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Jesus Hes My King  - VictoryInPraiseMusic&ArtsSeminarMassChoir
Chorus 1Jesus, when troubles burden me down,Jesus, I know Your love's all around;Jesus, oh yes, He's my King.VerseWhen darkness gathers and friends forsake me,I know You'
Victory In Praise Music & Arts Seminar Mass Choir

Jesus Hes The Rock  - GospelMusicWorkshopofAmericaNationalMassChoir
ChorusJesus, He's the rock, Jesus, He's the rock, in a weary land, in a weary land,Jesus, He's the rock, Jesus, He's the rock, Tenors Shelter in the timeAltos shelter in
Gospel Music Workshop of America National Mass Choir

Jesus (Jesus) oh Jesus (Jesus) oh how I love calling your name oooh Jesus (Jesus) oh sweet Jesus everyday your name is the same when my troubles surround me and i didn't
B. Chase Williams

Jesus Is A Love Song  - RevJohnFlowers
I keep hearing this melody in my earI keep feeling His presence so nearMusic, so sweet and completeLike the voice of an angelIt ministers to meCHORUS:A love songBeautiful
Rev. John Flowers

Jesus is Jehovah to Me  - DanielAmos
I can tell you're a sincere manAnd I'm tryin' my best to understandBut your words are confusin', it seems you're abusin'God's Word that's there in your handNow a Christia
Daniel Amos

Jesus Is Lord  - Charles&Taylor
Jesus Is LordWritten by Andrae CrouchVerse 1:There are so many people who have walked this earth, thinking that they know the truth.So they often criticize the way I bel
Charles & Taylor

Jesus Is Love  - LondaLarmond
(Also recorded by Lionel Richie)Verse 1:Father, help Your children,and don't let them fall by the side of the road.And teach them to love one another,that heaven might fi
Londa Larmond

Jesus Is Mine  - FloridaMassChoir
Chorus: Jesus is mine, Jesus is mine, everywhere I go, everywhere I be; oh Jesus is mine. Bridge: Tenors: Morning Altos/Sopranos: Mine in the morning Tenors: Evening Alto
Florida Mass Choir

It's fun to turn the amp up to 11And sing so loud you can't understand the wordsAnd sometimes that's okay when they're not profoundBut I need to sing this kind of song to

Jesus Is My Rock  - RevGeraldThompson&TheTennesseFullGospelBaptistChurchMassChoir
ChorusJesus is my rock, my rock, my sword and shield,and He's my wheel in the middle of a wheel.He guides my footsteps and wipes away all my tears,Jesus is my rock, my ro
Rev. Gerald Thompson & The Tennesse Full Gospel Baptist Church Mass Choir

Jesus Is My Shrink  - SmileyKids
please search my mind please look inside there's somthing wrong i just can't hide my brain is strange I can't understand why i sometimes think the things i think and i wo
Smiley Kids

Jesus Is The Light  - FloridaMassChoir
Chorus 1: Jesus is the light that shineth in me, that shineth in me. Jesus is the light that shineth in me, that shineth in me. Chorus 2: He'll show up in me. He'll show
Florida Mass Choir

When I first heard youWell, I was just a kidAnd you sang doo-wah doo-wahEvery note from you wasLike a letter from homeWhen you went doo-wah, doo-wahBut for too many years
Lost Dogs

Jesus My Savior  - SonsOfThunder
Dont listen to his covered lies That you are nothing worth Cause in the eyes of the Father Youre the most precious thing on earth Dont by the cheap
Sons Of Thunder

Jesus My Saviour  - SonsOfThunder
Don’t listen to his covered lies That you are nothing worthCause in the eyes of the FatherYou’re the most precious thing on earthDon’t by the cheap s
Sons Of Thunder

Jesus On The Shore  - LostDogs
Is that Jesus on the shoreIt's the Lord, it's the LordIs that Jesus on the shoreOpen doors, closed doorsIt's the LordIs He in the circumstanceNot by chance, not by chance
Lost Dogs

Jesus Promised  - ClarenceRobinson
Clarence Robinson

Jesus Viking  - SonsOfThunder
Hoo! Hoo!Hoo! Hoo!I am a vikingPraise the Lord in unholy landI am a vikingDon't fear men but I fear the LordI am a vikingJesus Christ is my King of KingsI am a vikingMy C
Sons Of Thunder

Jesus We Praise Your Name  - ClarenceRobinson
Jesus We Praise Your Name(written by Min. Timothy Britten)(recorded by Minister Timothy Britten & The Shabach Praise Co.)Chorus:Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,we praise Your name.M
Clarence Robinson

Jesus Will  - JoshuasTroop
VerseWho opened doors that I cannot see;Jesus will, Jesus will.Who will make all my desicions for me;Jesus will, Jesus will.BridgeWhen I'm in trouble, He gives me a songi
Joshua's Troop

Jesus Will Fix It  - NorthCarolinaMassChoir
ChorusJesus will fix it for you,for He knows just what to do;whenever you pray, let Him have His way,Jesus will fix it for you.VerseThere's not a problem that God can't
North Carolina Mass Choir

Jesus Youre Beautiful  - LondaLarmond
Jesus, bright as the morning starJesus, how can I tell YouHow beautiful You are to meJesus, song that the angels singJesus, dearer to my hear than anythingSweeter than sp
Londa Larmond

There is a voice that must be heard There is a song that must be sung There is a name that must be lifted high There is a treasure more than gold There is a king upon the

Let all the saintly ones in God rejoice The battle's won so lift your voice Declare His Name the glorious King Lift up the standard of triumph and sing Crown Him Lord the

Jesus Jesus Jesus  - SonsOfThunder
He’s my fuel, He’s my fireHe’s my desire, O JesusHe’s my break, He’s my gasWe’ll kick some assFor His KingdomJesus, Jesus, Jesus
Sons Of Thunder

Jesus Lover Of My Soul  - LynnBaird
Jesus, lover of my soul Jesus, I will never let You go You've taken me from the miry clay You've set my feet upon the rock And now I know I love you, I need you Though my
Lynn Baird

Jesus We Crown You With Praise  - RevJohnFlowers
Jesus, We Crown You With Praise(words & music by Lanny Wolfe)Verse 1The first time You came they crowned You with thornsAs on an old rugged cross You were raisedBut the n
Rev. John Flowers

Jimmy  - LostDogs
Long time, no seeI know it's been a whileI'm glad you're doing O.K.You know me, anywayI've been somewhereI've been everywhereI've been nowhereAnd you've been on the roadY
Lost Dogs

Jobs Song Blessed  - ClarenceRobinson
Job's Song (Blessed)(written by Nate McNair)(recorded by Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir)Chorus:Blessed, blessed be the name of the Lord.Blessed, ble
Clarence Robinson

Joes Gonna Die  - Calibretto13
They got Chris, they got Aaron.It looks like Umbrella's done it again.Cuz this time it ain't in Raccoon City,This time it's in Kokomo, and it's happening to me.Somebody h
Calibretto 13

Joel  - LostDogs
I'll pour my spiritOn all fleshYour sons and daughtersWill prophesyYour old men Shall dream dreamsAnd your young men Shall see visionsI'll pour my spiritOn all fleshYour
Lost Dogs

John the Baptist Revisited  - Frank'sEnemy
Stone the liars with our wordsFaith is dead without good worksYou must repent, you must changeYou can't get to Heaven the easy wayA few will pass, maybe one or twoToo muc
Frank's Enemy

Johnny  - KingsX
Johnny cut his hair, now he looks like a punkwith buttons pinned all over his clotheshe got all the albums by the B-52sometimes he's a one man show went to NYC to join th
Kings X

Johnny Law  - CrashRickshaw
What if I'm deadWould you be-friend me?Or would you beat me down with the laws you're not keeping?What if you pray?Instead of protestWould a sinful heart be changed or wo
Crash Rickshaw

Joona  - Terapia

Jordan  - 441z
How can time move by more quickly nowThan it ever has?Hasn’t he told you even time, time will never last?I fear that time’s been wastedCan’t say time

Journeyman  - SocietysFinest
I think of you in your time of needthe beautiful anger swallowed up inside your frail bodyoh child the nightmares continuedon't worry they are only dreamsand when the roc
Societys Finest

Joy  - WhitneyHouston&GeorgiaMassChoir
ChorusJoy, joy, my sweet joyJoy, joy, down in my soulSweet, beautiful, soul saving joyOh!....Joy, joy, in my soulListen to the music, sound of the angelsCome and see the
Whitney Houston & Georgia Mass Choir

Joy Cometh In The Morning  - RadioAngels
Dallas Fort Worth Mass Choirt - Joy Cometh In The MorningJoy Cometh In The Morning(written by David Ellis)(recorded by Dallas-Fort Worth Mass Choir)Tenors:Joy, unspeakabl
Radio Angels

Joy of My Salvation  - MississippiChildrensChoir
Chorus: He's the joy of my salvation, yes He is He's the joy of my salvation, yes He is, yes He is Woke me up this morning Started me on my way He's the joy of my salvati
Mississippi Children's Choir

Joy Of The Lord  - Carman
Judith Christie McAllister - Joy of the LordThe joy of the Lord is my strengthThe joy of the Lord is my strengthThe joy of the Lord it is my strength(Verse)In my dark and

Joyride  - RevJohnFlowers
JoyrideJoy RideCHORUS:To be free, come with meIt's a joyrideLove's a sweet remedyIt's a joyrideFollow me, you will seeIt's all rightWe'll fly so high on this joyrideSee m
Rev. John Flowers

Judas  - Frank'sEnemy
Judas at the end of the ropeNo salvation and no hopeJudas at the end of the ropeNo hopeDid he wonder if it had to beAs he succumbed to his destinyDid he wonder about what
Frank's Enemy

Judas Kisses  - 441z
In this torrid lifeWhen it looks like loveIt could be trickeryI try to keep aboveBut I don’t know whyNo, I don’t know whyJudas KissesWe have got to lieWho w

Judas Kiss  - Petra
I wonder how it makes you feel when the prodigal won't come home I wonder how it makes you feel when he'd rather be on his own I wonder what it's like for you when a lamb

Judge Me  - Travail
How can you judge me you don't know me You don't know my heart you don't know my mind And you certainly wouldn't condescend To speak to any of my kind My heart is open fo

Judgement Game  - 441z
You say that I am insecureAll I want to know is what makes you so sure?This is not a matter of wrong or rightBut to you it's a matter of black and whiteIf I offend please

Judgment Day  - RobRock
Violence, wrath and chaosBlood fills the streetGenerals lead their massesChildren at their feetJudgment DayWill the sun refuse to shineJudgment DayWhen the stars fall fro
Rob Rock

Julia  - KingsX
Monster's gone awayRocket ships delayGuess they're all afraidHeard it's gonna rainJulia...You don't have to cryI'll do what you want me to...Your superman Forward never s
Kings X

Jumpstart  - TheStraightGateMassChoir
ChorusI will jumpstart my praise for His worthiness.I will jumpstart my praise for His mercifulness.In those times when my willingness is not what it should be, neverless
The Straight Gate Mass Choir

Junior's gone wild, can't stand the strain.He's looking for the morning in the pouring rain.The sky is black, the water runs,If it falls into the cracks, the battle's don
Kings X

Just A Failure - Terminal
when the a.m. rolls aroundall the cool kids are coming downit's a shame that they don't feel well being themselveslet go the things I never hadI've been holding onthis ti

When love speaks, it calls us out by nameSearchin' the heart and soul of manWhen we believe, then the shadows fleeand we receive a holy handWhen weGive just a little bit,

Just A Word  - BChaseWilliams
JUST A WORD Shirley Caesar Speak the word into my spirit Lord - I need to hear from you My very soul is thirsty Lord - Just a word from you will do Lord you re more th
B. Chase Williams

Just For Me  - JerryWashington
What does the cross of Jesus mean?Its more than songs we sing,So much more than that emblem on your chain.What it means is that I'm free,From the chains of slaveryAnd th
Jerry Washington

Just For Who You Are  - LamarCampbell&SpiritofPraise
Chorus 1You are holy, Lord You're God alone.You are awesome, You reign on the throne.You've given Your life for me to seehow much You really care for me;oh I love You, Lo
Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise

Just Keep Needing Me  - DaleThompson
Didn't mean to let you downDidn't mean to give upDidn't want to let goBut I did anywaysI told you that I loved youThen the whole world found outWhat could have been your
Dale Thompson

Just Let It Slide  - amDrive
you make them feel wrong they already do you need to feel control that's nothing new you seem to have the answers but you haven't heard the clue it's not a prayer of corr

Just like He said He would He's coming back for me In the twinkling of, In the twinkling of an eye Just like He said He would He's coming back for me He's going to t

Just Reach Out  - Petra
Sometimes the night seems to go on for days When it's hard to see the light through the darkness and haze While the world around you makes you feel out of place And the b

Just The Same  - BigDismal
I don’t want to be the one to break youBut could I please borrow some changeYou see my car’s broke down and I need some gasolineIt’s cold out here do
Big Dismal

Just The Way  - TheNarrow
451 they gathered on mound Carmel.“...baal the living baal-baal the real, come deliver devour the meal!…â€but he did not come.Elija bowd.The flames came
The Narrow

Just Wait  - SkysTheLimit
jump in the mess of human lives undressed and sin uconfessed, and see beauty look at the sea of misfits and misery and cry 'til you bleed and see beauty that's was god do
Sky's The Limit

Just Want To Praise You  - MauretteBrownClark
Verse 1I just want to praise Youforever and ever and everfor all You done for me.Blessings and glory, and honor,they all belong to You;thank You Jesus for blessing me.Ver
Maurette Brown-Clark


Kaikki kipuni  - Terapia
no niinkuka laittoi nimensä siihen paperiinsiihenjolla serotoniinitasoani laskettiinahaaeikö siis job ollutkaanainoakoekappale laatuaankaikki kipunikaikki kipunikai

Kaikki ok  - Terapia
kaikki on ok minulla on tavoitteitatop vaatteet on kavereitapystyn niin paljon pelaamaanenemmän kuin oikeasti tarvitsenkaanmutta tunteissa mullon jotain vikanaei tunnu

Kaipaan - Terapia
liian kauan poissa luotasi taasliian kauan ilman suudelmaaeihän sota ei rauha meitä saa erottaajoka sekunti tuoksusi sun muistanjoka minuutti sanasi talletanjoka tu

Kaleidoscope  - GSMegaphone
hey won't you cast a smile my way? or do i remind you of the things you used to say? what can't you remember? and why can't i forget? the promises you made are now the wo
GS Megaphone

Kalhöun  - DanielAmos
It's the magic word they claim, came down from ancient BabylonWhen the tower of Babel crumbled, and the language was all wrongThe natives were confused and yet, they unde
Daniel Amos

Kamakazi  - SacredWarrior
I`m on the outside looking at the insideThe pain of this world fills my headA rich man passes and shrugs at the poor manAnd says he made his own bedDon`t believe him, he`
Sacred Warrior

Karamu  - RudolphMcKissick
KARAMU (back to top)(Mbingu)Umenifunulia mbingu (Mbingu)Umenifunulia mbingu (Na kunibubujikia)(Mbingu)Oh, send Your rain…Tunavyomsifu Bwana, AleluiaTunavyombariki jina
Rudolph McKissick

Kari Says Were Not Teen Heartthrobs  - NamesWithoutNumbers
raise the curtains high and watch as they performwooden men on strings a struggle to conformthe craftsman never planned to build them in this wayallowing other puppets to
Names Without Numbers

Karrionic Hacktician  - VomitorialCorpulence
Carcassile Mutilator , Skin ripped from the bone Cadaveric Eviscerator , Hacked flesh and cartlige Corpual truncater ,severed muscles and arteries Karrionic Hacktician ,
Vomitorial Corpulence

Katie  - DennisLeonard
Fell into a dream again, wish the dream would never ever end Met an angel with eyes the deepest blue I've ever seen Just wish it wasn't a dream She took me away and we f
Dennis Leonard

Keep Me  - TheAmericanCultureeXperiments
Left to negotiate with no sense of knowingWhen freedom over truth has triumphedFree to be lost and disconnectedGiven as much value as free things often areKeep me close t
The American Culture eXperiments

Keep Me Everyday  - KimberlyMcDuffieRobinson
Lord I want to live for theeEveryday and hourLet thy spiritBe with me in its saving pow'rKeep my heart and keep my handKeep my soul I pray and keep my tongueto speak thy
Kimberly McDuffie Robinson

Keep Oil In Your Lamp  - RudolphMcKissick
Rudolph McKissick

Keep Your Loving Arms Around Me  - RudolphMcKissick
Keep Your Loving Arms Around Me(written by Percy Bady)(recorded by Rev. Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Choir)Chorus:Whatever comes, just keep Your arms around m
Rudolph McKissick

Kein Himmel  - AlleeDerKosmonauten
Heute morgen auf der Zeitung Hab' ich es gelesen: Jetzt ist es passiert Und wo ist Gott gewesen? Und drau?n auf der Stra? Seh' ich Damen auf Reklamen Wei? Wolken zieh'n v
Allee Der Kosmonauten

Kenaniah - Petra
Kenaniah of the Levites appointed by the king To teach the songs of Zion, to lead them as they sing Your song is not forgotten, we hear it in our souls Let it burn and bu

Kesä - Terapia

Ketchup Is Mustard  - Silage
Without the mustardYou got no flavorIs that the kind of sandwichYou would give to your neighbor?How is the bread?Is there any taste to savor?Put it in your mouthAnd do yo

KGB  - Calibretto13
I'm a gangster now look at me. I am in the KGB. Me and the boyz we're all so bad, so don't diss us or make us mad. Cause we're the Kokomo Gangsta Boyz, we're tough. We ar
Calibretto 13

The masses consumed by this culture of greedEnslaved by a ravenous breed Industrial ties, corporate disguiseSociety lies at their feetOh, Kill the MachineOh, Kill the Mac
Rob Rock

Kill Yourself  - Rackets&Drapes
Being belittledYou must dieNow's the timeTo take your lifeSay goodbyeTo your tiesCome and trySuicideKILL... YOUR... SELF...Dead man walking (x2)MiseryLoves companyHanging
Rackets & Drapes

KILLER  - FocalPoint
this is the source of my hate. this is the match that starts the flame. and it's burning me up inside. children are tested in labs as well. what have they done to deserve
Focal Point

The killers and the destroyers These kings of doom rule the world Yet were not aware You cant see them and no you cant here them Their evil deeds reflect the prince of th

Killing My Old Man  - Petra
I think its gone far enough I can't take it anymore I've got to even up the score Before he sweeps me off the floor I've really got to find a way Of taking care of him fo

Killing the Beast  - Bloodgood
Look at all the damage that he's brought upon the earthHis angry body coils in the sandStinging poison he spits on the hopeless ones in chainsThe blood of all the dead is

Kinescope  - JacobsDream
Won't you come into my parlor, make yourself at homeThe kinescope is waiting and you're in for quite a showDirect your gaze to a device across the roomI think you'll be a
Jacobs Dream

King  - KingsX
you are the one who causes me painyou are the one who causes me griefyou are the one who lied to meit won't be long soon you will seeking is are the one who
Kings X

King Of The Jewes  - VeniDomine
Far Back In Time Where It All Began God Sowed His Word Into Mankind Some Let It Grow Some Let It Fall Only Believing In Their Leaders And Kings As Time Grew Old Humanity
Veni Domine

King of the Jews  - VeniDomine
Far Back In Time Where It All BeganGod Sowed His Word Into MankindSome Let It Grow Some Let It FallOnly Believing In Their Leaders And KingsAs Time Grew Old Humanity Grew
Veni Domine

King Planet  - FoldZan
back to the one time in spaceback to the first placewhen the orbits and lightsshimmered true to the spin of the worldback to the tilt and angleback to the former design,

Kings Ransom  - Petra
It's such a paradox - it's such a mystery Why a King would leave His throne to save humanity They could not have known when they mocked Him in disgrace They could not hav

Kingdom Fighter  - RobRock
Out in the heavenly realms is where it all beginsUnseen and out of sight, the spirit world withinThe battle rages on, the war behind the scenesIt's not your flesh and blo
Rob Rock

Kingdom Of Light  - RobRock
No more tears, no more pain, no more crying in the rainNo more sorrow, no more blame, in the kingdom of lightNo more fear, no more lies, no temptation, open eyesFinally f
Rob Rock

Kingdom Smile  - PFRPrayForRain
His petty problems now left behindNo hesitation, purely divineThe first revelationWas that he would be freeHis second was he'd drown in graceHis frowning face replaced ir
PFR (Pray For Rain)

Kirkkaita päiviä  - Terapia
hän istuu jalkakäytävälläkimppu kukkia kädessäänjuhlamekko ylläänmissä kaikki viipyvätentä jos kukaan ei saavukaankukaan koskaan ei

Kiss the Girls  - SocietysFinest
What thought was piercing... Pining it's way through every emotion moning Night after night I could only guess What demons taunt you blinded by Your swollen pupils Your d
Societys Finest

Kites Without Strings  - TheSeventySevens
(David Leonhardt, Mike Roe, Mark Harmon)i was highlike a kite you pulled me throughwhen you rani followed youclipped at the wingsyou held all my stringsi was tautbut neve
The Seventy Sevens

Kneeling before your throne oh Lord We humbly bow to you Filled with the righteousness of Christ Our spirit you renew You have displayed your splendour For all the world

Knife Fight  - SocietysFinest
Nothing ever goes your way, Outcast with fear in your eyes, with fear in your eyes. Bring your knife to the drive-in and meet your destiny And the sky turns black. Angels
Societys Finest

Knife In My Heart  - Dodgin'Bullets
how much longer will you be a slaughterhouse to the wolves of this world how many times will i have to watch you put the knife to your heart tired of wa
Dodgin' Bullets

Knocked Out  - Bleach
how did I get here all tied upI'm all tired upI never noticed or cared that muchOr cared that muchcomplaceny has gotten the best of meand the best of me is forgottenbenea

Know You More  - WillGoodwin
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
 My Lord
 Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
 My Lord
 I want to know You more You are the answer
 The strength I desire
 I run
Will Goodwin

Know You More The Phoenix  - The7Method
Never thought I would say this again.(that I need You)Never knew just how it would end.(now I want You)If only I could retrace my steps in the sand.I need You. I want You
The 7 Method

Koma  - Frosthardr
Ensomhetens stier fører megLengte bortForvi sorgenes vannOg stillhetens skogMed tausheten som eneste vennHer hvor latteren er stilnet og glemtHer har mang en sjel vand

Kongsblod  - Slechtvalk
Guds Ord Fra V?Munn, Lysets Barn, Skal Runge De Onde, Mrkets Barn, Skal Miste Sin Tunge Helliget V? De Ydmykes Skarpe Sverd Mrket Fryktes Ei N?Vi Vandrer P??Vei Far Ydmyk

Kongsblod Antestor Cover  - Slechtvalk
Guds Ord Fra Vår Munn, Lysets Barn, Skal RungeDe Onde, Mørkets Barn, Skal Miste Sin TungeHelliget Være De Ydmykes Skarpe SverdMørket Fryktes Ei Når Vi Vand

Koordinaten  - AlleeDerKosmonauten
Ich hab schon viel gesehen Ich bin schon weit gereist Von den ersten Schritten auf dem Mond Bis zum Planet aus Eis Doch mein Schiff fand keinen Hafen Meine Seele machte n
Allee Der Kosmonauten

Kuolematon  - Terapia

Con celestrial armadura en la tierra entraré La batalla es de nuestro SeÃ~+mn~or Y no hay armamento que nos pueda herir La batalla es de nuestro SeÃ~+mn~or Y cantamos Glor

Con celestrial armadura en la tierra entrar?La batalla es de nuestro Se?? Y no hay armamento que nos pueda herir La batalla es de nuestro Se?? Y cantamos Gloria a Dios Fu

La Historia De Alguien  - Exousia
La Tierra Que El Habia CreadoHabia Sido DestruidaEl Hombre Que El Había FormadoPronto Le TraicionóMas El No Vio Su MuerteMas Vio Su SalvaciónEl Vino

La Revolucion  - TragedyAnn
just another day hooray all my sunday friends playand the little kids all join hands and praybecause we wanna see the world savedwe can all change the world todaywe can a
Tragedy Ann

La salvación es de nuestro Dios El esta sentado sobre Su trono Y al cordero de Dios Toda la gloria, sabiduría Honor y todo el poder A nuestro Dios ahora y siempre A

La salvaci??s de nuestro Dios El esta sentado sobre Su trono Y al cordero de Dios Toda la gloria, sabidur? Honor y todo el poder A nuestro Dios ahora y siempre A nuestro

Labels  - Sanctifica
blendfaces spawned by dustsalty taste of famebitter, sweetlonely demented soulwhere to go?in my place a statue frozen numbin your place a set of numberslonely tormented s

Lack of Consequense  - LibertyPrevail
Liberty Prevail

Laden With Guilt  - Caedmon'sCall
Laden with guilt and full of fears, I fly to Thee my Lord, And not a glimpse of hope appears, But in Thy written word The volumes of my Father's grace Does all my gri
Caedmon's Call

Lady Goodbye  - DanielAmos
Lady of the skyWhere'd you go, Where'd you fly?To some sweet by and by?Where only lovers goOne's that love Him soLady Good-byeLady of the skyAre you climbin' so highThat
Daniel Amos

Lamb  - WeddingParty
Lamb, you have gone astrayLamb, you have gone awayAnd I will leave the ninety-nine‘Cause you are mineLamb, you have gone awayLamb, you have gone astrayAnd I will le
Wedding Party

Lamento  - Frank'sEnemy
He aquiMi lamentoHe aquiLo que yo sientoMe siento que mi cabeza se me va a explotarPor las cosas que yo veo y que no puedo explicarHe aquiMi lamentoHe aquiLo que yo sient
Frank's Enemy

Land Of Luxury  - Undercover
Can freedom ring in this new frontierWith hungry cries so very nearIrony, spend your money boysOn your children not on your atomic toysHere in the land of luxuryCan justi

Dust along a broken road chokes the golden sunIn the land of stolen breath a shot rings out from a child's gunAnd chaos rains without a tear upon unburied treasures hereT

Land Of The Lost  - Bleach
He lives out there somewhere Beyond the Land of the Lost I hate me when I find That I laugh the most With no cares out in his chair Just watching it all go by He dances o

Landscape  - Sanctifica
LandscapeLyrics by Hubertus.Cold winds are blowing in the forest of the north. The night is black, like an essence of the calm. Embrace my soul, eternal Master.The stars

Language Of The Soul  - PFRPrayForRain
You don't have to say it out loudOne look can cut to the boneA quick glare when the angry hurts thereTells me just what i've done wrongYour eyes can speak to meDeeper the
PFR (Pray For Rain)

Lard Jesus  - TheAmericanCultureeXperiments
Lounging back in their golden chairsPlastic smiles surrounded by their plastic hairTiny microphone in his swollen handScreeching out their praises up to Bula LandHe can't
The American Culture eXperiments

Last Breath  - PFRPrayForRain
I'm not here to reform youNor am I here to take you awayI've been sent with a messageAnd now moving off in a south-bound parade(chorus)If this were my last breathI tell y
PFR (Pray For Rain)

Last Call  - KatyHudson
Hello, hello I'm searchin for a man With love filled eyes and them healing hands Hello, hello I've been waiting for so long Don't disconnect me cause it's my la
Katy Hudson

Last Daze  - Petra
Somewhere in the darkest night a stranger has lost the way Cold wind and a distant light has carried his heart away Some say he was one of us, a prodigal gone astray But

Days of fearHe was rising in the deepest of crisisSo unexpected as a bringer of orderHe puts his name up in the highest of placesA new emperor took overI saw the time - t
Veni Domine

Last of the Celts  - Fearscape

Last Rites There Is No Sky  - Undercover
Cathedral tall, Cathedral wideGrace provides a place to hideHour of evil, hour of sinOpen up the gates and let me inHour of angerPray to dieOurs is anguishThere is no sky

Last Say So  - RudolphMcKissick
LAST SAY SO There's a day, we all face, that depletes our strength, and our hearts, can hold no more weight, and the source, of our hope, is not sure, anymore, nothing
Rudolph McKissick

Last Season  - Antestor

Last Train  - HolySoldier
A Long Red Train That Has No NameCame Rollin' Down The Track,As If A Flood Of Bright Red Blood,Had Been Blowin' Out The Stack.Right On Time And Down The Line The Courier
Holy Soldier

Laughing Man  - Rez
Laughter in the hall of mirrorsWeeping at the backstage doorTake your pick, 'cause I have mineI'm sick and tired and boredSee the laughing manCynic's mask in handBend str

Lavender - Sanctifica