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FatherExplains  - DanielAmos
His bare feet are calloused, he hikes up his pantsHis mother says Son you're too young for the ranksWe need food for our family not airplanes and tanksAnd that's where th
Daniel Amos

Fathers - KingsX
My brother's on crack.My sister's a wreck.Our mother ... she tries.Our fathers are lies.Everyone of us loves everyone of us.Everyone of us loves everyone.My brother sells
Kings X

Fattened And Slaughtered  - TheocracyAD
You shepherds of old were exalted by GodTo take care of His flockBecause care was not taken your eyes did strayThey're scattered in the darkTo find them now an impossible
Theocracy A.D.

Favorite Song Of All  - RevJohnFlowers
Favorite Song of All-Words & Music by Dan DeanHe loves to hear the wind singAs it whistles through the pines on mountain peaksHe loves to hear the raindropsAs they splash
Rev. John Flowers

Fear No Evil  - Impellitteri
Rich man looking down his nose at youHe's got the good life and you get abusedThe Lazarus syndrome is in your faceSores on your back begging' at the gateRich man dies and

Fear Not My Child  - Carman
In myself I failed the Lord Then was afraid to try once more That fire in my soul had fled Thats when Jesus came and said My spirit, gives the strength you need t

Fear of God  - Faithbomb
trouble with the world is that nobody carestime is kinda short and I'm kinda scaredtalk about the end times it gets in your hairon your knees scream for truthI double dog

Fear within  - Faithbomb
a public bathroom wall reflects your whole self worthyou scrawl you racist ploy and you smear us with your dirtyou hatred is so puny no love lost for fellow maninjecting

Fearfully & Wonderfully  - MadattheWorld
I know so many beautiful peopleTruly beautiful people but they feel like nothingThey don't feel like anything at allBut that's the message on the t.v. the movies & billbo
Mad at the World

Fearfully Wondrously Made  - GlennKaiserBand
I was therewhen you turned your face to the wallI was therewhen you felt you were ten feet tallI was therewhen nobody knew your nameI'll be thereand I'll tell you again a
Glenn Kaiser Band

Fearless  - JackyClarkChisholm
Fearlessby Crystal Lewisfrom CD: Fearlessi was weak i was so fragile by myself not worth that much not worth that much at all i was scared i was so cold was afraid to tak
Jacky Clark-Chisholm

Feather in Your Cap  - Allies
CHORUSAnother feather in your capAnother jewel in your crownYou were headed for disasterBut you turned your life around and that's a feather in your capYou were the one w

Fed Deception  - TruthBeKnown
mouths stained with fearfed mistrust, fed deceptionwhat hand lifts the spoonthey ask for drinkand you draw from a well of hatredthey ask for nourishmentand are left to st

Feel Like Going On  - LAMassChoir
I like to talk to you this eveningI like to talkI like to talk about getting on when things not going quite so wellLike this morningI woke upI was real depressedBut some
LA Mass Choir

Feel Like You  - Overglow
Verse: I wanted You to know my heart You saw right through it I wanted You to know my heart You reached to the depths of it You look past all Ive ever been And see what I

Feels Like Heaven  - Laudamus
My ironwill is just a fakeYou can see me throughMy heart of stone's about to breakNobody knows it but youWhen I am downYou take me highFeels like heavenBlaze across the e

Feet On The Rock  - TheGospelHeritagePraiseandWorshipConferenceMassChoir
Verse 1I'm so glad, I've got my feet on the rock.I'm not sad, I've got my feet on the rock.Satan's mad, I've got my feet on the rock to stay;Jesus Christ, the solid rock.
The Gospel Heritage Praise and Worship Conference Mass Choir

Fell Out  - Bleach
What's wrong with me, I just been layin' aroundwishin it'd be like it was before I fell outNow is there any chance, that I can find romancelike we had back then, oh I wan

Fester Day Fever Of Scum Secreted Flesh  - VomitorialCorpulence
Festering muck of secretified flesh effluviummaturation insalubriness mess grotesque gurgulation ofsepsis emeticosus sanies manifesting deeds of theflesh Fester Day Fever
Vomitorial Corpulence

Hemorrhaging, festering, discharge of puss Disfunctional paralysing sickness of the bowel Rotting of internal andintestinal tract Stenching putrefaction of abdominal puss
Vomitorial Corpulence

Fetters  - StrangeOccurrence
Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped here inside of me These chains of life wrapped around my heart, I can't break free Sometimes I feel so lost, I can't find my way I would
Strange Occurrence

Fields of Fire  - RobRock
I have seen the highest mountainThe holy city in the skyComing down out of heavenWhere his glory dwells insideHear the angels singing out his name...HallelujahWhere the l
Rob Rock

Fiend Or Foul  - Rez
I beat the dead, they don't fight backThey have no need, they have no lackThey bear the marks of my attackI beat the dead, they don't reactI rob the poor, they don't mind

Fight For What is Right  - Headnoise
do you want to get involved?or do you want to just exist?dye your hair and spike it upbe another shaking fistthose whiners criers everywherethe scene is dead!but you don'

Fighting  - SonsOfThunder
I’m the preacher-man I tell you the truthNow open your Bible and read with me the wordGo from second Timothy chapter two verse four, saysThe soldier never sleeps,
Sons Of Thunder

Fighting Over Love Songs  - TonyVincent
wasnt it a dream you lead me to the water the moon on the horizon i was so far under the memories in all their repetition the dogs are far behind me loosed
Tony Vincent

Fill Me Up  - DennisLeonard
I come to YouSeeking a new way of looking at this lifeFor until nowI couldn't allow you to have Your way with meIn myHeart I know I'm empty 'till YouFill me upFill me up
Dennis Leonard

Fill The Gaps Foundation  - SmileyKids
Seperate Denominations.....All with different names Coorporate Money...........Coruption is their game Churches, buildings........Aren't what their made of Jesus, the peo
Smiley Kids

Fill This Place With Blood  - VengeanceRising
[R. Martinez]Fill this place with blood and that of no otherThan the Lord Jesus ChristI am what I am, if it were not for mercyI too would be damned, but by the grace of G
Vengeance Rising

Film At 11  - The77s
No controlNo way to have and hold you nowYou're blowin' in the wind, my friendLike a kite without a stringYou wanna show offAll your pretty thingsLike a glorious peacockY
The 77s

Final Assault  - Cabalistic
Before even the dawn of time victory had already been decided Tyranists would not stand firm God has the masterplan and Satan must bow Bow! Tyrants and demons from the ga

Final Mile  - ForeverMoon
I stroll along the streets of light Trying to find my way back home tonight Let my guard down once too many times Lesson learned as I walk behind CHORUS: Cause you walk t
Forever Moon

Final Night  - Staple
It's the final night.THE SOUNDS THE SIGHTS, the mushroom clouded, blood red skies.The heavens are ablaze right before our eyes.HAIL THE LIGHT!It proclaims our end, our de

Find a Way  - Shout
Where has it gone I don't knowGod knows I've triedPart of me's diedHow long can feelings go onTears start to fallI've given my allLove I know will find a wayI hear it's v

Find My Way  - PayableOnDeathPOD
Artist: P.O.D. (Payable On Death)Album: Payable On DeathYear: 2003Title: Find My WayI don't know how to let you go I've given to you all of me. All that will ever be, We
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

i think back to the timewhen i wouldnt drink wineand they taught me wrong and rightand black and whitelike death and the gravesome things never changeand ill never let it
Kings X

Finger Pointer  - NobodySpecial
I'm sick of self righteous people tellin' me how to live I never claimed to be perfect Just to set you straight I'm no good Chorus Yeah point your finger at me and I'll b
Nobody Special

Finished - KingsX
you caught my eye, couldn't take them off of youand i knew that you felt the same way too finished before it startedone look then we parted i couldn't speak, i felt one w
Kings X

Fire From Heaven  - SacredWarrior
Gay rights and porno movies are rampant everywhereThe end result foretold is the disease they shareIf Sodom and Gomorrah came to a fiery endWhat makes you think that this
Sacred Warrior

Fireside  - Solomon'sWish
When You first entertained my invitation I was eager to show You every room of Your new home You spoke of Your intent for a sweeping transformation And assured me, I w
Solomon's Wish

First Love  - Petra
Sometimes I feel I'm pulled in so many wrong directions Sometimes I feel the world seducing my affections It's not that I don't know the way It's just a heart that's pron

First of Ten  - VeniDomine
I see your angerI see your fearTime will slowly fade away the youth you hold so dearYou're six feet underAnd still you breatheLines that crawl across your face will ruin
Veni Domine

First the Kingdom - Metanoia
Open your minds and open your hearts The reality of life we cannot discard To sit and grow stale slowly decay While time creates a future where you didn't belong The Word

First Time In Vermont  - RoseBlossomPunch
it is easy to promise, and alas! how easy to forget! -alfred de musset chasing words are you still frightened heard you called caught my wanderings thought they'd see se
Rose Blossom Punch

Can you hear the thunder roar?Can't you see it's the end of the world?Shining stars, fall from the skyThe sun and the moon will not give their lightThe earth will shake,
Rob Rock

First You Suffer Then You Die  - VomitorialCorpulence
First You Suffer Then You Die Condemed To Hell YouWill Fry!!!
Vomitorial Corpulence

Fish on the Car  - 441z
She’s driving down city streets somewhereShe’s got all she wants and she don’t careIn a scene of Christian thingsClubs and Christian meetingsHolds th

Fishbowl Man  - KingsX
Into the fishbowlI make my standAmong the red fishThat shake my handThe left of neverThe right of meThe yellow waterEternity I'm in a fishbowlI'm a fishbowl man Up come t
Kings X

Fists Afire  - Staple
Charge the gates, ye proud and strong – are we not invincible?These are the lives we own, we rule and rule aloneIs this the night we asked for? We’re all th

Five  - RevJohnFlowers
FiveWhen I get to heaven I want to be a 5 year old foreverA little closer to the groundLook at all the change I found in the grocery storeI jumped off the couch today, I
Rev. John Flowers

Five Hours To Elwood  - NeutralAgreement
you're lost in timewith me tonightagain i see your facethe light once moreyou said i am always therebut you, you done that before i swearso far from home, is where i gois
Neutral Agreement

Five In The Nave  - The77s
I've got a million of 'em I've got a million of 'em Five in the nave Five in the nave Slowly I turn Step by step Inch by inch I grabbed one of 'em I knocked another one d
The 77s

Five Minutes Strong  - Staple
Under microscope again. Are you my family or friend?Good intentions, I’ll accept it, but these are unqualified judgments.5 minutes strong and you’ve known m

Flag Down  - CraigsBrother
Bleeding, nearly dyingstill can't swallow your pridestill can't face the fact that you've been hurtBarely breathing, still denyingThere's a knife in your sideand your wri
Craig's Brother

Flames Of Fire  - SonsOfThunder
See the flame, see the fireWatch it, watch it nowSee the fire, see the smokeDeep inside of meSee the flame, see the fireWalls come falling downSee the fire, see the smoke
Sons Of Thunder

Flies And Blue Skies  - KingsX
there's a thought in my mindand there's nothing not far behindthere's a road there's a paththere's a freeway and there's a map there are flies and blue skiesand the just
Kings X

Flowers In The Rain  - MadattheWorld
Walking thru a field, I saw a flower thereDark winds are blowing, rain in the air& then I realized, it’s just like you & IA disappearing vapor there in the skyThen
Mad at the World

Flowers In The Sand  - The77s
You make a lot of money She makes a lot of time Counts it out and hands it over to you Never asking nothing in return 'Cuz she trusts you Believes in you too You go aroun
The 77s

Flowers In The Sand Alternate Mix  - TheSeventySevens
You make a lot of moneyShe makes a lot of timeCounts it out and hands it over to youNever asking nothing in return'Cuz she trusts youBelieves in you tooYou go around in c
The Seventy Sevens

Flush  - JacksOfAllTrades
I don`t want to see and no you can`t make meBelieve in everything I won`t eat what you offer meCos you disgust me with your dirty sin you seeYo God has set me free I`m fr
Jacks Of All Trades

Flutterby  - TinmanJones
When you wake up in your dream And you don't remember what it means You go looking to the sky Asking why Look your throne is over-kinged Crowded with so many things You'v
Tinman Jones

Flying Blind  - RevJohnFlowers
Flying BlindI'm just fine, but in time, this sunshine will surely fade into the moonlight I'll adapt without a map, feeling trapped, Only seeing what my headlights But if
Rev. John Flowers

Focus  - CastingPearls
How suddenly we move from life to death In a moment move from full to nothing left Unshakeable faith how quickly turns to fear Went from holding you close to wishing You
Casting Pearls

Follow Jesus  - LondaLarmond
Follow Jesusby Greg O'Quin 'N Joyful NoyzeWritten by Greg O'Quinfrom CD: ConversationsHere's a promiseA promise between you and ILord you say Say JumpI only want to know
Londa Larmond

Follow Me  - MauretteBrownClark
You live a life of ups and downsOf here today and gone tomorrowOh changes you can't controlThey fill you with gloom and sorrowBut My own they call meA shelter in the time
Maurette Brown-Clark

Follow The Fold  - ForeverMoon
Follow the fold I always thought I was A little boy to his father What the shepherd says he does You greeting me with comfort You greeted me with love A touch of pure red
Forever Moon

Follow You  - MikeStand
Words and Music by Mike StandYea, its been a long whileSince I've hid myself awayTo pray for secret moments locked insideMoments like a photographEtched in stone this hea
Mike Stand

Follower - Teramaze
There's something wrong with my head, These bleeding thoughts don't comprehendI'm taking this time to find my wayBut as I stumble I don't want to stay......and I will fol

Followers Of Christ  - RadioAngels
Florida A & M Gospel Choir - Followers Of ChristFollowers Of Christ(written by L. Spencer Smith)(recorded by Florida A&M University Gospel Choir)ChorusWe have a message t
Radio Angels

Following the Robertsons  - SocietysFinest
I wonder if you care. You graze your skin across another needle As the concern for the strength of your veins Stretches across your mind Your thoughts tell you no one car
Societys Finest

Follywood Green  - GlennKaiserBand
it ain't my real hairit ain't my real nameit's just my ain't my real fame now ya see it but ya think you don'tyou gonna buy it but ya think you w
Glenn Kaiser Band

Fool You  - KingsX
as I wandered...walked along on a lazy pathI shook and hand. he seemed to know so much moreso I listened...tried my best just to understandthen I followed to where I knew
Kings X

Fools Gold  - Petra
Some say this life is only foolishness No waiting pot of gold in the fath that I possess But the treasures of this life will slowly turn to dust And this fool will find H

Footprints  - Rez
Did I ever know you? That's the saddest thing of all In my mind I'm holding you Been a long time since the fall I cant embrace a memory I couldn't even say good byeOnly

Footsteps Of Love  - MikeStand
Words and Music by Mike StandIt was a moment in timeSimple expressionOutside my window the radio playedA forgotten selectionIt was a song of love and the chorus rang outS
Mike Stand

For All Your Worth  - Petra
Hold on to life for all you're worth You know He died for all you're worth He loves you You have the greatest value He gave His life for all For all you're worth By this

For Annie  - Petra
No one ever noticed Annie weeping People all around, but she was all alone Mama's got her meetings, Daddy's got his job and no one's got the time so Annie's on her own No

For Crying Out Loud  - The77s
When it all comes downAnd it all falls apartAnd there's no way to winAnd you're left with a broken heartAnd you can't look down'Cuz it's too far to fallAnd you can't look
The 77s

For God So Loved The World  - ClarenceRobinson
For God So Loved The World(written by Lanny Wolfe)(recorded by G.M.W.A. National Mass Choir & also Vanessa Bell-Armstrong)(based on John 316)ChorusFor God so loved the w
Clarence Robinson

For Jasons Car  - LikeDavid
vs. 1. O Lord, the God who avenges, O God who avenges, shine forth.vs. 2. Rise up, O Judge of the earth; pay back to the proud what they deserve.vs. 3. How long will the
Like David

For The Love Of You  - LondaLarmond
For The Love Of YouWritten by The Isley Brothers and James MossPerformed by Greg O'Quin 'N Joyful NoyzeFrom CD: ConversationsPower, ever so clearWhat's the word babyJ. Mo
Londa Larmond

For the Moment  - FromAshes
(1st verse)The darknessis creeping overthese lands againThe warmth of the sunis pacing far awayAgain the sad feelingscome to meI feel it comingmy day of doomwhen it feels
From Ashes

For The Taking  - PoorMan'sRiches
From the moment that I felt YouI knew I'd never be the sameAnd from the moment that You spoke to meI've known no other wayTaken captive by Your presenceA prisoner held in
Poor Man's Riches

For Thee I Wait  - GlennKaiserBand
I see You in tear and in tempestI hear You in laughter and mirthYour presence now surrounds meIn the mystery of death and birthI bow before Your majestyWorship before You
Glenn Kaiser Band

For You As Much As Me  - InsideTheOutside
You say youre looking for a friend like me So tired of being turned away Left bridges burning in your history The jagged edge of yesterday You pray with answers hoping qu
Inside The Outside

For Your Love  - RobRock
I was crossing the line one too many timesI was living on the runTurning my face from the scene of the crimeWhen I saw the smoking gunDay after day I tried to find a new
Rob Rock

Força Maior  - VestigiumDei
Agüentando tudo de lábios fechados dentro da prisãoPensamento voa mas o sofrimento te mantém no chãoTodo dia a morte finge num instante querer te levarMas
Vestigium Dei

Force Of The Entity  - SaviourMachine
Listen to the thunder of the forces we revealListen to the voices of the children we concealFortress of the universe is tearing down the wallBreaking all dimension throug
Saviour Machine

Forced Belief  - TransfiguralForm
Forced Belief (words and music: Pope) Pushing it down, their throats, isn't the way, they'll accept it, exercise sense, you can't force, force beliefs. There can come, no
Transfigural Form

Forest  - PFRPrayForRain
There's a forest in my heartNo I'm not crazyI can feel the treesReaching out toward the skyBut the sun is getting hardSomehow that changes meMaybe you have seenHow the li
PFR (Pray For Rain)

Forever New Recording  - PFRPrayForRain
There's a forest in my heart No I'm not crazy I can feel the trees Reaching out toward the sky But the sun is getting hard Somehow that changes me Maybe you have seen How
PFR (Pray For Rain)

Forever 17  - LynnBaird
Never thought it would be me Living in a shattered dream How could this be in for me? What I wouldn't give to have A life to live, a day to plan Instead I'll be forever s
Lynn Baird

Forever In My Heart  - RevJohnFlowers
Forever In My HeartYou are foreverYou are the hero, I'll never be.But don't You know, I wanna be like You.And I'm so glad that You're a part of me.I'm going You, where ev
Rev. John Flowers

Forever Yours  - Impellitteri
Take a look at the world today, a lot of love seems to slip awayWhen the feelings start to fade, they start to runIt's not the way it's supposed to be, the flames of love

Forevermore  - LynnBaird
Oh, God, in Your perfection Your love confounds the wise Sinners are made heroes, and the humble lifted high Unchained hearts are singing out Songs that reach the sky Lif
Lynn Baird

Forfeit  - RevJohnFlowers
ForfeitWill not be shaken and jump into this,And be persuasive,Just carry on,And make my mind up,To go through this,Or be firm,And sit in silence.Cause I want to fight,I
Rev. John Flowers

Forget Everything Else  - SweetImperfection
dear diary i saw this guy at the show he was singing to me at least i think so all the world around me stopped when he said (hi, what's up baby) he's the perfect guy
Sweet Imperfection

Forget My Name  - Crashdog
same sources, same landdifferent paths, different planswhat you value i despiseunending thirst and greedy eyeswide roads lead to destructionmany hands bent on productiono

Forgetting November  - BlankLogic
Verse 1: Another night, sitting outside by myself. Thinking of you, pretending that you were in love with me. And I know I'll probably never even have a chance. It was st
Blank Logic

Forging Generals - Staple
These are the ties that bind.Contracts signed with pulsing blood remind us of color when everything turns to grey.Absolutes are life.Deterioration's the killer.Oath refor

Forum Lullabye - Undercover
EmptyDon't know what I'm doing hereI feel so emptyReally don't know why I'm hereHelplessAimless and confusedI guess I'm temptedJust to sit down and think about itHeyCome

Foster  - Terminal
My legs are shaking As I stare into the wakingGuess I always knew You were broken on the insideWatch life passing you by But you couldn't moveAnd no one stopped to ask yo

Found Someone - ShadedRed
Didn't I swear I'd be thereDidn't I make you this promiseTo hold you tight forever and ever(Bridge)Yet I fell apartAnd my world crashed downI was sinkin' fast, until I fe
Shaded Red

Found You Out  - Bleach
ain't it great not a moment too lateand i been waitin' for this all my lifeAint it swell like a sweet southern belleand I can finally see why I'm alivewhen you, hold me c

Four Leaf Clover  - Polarboy
What do ya see when you look at me? Do ya see Jesus or just another side effect of me? Been gone too long since I've been gone Oh, Jesus take me home, it's where I bel

Four Seasons  - Antiskeptic
Three million and one new shades of greyAnd the earth will spin and the clouds,and the clouds will fadeAn open glass of milk in the midday sunThe kids on the street and d

FourWheeling with the Mingledwarffs  - WithBloodComesCleansing
Green fades to harvest red, a pleasant sadness fills the air. Leaves fall to the ground, daylight is getting shorter. A golden sky covers the dying grass. Welcome the col
With Blood Comes Cleansing

Fragile  - Diversions
i've been finding lately that i have been walking on the water that you poured from the sky treasures behind closed doors you looked into my eyes told me you loved me loo

(Mike Roe, Steve Griffith)Lonely messStaring out a window paneSitting on an unmade bedThinking with an un-madeup mindAbout the things I can't forgetYou've gone but you ne
The 77s

Franks Enemy Metro  - Frank'sEnemy
Frank's Enemy

Franks Enemy!/Codebasher  - Frank'sEnemy
Two thousand years of oppressionIs the view that’s held todayHe's the cause of all warsHe's the author of all painNo one will hear him outHe's the last minorityNo
Frank's Enemy

Frankskanemy! / Codebasher  - Frank'sEnemy
Two thousand years of oppression Is the view thats held today He's the cause of all wars He's the author of all pain No one will hear him out He's the last minority No on
Frank's Enemy

Freak  - WarRocketAjax
Jesus freak comin; after you.Can't stop now gonna see it through.Gospel gun on the devil's head.Scare ya' so bad make ya' wet your bed.Sick of your lies so watch your bac
War Rocket Ajax

Free  - VanessaBellArmstrong
Verse 1Struggles we face each daySometimes we lose our wayEach moment that passes byLonging for reasons whyThe problem that seems so greatDefeat is the final phaseNot kno
Vanessa Bell-Armstrong

Free Signal  - Beanbag
I have a reason to live. Can't take away from me!The car drove past at a hundred miles.It threw a bag in the shape of a body that read.I've got time and you're wasting it

Free Will  - RevJohnFlowers
Free WillTo the maker of this house The holder of the key I gave You my heart But held some back for me Someday I would give You Everything I am But I stole my road to fr
Rev. John Flowers

Freedom - KingsX
Freedom to have two mothers and all be friendsFreedom to terminate my fetus if it don't fit inFreedom to kiss my brother right on the lipsFreedom to make my own concoctio
Kings X

Freedom Cage  - TinmanJones
It was the lnad of the free The home of the brave A nation with trust in the power to save Where did it go What did it become It was a freedom of And now a freedom from I
Tinman Jones

Freedom Fighter  - PayableOnDeathPOD
Today I heard what them people say Dem want to live free greedily, with everyone to pay. You play under the sun while others fight and dies away but I say if you don't li
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

Freedom Fighters  - PayableOnDeathPOD
Today I heard what them people say Dem want to live free greedily, with everyone to pay. You play under the sun while others fight and dies away but I say if you don't li
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

Freedom Is A Luxury  - TheAmericanCultureeXperiments
Freedom is a luxury you can't affordWhen you're working minimum wage at the corner storeWhen little children are preyed on in their own homesWhen you're working at the fa
The American Culture eXperiments

Freesignal  - Beanbag
I have a reason to live. Can't take away from me! The car drove past at a hundred miles. It threw a bag in the shape of a body that read. I've got time and you're wasting

FRESTELSEN  - Parakletos
Ut i öknen skall jag vandra för att fasta och då Frestelserna möta när Frestaren mot mig gå Här kommer ljusets ängel, här är Anklagaren Den

Friend  - TinmanJones
Come on out of your shellTake a hand and shake it wellUs plus you makes weWon't you join our companyCause I want to take you inWe'll be there to stand onHold you up so yo
Tinman Jones

FRIEND OF SATAN  - DeadinChrist
Dead in Christ

Friends, love one another Friends, sisters and brothers Friends, all in the family of God Friends are a gift from above Friends are devoted and true Then when the goin' g

Friends in the Skies  - Frank'sEnemy
Everybody wants to makeFriends in the skiesTrying to ascend toPlanes of existence on highFalling into trancesAnd trying to float awayGiven up on earth and peopleHeaded fo
Frank's Enemy

From Behind the Trees  - Slechtvalk
Now I wander in the forest to find my peace.Fighting the haunting memories of the past.Trying to realise the greatness of the forgiveness bestowed on my heart,which is da

From Me To You  - Calibretto13
You tell me that you're praying for me You tell me I'm blind that I can't see You tell me I'm bound and I need to be set free But it's hard to believe 'cos you're just li
Calibretto 13


From The Dead  - VengeanceRising
[L. Farkas / R. Martinez]The chief priests required the tomb to be securedThe Pharisees were with them, Pilate was assureThere would be no rising, as He had saidOn the th
Vengeance Rising

From This Cage  - AshenMortality
My body aches my mind is numbIs this the way we all becomeLost again with no directionBroken by this spiritual infectionBroken by this spiritual infection yeahI'm going d
Ashen Mortality

Front  - The7Method
You're looking for something that you can't findYou're searching for things beyond your own mindYou're feeling the walls for an openingYou're hearing a song that you can'
The 7 Method

Frontal Lobotomy  - VengeanceRising
False prophets speak empty words of deceptionThey promise you freedom, but are slaves to corruptionScripture is given for reproof and correctionUntaught people are their
Vengeance Rising

Frontline Life  - NeonCross
Hold tight, Hold onWon’t be long before the SonFrontline life takes it’s tollSo coldInside, OutsideIs it just your foolish pride?Frontline life takes itâ
Neon Cross

Frowney Clowney  - SmileyKids
Turn your frown upside down Make your lips go round and round Let your troubles go away Cuz Jesus Christ is here to stay He won't ever let you stay down He'll pick you up
Smiley Kids

Frykt Ikke Fear Not  - Drottnar
Frykt ikke, broder, broder i Krist Frykt ikke verden og mørkets makt Frykt ikke døden, den når ikke oss Den seier vant Jesus på syndens kors Vi er reddet av b

Fuel For the Fire  - RobRock
...your castles are burning...So you're the king of the actionYou want to have it allBut I say your headed for a fallYou're like a man on a missionYou wanna wear the crow
Rob Rock

Full Armor  - Saint

Full Joy  - SoutheastInspirationalChoir
ChorusThese things have I spoken unto you,and that your joy might be full,might be full.These things I commanded unto you,even as I have loved you,I have loved you.VerseN
Southeast Inspirational Choir

Full On Empty  - Knowdaverbs
CHORUS: I drive not on my own understanding getting, getting gased up for advancing I deflate myself for expanding Vehicles we won be we ride full on empty. CHOR

Funambulism  - JacobsDream
A seed was sown within my mind and began to lead my heartIt seemed I walked a fine line of benevolence or lustA time to focus on the goal, I drew a line in the sandJust h
Jacobs Dream