primitive, rock a place, FIRE! Consciousness, by Zion I know The untainted flame that I DESIRE! Me w
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

Wildflower  - GSMegaphone
Let me out from this house, I want the wind in my hair.The nearness to a window is no longer a sufficient sun.I'm sick of this vase telling me how deep my roots can reach
GS Megaphone

Will You  - PayableOnDeathPOD
See you sittin' next to the window in the bedroom She breaks down - breaks down Crying over something and starin' into nothin' Afraid now - hate now Wanting, needing, hau
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

Will You Save Me  - Kainos
Its safe to come out of hiding Now that the heat is gone But where, where do I have to go Do you know At one time I was flying I wonder what went wrong Cause Ive fallen s

William  - DanielAmos
Ol' William in schoolReadin' a Bible, we laughed till we was blueOl' William said a prayer at noonOver his lunch and we hit him with a spoonYes, William, the kids were cr
Daniel Amos

William Blake  - DanielAmos
Tyger, tyger burning bright In deep forests of the nightAnd little lamb you are the lightThat is burning in one Child tonight1: Who felt it so?Who wrote it down?Who lifts
Daniel Amos

Win You Over  - ForeverMoon
I know that I can be harsh sometimes I know that I can be blunt at times I know that Im not the one you run to Im not the one left to see you cry But I hope to win you ov
Forever Moon

Wind Me Up  - GlennKaiserBand
Wind me up or take me right downRock me in Your sweet embrace, Cause my heart to poundFill me with the holy joy, take me to my kneesIts all alright, Ill walk
Glenn Kaiser Band

Winds of Thor  - LordianGuard
It was a darkened day December,I heard the hammer in the wind.It was a day we will rememberfor the Winds of Thor their story would begin.For you are the rich man, and we
Lordian Guard

Windswept  - RoseBlossomPunch
surely half the world must be blind; they can see nothing unless it glitters. -august & julius hare all my friends are lonely they left me only minutes in the hole so i
Rose Blossom Punch

Wings Of A Dream  - SacredWarrior
As time goes by, I look aroundTo see which way I`m goingAnd if it`s really worthThe pain that I feelHard times may get me downTrying to destroy my dreamsWhat can I sayI`m
Sacred Warrior

Wings Of The Wind  - GlennKaiserBand
Praise the Lord O my soulO Lord my GodYou are very greatYou are clothed in splendor and majestyHe wraps Himself in the lightStretches the heavens outAnd He lays the beams
Glenn Kaiser Band

Wink With The Eye That Hate Me  - TheOperation
I'm drowning in myselfAnd I can't see the weights that hold me downIt's not the sameLooking for something to hold onto, so I don't fall awayIt's not the sameWhen I fall i
The Operation

Winners or Losers  - Shout
Pass on by again, never stop to noticeWhere I've been, oh not againYou, you've seen it beforeEvery time you open the door of loveIn God's eyes, winners or losers we'reall

Winter Serenade  - WithBloodComesCleansing
The cold season comes once again creating memories that will echo into the future. The fairest face, the sweetest smile, reflected from a winter's sky. Daydreaming of wha
With Blood Comes Cleansing

Winter Sun  - GlennKaiserBand
Lord, its cold outside tonight How I wish, Lord, the light should comeSo cold outside, Lord, I wishthat the light would comeAt the break of dayIll feel the wi
Glenn Kaiser Band

Wipe The Flesh Away  - LikeDavid
Wipe the flesh away from your eyes.Have you any understanding?Have you any understanding?These things we ponder. (Death)You will make your choice. (Your choice)These thin
Like David

Wisdom Calls  - VeniDomine
Wisdom Calls Aloud In The StreetsHear Her Raising Her Voice In The SquaresHow Long Will You Simple OnesLove Your Evil WaysTurn Around And Listen To My RebukeAnd I Will Po
Veni Domine

Wise Acres  - DanielAmos
Gonna have to pass by Wise AcresYou can smell the fish fry at Wise AcresThere ain't no mysteries'cause all the citizenryis re-writing historyI don't mix with the chemistr
Daniel Amos

Wisher  - Terminal
I walk faster but it always catches up to mewe talk all night, never saying anythingI am all that's in my way do youever feel the same?miracles don't exist in uswe just w

Wishful Thinking - Fighter
I think there's something going wrong / 'Cause I'm all alone / Love seems to slip right through my hands / And I'm on my own / I'm afraid to show you me / 'Cause you may

Witch Hunt  - Petra
Everybody look there's a new bandwagon in town Hop on board and let the wind carry you around Seems like there's not enough to keep us busy till the Lord comes back Don Q

With A Made Up Mind  - ClarenceRobinson
(Written by: Patrick Love)(Recorded in 1998 by The A.L. Jinwright Mass Choir)Verse 1:With a made up mindWith a made up mindI'm willing to go all the way throughIf it cos
Clarence Robinson

With Me Tonight - LostDogs
On and on she go dum bay do daOn and on she go dum be doOn and on she go dum bay do daOn and on she go dum be doOn and on she go dum bay do daOn and on she go dum be do(G
Lost Dogs

Without  - Ezekiel'sEye
HelloI’ve been waiting for you so longTremble as your drawing nearIs it wrong to request you to stay longIt’s your leaving that I fearAnd I want you to stay
Ezekiel's Eye

How can, how can we who are dead to sin Live any longer therein? We've been, we have been called and loved and forgiven Our old life is forgotten (Chorus) Do you remember

Without You  - David&TamelaMann
[Chorus] Without you I don't know what I would do Without you I don't know what I would do Without you I don't know what I would do Without you I'm all alone no friends
David & Tamela Mann

Sometimes I feel like I'm all mixed up inside Sometimes I feel like I wanna go run and hide But then You put Your arms around me And I feel Your sweet love surround me Th

Wohin  - AlleeDerKosmonauten
Sieben ging fr acht und wir gingen auf die Reise Die Welle nahm uns mit, doch der Regen kam ganz leise Ein Stern ging auf im kalten Osten, ein Komet kam und verschwand Wi
Allee Der Kosmonauten

Wolf  - TheMercy
What I could say to you, you may have heard before. To talk of love would be a cliché. Besides I know it would mean so much more if I could mean what I say. I’v
The Mercy

Woman Dont You Know  - Petra
I know that you been scheming Trying to run my head around But I know all about you girl You've been lost - But I've been found Woman don't you know You ain't gonna pull

Wont Stop Praying  - JerryWashington
You know it seems like foreverWhen you're waiting on your blessingAnd trusting in God's wordSometimes comes when testingI refuse to lose my faith along the waySo I'll en
Jerry Washington

Wont Turn Back  - KingsX
somewhere in my mind i won't forgetit's hard to erase the bad times from my mindso much that i've done now i regretand there is no replacement for time it's foolishness w
Kings X

Wont Back Down  - amDrive
my God has a mighty hand as powerful as the raging sea it could heal the broken body or bring a strong man to his knees my God blows me away like a hurricane He stirs me

Wonder  - KingsX
this is warthis is peacequiet roarsof silent screamsit makes me thinkit makes me dealwith the situationhow do i feel?There's a wall between usa partition of sortsand it m
Kings X

Wonder Whats Next  - RevJohnFlowers
Wonder What's NextIt sometimes feels like Im burning,I want you to see,Is this a good quality?I wonder whats next.Nothing.More and more its an animal,Waiting to be seen,F
Rev. John Flowers

Wonder Why  - PFRPrayForRain
You know for certain that you are a liarYou told me yourself you know the TruthBut you won't put two and two togetherYou know the sum would expose you(chorus)And you wond
PFR (Pray For Rain)

Wonderful  - DanielAmos
The sun and Iwatch rainbow days go byThen he drifts awayand I'm staring a hole in the skyooooh...wonderfulwonderfulooooh...Smoke ring cloudsare lit by the silver manwe sh
Daniel Amos

Wonderful Day  - TheLads
V1When we first met I have to sayYou made me smileAnd something about youis just sparkling inside and that's no lieV2When I'm with youI want to let you knowwhat I can see
The Lads

Wonderful World  - Truth
On lovely days when skies are fair Your barren life is perfect When clouds turn gray And all my cares come pouring down on me Lord, You are there when I need You most

Woody  - The77s
i'm staring headlong into the jaws of death big teeth, big mouth, bad bad breath and i promised myself i'd never do this again and i don't understand it help me, i'm goin
The 77s

Word to the wise  - Faithbomb
you know God don't smokehe won't choke no wayI can't believe my eyesyou portray him wrongyou don't sing his songhere's a word to the wisepoking fun at himhide behind your

Worked It Out  - RadioAngels
Worked It Out(written by Lamar Simmons)(recorded by Ricky Dillard & New Generation Chorale)Verse:Worked it out, worked it out.Worked it out, worked it out.Chorus 1:There
Radio Angels

Working For The Man  - WarRocketAjax
We go to work each day - Hey! Hey! - and it's such a sight.Ands we wear it well they can't tell - no stereotype.But we're watching and waiting for a weakness in your plan
War Rocket Ajax

Working Man  - KingsX
Stuck in a rut working nine to fivepunch the clock proving he's a alivehe's a working man getting nowhere he's got a wife, he's got a catgod only knows where they're athe
Kings X

World  - KingsX
Fire's burning, smoke is hurling all across the skyCross the water, past the border, ain't nowhere to hideSummer's coming, rainy season, guess it passed us by World keep
Kings X

World Come Crashing Down  - Undercover
I can see it's hard to read your eyes.Your eyes are all prepared to take me for a ride.Oh my soul upset, I'm so upset, the world come crashing downThe balance of power is

World of Nothingness  - Evergrace
Hear this boy with tears in his eyesHe tells you a story of a world, created by mankindScreams, as the world is strangling himCan't you see this will drown him(Chokes for

The terror, the terror,The atmosphere is shifting.The horror, the horror.The power, the power,Is growing out of chaos.The order, the order.The empire, the empire,Is risin
Saviour Machine

And the chaos reigns; it is insane ...The violence of technology; something so obscene ...Behold the bloody ritual; the forces are engaged ...The earth shall now disclose
Saviour Machine

Worlds Collide - Callisto
Mankind fears what eyes fail to conceive.Unseen presence, within these walls.The cynic will not aquire but the obedient marches on,knowing resistance has begun.The inevit

Wormwood Lounge  - Headnoise
Hey friend you're drinking sorrow by the boatloadsHey friend no one's funneling the liesHey friend by your own hand you are wastedHey friend by your own hand you will die

Worship Medley  - JerryWashington
Worship Medley (Joy Of The Lord, Oh The Glory)(written by Deitrick Haddon)(recorded by Deitrick Haddon)"Joy Of The Lord"Verse:The joy of the Lord is your stren
Jerry Washington

Worshipping Warriors  - SonsOfThunder
Ooooh auh!Holy, Holy God almightyHoly is the LordHoly, Holy God almightyHe was and is and is to comeHoly!Holy!Worshipping warriorsWe worship the LordWorshipping warriorsW
Sons Of Thunder

Worthy Is The Lamb  - LynnBaird
Darlene Zschech - Worthy Is The LambThank You for the cross LordThank You for the price You paidBearing all my sin and shame In love You cameAnd gave amazing graceThank Y
Lynn Baird

Worthy To Be Praised  - RadioAngels
Worthy To Be Praised(written by Judith Christie McAllister and Micah Stampley)(recorded by Micah Stampley)Verse 1:Ha, hallelujah, ha, hallelujah,You're worthy to be prai
Radio Angels

Would You Mind  - LikeDavid
What now?Hopelessly drinking water.From a well that is dry.Hopelessly drinking water.From a well that is empty now.But if you don't mind can I blame Him anyway?But if you
Like David

Life is filled with many chances Some you took, and you some you blew Your path in life can turn ever so quickly On everthing you say And change with everything you do I

Wounded Moon  - Oratorio
In the night time I flewThrough the sky and wounded moonImagination power of mindmakes you scream until you crylike a silent whisper in the airI can still hear voices in

Wrath of the Lion  - VeniDomine
Where Can I Hide From Your EyesAll My Senses Are DarkenedSo Easy To Lose ControlWild Beasts Tracking Us DownOur Minds Enslaved To AuthoritiesAiming For Total ControlFulfi
Veni Domine

Wrestling The Angels  - KellyMinter
This is what I'm thinkin,I'm a little out of step.My spirit leadin right,But the living keeps on pullin left.I'm thoroughly conflicted,I've got this pebble in my shoe.O,
Kelly Minter

Wretch  - Skratchline
And I try I try so hard to do what is rightAnd yet I slip away I fall on my face againCoping again with my sin againOh what life has brought unto meAnd all that comes so

Write It Down  - Bleach
I'll write it down for you,All that I've lostI'm collecting my thoughtsand some pencil and paper will do.Chorus:If you're not listening now,If you're not listening now,I'

Wunderbares Leben  - AlleeDerKosmonauten
Die Stimmen sind jetzt leiser Du siehst m Spiegel dein Gesicht Du wolltest das Leben Doch gefunden hast du's nicht. Geschlagen und gescheitert Dein Weg geht hier nicht we
Allee Der Kosmonauten

XXX  - Rackets&Drapes
Pretty girl's on TV screensCenterfolds in magazinesMovie stars and videoSee the nightly nudie show1-800-S-E-XPorn line of triple XCredit cards or check by phoneFive buck'
Rackets & Drapes

Y2k  - Shout
Y2K is coming the way anydayand you know it just won't do, no wayDO you believe everything that you readDo you believe it's trueThey say dear boy you'd better say your pr

Ya Mama Palm Springs Demo  - PayableOnDeathPOD
What you know about that fallen, fallenBabylon this so called great deadwait, Dread bout to update the death rate in one takeMake no mistake we the real dealaThe radical
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

Ya Dont Say  - GlennKaiserBand
child, you don't say muchmaybe ain't got much to sayyou sing about boys and girlsseem to like bein' up on the stageperhaps just a little too youngmaybe just a bit afraido
Glenn Kaiser Band

Yahweh  - Teramaze
Lord drain all sin and wrongdoings in my lifereduce me from this world set my soul afire for youso that everyone can see you in mereduce meenslave mecleanse meso I may gr

Yahweh Love  - Petra
I hear music coming from heaven Singing a new song in my direction I hear the melody, heavenly symphony Feelings coming over me Sets me spirit free I feel like I've been

Yeah  - KingsX
I hate the world because of you,The blame is my mistake. Yeah.. Present company decline,An aura void of truth. Yeah.. Please forgive me for my attitudeI'm choosing to sta
Kings X

Yes He Will  - RudolphMcKissick
I will live and not dieFor every need there is supplyFor the Savior says just ask And believe that you receiveIf you ask the impossibleWon't He do it somebody say?CHORUS
Rudolph McKissick

Yesterday Sunday  - NeutralAgreement
where did you go? where did you go?you smiled and turned and walked awaydidn't say to me that dayyou wouldn't be coming home, you wouldn't be coming homei cried today, i
Neutral Agreement

Yesterdays News  - Truth
I live in a world of here and now I've got so much ahead of me I put all my hope in days to come Yet in a moment, it all can change Sometimes I get too busy T

Yesterdays Gone  - AshenMortality
Can you stay my children with meLost in the past these memories I seeEveryone I used to knowI've seen them all taken they each had to goYou're all I have now I am oldThe
Ashen Mortality

Yksi Yhteen  - Terapia
mikä on sinun hintasiminkä jälkeen et ole lahjomatontunnetko arvosi pidätkö pintasikun ne vetävät altasi matonkuka pelastaa hinnoittelusta tästÃ

Yo celbraré cantaré al SeÃ~+mn~or Con un cántico nuevo Yo celbraré cantaré al SeÃ~+mn~or Con un cántico nuevo Yo le alabaré con un cántico nuevo Yo le

Yo celbrar?antar?l Se?? Con un c?ico nuevo Yo celbrar?antar?l Se?? Con un c?ico nuevo Yo le alabar?on un c?ico nuevo Yo le alabar?on un c?ico nuevo El Esp?tu de Dios se m

Yo Creo En Dios  - Exousia
(Romanos 1:20-23, Salmos 14:1, Jerem? 33:3, San Mateo 24:35-37, 24:44, Romanos 14:11) Yo Creo en DIOS Creo en SU PODER LA VIDA nos ha dado La muerte ha quebrantado Toda s

Yo Te Alabo  - LeoG
Jesus I will praise Your name I will lift Your name aboveI love You and I will praise You, I will dance until I fallI will sing and I will shout out: Jesus is the Lord of
Leo G

Yo Tengo  - Silage
Yo tengo una amigaWho's jazz is super steriophonicLet it crecendoA million ears are all bionicSilver enticingElastic stretching everlastingMoonlight the icingI've never s

You  - Bleach
I don’t think my heart can take itAnother empty day might break itI need you more than ever beforeI found out what it is I’m missingYouI know your heart can

You Alone  - CastingPearls
I've come to Your throne here so cold and alone I'm calling on Your name I lift my hands to the sky open wide and I cry Lord take me away Take this heavy heart and this w
Casting Pearls

You Alone Are Worthy  - JerryWashington
You Alone Are Worthy(written by T.C. Bereal)(recorded by Alaska Mass Choir)Verse:You alone are worthy,worthy of the honor, glory and praise;while I live, I will bless Yo
Jerry Washington

You And I  - Kainos
I want to be with You No matter what we go through For you are who I am Though the walls they are so high Together we will climb For you are who I am You cherished me You

You Are  - RudolphMcKissick
Kirk Franklin"You Are" lyricsJesus You are my joy withinYou are the shelter from the windYou are the forgiver of my sinsJesus You are yesWhere can I goWho can
Rudolph McKissick

You Are All To Me  - GlennKaiserBand
ChorusYou are all to meYou are all to meYou formed the land and the rolling seaYou are my God and You're all to me Who scattered stars across the skyWho caused the sun an
Glenn Kaiser Band

You Are God  - Frank'sEnemy
You wake up in the morning and you call the mirror GodWith eyes deep inside that show a man in loveSelf-hypnotized to your transcendency withinIdiot-proofed game you play
Frank's Enemy

You Are I Am  - Petra
From the top of the mountains to the bottom of the sea From beginning of time through eternity From burning bush to Gethsemane From the Red Sea shores to the Galilee (Cho

You Are My Everything  - GeorgeSearight
You Are My Everything(recorded by Bishop George Searight and Abundant Life Family Worship Church)You are the love of my life, (Jesus)You are the One that I cling to.I wou
George Searight

You Are My Rock  - Petra
Moving through the shadows of uncertainty Clinging to the words You said Through my loneliness and fear I long to feel You near But I hear another voice inside my head Bu

You Are The Fire  - RobRock
I used to fight, I used to hide, I used to lieLost in the shadows of the nightI realize the sacrifice and now you're mineI'll always have you by my sideAll through the mu
Rob Rock

You Are The Source  - GlennKaiserBand
Father, You are the source of our loveJesus, You are the source of our joySpirit, You are the source of our peaceOh Lord, we live to do Your willYour will (6x)Oh Lord, we
Glenn Kaiser Band

You Are There  - TowerofHundred
Only child, wanting nothingNo boundaries to surround meHeading after, my disasterNot knowing You were there for meGetting older, heart of stoneNot heading down the narrow
Tower of Hundred

You Blessed Me  - RudolphMcKissick
ChorusYou blessed me over and over againI discovered you are my friendI need you, I need youI want to thank you, Lord for blessing meI called Him, He heard meHe gave me
Rudolph McKissick

You Can Make It  - RadioAngels
Shirley Caesar - You Can Make ItYou Can Make ItSOLO:Oh broken promises And shattered dreamsNo hope it seemsStill I believeThat I can make itBy faith I am leadingThe King
Radio Angels

You Cant Stop It  - VengeanceRising
From the dust, where you've come from to the dust you will returnFrom there to the judgement seat, enter the kingdom, or to burnThis is not some story line, from Greek my
Vengeance Rising

You Created  - Caedmon'sCall
Who is like unto the Lord our God Who dwelleth on high, Who dwelleth on high Who is like unto the Lord our God Who dwelleth on high, Who dwelleth on high You dwell
Caedmon's Call

You Did It All  - JerryWashington
You Did It All(written by Richard Smallwood)(recorded by Richard Smallwood & Vision)Verse 1Lord, You loved me before I even loved myself,Your loving arms reached out for
Jerry Washington

You Dont Scare Me  - The77s
If I'm walking in the darkYou don't scare meKiller chasing me thru the parkYou don't scare meI could ride on a planeLosing all its enginesHeading straight down the drainI
The 77s

You Get The Glory  - VoicesofCitadel
LEAD:Not for form or fashionOr an outside show to the worldNot to impress any man, woman, boy, or girlBut so that You, You can have it allCHOIR:So that You can get the gl
Voices of Citadel

Where have we been and where are we goin'And who really cares?A trip to the moon, a tryst in the desertWe fall down the stairsSomebody wins, and somebody losesIt's up to

You Get What You Pray For  - Sorrowstorm
All of a sudden this big world will endBillions of people will wish it never beganLet us prayNo amount of wisdom, stature or wealthWill impress the ever-loving GodOr (tha

Ain't pullin' no punchesI got nothing to proveI'm a holy roller an' I live in Your TruthFor Your power is mightyAn' I trust in Your WordSo bring on the lions, they have t

You Gotta Move  - LostDogs
ChorusYou gotta moveYou gotta moveYou gotta move, childYou gotta moveAnd when the Lordget readyYou gotta moveYou may be highYou may be lowYou may be rich, childYou may be
Lost Dogs

You Had Me At Hello  - GrandIncredible
I think about you all the time and I can see so many thingsThat I admire but then I think that she could never want meYou're beautiful and there's sometimes I kind of los
Grand Incredible

You Keep Blessing Me  - FloridaMassChoir
Press down, shaken together And runnin over You keep on blessing me, Lord Blessing me ...(repeat) Thank you (repeat) Blessing me (repeat)
Florida Mass Choir

You Know  - RobRock
The air is filled with tension, I'm tired of this gameSomething here is dying it don't feel the sameLying right beside you, I find it hard to breatheSearching for a reaso
Rob Rock

You Know My Name  - LynnBaird
Words by Darlene ZschechMusic by David HolmesYou hold the world in motionYou say the word and heaven opensYou flung the stars into spaceGod of wondersYou know my nameWhe
Lynn Baird

You Live Among The Dead  - Headnoise
There's lipstick stain on the steering wheel of painTouch the button we all end in a flashHumor loves tragedy when you awake from the imageryLike sweat that drips from th

You Lord  - PFRPrayForRain
I used to do okay on my ownThink I was made of stoneThat I could carry a heavy loadNever thought that one day I'd be all aloneAnd then the road got longI saw I was wrongA
PFR (Pray For Rain)

You Lose  - Bloodgood
I feel like running, yes it's time to leaveMy eyes see it but I don't believeYour life is like a white washed tombYou speak of love, but your words are doomYou speak of l

You Make Me Happy  - GlennKaiserBand
Some mornins it comes to me with the break of daySometimes at the high noon with the sun so brightSome late afternoon times when the sun sets low Some evenins
Glenn Kaiser Band

You Mean That Much To Me  - JerryWashington
(Verse 1)All along I could hear Your voice say, you are mine, you areAnd I knew if I called on You that You would take me inSo I made up my mind to devote my lifeAnd giv
Jerry Washington

You Never Know  - RevJohnFlowers
Rev. John Flowers

You Satisfy - LostDogs