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Tried To Tell Her  - PFRPrayForRain
She wallows in her miseryWhat made her think that this would beThat this would be any differentFrom the first mistake she madeStill she dove without a careFor the second
PFR (Pray For Rain)


movement i: the liethe fruit from the tree was sopleasing to my eye. the serpentsaid that i would not die.the serpent shall be cursed, hewill crawl about and eat dust.i w

movement ii: the truth(then Jesus was lead by the spirit intothe desert to be tempted by the devil.after fasting 40 days and 40 nights, hewas hungry. the tempter came to

movement iii: the keyevil scheming, wicked violence,and such is the end of all with illgotten gain.hatred rejection, mocking others,this takes the lives of those with ill

Trouble  - GlennKaiserBand
Uptown, downtown, all aroundYou can see it in their facesIn a '71 Chevy with the big mag wheelsWe was crusin' the concrete, we was lookin' for dealsWhen in the rear view
Glenn Kaiser Band

Trouble In My Way  - ClarenceRobinson
Trouble In My Way(traditional)(recorded by B. Chase Williams & Shabach)Verse 1Trouble in my way, I have to cry sometimes.Trouble in my way, I have to cry sometimes.I lay
Clarence Robinson

Troubled World  - GlennKaiserBand
Me an my brother, hot dusty dayPickin peas from the vine Where the honey bees playStealin fresh fruit from the garden out thereNever a worry and never a
Glenn Kaiser Band

Truly Amazing - BigDismal
I see amazing... and I feel it too. I wish you could meet her 'Cause she comes and goes, But when you see her you'll know... Truly amazing... love for the fallen. Truly a
Big Dismal

Trusting God  - JerryWashington
Verse 1What do you doWhen you just don't understandAnd what do you doWhen you just cannot explainAnd what do you do sayWhen you just don't have the answersThrough it all
Jerry Washington

Truth Bomb  - TruthBomb
Those who live up in the Heavens And those who live down in the deepest place on earth Will hear Your name Will know Your fame All creation will look up and know that CH
Truth Bomb

Trying To Forget You  - JeremiahsGrotto
I keep trying to forget you,and I’ve found that I'm better since you're gone,I keep trying to forget you,I realize you're not the only one for me,how could you put
Jeremiahs Grotto

Tu Nombre Santo Es  - Petra
Adoramos por siempre al creador A Ti SeÃ~+mn~or alzamos nuestra voz Tu nombre santo es Tu nombre santo es Cuán Santo eres Tu santa trinidad Rey de reyes y el SeÃ~+mn~or Tu

Tuesday Morning  - RoseBlossomPunch
What do you think ofIn your room at night while eyes turned overAnd wonder through night skiesDo you stay upAnd stare at glowing wiresYou’ve said it nowThe moonâ
Rose Blossom Punch

Tuesday Mourning  - HolySoldier
Mama, oohMama, oohStaring into the shadowslying there, gripped with fearbut you made the monsters disappearMama don't you leave me on my ownHow could the angels lead yous
Holy Soldier

Et tullut paikalle Jeesus, vaikka Sua niin paljon janosin. Turhaanko uskoimme: oot meidän kanssamme yhteen kun nimessäs tulemme? Miks et oo vastannut Jeesus, vaikka Sua

Turhia sanoja  - Terapia
jotkut toivovat enemmän kuin uskovatja jotkut uskovat vaikkeivat uskalla toivoaja mieli joka janoaajaksaa vaeltaaviisas tietää tietävänsä aika vähÃ

Turn It Around  - EdensWay
You're worried about your destiny: are you living right? / Worried of your eternity, that never-ending ride / Things are on your mind, you've got a heavy load / You're lo
Edens Way

Turn Of The Century  - Impellitteri
11:59 and it's all going well, the next second could be our lastThis is the moment we've all waited for, to see if the world's gonna' passThe seer and the psychic, the pr

Turn This Off  - DanielAmos
Too many empty headsCold hearts, eyes deadInert and inbredDrugs guns and hot leadPierced, spiked and tattooedReligious yahooHot tempers, cheap boozeNothin' here but bad n
Daniel Amos

Turn To Christ  - VomitorialCorpulence
Vomitorial Corpulence

Turn Your Head Around  - David&TamelaMann
CRYSTAL-Searchin' all night to find a reason why I should hold back my love from you And let my fear breakthrough BILL-You know he's got you in this season Waiting for l
David & Tamela Mann

Turn Your Heart Around  - David&TamelaMann
CRYSTAL-Searchin' all night to find a reason why I should hold back my love from you And let my fear breakthrough BILL-You know he's got you in this season Waiting for l
David & Tamela Mann

Turning Back  - SacredWarrior
Like a trip on a dead end street, my life`s coming to an endYour love has no meaning now `cause I`ve gone astrayLost alone in time, I now see what I have doneWhat I`ve at
Sacred Warrior

Turnout  - TheCafFiends
Green light Until it all fell down that's just the way life is your words are like trash; i threw them out how can life be so cruel to rise the occasion just to fall I ho
The CafFiends

Twice Dead  - LikeDavid
Are you ready?Take up your cross.Are you ready?Take up your cross.You want to be used, But you call yourself....Yourself twice dead.Are you ready?Take up your cross.Are y
Like David

Twilight Comes  - NorthernFlame
In the dawn of the blackest night, they are rising from below.The fallen they are, who hunger for our soulsAnd to spread diseases on all mankind...The twilight comes... a
Northern Flame

Two  - KingsX
two wordslove, hatewhere are youyou know who you aretwo wordslove, hate touch metrulywhere are youyou know who you areso i'm asking youso far don't know where to look any
Kings X

You can call me up in the night I will pray till you win the fight We're more than friends We walk together Through any weather We sharpen each other (Chorus) I'll be the

Two Faced  - Teramaze
No Lyrics

U R Trippin - The77s
will you remember your love when you hide it away? will you remain in a state of the same old grace until you're strong enough to face your face? but you're mine pretty b
The 77s

U U U U  - TheSeventySevens
(Mike Roe)i feel lonely, isolatedcut off from youi feel uptight & frustratedwhat else is newi'd feel a whole lot betterif i could only talk to youi'd give anything to hea
The Seventy Sevens

Ulterior World  - Evergrace
Take me away, lead me furtherDon't want to stayNo, noSailing ahead to my homelandOut of this worldSo now I see, and I don't know what all this becameAnd now I know, it's

Unbalanced  - The77s
(Roe/Harmon/Spencer)I come with lines, you talk in circlesI own the blues, you rent the color purpleI scream for ice cream, you whisper for wineYou do your life, baby I d
The 77s

Unbroken - LynnBaird
To be unbroken To be unbroken Fallen to pieces (I am undone) The things you said (Manipulation) I trusted you like a fool While you made all the rules So you searched me
Lynn Baird

Uncalled For  - Frank'sEnemy
I blame you for how I amOr else I wouldn't understandAll I know is survival all is hellBottom of the hole through which I fellAnswer the question to end them allWhy did t
Frank's Enemy

Unceasing  - Paramaecium
[Music by I. Arkley]Life is unceasing

Unchangeable  - LynnBaird
You said You'd never leaveYou said You'd never forsake meTime after time I see every little thing You doAnd all You say turns out to be for realAnd all Your promises com
Lynn Baird

Uncle Fred Won the Lottery  - SkankinBuvas
Dear Uncle Fred,You said if God could prove He was realYou'd gladly buy into this deal,but it seems you don't need him anymore.'Cause you played your lucky #, never took
Skankin Buvas

Unconditional  - 1NCOneNationCrew
[Spanish:] I want everyone to stand up, Help me praise the Lord. Yeah! I want to hear you! I give thanks to the Lord Lift your hands in the air like crazy Because He is d
1NC (One Nation Crew)

Uncontrolled  - SacredWarrior
Well there's people living for excitementThey feel like it's the only way of life Born with angerLife's hell every hourFrom dawn to dusk they're always on the run But if
Sacred Warrior

Under A Moonlit Sky  - Slechtvalk
A gentle wind, that rustles the leaves,is whispering in my earA bright moon gazes at me through the forests canopylighting my pathWandering through the forest I marvel at

Under Deaths Spell  - TransfiguralForm
Under Deaths SpellWords and music - Pope© 2002 Popenotes music (ASCAP)All rights reservedI gave up beforeI gave up againI kept giving upTo my own sins .....I Ran from
Transfigural Form

Under The Gun  - RobRock
Every night I have the same ol' dream,An angel standing in the sun over meI see you walking on a sea of glass,Holding up your love at lastIn falling rain, you're so far a
Rob Rock

Under the Heat  - The77s
Like a snap of the fingersIt was just that quickThe building had fallenAnd shattered andMelted under the heatWe found a buddyWho was covered in bloodHe kept trying to get
The 77s

Under The Sun  - Antestor
I started to think ofwhat I've done with my handsWorked hard and suffered fornothing but emptinessWant to cry to dieunder the sun that's whyWisdom and foolishnessnothing

Under The Water  - Selfmindead
The fire is out And the temperature is falling No one will survive It’s getting so cold Nothing left to say When the fire has stopped burning When the lights are f

Under These Palm Trees  - SkysTheLimit
jump in the mess of human lives undressed and sin uconfessed, and see beauty look at the sea of misfits and misery and cry 'til you bleed and see beauty that's was god do
Sky's The Limit

Undercover  - Diversions
all the things i've kept undercover you will search them out where i have tried to limit you you reveal yourself my outer being and inner thoughts to you there's no disti

Underground  - Petra
Look at the front page, turn on the tv They fire another round at you and me Their guns are loaded, they're taking aim Nobody told them we're not all the same No paranoia

I was just a young man With a burning fuse Headed in the wrong way 'Til I heard the news 'Bout a substitution Blood shed for me 'Bout a grace so amazing it can make a man

Understand  - Gryp
Lyrics Not Available

Undivine Election  - Grammatrain
Unholy judge on high above / unholy finger you point at everyone / and you sit alone on your moral throne / non do you serve so you've become your ownYou must have died /

Through hoops and secret panelsDown the Slip-n-SlideFaith finds a way to the other sideBut you are tempted to be cleverThis seems to do the trickPick a number, you've got
Daniel Amos

Unfailing Love  - SacredWarrior
I never knew what love was all about'till I found youI never thought that it ever would be this wayMany times I've tried to make it on my ownBut I'd fall apartYet I knew
Sacred Warrior

Unfinished Business  - GlennKaiserBand
Nobody lives foreverin the twinkling of an eyeWe think were here forever I sure dont know whyBut dont it seem to you we still got lots to doThings get p
Glenn Kaiser Band

Ungrateful  - Gryp
(2x)Eternity awaits for me.How many times and how many ways will you ridicule me?(((Chorus))):How does it feel to know that you won't make it past thisworld unless you tu

Union  - Undercover
Boy and GirlPlan their worldPromises made togetherSearch for unionWithout regretLoving only each otherLife goes onWhen the hour's goneCan't hold back its reinLove is stra

Union Of The Soul  - RevJohnFlowers
Union of the SoulHow can I be so despairing, when you are so full of joyHow can I be so laser-like and you are so passively contentHow can I bleed my sorrows and you hide
Rev. John Flowers

United We Stand  - Impellitteri
It was 8:45 New York time when disaster filled the skyDeath struck and the towers rocked, then we began to dieAll the steel came crashing down and rose in a cloud of smok

Unity  - David&TamelaMann
"U.N.I.T.Y."[Spoken:]Yo, It's HaddyAll over the worldWe gon do it like this yallThis is for all God's people[vocalizing][Chorus:]All of God's children when we
David & Tamela Mann

Unlimited Love  - Laudamus
Trust your wizards and your horoscopeSatisfied when you're high on dopeFind your answeres in the demon's signFeels okay living on this lieDistracting prophets are calling

Until I Found The Lord  - RudolphMcKissick
Verse I:I prayed and I prayedI prayed all night longI prayed and I prayedUntil I found the LordChorus:My soulJust couldn't be contentedMy soulJust couldn't be contentedM
Rudolph McKissick

Untombed  - Paramaecium
[Music by A. Tompkins and J. Sherlock]At the dawning of the second morning from the execution dayWomen approached the private sepulchre where the deadMessiah layThey quer

Unusual - TheLads
(V1)They were all alonePeople who were lost and left behindBut they were not unknownHe heard their voices callingThey were the ones that He had come to findWhere was He f
The Lads

Unveil  - ForgottenArrival
remove the veil from my eyes see if there be anything at all that may keep me from you. cause i am falling more in love with you i'm turning my back on all unrightiousnes
Forgotten Arrival

Unwaking Hour  - ThyneScabbard
This injustice of a burning heart, You play games with me. Talking to all the pretty faces, My pain is my destiny. Giving all my care always saying goodbye. Every time yo
Thyne Scabbard

Unwound  - PoorMan'sRiches
Sifting through the darknessOverturning thoughts of yesterdayFalling all over yourself Another blue sky fades to grayThe cold hand of a shadow takes your ownTo places you
Poor Man's Riches

Up Above My Head  - RudolphMcKissick
Up above my head I hear music in the air Up above my head there's a melody so bright And fair I can hear when I'm all alone Even in those times when I feel all hope is g
Rudolph McKissick

Up In The Morning - LostDogs
Daybreak I'm half awakeToday is all there is(I'll be) Out the door, but not beforeI've kissed the wife and kidsI've whistled in the darkI've known the broken heartI've se
Lost Dogs

upon my soul  - MadMax
Neon lights shine down on me Paralyze my sight I tumble and sway, oh Lord how I pray This nightmare ends Undercover, under rope Bridge I'm a man on a mission I fall down
Mad Max

UPPSTÃ…NDELSEN  - Parakletos
Döden kunde ej hållaFridens furste i sina klorDödsriket kunde ej behållaEn kärlek så storUr gravens mörka djupEn tordönsstämma hör!Rösten

Upright  - FocalPoint
erase the feeling. break apart from fear. stand up to your controller. you can't regulate me. i won't take this frustration. i've got my self liberation. break down the w
Focal Point

Upside Down  - LynnBaird
Everybody's searching for something Something that they can call their own Wishing, hoping, waiting for empty skieds to open up But they don't What's up with all the obse
Lynn Baird

Use Me  - ClarenceRobinson
Use Me(written by Eric Thomas)(recorded by Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago)VerseIf I had ten thousand tounges,I'd praise You with every one.If I could fly to
Clarence Robinson

Useless  - SmileyKids
You once were blind but now you see.Only yourself not anybody.Christ died for all and not just you.So what stops you from telling them truth.God gives hope, He gives us p
Smiley Kids

Uskaltaa - Terapia
se mikä ei tapase tekee hyväämissä ei ole matalaasiellä on syvääse joka ei kyydistä hyppääse kyllä tykkääsun täytyy vaanuskaltaa

Usuario - Antidemon
[1Jo 5:19 / Jo 10:10]Rua miséria o caoscrianças entoam maldita situaçãoFome de vida e de pão, desgraçaTudo se foi se esvaiuA cola que cola os neurôni

Uzziah  - RudolphMcKissick
Uzziah(written by Donald Lawrence & Terence Sykes)(recorded by Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers and also Brenda Waters)Chorus:In the year King Uzziah died,I saw th
Rudolph McKissick

Vacant Memories  - TransfiguralForm
Transfigural Form

Vagrant People  - Bloodgood
A vagrant people, you shake your fistThe blade that cuts, you turn and kissYour master hates you and he'll have your headBut I've opened graves and raised the deadLook to

Vain pisara Jeesuksen vertaja syyllisyys pyyhitään pois.Vain kosketus ristin Herraan,se elämän uuden tuo.Vain pisara Jeesuksen vertaja katseesi kohota voi.Ei

Vale Of Tears  - Antestor
The Assembler Of Souls Absorbs All Within His ReachHis Seemingly Perpetual Glance Of DoomWould Even Make The Smallest Of Serenities BreachAs He Rides The Wind Being The G

Valentine  - Rackets&Drapes
see the slits, in my wristsi made for you, made for youthis is the way that i sayi love you, i love yoube mine, be mine, be mine,be my valentinebe my bride in suicideblee
Rackets & Drapes

Valet  - TinmanJones
Dressed in black White gloves and all You drive up and I greet you A glad handshake and the money But that's not all that I'm into I take your keys I park your ride I'm y
Tinman Jones

Valleys Fill First  - Caedmon'sCall
This is the vally that i'm walking through And if fells like forever since I've been close to you My friends up above me don't understand why i struggle like i do My shad
Caedmon's Call

Valo on sisällä  - Terapia

Valvokaa - HB
Yksin Taivaallinen Isämme vain tietää, milloin Herramme aika on tulla. Silloin toinen on lähtevä, mutta se jää, joka Häntä ei tahtonut kuulla. Eikä myöhässä

Vapaa  - Terapia
olen vapaakukaan ei tule sanomaanolen vapaaei kukaan voi väistää kohtaloaanmutta valinta on minunvoin kääntää uuden sivunse on valittuna olemistalÃ

Var Inte Rädd - Admonish
Var inte rädd. Det finns ett hemligt tecken,ett namn som skyddar dig nu när du går.Din ensamhet har stränder in mot ljuset.Var inte rädd. I sanden finns de

Väärästä  - Terapia
nyt kun ajat kyynelsilmin vastaantulevien kaistallaensi kertaa katsot taakse kuluneita kuukausiakaikki uudet ystävät houkutuksineentuntui silloin oikealta nyt tied

Vegas Car ChasersThey runThey run toVegas Car ChasersThey runThey run toAlways into you

Vegetable  - KingsX
If I didn't have a brainThen I couldn't feel no painAnd the longing to be happyIf I didn't have a nameAnd everybody looked the sameMaybe I could see the difference I woul
Kings X

Velas Negras  - Antidemon
Velas prendidasSon velas negrasProclaman el malDeclaran la muerteSon velas prendidasQue apagan las vidasOh cuan vil dispuestoSatán usurpadorAmargura, el malVodus enmar

Ven Fuera De Egipto  - Exousia
(Éxodo 11, 12)Hace mucho tiempo yaque tu vives en tierra de Egiptoes tierra de sombra y de muertees tierra de esclavitud.Vives odiando a la gentevives amando el

Vengeance  - Exousia

Veni Sancte Spiritus - Bleakwail
And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it

Venom  - GSMegaphone
You hurt me oh so deeply, I could not even cry,Your poison was effective I must admit.I was afraid to love, I was afraid to hateI was afraid to fail, I was afraid to win.
GS Megaphone

Vent  - Crashdog
We run around in circlesLike chickens without a head,Social inhibitionIs something quickly shed,Everyone's the sameWhen you're slamming in the pit,Never need to worryHow

Verb  - Silage
Hubcaps sparkle in the curbFootsteps silently disturbThe sidewalks, the clublightsThe streetlamps that burnAll look good in the eyes of the worldI like the music, the bea

Via Dolorosa - Antestor
You're Ideals Are Wicked And DeceivingHow Can You Find PeaceYou Seek The Righteous, But Find The VoidDie By The Sword Of Live By The BookGlimpse You're Death Within The S

Viagem  - Antidemon
[Cl. 1:13,14]fiz uma viagem especialfoi uma viagem celestialsempre fiz muitas viagensviajei por muitas galáxiaspor causa daquela erva malditaaté marte eu enxergavae

Viaje  - Antidemon
Hice un viaje especialFue un viaje celestialSiempre hice muchos viajesViajé por muchas galaxiasPor causa de aquella hierba maldita¡¡¡Hasta Marte yo alucinaba!

Vicars Of Fate  - Saint
Life is aborted truth is distorted theres rampage heresy Priest in their anger rulers of danger telling their lies continuously Masters of nighttime corrupt and foul vica

Victim Of The System  - RobRock
Living in the city where the poverty prevailsSleeping on the side walk you can hear the sirens wailDining with the rats down on 42nd streetBegging for some money, hungry
Rob Rock

Victory  - JerryWashington
Victory(written by Deitrick Haddon)(recorded by Voices of Unity featuring Deitrick Haddon)Chorus:V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, victory is mine, yeah I've got it.V-I-C-T-O-R-Y,victory i
Jerry Washington

Victory In Jesus  - RudolphMcKissick
Victory In Jesus(written by Frank Williams)(recorded by Mississippi Mass Choir)Verse 1:I met Satan on the road I traveled one day,and he said, "why don't you follow
Rudolph McKissick

Victory Shall Be Mine  - ClarenceRobinson
Victory Shall Be Mine(written by David A. Blakely)(recorded by Minister Timothy Britten & Shabach Praise Co.)Chorus:I know that victory shall be mine.I know that victory
Clarence Robinson

Victory Song  - NeutralAgreement
tonight where i stand (i stand)apart from the plan (the plan)and my soul cries out (cries out)to let me know howto let me know, to let me knowto let me know, to let me kn
Neutral Agreement

Videosmut  - NeonCross
First ya wanna be, make ‘em wanna see, ya tellin’ mePolitically ya gonna wanna freer me and everybodyTell it! Yell it! Sell it! Like ya really plan to shell
Neon Cross

Vielä kerran  - Terapia
ei en mä viitsien mä jaksa enääei mikään kannata kuitenkaanunohda koko juttuvielä kerran pistän vastaansanon ääneen totuudenpidän kiinni

Vielleicht Regen  - AlleeDerKosmonauten
Die Blumen am Fenster Sind lautlos verschwunden Ein Telefon klingelt Und es regnet seit Stunden. Eine Tr f?t zu Ein Fernseher lacht Wo fang ich an? Hab heut' nichts gemac
Allee Der Kosmonauten

Vihreitä miehiä  - Terapia
jotkut haluaa uskoaettä yksin maailmankaikkeudessaon ihminen ja siksiitse oman itsensä mittavaan syvällä sielussaon suuri aukko ihmisessäse etsii ja odotta

Viimeisenä maalissa  - Terapia
eien häpeä yhtäänraskaasti hengittäävaikkahitaammin lennänolen saanut enemmäntaas vedän keuhkoni täyteentämän kaupungin likaista ilmaa

Violence Of Love  - Crashdog
when you were disappeared, a part of me went toothe consequence of my silence was mostly felt by yourevealed to poor and simple, hidden from those so high abovethe only v

Virgin Falls  - DanielAmos
God and Goddess on a silver screenArchetype lovers in a perfect dreamWe love'em, we leave'em forever cleanThen a dirty little secret spoils everythingChorus:Let the virgi
Daniel Amos

Virgin In The Midst  - Rackets&Drapes
Pretty, in an ugly worldWhere the harlots hate youBeauty, walks among the beastsBut they resent youSickened, by your baby's breatheIt stings the nosesSinners, are like th
Rackets & Drapes

Virtue And Vice  - HolySoldier
It's Funny How You Only See A Certain Side Of Me,For I Am Just A Man Encaged In Who I'm Supposed To BeYes You Think You Know Me, But Just To What Degree,I Can't Deny My O
Holy Soldier

Visions - KingsX
the lunatic says goodbye to those who say they love himhe's wise within himself though this craziness surrounds himfrom his lips come truth within insanityand people pass
Kings X

Visual Prison  - RobRock
I'm watching you at home from my prison cell aloneTrapped here inside my visual prisonDeadly stare into the monitor screenMesmerized by the latest scenesSwitching channel
Rob Rock

Visually Evil  - TheAngryCanadiens
Im so sick/ of this rotting away my mind// Im so sick/ of all the thoughts its left behind/ I do it again/ and I do it again/ and every time feel worse than before/ the o
The Angry Canadiens

Voice In The Wind  - Petra
Wind may come, wind may go Where it blows noone knows Chill the bone, fan the fire Lead the soul to hearts desire (Chorus) There's a voice in the wind that calls your nam

Voice of Creation - VeniDomine
airwaves confirm youknown by your nameregistries movementit's like a computer gameinformation overloadpipelines to my brainis my inside to explodenone to keep me saneimpl
Veni Domine

Voice Of Defiance - Crashdog
We're the youngWe're the youthWe're the onesLooking for the truthSo they can sayYou're only fifteenBut in my bookThat don't mean a thingYou got a mindyou got a voiceTake

Voimaa ja valoa  - Terapia
kaipa näin alhaalla joku muukin on ollutkaipa näissä huoneissa joku muukin asustellutjoskus toki minäkin kuvittelin liikojanyt kun totuus on läsnä ei pa

Voimahan suurehen  - Excubiae
Voimahan suurehen rakkautes,Herrani, kätke mua.Purppuravirtaasi uppoudun,suo minun puhdistua.Köyhänä, heikkona, puutoksinarmo on uupua haavoihin.Purppuravirta

Voiton Päivä  - FromAshes
Ja niin koitti päivä, jota me odotimme...odotimme niin kauan kyynelin ja kirouksin.Sinä päivänä kansa nousi kansaa vastaan,hävitys ja suru levitettii
From Ashes

Vorbei  - AlleeDerKosmonauten
Wir w?n einfach losgefahr'n Um morgens dann am Strand zu steh'n Und das Meer zu seh'n. Wir h?en n?telang erz?t Es interessiert mich, was du magst Und was dir nicht gef?t
Allee Der Kosmonauten

Wait  - RevJohnFlowers
WaitLooking out my front door I see a frantic world desperate for more Quick fix at your fingertips The longer it takes the harder it gets But I'll wait for You To give m
Rev. John Flowers

Wait Im Gonna Get There  - DennisLeonard
with Bryan DuncanSo this is itThis is everythingI'm wanting, I'm working to beI have to admitYou're unravelingThe deepest parts of meThough it's scary I believeAs I wait
Dennis Leonard

Wait For The Sun  - PFRPrayForRain
Love will always staySomewhere in your heartAnd hope will never fadeThough at times it will be hardBut lift your head anywayGod's Son is returningHe's bringing brighter d
PFR (Pray For Rain)

Hands in pocketsHis wallet's a weaponCorporation hit manNothin's left when he's doneThey come from Pnomh PenhGot seven childrenWhat's the differenceHe'll just evict themN

Waiting - LynnBaird
Come this far by yourself Face the world on your own No one heard your cry for help Thought you were alone I got a different story to tell you Cause I've been there befor
Lynn Baird

will you hear my blood crying from the earthlike you did with ablewill you dress me up in white like it saysin the revelationsthe process has already begunI'm waiting for
Veni Domine

We were so braveWe never fearedWe were so closeWe were so dearWho could've thoughtHow far we'd driftI'm trying to think of how thatI can let you know how much you're miss
Lost Dogs

Waiting on Today  - PayableOnDeathPOD
I'm wishin', searchin' for somethin' and life is goin' on. Time is tickin', and I'm sleepin' I feel it comin' on, I feel it comin' on We keep it comin' on, So keep livin'
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

Wake Me Up  - Impellitteri
Thinking about the way you say you love meThinking about the way you say you careHoping that you could somehow spare a moment for meBut you never have a minute to shareTr

Wake Up Sally  - RobRock
Wake up Sally have you heard the news,I've got a brand new band,I'm gonna kick the blues, now baby,just hold on to my handGet up now, I've got some work to do,I see my gu
Rob Rock

Waking From The Coma  - NamesWithoutNumbers
i turned my back just oncefor once i didn't caremy heart was never there till the knife cut throughand now i lie so stillno one detects a soundbut screams within my head
Names Without Numbers

Waking Up The Dead  - Blissed
Caution to the ones afraid of the son Who won't do what isn't fun, this ain't for you You should get nervous now, don't stick around You're always looking down and we're

Walk Around Heaven  - ClarenceRobinson
Mighty Clouds of Joy, The - Walk Around HeavenWalk Around Heaven(written by Cassietta George)(recorded by Cassietta George, The Mighty Clouds Of Joy & Beau Williams)Verse
Clarence Robinson

Walk Away  - RobRock
Look at the violence that rages in your heartScreaming in silence, it's tearing you apartBurning with vengeance, need an answer for your soulConsider the damage, got noth
Rob Rock