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Grin And Bear It  - RobRock
Forty days and forty nightsIn the hot desert sandI've paid my dues all my lifeAnd now it's out of my handsTake a look inside, nothing ever comes easyWhen it's cold outsid
Rob Rock

Groove Machine - KingsX
Lay down your burdens by the riversideTake a deep breath and go for a ride Welcome to the groove machineWelcome to the groove Music, oh music, such a funky thingThe close
Kings X

Grotesque Mucopurulent Disgorgement  - VomitorialCorpulence
Grotesque mucopurulent festering sores Bubbling mucus of cancerous abscess Ulcerated stomach, spleen and bowels Deseasedkidneys, Puss drenched lungs Cankerous coma of the
Vomitorial Corpulence

Growing Pains  - KatyHudson
You would think that I could find a simple song, a photograph of mine To show this public eye, what I have to offer I may not have a PHD, or speak in eloquent philosoph
Katy Hudson

Guard Your Heart  - SmileyKids
Life's unsafe with risks to take, always learn from our mistakes WHOAAAA! Feeling anxious stressed out and scared, such a huge weight you feel alone, WHOAAOOOAAA! Don't w
Smiley Kids

Guerra Ao Inferno - Antidemon
[Ap 12:7-11 / Ef 6:12]Guerra ao infernoDerrota ao diabo,E aos anjos que caíramE do céu foram lançados!Declaramos a vitória!De Jesus Cristo!Jesus Cristo!DemÃ

Guidance Neshamah  - RaptureoftheMeek
I look to You for my guidance and power with Your spirit,Your love sustains my being, Your love.Reign Holy Spirit reign, here comes the rain!
Rapture of the Meek

Guilty  - DanielAmos
Well I'm in a messWhat can I do?yeah, I've second-guessedso have youbut I've been all wrong babyAd nauseam babyI'm gonna break the circuit,put aside all my disguisesDon't
Daniel Amos

Guitar Saint  - TinmanJones
A million to one, take a shotLose it all, not a lotDig it in, facing eastMind your armor, love the leastSing the song of the braveBring a saving graceThrow your jam out b
Tinman Jones

Guitarras de Amor  - PayableOnDeathPOD
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

HIB  - BlankLogic
intro: instrumental verse 1: sitting on the corner watching you walk near wondering if you'd even want to talk to me you told me your name we talked about our favorite ba
Blank Logic

Haemorrhage Of Hatred  - Paramaecium
[Music by A. Tompkins, J. De Ron and J. Sherlock]If prolonged hatred breeds it will devour your mindAnimosity will annihilate sobrietyInsalubrious emotions can extirpate

Half Light Epoch and Phase  - DanielAmos
These are the images I arrangeTo fill in my report on youHoliness, mystery, disturbing and strangeObscuring the point of my viewEveryone seems to know just what you areBu
Daniel Amos

Hallelujah  - JerryWashington
Verse 1Hallelujah to You, to You,Glory and honor to Your name.Verse 2Jesus (6x),Is Your name.
Jerry Washington

Hallelujah Anyhow  - ClarenceRobinson
Hallelujah Anyhow(written by Thomas Whitfield)(recorded by Thomas Whitfield & The Thomas Whitfield Company)Verse:Hallelujah anyhow, anyhow.Hallelujah anyhow, anyhow.Chor
Clarence Robinson

Hallelujah I Found Him  - RevGeraldThompson&TheArkansasFellowshipMassChoir
Chorus(I'm so glad I found the Lord, Jesus in time)I found Him in time.(I'm so glad I found Him in time),I found Him in time.(Picked me up and turned me around),(placed m
Rev. Gerald Thompson & The Arkansas Fellowship Mass Choir

Hallelujah Lets Praise The Lord  - GospelMusicWorkshopofAmericaYouthMassChoir
ChorusHallelujah, praise the Lord.Hallelujah, praise the Lord.Praise Him in the morning, praise Him in the noonday,praise Him the evening, praise Him all day;hallelujah,
Gospel Music Workshop of America Youth Mass Choir

Hallelujah Youre Worthy  - WestAngelesCOGICMassChoir
ChorusHallelujah, You're worthy to be praised.Hallelujah, You're worthy to be praised.VerseI lift my hands, I praise You Lord.I bow my head, I honor You Lord.ChorusVampHa
West Angeles C.O.G.I.C. Mass Choir

We will worship the Maker of all things Almighty God, to You our voices sing Hallowed be Thy Name Hallowed be Thy Name You are the Holy One Father, Spirit, Son King of ki

Halloween Bring Out the Dead  - Rackets&Drapes
i smell the stench of a rotting corpsei walk among them in this place of deathinside, decay, full of dead man’s bonesslowly you die, and i’m dying tooi hear
Rackets & Drapes

Halo  - PatrickHolmes
Even thought my heart fades away I will always return to You No matter how far I stray Your love is my halo Your heart is enough I cannot live without You Your heart is e
Patrick Holmes

Hammer Inflicted Brain Seizure Of Satans Crushed Head Exploding Skull , Scattered Fragments Of Belial's Feable Carcass!
Vomitorial Corpulence

Hammering Satans Head  - VomitorialCorpulence
Satan you are a loser, the victory has be won, CHRISTis going to crush your head and grind you to a pulp,Hammering Satans Head, Hammering Satans Head,Hammering Satans Hea
Vomitorial Corpulence

Hand Of Grace  - PoorMan'sRiches
Secrets revealed just by looking in your eyesJust the way it is, is what you say beneath your mindGoing by what you know He has brought us face to faceBy the truth of God
Poor Man's Riches

Hand On My Heart  - Petra
Got Your hand on my heart and I won't walk away Got a hold of my life and I'm here to stay Got Your hand on my heart I remember when You first touched my heart And the se

Hands  - PatrickHolmes
Jesus, I fell You near me Your hands giving life to my body Your spirit healing life to me Holding my heart in sweet security (Chorus:)God, I need Your grace Let Your Spi
Patrick Holmes

Hands Of The Potter  - Caedmon'sCall
Lord if I'm the clay then I've been left out in the sun Cracked and dry, like mud from the sky Still clinging to the prodigal sun But I'm on my way back home Yes I
Caedmon's Call

Hanging on a Tree  - Frank'sEnemy
So easy to forget, honestlySo easy to forget this was for meI was on His mind when I didn't have to beThis was Someone with time for better thingsBefore my eyes the quiet
Frank's Enemy

Happy  - KingsX
Yeah, the rain came independence dayWith an old flag, washed and raisedAnd the chid sang, all fall downNo one heard it, not a soundYeah the rain came turning grayAnd the
Kings X

Happy Days  - Coriolis
Out of the ashes a phoenix will rise, always more noble than the first one. Sorrows will mend, it has come to an end. A beginning has begun.So the end has arrived, I am g

Happy Dispatch - Beanbag
Help me! scream these words from the TV nightly.My family's been shot to death seems to find no answer.The music on the radio is louder then a death.You tune in you turn

Happy Roy  - TheSeventySevens
(Mike Roe)you've gone awayi'll never be the samemaybe time will heal the wound ortime could tear apartthe love within our heartsso far we've strayedi know it's done buti
The Seventy Sevens

Let us pause in life's pleasuresand count it's many tearsWhile we all sup sorrow with the poorThere's a song that will lingerforever in our earsOh, hard times come again
Lost Dogs

Hard To Say  - TheSeventySevens
(Bill Harmon)it used to be a big mysterythat I could not understandwhy this heart of minegot turned into just another glandand it's hardto say that I love youit's hard to
The Seventy Sevens

Harmonic - The7Method
What you want is what you need. Why’s that so hard for for you to seeYou can’t run no and you can’t hide. You can ask all that have triedCause what y
The 7 Method

Hate You  - KingsX
I'll never hurt youI'll never bring you downI won't desert youI'll always be around You don't know how much I hate youYou don't know how much I hate you I'll never kill y
Kings X

Hats2big - LikeDavid
Look at the line You drawn yourself So hard To push past someone else Why has Your head grown so Hats to big dont you think so? Ego bigger than a stage Why prove yoursel
Like David

Haunted Church  - RoseBlossomPunch
You think you know everything about me I could tell you now everything I'm thinking And I promise you that you wouldn't know a word To think you didn't see you were all a
Rose Blossom Punch

Haunting Enigma  - Headnoise
How many dying must there be?So many untold memoriesWho really cares, so many staresPeople fade away everydayEmpty bottles tell sad storiesFilthy photos fumbled throughGr

Have A Talk With Jesus  - PatrickLove&TheALJinwrightMassChoir
Have a talk with JesusHave a talk with JesusHe'll hear your cry Answer by and byNo matter what the problemI know that God can solve themYeah! Yes He will, I know he
Patrick Love & The A.L. Jinwright Mass Choir

Have You Been Tried In The Fire  - FloridaMassChoir
Chorus 1: (Have you been tried in the fire), yes. (Have you been tried in the fire), yes. (Have you been tried in the fire), yes, did you come through as pure gold? Verse
Florida Mass Choir

Have You Heard About Jesus  - GospelMusicWorkshopofAmericaMassChoir
Verse 1Have you heard about Jesus,who died on Calvary.He died for you and me,He died to set men free.ChorusYou can call Him everyday,even when you can't find your way.He'
Gospel Music Workshop of America Mass Choir

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,Let your heart be light.Next year all our troubles will be out of sight.Have yourself a merry little Christmas,Make the Yuletide g
Rudolph McKissick

Högmod  - Taketh
Jag styr över mig självingen annan har maktenatt styra mig Jag är den som står högstalla andra skall vikaSe hur jag skrider framse på min härlighetMi

Hc4jc  - VomitorialCorpulence
You arewith me or you are against me Keep my commands and abide in my love Submit to God, Resist the Devil Put on Jesus'yoke. If your hand makes you sin, cit it off Out o
Vomitorial Corpulence

He Believes In You  - AaronBenward
God wants nothing more from you right now Than for you to understand His heart Calm all the whispers in your head Just be still Listen You will hear Echoing
Aaron Benward

Verse 1Jesus, I can't forget You've done for me,how You suffered, bled, and died on Calvary,You did it all to prove Your love for me.And I am so grateful that You chose t
L.A. Mass Choir

He came alone into the battle He knew nobody else could face His foe He left His throne, He left His glory He knew nobody else could ever go He called the bluff, He took

He Can Do Anything  - GreaterWaltersAMEChurchOfChicago
ChorusHe can do anything (3x),there's nothing that My God can't do. VerseMaybe your life is filled with painand your health, you just can't regain.I know somebody who is
Greater Walters A.M.E. Church Of Chicago

He Cares  - ClarenceRobinson
He CaresPatrick Love & The A.L. Jinwright Mass ChoirWritten by Patrick LoveAlbum: The VisionI know a man that sees and caresYou can tell him all about your troublesTrial
Clarence Robinson

He Didnt Have To Do It  - GospelMusicWorkshopofAmericaYouthMassChoir
Verse 1On a hill called Calvary, the Lord was crucified.They nailed Him in His hands and feet,they mocked Him 'til He died.Oh what a price He paid for sin,to redeem my so
Gospel Music Workshop of America Youth Mass Choir

He Died  - SacredWarrior
He died for you and I on that dayAs He hangs on the cross for you and IHe said Father forgive them for they know not what they doIt's time you realize what he has done fo
Sacred Warrior

He Died For Me  - WaltWhitman&TheSoulChildrenofChicago
Verse 1What a friend I have found in Jesus,my sins and grieves He bears.What a privilege it is to carryit all to God in prayer.(The greatest love story)(told throughout a
Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago

He Dont Own Nothing  - VengeanceRising
So you've been told, that satan owns, a contract to your soulOr perhaps that he will have a kingdom and a throneWell now it's time to realize, that none of this is trueHe
Vengeance Rising

He Has Done Great Things  - BishopJeffBanks&TheRevivalTempleCommunityChoir
ChorusHe has done great things,He has done great things,He has done great things;He has done great things for me.Verse 1A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never fail
Bishop Jeff Banks & The Revival Temple Community Choir

He Is  - Aaron&Jeoffrey
In Genesis, He's the breath of life In Exodus, the Passover Lamb In Leviticus, He's our High Priest Numbers, The fire by night Deuteronomy, He's Moses' voice In Joshua,
Aaron & Jeoffrey

He Is God  - VengeanceRising
[R. Martin]In the beginning was the WordAnd the Word was with GodAnd the Word was GodAnd the Word became flesh and dwelt among usHe is God, He is GodHe is God, He is GodT
Vengeance Rising

He Is Not Here For He Has Risen  - TheYoungAndTheUseless
As the rain poured down, the people cheered,an innocent man was killed that day,he must die, to save our lives, he placed our sins, upon his back,they mocked and cursed h
The Young And The Useless

He Lifted Me  - RadioAngels
He Lifted Me(Traditional)(arranged by Rudolph Stanfield)(recorded by Ricky Dillard & The New Generation Chorale)Verse 1:I'm so glad Jesus lifted meI'm so glad Jesus lift
Radio Angels

He Lives  - GospelMusicWorkshopofAmericaWomenofWorship
He lives, He lives, I'm so glad He livesHe lives, He lives, I'm so glad He livesVerseI serve a risen Savior, He's in the world todayI know that He's living, despite what
Gospel Music Workshop of America Women of Worship

He Loves Me  - RudolphMcKissick
He loves me. Even when I fall beneath His will. He loves me, oh, oh, oh, He loves me. When my broken heart just won't keeps still. He loves me oh, oh, oh, He loves me. E
Rudolph McKissick

He Reigns  - LamarCampbell&Praise
(Verse)I serve the risen KingHe's the ruler of all thingsHe has all power in His hand,He's creator of all things in the air, in the sea and in the land.He reigns, He reig
Lamar Campbell & Praise

He Said It  - NewBirthTotalPraiseChoir
Chorus 1I am trusting in Jesus and believing Him,I am resting on promises, receiving them,all the way, all the way.I am trusting in Jesus and believing Him,I am resting o
New Birth Total Praise Choir

He Said It Amen  - RadioAngels
He Said It, Amen(written by Kevin Bond)(recorded by Ricky Dillard & New Generation Chorale)Chorus 1:I am trusting in Jesus and believing Him,I am resting on promises, re
Radio Angels

He Who  - JacksOfAllTrades
Crash boom bang and kill the liessniffin clue smokin dope and gettin highyou`s been doin this for yearsblood for the tearsyou switched from one to some higher gearsall th
Jacks Of All Trades

He Will Be There  - Laudamus
I was walking through my life without a meaningSurrounded by lies in a material paradiseI didn`t care for noone and noone cared for meThen he came and changed my lifeGave

He Will Bring You Out  - GospelMusicWorkshopofAmericaYouthMassChoir
VerseWhen the storms of life are raging,and the billows are tossing high;(He will bring you out).Trouble all around you,no help is nigh;(He will bring You out).Trust in t
Gospel Music Workshop of America Youth Mass Choir

He Will Come  - PatrickHolmes
I can't complain I got the best things money can buy. But I'm feeling hollow driing solo in the ride of my life. I wana know, I wanna see what's missing in me. Tell me t
Patrick Holmes

He Will Help You  - DennisLeonard
Chorus 1He will help youHe'll protect youHe will keep youAnd never leave youHe'll provide for youAnd He'll guide youWash you whiter than snowAnd He'll make you wholeVers
Dennis Leonard

He Wont Fail  - JerryWashington
He Won't Fail(written by Percy Bady)(recorded by Marvin Sapp)Verse 1:(When you pray), let Him have His way.(In your moment of prayer), let Him have His way.(In your priv
Jerry Washington

He Wont Let You Down  - JerryWashington
He Won't Let You Down(recorded by Lamar Campbell and Spirit Of Praise)ChorusHe would not bring you this far just to leave you...He wouldn't have made a way if he didn't
Jerry Washington

He Wont Ever Fail  - GospelMusicWorkshopofAmericaMenofPromise
ChorusNo, He won't ever,He won't ever, He won't ever.No, He won't ever,He won't ever fail.Verse 1I have tried Him for myself,and I found out I don't need nobody's help;He
Gospel Music Workshop of America Men of Promise

Hell Make It Alright  - ClarenceRobinson
He'll Make It Alright(written by Percy Bady)(recorded by Rev. Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers)Chorus:(If you've got a problem in your life),(take it to J
Clarence Robinson

Hes Able  - RadioAngels
John P. Kee - He's Able Verse 1:I've been through so many valleysI've felt the strain of strifeTrying to overtake my lifeBut there you were to comfort meAnd give me life
Radio Angels

Hes All I Need  - LynnBaird
Hes All I Need Im a pilgrim, and Im a stranger, and Im seeking my homeThat the Lord has prepared for mc, Oh-oh Unto him I surrender, and now I can sayOh-oh, I know Jesu
Lynn Baird

Hes All Right With Me  - LondaLarmond
I tried him and I know himJesus is realI don't care what people may sayI know what I feelWhen I found myselfIn the midst of the stormJesus rescued meHe kept me from all h
Londa Larmond

Hes Been Good  - JerryWashington
I don't wanna sit and think about all the things that weigh me down,Not when I know God has been good, Times when no one else understood.Since I put it in the masters ha
Jerry Washington

Here in my hour of need I'm lonely, forsaken again I'm wounded and left here to bleed With no solace from a stranger or friend Who hears my cry to revive and restore? One

Hes Concerned  - JerryWashington
God is, just a prayer away All you need to do is call He will hear, your faintest cry He's concerned about you So while your tears are flowing through Your time of mourn
Jerry Washington

Narrator:The morning paper is not the sameA man is smiling, do you know his name?He's shaking hands with the presidentIt almost seems as though he's heaven sentFrenzied c
Daniel Amos

Hes The Greatest  - RadioAngels
He's The Greatest(written by John P. Kee)(recorded by John P. Kee & The New Life Community Choir)Verse:Lord, You're great,You're the Great I Am;pick up my cross and foll
Radio Angels

Hes Waiting  - ClarenceRobinson
He's Waiting(written by Montage Pheloan)(recorded by Chicago Mass Choir)Verse 1:I have a friend that you should know,He sits up high and looks down low.If you don't know
Clarence Robinson

Hes Working It Out  - BChaseWilliams
Though the pressures of life seems to weigh you down, and you dont know which way to turn; God is concerned and Hes working it out for you. The child thats on cocaine, t
B. Chase Williams

Hes Working It Out For You  - JerryWashington
He's Working It Out For You(written by Micheal Mathis)(recorded by Shirley Caesar)Verse 1:Though the pressures of life seems to weigh you down,and you don't know which w
Jerry Washington

Hes Worthy  - RadioAngels
He's Worthy(written by Kathy Taylor-Brown)(recorded by Kathy Taylor-Brown & Favor, Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago)Verse 1I must tell of the goodness of the
Radio Angels

Hes a Battle Axe  - FloridaMassChoir
ChorusHe's battle axeIn the time of a warHe's a battle axeIn the time of a warHe's a battle axeIn the time of a warShelter in the time of a storyVerseWell you can't do li
Florida Mass Choir

Hes Been Good  - TMMassYouthChoir
Chorus: The Lord has been so good to me. The Lord has set my soul free. The Lord has made a way for me. and I want to thank Him. Verse: I can't begin to thank for Your go
T.M. Mass Youth Choir

Hes Coming Back  - NewJerseyMassChoir
Verse 1To be the one the Lord's calling for in these last and evil days,the one called to be a witness to some souls who's lost their way.Then to be used as His instrumen
New Jersey Mass Choir

Hes My Rock  - VictoryInPraiseMusic&ArtsSeminarMassChoir
ChorusHe's my rock that I can lean on.He's my shelter in the time of storm.I'm not worried about the storm,'cause I'm leaning on His arms;He's my rock, hallelujah,He's my
Victory In Praise Music & Arts Seminar Mass Choir

Hes Worthy  - SandraCrouch
Chorus 1He's worthy, God's worthy,Almighty Creator,Alpha, Omega, Beginning and the End.Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty,which was and is,and is to come.Hallelujah,hallelujah
Sandra Crouch

Head In A Cloud  - TheLads
Maybe your view of quality is more than you can be You bear your ideology so stoically That all that you can see, is inferiority Here I am, my head in a cloud Can’
The Lads

Head Under Water  - LikeDavid
Your headIs so deep now.You don't knowWhere to look.I'll show you,I said how.And I know youYou tried so hardBut youNever wanted toGoThatFarOnly you can.How long?How long
Like David

At the beginning things were easier; all I did was call Your nameNow I want to go deeper, I don't want to stay the sameIt's going to take a little sacrifice, but I'm sure
Leo G

Heads Like Humans  - Headnoise
Have you heard the prophecy in Revelation 1 2 3 4Forsaking truth the earth will mourn as Christ returnsSo it shall beIsaiah, Joel, Luke and John all prophecied the wrath

Heal Me Back  - Gryp
I'm sick of merely existing.Day to day.No hope.I need something more to replace this emptiness.Strength from within.(((Chorus))):God heal me back to the place like a litt

Heal The Land  - JerryWashington
Heal The Land(recorded by Luther Barnes)In a world full of distructionIn a world where men don't believeAll the Christians are striving trying to make itAnd the devil is
Jerry Washington

Healed By God  - Laudamus
There comes a time when you have to see yourselfRight through the glass.You wonder who you areMissing the time when we were youngThat time is a long way gone nowbut still

Healing To My Soul  - SonsOfThunder
Hallelujah! Healing to my soulHallelujah! Miraculous medecineIs our God.Hallelujah! Love, peace, happinessHallelujah! Forever and ever goodIs our God.Hallelujah! King of
Sons Of Thunder

Healthy Specimen - Headnoise
Hostility- envy and rageNegating life cancer spreading, eating awayInsanity- we are what we thinkWe sin against ourselves. The penalty we will reap.Isolation- building th

Hear Me  - RudolphMcKissick
Many won't believe YouEven though You come throughThey will place their faith and leave it thereBut I'm honored just to knowYou hear me, oh, yeah, yeahI don't even have
Rudolph McKissick

Hear Me Out  - TwiceBorn
Many despise me, because I yell the truth. The Truth will set you free and I am the proof. I yell and scream and take my stand that the truth would be made known, to give
Twice Born

Hear My Prayer  - Laudamus
I've walked your path. I've followed my creedBut know I'm astray, are you still in the lead?Desperate to feel your presence closeRenew Your spirit till my heart overflows

Heart Of A Hero  - Petra
The fearless giant faced a brave young shepherd boy He said, Your God is dead and your nation soon destroyed But the son of Jesse proved what God can do in the heart of a

Heart Of The Matter  - Brother'sKeeper
Counterfeit religion has been around for a while Mixing in the bad with the good, it causes lots of trials But just like with diamonds, the fake will be unmasked Lord
Brother's Keeper

Heart STrings Break  - Teramaze
lies pour from your tongue like a fountain of death selfish spite brands your outcome and how you see me and how you show yourself your heart strings broken now your hope

Hearts Desire  - Rez
There You hung for all to seeBroken Man on a twisted treeWe lowered our eyes in the lowering lightUnnailed the body before the nightYou are my heart's desireYou set my so

You are my heart's desireYou set my soul on fireYou're all I need

Heartbeat  - Bleach
It’s been a long long time sinceSince I’ve spent some time with youI’m seeing lonely momentsSeeing lonely truthsA distant tone has come to meAnd now

Heartbeat of the City  - Bloodgood
Feel the heartbeat of the cityHear it callin' out to youYou've been robbed and you've been cheatedBe runnin' scared if you only knewToo much time and too much moneyBroken

Heaven  - ClarenceRobinson
Chorus:Heaven or HellIt's up to youYou're volitionWhat will you doMade up in my mindDecision's not hardAs for me and my houseAs for me and my houseAs for me and my house
Clarence Robinson

Heaven Forbid  - AccordingToJohn
Heaven forbid That I refuse the pain and miss the grace That you have for me in this place... Heaven forbid That my life be lived for passing things And lives I touch r
According To John

Heaven on Earth  - Bloodgood
The light in your eyes and the touch of your handsThe warmth of that smile when you look at meThe way that you move around and through my lifeI know it's the way that it'

Heaven Unseen Hell Unknown  - TheSpiritThatGuidesUs
I know it's You handing it right now.I wish it's You.Is there still some light in my very eye.I wish it's true.This hell I built is the hell I built on my own.It's a lie.
The Spirit That Guides Us

Heavy Against Me  - EdeninRuins
Heavy Against Me(words: Pope; Mikhail music: Pope)Sin like an anvilweighing me downfalling into despairi fight and drownlife's fatal mistakeschoosing right and wrongbefor
Eden in Ruins

Heavy Against Me demo 1996  - EdeninRuins
Heavy Against Me(words: Pope; Mikhail music: Pope)Sin like an anvilweighing me downfalling into despairi fight and drownlife's fatal mistakeschoosing right and wrongbefor
Eden in Ruins

Hecatombs  - EtherealScourge
deification rotting mindsdenying the christinfested with liesfrom demons bornyou gladly feaston a banquet of falsehoodand fire roared from heaventhe carcass was consumeds
Ethereal Scourge

Hello Again  - Petra
Everybody has to say their goodbyes While they wipe away the tears from their eyes Everybody bids a fonder farewell When they know there won't be any sequel Everybody say

Help Him Stand  - LondaLarmond
(featuring Anointed)(Chorus)I gotta do more thanJust take brother by the handI gotta look into his heartAnd try to help him understandNot looking through the eyesOf just
Londa Larmond

Help Me Lift Him Up  - KeithPringle&ThePentecostalCommunityChoir
ChorusHelp me lift Him up,help me lift Him up,Sopranos help me,Altos help me,Tenors help me,All lift Him up.Help me lift Him up,help me lift Him up,Sopranos help me,Altos
Keith Pringle & The Pentecostal Community Choir

Helping Hand  - SmileyKids
We live our lives abused. Beaten and thrown away. Scared of the next day. Waiting for more pain. He lived His life that way, He suffered and He died for us. Now happy is
Smiley Kids

Helpless - Crashdog
You told me about your broken lifeWhat did you want me to think?We shared the same cup all alongYou call it poisonI call it lifeRemember when we stood together?Now you sa

Her  - Travail
In her darkness I guide her to the One The One who guides me when I feel as if I'm done I lift her up to the One who lifted me From the depths of despair from the sky cam

Her Game  - RevJohnFlowers
Her GameEvery time she comes my way she knows just what to do and sayThose little smiles she throws away, they turn my stomacheIf you listen close enough you'll catch all
Rev. John Flowers

Hercules  - WarRocketAjax
Look into these eyes and see.I'll not be what you want me to be.Shake my hand and stake your claim.You'll only fan the flame.Seeds of love.Won't leave you cold or flat oh
War Rocket Ajax

Here Am I  - RevJohnFlowers
Here Am IOn the other side of the world She stands on the ocean shore Gazing at the heavens she wonders Is there somthing more Never been told the name of Jesus She turns
Rev. John Flowers

Here And Now  - LynnBaird
Chorus 1Here and now we will stand with one voiceHand in handWe will never back downWe will never give inHere and nowWe will sing with one voiceAnd we bring our lives as
Lynn Baird

Here Comes The Son  - Krusade
Dark clouds overspread the skyAn evil storm rages tonightThe people are caught in the devil's handMorning breaks, the sky is clearThe sun will soon appearAnd peace will f

Here For Life Crimson Clover  - PaulColmanTrio
Everyday I see the sun begin to shine Every way I give what's yours and yours is mine When I say that it's too fast I'm left behind Walk a little bit nearer Gonna play an
Paul Colman Trio

Here I Go Again  - RevJohnFlowers
Father, hear my prayer I need the perfect words Words that he will hear And know they're straight from you I don't know what to say I only know it hurts To see my only fr
Rev. John Flowers

Here In This House  - LynnBaird
We've gathered here, in faith we believe We lift our voices, His praises we sing Whatever you need, my God will provide The Father is waiting with arms open wide Chorus
Lynn Baird

Here We Are  - Saint

Here We Are Gathered  - GlennKaiserBand
Here we are gathered togetherTo worship You, LordHoly Spirit, lead usIn one accordHallelujah (3x)Jesus, we love YouWe love You soThank You for salvationCause our love to
Glenn Kaiser Band

Here We Go  - GrandIncredible
I exist to do this it's on my wristI resist with both fist and I don't missYou can run from wrath but you run from factThere's no way back if you choose that pathAll were
Grand Incredible

Here With You   - TwinkieClarkTerrell
VerseHere am I to bring You glory.Here am I to give You praise;even though my heart is broken,I found my (strength in You).Oh Lord, You kept me when I didn?t have a dime.
Twinkie Clark-Terrell

Hero  - RevJohnFlowers
HeroI bought the CD, downloaded the mp3I even bought the import from the JapaneseI read the bio to see what you're all aboutLet's put it this way folks, this guy is no bo
Rev. John Flowers

Herods Violent Death  - VengeanceRising
This Herod he was troubled, when he first learned of ChristLike so many of today, who neglect salvation lifeAnd do not give the Lord Christ Jesus, the glory due his nameT
Vengeance Rising

Hesitate - Staple
Pleading with open eyes to see into your world tonight.Bleeding with open cries, on my faceand hoping that you'll prove my faith tonight.I'll never forget the times you m

Hey Child  - CrucialKick
You and I of the neighbourhood, We think we've got it all so good.Front and back lawn with a pet, A mortgage debt, but don't give me thatDiverted from reality, The child
Crucial Kick

Hey Flower  - TheLads
(V1)Hey flower, dancing in the breezeYou have a power, brings me to my kneesLike a face that’s beaming in a crowd of frownsYou’re a verb that’s screa
The Lads

Hey World  - Petra
It could have gone either way when it came down to the choice To keep the life within a life that had no voice It must have surely seemed the harder road to choose To be