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Caverns of Khafka  - Callisto

Celebrate  - Bleach
Is this realI hope it's not fakeJust a dream, dont let me wakeHands downHands downYou're the best I've ever foundAnd I celebrate the dayThat I met you, That I met youYou

Celebrating Jesus  - Carman
Everybody's gatherin round that Christmas tree We're laughin and talkin and singin so merrily There's pumpkin pie and toys, happy girls and boys, But what's the proper me

Celestial  - PayableOnDeathPOD
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

I like the way you make me feel How your sunset paints the field The warmth it brings to me Thats how I know youre near Your love is like the summer rain Your shadow over

Cerebral Turbulency  - VomitorialCorpulence
Your mind's set on things of the flesh, Chaotic thoughta you need to address Unwanted brain rot clots your head, From allthe garbage you've been fed Unstable is your mind
Vomitorial Corpulence

Ceremony  - SaviourMachine
You have the right to remain silent, anything you sayCan and will be used against you in a court of law.To strip away the myth from the man is only dealingWith the sympto
Saviour Machine

Chain of Pain  - Oratorio
Can you feel my pain now.Thousands words can't describe it.Wish I've never met you at allGave you all that I hadMy love up to the skyOh why please tell my whyI need to fi

Chain The Fallen One  - TorturedConscience
Shrouded by the blackness inside Spiritual suicide Into sin we are born Filthy robes we adorn To the fire we crawl Forever we do fall We don't think we need God Liars cal
Tortured Conscience

Shrouded by the blackness insideSpiritual suicideInto sin we are bornFilthy robes we adornTo the fire we crawlForever we do fallWe don't think we need GodLiars call Him a
Tortured Conscience

Chameleon  - Petra
You want the best of both worlds You're not getting either You seem content to ride the fence When you know which side is greener Some run hot, some run cold Some run fro

Change  - LondaLarmond
Sometimes you won't just walk away,and leave it all oh yeah you doThen you hear a voice soft and low,sis don't you cry cause I'll pull you throughBridge:you may not need
Londa Larmond

Change My Heart  - TheFightingTemptations
oh God protect me from myself my fearful, weary soul it wants to hold on when all i want is to let go oh God protect me from myself my hand and wandering heart it speeds
The Fighting Temptations

Change my name  - Gryp
Lyrics Not Available

Change My Ways  - Antiskeptic
You have come Wipe away the tears and all I’ve seenI’m in His place and I know the place that I’m inFear’s aside there’s light inside o

Change the World  - PayableOnDeathPOD
Imagine a place on here soaked in vision The heart of a child who looks, sees, and listens Paints a picture using every color And what she sees she sees it like no other
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

Changes - MikeStand
Words and Music by Mike StandTurning out past emotionsAny flame that singed my heart to woeSometimes you've gotta let goAshes fill the sky with thunderInsecurity fights a
Mike Stand

Changin Wind  - GlennKaiserBand
sometimes i recall the way it used to becold september wind, darkness down on mepassion that i felt so deep insidemirrors always made me want to hideuphill every day, fam
Glenn Kaiser Band

Chanting the Last Passages  - Sorrowstorm
Frozen to death in the dead of winter, showered with blood and soresEntangled in vines and needle-like thornsEntering a world which is not of my ownPassages of darkness a

Charge It To My Head  - RudolphMcKissick
I was looking back on yesterdayI saw my favorite photograph of you and meYou were my pride and joyThe one my heart beats forAnd you will always beThe apple of my eye(Cho
Rudolph McKissick

Chariot Song  - KingsX
If I could only have one thing, give me theloving (loving is nothing to doubt) A shotto the left and I fall down, cover (la, la, la,la, la, la, la, la me) me I hear the m
Kings X

Charity - Noiz

Charlie Sheen  - KingsX
It all works outIt all works outIt all works outIt all works out I'm waiting for a word beyond our historyAnd paper tigers dance about within the mysteryClover of substan
Kings X

Chase You Down  - Slingshot57
I think I'm finally ready to let go of everything and follow you to the end.To hold you and not pretend that I can do this all alone,that I can stand here on my own, that
Slingshot 57

Cheese Whiz Craze  - Don'tKnow
Got a theory you're dancing with the cheese whiz Throwing out the sis give your hair a briz Lock it, self it, pick it, take it off the wall Eat blue fries take a conflict
Don't Know

Child  - RevJohnFlowers
ChildYou want to run, but you're too afraid to leave You said you have faith, but not enough to believe Back and forth, you go back and forth again It wears you down, and
Rev. John Flowers

Child In Silence  - SaviourMachine
Child in silence - I've seen the wayThe tears run down your face.Child of violence - I know that you've beenDying in this place.Child without mercy - they've haunted you
Saviour Machine

Child Missing  - JacksOfAllTrades
You keep me running through the alley of the lonelyI see your face and I wish that I onlyCould've made you understandI got no ace, got no kings in this handNowadays I've
Jacks Of All Trades

Child of Sod  - Bleach
I remember the first time that I met you.Everything that I heard of you was true. I was a child of mud, I was the child of sod.Call me the son of filth, drowne me to life

I grew up in a welfare stateWhere the winters were coldAnd the checks came lateWith hand-medown clothesAnd a hole in my heartIt seemed nothin' could fillA child of the bl

Child of the King  - MississippiChildrensChoir
VERSE My father is rich in houses and lands He hold's the wealth of the world in His hands Rubies and diamonds, Silver and Gold His coffers are full, He has riches untold
Mississippi Children's Choir

Children of the King  - LordianGuard
We are strong, we are freeChildren of the KingWe are in Christ, a new creation.He is sovereign Lord and KingOf men and cherubimHe is our God, He is our glory.By the riche
Lordian Guard

Children Of The Light  - SacredWarrior
We are the ones that will take the gospel to all nationsNo we will not deny our KingWe do what's right and we do it with no sadness'Cause we enjoy the life we live[CHORUS
Sacred Warrior

China White  - Barnabas
She's a double-crossDemon powder queenBitch in the gutterMaster of kingsShe's a too-cool tortureTop of the lineDangerous lover; White CadillacShe'll suck you dry and skin

Choices  - CynicalLimit
Time, honestlyIs my friend for a seasonI watch go on byThis friend of mine, for no good reasonWhy, honestly,Do I blame my decisionI'm still as freeTo travel roads my mind
Cynical Limit

Choked Up  - GlennKaiserBand
(Aww, lets make a deal baby . . .)They had truth by the wallet in a Nashville heatSharkskin suit wit the tired feetCouldnt reconcile value with the bott
Glenn Kaiser Band

Choose Christ  - AcousticTorment
Choose death or lifeChoose Satan or CHRISTChoose lifeChoose death or lifeChoose Satan or CHRISTChoose CHRISTChoose death or lifeChoose Satan or CHRISTChoose lifeChoose de
Acoustic Torment

Christ In Us  - PromiseLand
(Intro)In this room….. The flag within my handAll that is… Has been taken from this man(oh Lord) Could he know the truth? (Did he know) Is there a way?(Did he see) Di
Promise Land

Christ is All  - MatthewAllen
Lord, send your spirit to me. Fill my body with your presence. Stillness in the midst of chaos; peace surrounded by troubles. Only you, O Lord, send this comfort to me. R
Matthew Allen

Christ Is The Demon Crusher  - VomitorialCorpulence
Crushed Skull Dismembered Head Snapped Spine Severed Torso Shattered Ribs Punchered Throat Squashed Spleen Mangled LimbsHacked , Mangled , Mutilated Body , Minced , Shred
Vomitorial Corpulence

Christian Hate Mail  - Calibretto13
What is this I see? Can we not get along? Discord in the body shows me something is wrong. Difference of opinion brings about your hate. The way that we view life makes y
Calibretto 13

Christians And Lunatics  - SaviourMachine
Shelter the mind of remorseWallow in the heart of the liarSteal by the soul and the force of the nailAs they follow the body of fireKnowledge reveals itself onceMaking pe
Saviour Machine

Christmas Star  - David&TamelaMann
On that magic night in BethlehemOn the birthday of our LordThe angels sang and the heavens rang With tidings of great joyAnd on that night, an angel's choir had journeye
David & Tamela Mann

Christmas Time  - MississippiChildrensChoir
ChorusChristmas time is a special time of the year,we give all praises to Godfor sending Jesus Christ, His beloved Son.Christmas time is a special time of the year,we giv
Mississippi Children's Choir

Chubb  - Beanbag
he tries hard to be noticed when he's traveling townhis stereo's up loud pumping hits to his egotraveling to work in the morning he can't stop yawninghis foot down hard f

Church Bus  - TinmanJones
There were 32 of us Packed into an old churchbus Back seat was reigning king Shotgun, it didn't mean a thing We'd washed a thousand cars To land a ticket Move over let me
Tinman Jones

Cigarettes  - KingsX
have you gotten any cigarettesand have you got anything for meI no longer know just what I'm sayingis this how it's supposed to be. sometimes I think the pain blows my mi
Kings X

Cindy  - Curbsquirrels
A little girl had to move away today, thousands of miles from where she used to play. Who will she talk to? Who will be her friend? To top it off her parents start to fig

Circle In The Sand  - Solomon'sWish
I guess I lost my sense of direction again 'Cause all I see are footprints that look strangely like my own I'm digging deeper the more I run And the longer I'm out he
Solomon's Wish

Circle The Sky  - MyChildrenMyBride
You made this bed with idle hands, tired hearts, and unwoken souls, our death is out new breath my coma is my life Sleep on, dream on Circle the sky I know you're better
MyChildren MyBride

Circles We Run  - Staple
We've went to the edge a thousand times before,and these circles we run have only nailed our feet to the floor.My jaw aches from hurling words at walls with doors locked,

Circus Of Power  - SonsOfThunder
We are here!Bringin’ the message of loveSalvation for the lostLike a clownWe’re bringin’ the joy to the crowdAnd laughter for the sadOh yeahWeâ€
Sons Of Thunder

City By The Sea  - Terminal
I'm a thousand miles from homesleeping in my clothesliving like ive never have beforewhen the city falls into the seaI try and make myself believethat I matter here but i

City Streets - Rez
You saw me standing out in the streetI was looking for some action, someone to meetThere was holes in my pocketsAnd a hole in my soulAnd a whole lot of questionsAbout whi

Citys On Fire  - RobRock
Long John Silver's got his head in the cloudsSleeping on the concrete and he's thinking out loudWhen's the man gonna bring the candy caneSelling dreams in the city lights
Rob Rock

Ciudad Brutal  - Exousia
Ciudad BrutalCiudad brutalCiudad brutal.Ciudad ingobernablecargada de maldadgeneración sin vidadejaste a tu Creador.Ciudad contaminadaa punto de estallarMéx

Claim  - TheCorbans
Holy is a tough word In the vocab of man To separate ourselves From the jaws of sin Wise is the man That fears the great I AM I'm called to serve my God I'm called to se
The Corbans

Clamaré a mi SeÃ~+mn~or Porque El es digno de loor De mis enemigos me salvará Jesús vive Bendita sea la roca El Dios de mi salvación sea exaltado

Clean  - Petra
You may see me stumble, you may see might fall You may see me cornered with my back against the wall Maybe incognito, maybe out to lunch Maybe caught red-handed or maybe

Clean The Air  - Bleach
Hold up, hold on, I think this thing has gone too farand now I'm stuck in the middle and it's falling apart.I can't wait to get some sunny weatherthat brings all of us to

Clear Blue Sky  - GlennKaiserBand
to walk in the field once againcomforting breeze on my faceto feel the wet and the lurepower of creative graceto realize the quietpeace of a different kindthe harmony of
Glenn Kaiser Band

Clear The Air  - Bleach
Hold up, hold on, I think this thing has gone too far and now I'm stuck in the middle and it's falling apart. I can't wait to get some sunny weather that brings all of us

Climb On A Back Thats Strong  - Caedmon'sCall
Oh, my soul, sometimes we don't know what to do We work so hard being tough on our own But now it's me and you Let's get up sad bones 'Cause we are fall on hard times But
Caedmon's Call

Close But No Cigar  - LostDogs
Close but no cigarI nearly won her heartI got so close but then my whole worldFell apartI thought we were in loveWe came so farNow she's with someone else not meClose but
Lost Dogs

Close My Door  - PastDoubt
Verse 1: When everything goes your way I really want to die today Im not scared of dieing now Im just afraid of the pain If a will dies please say Ju

Close My Eyes  - LoveisRed
Question moralityQuestion your authorityQuestion everything that you've ever knownWill Iever close my eyes?Will I never look to the sky?Will I ever find the truth behind
Love is Red

Close Your Eyes  - CastingPearls
Hold on to my hand don't be afraid I want to take you to a special place Put a big smile on your face All pain has been erased for good You lie there helpless you can't g
Casting Pearls

Are you the victim?How have they made you hate?Rest easy on your pillow of false beliefs.Sleep silent tonight.You know where you are heading.Your hate has died down.Burn
Anah Aevia

Are you the victim? How have they made you hate? Rest easy on your pillow of false beliefs. Sleep silent tonight. You know where you are heading. Your hate has died down.
Anah Aevia

Closer  - LamarCampbell&SpiritofPraise
VERSE 1 Oh Lord, I felt Your presence When I opened my eyes this morning I remembered how we started the day together Somehow we drifted apart I need to feel Your presenc
Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise

Closer Than Close  - GospelMusicWorkshopofAmericaYouthMassChoir
Chorus 1Closer than close, closer,I want to be near You. Closer than close, closer, I want to be near You Closer than close, closer than close,closer than close to You.Ve
Gospel Music Workshop of America Youth Mass Choir

Closer Than My Sister  - Shop11Phoenix
I don't want you to be gone when I come backI want you to be here, especially when I am downand I'm out and I can't get no loveThat's why I come to you, that's why I come
Shop 11 Phoenix

Closer To Your Dreams  - TonyVincent
she spends a lotta lonely days storing all her dreams away down deep she knows they may not see the light she paints the color of her room in the darkest shades of bl
Tony Vincent

Closer Walk  - RudolphMcKissick
[Verse 1]There's none greaterNow or laterThis I knowLord of mercyLight my pathwayMake me whole[Chorus A]Just a closer walk with thee'Cause Your love will make the differ
Rudolph McKissick

Closure  - RevJohnFlowers
ClosureBreathe, trust, bless Me and release Climb hard Never be seen Clothes off Rescue the brain Trust, bless me Two sided time Your reasons can't hurt Branch out behind
Rev. John Flowers

Cloud Nine  - AccordingToJohn
She got the boy He got the girl She was on cloud nine He was up on top of the world Puppy love They would lasso the moon together But he found another girl
According To John

CoDependant Idolatry  - CrashRickshaw
Wanna give not getLife is more than INever let the left know what the right has doneLoving to be loved it never solvedor built anythingRespond, ReactCan't tell them apart
Crash Rickshaw

CoDepentent Idolatry  - CrashRickshaw
Wanna give not get Life is more than I Never let the left know what the right has done Loving to be loved it never solvedor built anything Respond, React Can't tell them
Crash Rickshaw

Code of Life lyrics  - RobRock
Technology a gross manifestationQuest for power, an endless temptationThe decline of man, an abominationThe altar of greed, the perfect consummationThe code of life lives
Rob Rock

Code Of The Road  - Bleach
Just suppose this old car sputtered down the road Just suppose this old carIt refused to go Wouldn't you hope that someone would care enough to stop And help you out I'd

Cold demo  - TransfiguralForm
Cold (words and music: Pope) there's darkness all around you the old days they're gone. You can't relive the past, what's done has been done. Life takes a backseat as you
Transfigural Form

Cold and Turning Blue  - Bleach
Cheesy moon boy throw your space rocks all around. Your friend balloon boy is tangled, can't get unwound. You find it funny, meanwhile he squirms around.He struggles, str

Cold Cold Night  - The77s
Well it's rainingAnd I'm out on the ledgeWhy'd you have to do it?Throw me outLeave me right out on the edgeWhy'd you do that to me?I wouldn't do that to you, no'Cuz I bel
The 77s

Cold Stare  - Callisto
Connection after a long period of silence, your cold eyes spoke to me without words.Agony was present. I understood it all along.I heard a silent whisper from the past -

Colours - Rez
In the dead of night, like the lightning bright, You'll comeIn the eyes of my heart, where You silenced the dark, I know You'll comeAs the planets dance around the sun I

Comatose - Rez
Flyin down the highway fast lane throw awayThought she had an inn there she's a stowaway Comatose emotion overdose She's comatose dead on 'er feet victim of sin Comatose

Come And Join Us  - Petra
We are like stones built together in a wall Made up of whosoever the Master Builder calls We are not worthy but together we are strong Built on the Rock of Ages the wall

Come Before His Presence  - RichardSmallwood&Vision
ChorusCome before His presence with thanksgiving,enter into His court with praise,and be thankful unto Him,and be thankful unto Him,for He is worthy, worthy of all praise
Richard Smallwood & Vision

Come Before The Lord  - GlennKaiserBand
i come before You, Lord,with a humble hearti come before You, Lord,with a gentle spiriti come before You, Lord,to magnify Your namei come before You, Lord, with praisewe
Glenn Kaiser Band

Come Behold  - GlennKaiserBand
come behold ... the healing of the nations come behold ... the bringing of salvation come behold the Lamb come behold ... the power of compassion come behold ... the secr
Glenn Kaiser Band

Come Down Here  - LostDogs
I am a lonely sinning soulCome down here, won't you come down here?Sipping my supper from an empty bowlIf you come down here you can fill me fullThere lies inside of me a
Lost Dogs

Come Into This House  - ClarenceRobinson
Chorus I:Come Into This House,Magnify the Lord,Lift up Holy hands,Our Hearts in one accordHe's Worthy, Worthy of all our praiseHe's Worthy, Worthy of all our praiseChoru
Clarence Robinson

Come Let Us Worship  - GMWAMassChoir
Verse: Oh come let us sing unto the Lord, let us make a joyful noise unto the rock of our salvation. Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving and make a joyful n
GMWA Mass Choir

Come On  - LondaLarmond
Everybody's got somebody thatMakes them wanna cry sometimeWhen you know the lord'sMaking a way out of nothingSo get on up and do somethin' 'bout itIt's the crying childNo
Londa Larmond

Come On Children  - MississippiChildrensChoir
ChorusCome on children let's sing,let's sing, let's sing.Come on children and shoutof the goodness of the Lord.BridgeFor He has done so much for me,I just can't, I just c
Mississippi Children's Choir

Come On In  - Blissed
Are you caught up in the everyday Are you old enough to take some of the blame Let love lead and let love find Let love grow and make you a little blind If you want to tr

Come See The Meatboy  - Calibretto13
it used to be people like to come see the freaks
Calibretto 13

Come Unto To Me  - JerryWashington
Come Unto To Me(written by Eric McDaniels)(recorded by Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir)Verse 1:I heard the voice of Jesus saying,"come unto me a
Jerry Washington

Comfortable Liar  - RevJohnFlowers
Comfortable LiarPrime, the listless sea The salts enters the wounds My take on you is simple So heal your fear To heal your fear Time spent waiting offshore The calm befo
Rev. John Flowers

Communion Song  - GlennKaiserBand
hear me, hear my prayer, O Godguide me, lead me to Your hearttouch me, make these weak bones strongcatch me when You know i'll surely fallbreak me like the bread that nig
Glenn Kaiser Band

Competition  - Fanmail
it gets out feeling slow watching everyone is passing by and im still here is this worth all the stress and come around cuz im still down everything is so confusing compe

Complain - KingsX
ozone disappearing in the skybud man asking us why ask whyif I could find my magazine this bug would dieI complainChina boy standing up to a tanksouthern boy living in th
Kings X

Complete the Work  - TheFloridaA&MUniversityGospelChoir
ChorusComplete the work in me (3x)Lord! Complete the work in meVerseLord do a new thing inside of meWon't you do a new work in me(repeat)Oh, Lord Have your wayThis I pray
The Florida A&M University Gospel Choir

Completely Yes  - SandraCrouch
Chorus 1Yes, Lord, yes, Lord,from the bottom of my heartto the depths of my soul.Yes, Lord, completely yes;my soul says yes.Chorus 2I love You, I love You,from the bottom
Sandra Crouch

Computer Brains  - Petra
Everything that you do and see, one more event in your memory Every bit takes another bite without control over wrong or right You must screen every entry made,the conseq

Conclusion  - JacksOfAllTrades
Beautiful hands touch my soulEyes full of fire, you make me wholeNever did I feel like this beforeI didn’t even know what’s it all forTo make you see what y
Jacks Of All Trades

Condition  - Bleach
Stop what you're doingI don't think it's becoming of youTo treat your friends like thatAnd all you've been sayingMan it's driving me right up the wallI don't think I'm do

Confession  - AccordingToJohn
Most merciful God We confess that we have sinned against you Forgotten who we are By what we have done And what we have left undone Most merciful God We have not lo
According To John

Confinamento Eterno  - Antidemon
[Ap. 14:9-11]E será confinado à prisão eternaO réu culpado, Lúcifer!De dia, de noite a todo tempo clamarão!Pela vida que foi destruída!Por tudo, por

Confront - Sanctifica
We’ll seize this moment to salute youRaiders come to sign the last of my giftsI give to thee with honour…what was given yesterdayspirals down into oblivionTh

Confused  - RoseBlossomPunch
took me a while just to give it away i've been saving it up saving it up no took me a while just to tell you the truth i've been saving it up saving it up no more time
Rose Blossom Punch

Confusion  - NeutralAgreement
confusion is the word that i use in my mindconfusion is the word i always findfor its use in my life left me a voidi thought all of me was destroyedi thought i was so clo
Neutral Agreement

Connected  - Means
i keep lying awake at night cause i cant sleep i know you remember me when you're gone how could we forget we're connected you can take this to the end i will be strong y

Conquer - Exousia

Conquerors Hymn  - RobRock
Come and behold him the King of SalvationEver eternal his glorificationWarriors in the worldWe are more thanConquerors - Rise of a NationConquerors - For the KingCalling
Rob Rock

pushing me furtherWhen will I fall?seduce me, oppress mewith your lies, your destructive liestell me I am not good enoughcall to my weak sides / give in to your willPushi

Consumed By Flames  - Slechtvalk
Once upon a time, There was a majestic empireThe Empire of Darkness, ruled by the emperor, with powers so greatHe tortured his slaves, and drank their blood to please his

Contact  - GlennKaiserBand
everybody wants contact / everybody wants comfort and concernnobody likes conflict / or rarely likes watching bridges burneverybody wants love / everybody wants faithfuln
Glenn Kaiser Band

Contagious  - LynnBaird
I got a new way of thinking I finally figured it out It's coming from a different perspective I wanna tell you what it's about And I'm all right now (all right now) Cause
Lynn Baird

Contemplations Along the Way  - CrimsonMoonlight
I can see all there is to seebut I'm blind to my fate,to what may come.I think I'm awakebut stealing upon melike the frost in the nightI neither see nor notice the moment
Crimson Moonlight

Continually Falling  - TruthBeKnown
not unlike DaedalusI found myself building wallsthat blocked the sun from menot unlike IcarusI found myself building wingsto fly above this lifetimeslips through my hands

Control Of The World  - TheAmericanCultureeXperiments
You believe? Man what a jokeThere is nothing I can't seeMy reality is my own creationAnd standing in the center is meBackup! Lookout! Step asideThe decision maker is comi
The American Culture eXperiments

Complacency is not a green pasture it's a place filled with hate where you live sadly ever after. Challenge me I'll take you up, I'll be the highest bidder. Your backgrou

Cool Shoes  - Silage
Chorus:My elephant will never let me downWhen pigs and snakes invite me to the groundClosed my eyes to change my shoeAnd that's when I fell off of youSo, please send your

Corridors of Deception  - EdeninRuins
Corridors Of Deception(words: Pope; Mikhail music: Pope)The nightmares beganin my hour of darknessbefore my very soul i'm losing controlInsanity started takingahold of my
Eden in Ruins

Corrosion Of Emotions  - Renascent
Empty hollow mindsWeary fragile souls What is the meaning of your life You're walking endless milesBroken lies, fallen skiesSorrow deep within your mindWhy keep digging d

Corruption  - YesterdaysHero
I can't see how you love me.I can't believe that you would die for me, die for me.I can't see how you love me.I can't believe that you would rise for me, rise for me.I se
Yesterdays Hero

Cost Of The Cause  - TheCafFiends
Cost of the Cause A new plan, a call for change One hundred times its all the same Revolution in the mist Open minds with clenched fists Empty slogans from empty minds Lo
The CafFiends

Counsel Of The Holy  - Petra
There is a light burning in the darkness A book of Hope A morning light Breaking over the mountains To where the eagle flies It gives us wings to touch the sky It is the

Count On Me  - RadioAngels
Count on me through thick and thin A friendship that will never endWhen you are weak, I will be strongHelping you to carry on Call on me, I will be thereDon't be afraidPl
Radio Angels

Countdown  - WarRocketAjax
Hey God it's me.You know that I done screwed up again.Well I try and try to get myself by but I always fall back in.And I'm, amazed yeah I'm in a daze when.You say hey it
War Rocket Ajax

I've got a reason for living, I've got my eye on the skyI know my sins are forgiven, and now I'm ready to dieWhen I survey all the madness, on the face of the earthThere'
Rob Rock

Countless Corpses  - VengeanceRising
In Out of the will we looked at the mercifulness of GodAnd here we have the second half, for those who repent notIn Nahum, after Jonah had long since then come and goneAs
Vengeance Rising

Country Mile  - GlennKaiserBand
i just got to see Your face, Lordhow i wanna see You smile (2x)at the end of the road they'll hear us shoutin' for a country milelife was so strange, seemed like nothin'
Glenn Kaiser Band

Country Western Star  - Bleach
I wish that I was Floyd Cramer I'd pound out a country song A cowboy, his keyboard A Country Western Star That's not where I belong No that's not where I belong Just a sa

Courting Marry  - BlessedByABrokenHeart
Why must you reduce yourself to thisAren't you tired of coming back for moreCan't you see that comfort is just a prayer awaySo let your feet shatter the pavementAs you ru
Blessed By A Broken Heart

Covenant - Exousia
(2 Thessalonians 2:7) The ministry of iniquity is already working in the universe. (2 Corinthians 4:4) The god of this world, have blinded the minds of them which believe

Cover Me  - ModernDayJohn
when the cold winds blowin the darkness i'm out on my ownand my flame burns low- Jesus cover mewhen i'm far from homeand the path beneath me is gonei can't make it alone-
Modern Day John

Covered In The Blood  - TowerofHundred
Out on the streets livin’ for todayDon’t need a savior get out of my wayMade up my mind here I’m gonna stayDon’t need no lovin’Runninâ
Tower of Hundred

Cradle Of Peace  - GSMegaphone
I know a daddy's girl that looks like our mother She likes the way the street smells when it rains She used to lose sleep over every little thing Until she heard a song t
GS Megaphone

Craft  - Krusade
Kingdoms come and kingdoms goOne man dead you may knowTo the witch they inquirePunished by death and fireThe craft black or whiteWon't save you from the strifeThat you're

Crave  - TinmanJones
I need You more than I admit or understandTo see You renew me and heal me once againPursue me to the end of everything I amAnd teach me deplete me and keep me in Your han
Tinman Jones