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Same Mistakes  - PaulColmanTrio
Waiting on a white cloud Looking for an easy ride A valley with no pain Don't seek but let me hide You say it's over now so don't try To take me back there again I found
Paul Colman Trio

Same Old Pain  - Crashdog
Six million next of kinGhost pale bone thinSix million yellow starsHoliday in cattle carsTattoo blue no more nameA different number but the same old pain Now it's rolled

Sanctuary  - GlennKaiserBand
Make my soul a sanctuary, where You areTake my heart and touch with mercy, Morning Star Every perfect gift comes from YouGlorify Yourself in all I do Spirit fill me to Yo
Glenn Kaiser Band

Sarah Williams  - JacobsDream
How many times must I feel this way?The fool who never learns.Selfish pleasures override my thoughts.Give that wheel just one more turn.Drunken stupidity rules my mind,An
Jacobs Dream

Satanic Seduction  - AcousticTorment
Now the LORD GOD planted EdenWhere He put the man He had formedHe let grow all kinds of trees thereSplendid trees and good for foodSatanic seductionSatanic seductionIn th
Acoustic Torment

Satellite  - PayableOnDeathPOD
I wonder how clear it must look from there to hereNo obstruction, this selfish corruptionAll in this atmosphereNo fear, less tears, only time to catch my breathI fail to
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

Satellite dish  - GlennKaiserBand
Some kinda fool stuck aluminum foilOn my satellite dish (2x)He ruined a perfect eveningWheel of Fortune's what I missedHad a new MercedesWith them patent leather seats (2
Glenn Kaiser Band

Satisfied  - PaulColmanTrio
Are you looking for me Are you looking for me? Or are you looking for me To try to prove you're right? Are you praying for me Are you praying for me? Or are you praying f
Paul Colman Trio

Satisfy - Petra
You are all I seek and all I know I am satisified in you alone I've found nothing in this world That seems so sweet As your presence in a life laid at your feet (Chorus)

Save  - Noiz

Save My Soul  - PaulColmanTrio
Im trying to find my place in this great big world Well, Im trying to find some grace and some loving arms Well, I looked inside my heart and I found a vacant lot Can you
Paul Colman Trio

Save Myself  - LynnBaird
Stop Take a minute take a breath From the pressure from the need to know why What makes you a-li-i-i-i-i-i-i-ive Why do we rely on ourselves Putting God up on a shelf we
Lynn Baird

Save The Best For Me  - PaulColmanTrio
Precious flower in my hand I wanted love always at my command But in you saw a freedom light That I could smother if I hold on tight So say what you want Do what you can
Paul Colman Trio

Save Today  - EverStaysRed
Our lives pass by If only one day at a time So dont you be too afraid to try Some people say Its best if we take it slow But I think theyre too afraid (Chorus) Today will
Ever Stays Red

Save Us  - KingsX
save us from war pigs, atomic bombmass destruction, fallen onefrom deception, from the liesmind pollution, from mankind na na, hey hey save us from history repeating itse
Kings X

Saved  - VictoryInPraiseMusic&ArtsSeminarMassChoir
Chorus 1I'm so glad I'm saved, Lord,I have been redeemed.I'm so glad I'm saved, Lord,my soul has been washed clean.I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart,that Yo
Victory In Praise Music & Arts Seminar Mass Choir

Saviour Machine I  - SaviourMachine
Through the beautiful gates of symbolic convictionThat challenged the reignStay with me, don't be afraid to believeIn man's infinite search for the truth in his worldAnd
Saviour Machine

Saviour Machine II  - SaviourMachine
Lord, into your hands I commend my spirit.Alive to see legions of angels awaiting the sacredIncarnation.Take me home to clean the bloody robe ofThe covenant sealed betwee
Saviour Machine

Sawing My Head Off  - BlessedByABrokenHeart
These are the darkest of timesWhere acceptance and love are cast aside for Bitter judgementBy broken spirits vomiting cursesTo raise one self to greater heightsRelish in
Blessed By A Broken Heart

Say  - PFRPrayForRain
Let me go backAnd do it all over againWhat i know nowI wish i knew thenThere's a painThat just will not dieLet me hear you say it's okayLet me hear you say it's alrightI
PFR (Pray For Rain)

Say Goodbye - LoveisRed
Everytime I fall away, part of you pulls me back in I try to run, but your love embraces my painI'm never willing to give enoughI'm never willing to cherish the things I
Love is Red

Say Hello  - PayableOnDeathPOD
Oh, yeah, yeah, Come on!Walked in the place, and everybody looked down at weDisgust on their face, but we don't mind cause we're too busy smilingNever get in my face, tha
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

Say It Right  - 441z
In the morning I recallWhat you said last nightGentle words, quiet talkKeep you on my mindAnd something in your eyes gives you awaySomething in your words tell me to stay

Say What You Will  - The7Method
I believe no matter how hard I try, I will never be the one that you wanted.Sorry I let you down.Should have never come around.And I don't really care about what you say,
The 7 Method

Scape Goat  - JacobsDream
Let's blame the music world or maybe the gun makersWhat about the books and movies, our scape goats they will beGaze into the cyber realm and its information seaImages of
Jacobs Dream

Scapegoat  - Tenderfoot
It sure gets quiet when everyone's alone.Too much noise and I have yet to speak to you.I've been living under water for so long its not the same.Find yourself another sca

Scarab  - Teramaze
Twisted purity bent for our desires from the tongue to greed to blood a bloodpath of hypocrisy innocent lives drowning in a sea of sin drawn deep from within our nature t

Scary Drifter  - Rock'N'RollWorshipCircus
do you see Him coming?do you hear the cries?of the Holy Scary Drifterwith fire in His eyes?look around, He's coming back for youfeel the wind is rushing,tearing through t
Rock 'N' Roll Worship Circus

ScaryGoRound  - Rackets&Drapes
Scary-Go-Round!Welcome oneWecome allTo my showStep right upLose your mind and your soulIf you like the thingsThat will scare youCome and take a rideIf you want a scream o
Rackets & Drapes

Scenes of a Tragedy - Renascent
The truth is not so hard to findOpen your eyes and you'll realizeThe fool has said in his heart Chaos around, there is no godThey have chosen to suffer To believe in noth

Scenic Routes  - LostDogs
Auto shakes his blinders off,plows up the comon streetsThe lost dogs bark the nicene creedand dream of bones to eatPraise eglantines, hot joe and beans,the sea, the deser
Lost Dogs

Schwimmen  - AlleeDerKosmonauten
Am ersten Tag lag das ganze Meer vor mir Blau und weit und ich der Pionier Kein Blick zurck, nur hart in den Wind Bis dorthin wo die Inseln sind Denn im tiefen Wasser kan
Allee Der Kosmonauten

Score Goals Not Drugs  - SmileyKids
We set our hopes on some things in life,These plans and dreams will always get us by.We wish for happiness, couldn't ask for moreWe try so hard just to be our best, when
Smiley Kids

Scream  - LynnBaird
Does anybody know how I feel?Sometimes I'm numb, sometimes I'm overcomeDoes anybody care what's going on?Do I have to wear my scars like a badge on my armFor you to see m
Lynn Baird

Screamer - KingsX
at night they come while you dreamin between the wake and sleepthen you feel paralyzedand soon you end up screaming no no no sometimes the voices are so clearthe fear jus
Kings X

Screams from the Dead  - JeffLewis
Jeff Lewis

Screams of Abaddon  - TransfiguralForm
Screams Of Abaddon (words and music: Pope) He wanted to be like God, exalting himself as Most High, sin of pride misused, cast out of heaven. God sentenced Lucifer, for h
Transfigural Form

SE GUDS LAMM  - Parakletos
Se Guds lamm som all världens synd bort ta Men himlens styrka, himlens makt han ej haGud blev människa Ord blev kött Allt ska bli levande Allt som är dött

Sea And Sky  - AnahAevia
The sky fades away, it all began as smiles and laughter.You fade away into my arms.The sky fades away, it all begins as smiles and laughter.You fade away into my arms.Lov
Anah Aevia

Sea Of Forgetfulness  - RudolphMcKissick
I stand before you guilty and unworthy How can I be forgiven and holy And I know I break your heart But you promised I could start all over And all the things I've done
Rudolph McKissick

Search Me  - KatyHudson
Through this skin you see My heart Through this laughter you feel My pain Even through this mask you see My face For You are the only one who really knows just who
Katy Hudson

Searching  - Antestor
I'm searching for you I'm searching for meFor some answers to seeFor something to come for something to goThat's all I want to knowGod creates God destroysJesus dies so y

Seared Conscience  - TransfiguralForm
Transfigural Form

Seasons of Change  - NeonCross
Lyrics Not Available
Neon Cross

SeÃ~+mn~or llévame a tus atrios Al lugar santo Al altar de bronce SeÃ~+mn~or Tu rostro quiero ver Pásame en la muchedumbre por donde el sacerdote canta Tengo hambre y s

Se??ll?me a tus atrios Al lugar santo Al altar de bronce Se??Tu rostro quiero ver P?me en la muchedumbre por donde el sacerdote canta Tengo hambre y sed de justicia Y sol

Second Hand  - Staple
I want to be alone with the one who loves me.And give her all I own, she is so precious to me.But I'm wrapped around your body.My breath is on your lips.If we truly loved

Second Skin  - PoorMan'sRiches
Dirt on my hands a bad taste left within my mouthI'm walking backwards to make sure that I'm the only one to see me nowI can't understand why my day seems to always go do
Poor Man's Riches

Second Wind  - Petra
Long-distance run from darkness Headed into the sun And it seems like eternity Till this race is won Soul and spirit weak and weary Strength was was almost gone When a so

Secret  - PatrickHolmes
A dream grows Can You kiss it with You lips A life flows Can You kiss it with Your lips (Chorus:)Oh, hold me and heal me Keep my heart in Your hands Oh, hold me and heal
Patrick Holmes

Secret Lover  - Impellitteri
She always was a winnerNever lost a gameShe preyed upon my innocenceShot me down in flamesAnd if I should abuse herShe won't let me forgetHer spirit sleeps within my bloo

Secret of Tears  - PromiseLand
Verse 1It's almost time -- She's alone in her bedAnd the hour draws nearI see the fear in her eyes -- For she knows in her mind --That soon he'll be hereSo She closes her
Promise Land

Secret Place  - RudolphMcKissick
This world sometimes seems cruel and coldAnd pain doth pierce my very soul,But there's a place ,a secret place,A place where I can go.Ooooooooooooooooohh.A place of peac
Rudolph McKissick

Secret Weapon  - Petra
I've waited patiently for your reply You say you'll come around by and by I've tried to show the way into the light But I just won't let you go without a fight You think

See  - The7Method
You see me, your trying to go farther but you can’t see The light form your reflection’s got you blind seeYou need to open up your eyes you need to find a t
The 7 Method

See No Evil  - HolySoldier
I float inside her wombOh mother, I am coming soonSuddenly, fear and dreadWhen mother says she wants me deadOh how can you do this to me?Thousands comePlease don't kill m
Holy Soldier

See The Sun Again  - PFRPrayForRain
Never imagined that you'd be here againYet another season of doubt has set inThe warm september rains have gone, gone awayThe trust that you held in your heart isn't ther
PFR (Pray For Rain)

Seeing is Believing  - Shout
Live and learn what is realDon't get burned when you feelLife is what you make itIt's never enough when you're looking for the next dealMoonstruck madness, soul to soulYo

Seek Out  - FOG
I'm seeing things I've never knownWalk away from all my sinI fight no battles in this worldFeel the power in my soul I'm seeing things I've never seenFeel the power that

Seeker  - SweetImperfection
dear diary i saw this guy at the show he was singing to me at least i think so all the world around me stopped when he said (hi, what's up baby) he's the perfect guy
Sweet Imperfection

Seeking The Truth  - TempleOfBlood
I've searched withoutI've searched withinI've lived in doubtI've lived in sinI've searched the Earth belowI've searched the skies aboveI've lived in darkessAnd I've lost
Temple Of Blood

Seen And Not Heard  - Petra
Too many black sheep in the family Too many stones from a house of glass They've heard the story, they've heard the lines But talk is too cheap to change their minds They

Self Destruction  - Bloodgood
Pathway to heaven or highway to hellWhich one you're on is easy to tellLive for yourself, not time for the SonDon't blame God for your own self-destructionWhen it's all o

Selfcontrol  - GlennKaiserBand
Its the thing I lack most and it puts me in a bindThe wise possess it, it brings them peace of mindDown in my soul, I need self-controlWithout it my mouth says terr
Glenn Kaiser Band

SelfDefeating Mind  - CrashRickshaw
See the world in ample skyAccidental life were we designed?Listen here, but don't think twiceHuman pride will find a lie to shineWon't go awayQuestion of painKeep it out
Crash Rickshaw

SelfMade Trap  - The77s
i'll beat the rap for a self-made trap get all tied up in endless crap quicksand, i planned pitfalls, i dig 'em all self-made rope and self-made binds i'm all wrapped up
The 77s

Selfish  - YesterdaysHero
I look at you and you look right back at me.Now I can see that's the way I used to be.I had so much of all this animosity.I never took the time to see the real me.If only
Yesterdays Hero

Selfish Me  - Kainos
Pointing fingers People screaming Talking behind my back Twisting rumors Manipulation Silent stares Its not fair For trapping me where Im at Keeping me from my dreams And

Selfish Song  - PaulColmanTrio
I don't need reminding to look after myself So maybe when you wave goodbye You could think of something else I don't need reminding who is number one On my list of priori
Paul Colman Trio

Selfless - Teramaze
It's been awhile since I've heard youIt's been awhile since I've shared this love with YouI've fallen victim now to this lifeBy turning to my own ways wisdom and my own a

Send Me To The Nations  - RadioAngels
VerseHere I am,Send me to the nations,I'll go, oh yes I will.Here I am,Send me to the nations,I'll go for youTo the north and the south, The east and the west, Ever buil
Radio Angels

Send Me Your Angels  - amDrive
joe was a carpenter made a living working wood with the tools in his hand a blue collar man he's got a family wife two kids and a van he comes home every night with conce

We're looking to your promise of old That if we pray and humble ourselves You will come and heal our land You will come, You will come We're looking to the promise You ma

Send The Pain Below  - RevJohnFlowers
Send The Pain BelowI liked,Having hurt,So send the pain below,Where I need it.You used to beg me,To take,Care of things,And smile at the thoughts,Of me failing.But long b
Rev. John Flowers

Send Your Latter Rain  - ClarenceRobinson
Send Your Latter Rain(written by Joseph Pace)(recorded by Joe Pace & The Colorado Mass Choir)Intro:Send Your latter rainChorus:We need Your latter rain, Lord, send it do
Clarence Robinson

Send Your Power  - VictoryInPraiseMassChoir
Chorus 1Send Your power,send Your powerlet it fall fresh on me,for it's exactly what I need;Chorus 2 let it fall (fall),fresh (fresh),let the anointing of the Holy Ghost
Victory In Praise Mass Choir

Sentimental Time  - OldManShattered
You come to me with fear stained eyesWhile heaviness rains downAnd what you thought was so secure has finally hit the groundAnd in your desperate hourYour failure has bee
Old Man Shattered

Separated  - Unashamed
Your voices came through the wall, my ears heard every word that was said. I sit here with my tears, knowing tomorrow you won't be here, and I sit, alone with myself, alo

Seperation  - AshenMortality
Try to survive as you shed many more tearsDarkness once again no refrainEndless fearsWithin your mind still awareOf the truth and the liesSpirit willing flesh weakAgain i
Ashen Mortality

Sept 1994  - Crashdog
Late in the summer of 1994We finally forgot what the killing was for

Sequential Devastation  - JeffLewis
Jeff Lewis

Serenity  - Frank'sEnemy
No mother ever loved her child like mineAnd what I realize now makes for a difficult timeWe try our best with good intents but it's trial and errorNow we're left digging
Frank's Enemy

Serpiente De Bronce  - Exousia
(Números 21:5-9, San Juan 3:14-16, Apocalipsis 3:20,San Mateo 11:28, 28:19-20, San Juan 3:3, 14:6, Apocalipsis 1:8, 17-18, San Lucas 10:19)He aquí yo estoy

Servants Prayer  - NewBirthTotalPraiseChoir
ChorusOh Lord, I, I will serve You, I will serve You every day.All my life I, I will praise You, hear me calling, now I pray.I will worship You only, now I bow before You
New Birth Total Praise Choir

Set For Life  - Petra
He likes caviar, he likes champagne Calls his broker just to check his gain He made a profit of considerable size Don't ask him no questions, he will tell you no lies He

Set Free  - TheLads
I guess there's only one place to go from here I think the options are clear anyway I’m sure you’re tired of waiting for me To figure out where you fit in I
The Lads

Seven Years of Momentum  - SocietysFinest
Don't ever listen to what they say, you tell me As you're turning money into your god. I could see you failing from a long way off. Why don't you just cut your strings of
Societys Finest

Sevens  - The77s
(Roe/Harmon/Spencer)Did you know my eyes were blue?The day we met my heart was tooNow you say the color's changedYou're staring down a darker shadeof the man you knewHe p
The 77s

Sex Doll  - Rackets&Drapes
take a look at me my darlingdo you like what you see?i can be anybody that youthat you want me to bei’m a sex dollcome play with me my darlingwhen you turn out the
Rackets & Drapes

Shadow Catcher  - DanielAmos
His eyes, make pictures when they closeHe follows, pure breezes where they blowThe earth and ocean seem to sleepIn one another's arms and dreamHe does not fear this haunt
Daniel Amos

Shadow Of A Doubt  - Petra
Shadows of a different kind Come and cloud my mind And make me wonder Am I still in touch with You? Or could it be my doubting point of view? Seems like only yesterday I

Shadows - 12Stones
Look around and tell me what you see, a placeSurrounded by the hate that hides in theShadows inside of you, inside of me, what can weEver hope to see if we're not loo
12 Stones

Shakin The House  - Petra
There's a rumble in the distance - a trembling in the air It's uncertain in direction - does it come from here or there It's approaching by the minute - does it lead you

Shakin It  - Bloodgood
Don't be talkin' 'bout nobody elseYou got enough trouble by yourselfYour heart's broken and so is mineYa better watch what you say next timeThere's a Man who lives upstai

Shaky Ground  - GlennKaiserBand
I thought I'd been liv'n in the light of dayI though I'd been redeemedI prayed my preayers but I went my wayliv'n just like I'd been (chorus)stand'nstand'n on shaky groun
Glenn Kaiser Band

Shallow  - TransfiguralForm
Transfigural Form

ShangriLa  - BelievablePicnic
Here the bridges just aren't longEnough, I walk but neverReach the other side.Here this building's never tallEnough for me to touch the sky.I've heard about a place where
Believable Picnic

Shaping Space  - RevJohnFlowers
Shaping SpaceAnd they said we wouldn't lastAnd they said the years would break our backsSo here we are again my friendTo mystify their narrow plansYou and I were meant to
Rev. John Flowers

She  - RadialAngel
she is my inspirationshe is my destinationand i want her, to hold my heart in her handsand she is the one, that holds my life in her heartright from the startwhen will i
Radial Angel

She Devil  - Rackets&Drapes
i like her bloody lipstickit tastes like cyanidei like her musty perfumesmells like formaldehydei like her eyes of charcoalthey seem to hypnotizei like the way she dances
Rackets & Drapes

She Dont Know  - Grammatrain
Gabriel don't need love anymore / tries to hide herself behind the door / her hatred is sacred / Gabriel don't need love anymore... (she don't know)Used to be alive insid

She Walks The Line  - WarRocketAjax
She walks the line.There was a time oh so sublime.There was a time when she was righting wrongs.There was a time when she wrote happy songs.But now she's gone to far and
War Rocket Ajax

Shell Stay  - TheMercy
She was the sun in my darkened world. I let her in and she burned my soul. Little by little she took my heart. Before I noticed I'd lost control. I thought that I couldn'
The Mercy

Shes A Nightime Lover  - Impellitteri
That's rightLove for moneyWalk the streets in Hollywood, spread your legs tonightGive your body to any man to pay the bills on timeOh don't you feel the shameYou're just

Shes All Heart  - DanielAmos
Spoken:She says I complicate thingsI say she over simplifies everythingBut either way, I still believe we need each otherMy longing:Not to be a god or hero, but to change
Daniel Amos

Shes Gone  - Bloodgood
Too late to say what I feelShe's gone and the pain is so realIt was only a moment agoI heard her words so clearNow all that's left is a memoryAlone with my tearsShe's gon

Shes Gone Away  - KingsX
I've got a lot I call my ownMy house is full of thingsBut its just an empty homeAnd all day long I walk aroundSeeing reminders and reliving all I've foundShe's gone away
Kings X

Shes In Love  - AccordingToJohn
What a beautiful smile A radiant girl Fell in love first time I saw her She stays on my mind Id give anything To know everything about her Pre-Chorus:
According To John

Shes So Cold  - ForeverMoon
Help me stand I'm not sure if I'm the one for this Help me see When I know she's not the one for me I can't find The open door in a darkened light In her time She caught
Forever Moon

Shed My Skin  - BelievablePicnic
I tell myself that it's just fineA little apathyI lock the door it hides behindAnd tell myself that it's just fine {chorus}:Oh bare my soulShed my skinOh [I can't wait to
Believable Picnic

Shed Your Blood  - RobRock
(when you shed your blood for me)(when you shed your blood for me)You shed your blood for me, I finally realizeI never want to be so far from your lightYou got a hold on
Rob Rock

Sheep Of The US  - Calibretto13
Go follow the flock your poseurs, 'cos you're just like everyone else You're the sheep of the U.S. of A. The youth can't think for themselves! The most popular bands in A
Calibretto 13

Shield Your Eyes  - NeutralAgreement
painful lust fills my eyesthese feelings i despisei want to stop but can't say nojust as my problem starts to growthere's no way to justifyi turn to God to hear my crysav
Neutral Agreement

Shifting Sand  - Caedmon'sCall
Sometimes I believe all the lies So I can do the things I should despise And every day I am swayed By whatever is on my mind I hear it all depends on my faith So
Caedmon's Call

Shine On  - Mastedon
Far beneath the raging seaOn the ocean floorSo many ships, are lost eternallyWith no light to guide themTo the safety of the shorethey go down for evermoreBeneath the unf

Shine the Light  - Oratorio
Prophesies coming trueNo longer light from the moonStars are falling from the skyYou can see t with your own eyesThe day of the Lord is nearThe Devil roars in angerFight

Ships In Bottles  - TheOperation
I know it's hard to put things past you.I know that is no excuse.I win when I try harder in my attempt to get to you.But falling short is more convenient and I'm running
The Operation

Shock & Awe  - PromiseLand
Promise Land

Shoelaces  - NikkiLeonti
I'm falling down over my own sheolaces Trying to run with the crowd I'm head over heels in the wrong direction Until no Yeah while I'm thinkin about it here's
Nikki Leonti

Shoes  - KingsX
there can be but better ways from yesterdays to mesomewhere there are better days for better ways to besunny days have funny ways of quieting the roaris it still a blesse
Kings X

Shoot Our Wounded - Teramaze
Why do we shoot our wounded I don't understand once when we were down and out he gave us his hand can't we give back to who has given to us I expect to stumble all my lif

Shot Of Love  - KingsX
see the bread see the winesee the graft into the vinethis is what is to beit always made sense to mesend us a shot of loveacross the mountain to the seafrom the poles of
Kings X

Shotgun Angel  - TheSeventySevens
Well, I've been drivin' all nightAnd I know I'm gettin' tiredBut I havn't got far to goThink I'll push this southbound eighteen wheelerA little farther on down the roadI'
The Seventy Sevens

Shout  - Shout
It's no game, what a shameI really think we know who's to blameI've had enough, times are toughJust called the band and it ain't nobluffI'm takin time, to draw that lineK

Shout To The Lord  - LynnBaird
Darlene Zschech - Shout To The LordMy Jesus, My Savior,Lord, there is none like You;All of my daysI want to praisethe wonders of Your mighty love.My comfort, my shelter,T
Lynn Baird

Show His Love  - Saint

Show Me Your Will  - GospelMusicWorkshopofAmericaYouthMassChoir
Verse 1Standing here at the crossroad,wondering what direction to go;my heart desires to hear from You,a word of guidance, a word of truth.No need to follow my own mind,b
Gospel Music Workshop of America Youth Mass Choir

Show You The Way  - Bloodforge
Do you love the truth?So why, you lie to yourselfImmersed in pain and in sorrowEveryone you lovedThey've gone awayNowhere to run to'cause the walls you're climbing are fa

Show Your Power  - Petra
He is the Lord and He reigns on high He is the Lord Spoke into the darkness, creating the Light He is the Lord Who is like unto Him, never ending in days He is the Lord A

Showdown - Shout
I can see the writing on the wallWhen the axe is gonna fall, oh noAnd oh how the ages come and goIs there nothing time has shownI've gotta knowThis world's on fireWith on

Shut Your Mouth  - Fanmail
i said you lie said you lie i've heard enough for i said you lie said you lie why dont you shut your mouth i couldn't feel so was it real and i said you lie why don't you

Sick of Evil  - Grammatrain
Can't ever win against my sin / I find I'm made of dust again / look away from evil displays / shadows on your walls come from my eyesIf I could only be, if I could only

Sick to Myself  - Frank'sEnemy
If the plane had crashedInto the right kind of clinicOr island government seatHello cynicIf the wrong makes it rightIf the black makes it whiteIf the might takes a biteIf
Frank's Enemy

Sick World  - AcousticTorment
child abusing. the sick man. his thoughts.the criminal perverted act. rapes and one heard the cry. no one saw the one, no one heard ...the scream, the s
Acoustic Torment

Sigh & Breathe  - ModernDayJohn
Sigh and breathe I conceive piercing eyes that see through meBleeding heart - Good intentionsUnexcused hypocrisyI see them rendered helpless in the corner of my eyeI know
Modern Day John

Sigh And Breathe  - ModernDayJohn
Sigh and breathe I conceive piercing eyes that see through me Bleeding heart - Good intentions Unexcused hypocrisy I see them rendered helpless in the corner of
Modern Day John

Sigh For You  - DanielAmos
A sigh for you rides the windA cry for you rides the windSeeking a world of ten thousand yearsA thousand tears I cryA sigh for you sails the seaA cry for you sails the se
Daniel Amos

Sight Unseen  - Petra
For so long I was depending upon My senses and fences, I tried to ride on And trusting in things that can never be seen Was always a crutch on which others must lean Thin

Sign Me Up  - TheFountainofLifeJoyChoir
ChorusSign me up for the Christian jubilee,write my name on the roll.I've been changed since the Lord has lifted me,I want to be ready when Jesus comes.Verse 1When Jesus
The Fountain of Life Joy Choir

Silence Screams  - Rez
The hand are frozen solid on the face of saving graceWhere infiels are harlots choose a blackened burning placeSilence screams, the echoes roarSilence screams, forever mo

Silent Carnage  - Paramaecium
For the wages of sin is deathScraping bodies out of the gutterRotting corpses piled on each otherInfesting plagues defiled the landSole rectification through sacrificed S

Silent Carnage Original  - Paramaecium
For the wages of sin is deathScraping bodies out of the gutterRotting corpses piled on each otherInfesting plagues defiled the landSole rectification through sacrificed S