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Spy Hunter  - ThyneScabbard
I felt a call from the midnight light, I have been called to end a life. October 5th 1965 you'll have to fight to stay alive. A price was set on your head this night, It'
Thyne Scabbard

St Augustines Pears  - Petra
Late one night I heard a knock at the door The boys were really painting the town I was just another bored teenage boy Kickin' up and actin' the clown... Yeah One dare le

Stale  - Beanbag
Cruel bagged then snagged is how I want things done.I want the best in my life and I'll please anyone.I'm strapped into this chair watching TV that's aired live across th

Stalker  - WarRocketAjax
You got a stalker.Just call me Jack.You'll never see me 'cause I got the knack.I call you up on the telephone.Well you can bet I'll never leave you alone.'Cause I'm a sta
War Rocket Ajax

Stampede - Mastedon

Stand  - VictoryInPraiseMusic&ArtsSeminarMassChoir
VerseI decided to take a stand,not knowing I'd lose my best friend.But I'd rather live rightthan in hell, lift up my eyes.ChorusStand (2x),you stand.BridgeStand for holin
Victory In Praise Music & Arts Seminar Mass Choir

Stand And Fall  - MikeStand
Words and Music by Mike StandSouls under heaven still searchingWalking on the narrow pathYour painful expression and yearningSeem to be closing inHold on to your headsHol
Mike Stand

Stand In Line  - Impellitteri
Standing like a statue waiting for the trainIn front of the cigarette vendorSlicking back his hair looking at the machineReflecting like a mirrorPulling up his collar to

Stand In Line Droid  - Dodgin'Bullets
Stand in line droid, to kill yourself to sut your throat, to bleed yourself dry disguised with the mask that could fool every man woman, child, and your
Dodgin' Bullets

Stand In The Gap  - Petra
There's no feeling Like when you have a friend in need Their heart is wounded - And you can feel your own heart bleed And you wonder Will they pull through this attack Yo

Stand in the Light  - Bloodgood
Does a child cry?Does the world turn around?Does a fire burn?Is the earth also ground?This we've learnedBut what have found?Does a snowflake fall?And in fall does a tree

Stand Or Fall  - Impellitteri
Deep in the heart of a strangerUnder the haze of the city lightsWasting away and he's starting to fade into winter The music is calling his nameNever will life be the sam

Stand Still  - ClarenceRobinson
Stand Still(recorded by Earnest Davis Jr. & The Wilmington-Chester Mass Choir)Verse1:What do I do when I don't know what to doWhat do I say, when I don't know what to sa
Clarence Robinson

Stand Up  - RadioAngels
Stand Up(written by Derrick Stanfiled, Tony Smith, and Keith Childress)(recorded by O'Landa Draper & The Associates)Intro:Stand up for right, join in the fight,be a sold
Radio Angels

Standing Free  - SacredWarrior
Broken windows ... in my mindShattered dreams ... surround meMy days were numberedThoughts of suicide invade my mindI couldn`t stand it anymoreI wouldn`t face realityI`d
Sacred Warrior

Standing In The Need Of A Blessing  - GospelMusicWorkshopofAmericaMassChoir
Choir You Said I Could Call You When I Need You.You Said You Would Answer When I Call YouYou Said You Will Supply All My Needs According To Your Riches In GloryLord I'm S
Gospel Music Workshop of America Mass Choir

Standing lyrics  - RobRock
People of the WorldRise up hear my wordsYou are the one who must carry the crossYou are the one to defy your mastersBreaking the spell you were cast intoShatter the mold
Rob Rock

So alone, so confusedBut you’ve got no one to blameThe situation is the sameYou push away, all that’s trueBut the foolish things you doAlways come right bac

Standing Ovation  - AccordingToJohn
There once lived a man named Stephen I read about him just the other day A man of conviction Who was not afraid to stand up for what he believed He knew how to please
According To John

Star One  - Fighter
CHORUSStar One / I need a brand new start / Can You reach inside my heart and hold me / 'Til te crying stops / Star One / You're the only One who really knows me / And I

Star Pilot  - Saint
Red alert star craft approachingEverybody put on your gearBy your command engines on stand byWe are the ones that they fearPermission granted launching pad is clearPrepar

Star Pilot Return  - Saint

Star Pilots Return  - Saint

Star Song  - TheNarrow
She likes drawing pictures of herself on her walls.In time maybe then she'll learn to like it when she smiles.Do you like the way you are?Rip away at my heart.Do you like
The Narrow

Stardust Inc  - Sanctifica
Venus the first of threeto congratulate mesincere apologyapples and candy for your woundssweets and sugar from the secondof threeStardust incorporatedgentlemenhold your g

Starlit Sky  - NorthernFlame
When you walk alone, at the edge of realityThere's something that you feel stalking from behind In the night, in the moonlight there's something lurking aboutHe's watchin
Northern Flame

Stars  - DennisLeonard
I am a movie star, I drive a big car I'm on the silver screen, I am a citrus queen I am a rock star, I'm gonna go far I wear anything, but I can't sing I don't care if y
Dennis Leonard

Stars Between Stations  - NamesWithoutNumbers
calculating space from the stars to your receivera miracle as vast as timebut we're not tuned in enough to see itnotes sent from homesomewhere in the sound of the static
Names Without Numbers

State of Decay  - TransfiguralForm
Transfigural Form

Static  - KingsX
I don't wanna do this anymoreI really wanna do it Hello, I didn't mean to hide my feelings from youI was afraid of what you would say and go tell somebody I don't wanna d
Kings X

Stay  - 12Stones
I walk to the edge again, searching for the truthTaken by the memories of all that i've beenThroughIf i could hear your voice i know that i would beOkayI know that i&
12 Stones

Stay Away From Evil  - SacredWarrior
The evil one is the great decieverHe'll steal your soul when you turn aroundOhh he's just doing evilAny chance he can get you downHe'll rip your flesh tear your heart rig
Sacred Warrior

Stay Tonight  - Impellitteri
I know we're leading separate livesSometimes we don't see eye to eyeWhat's the point of being lonelyWe just might make it if we try So stay tonightYou won't regret itI do

Steel & Stone  - ThyneScabbard
words and music by Mark Gersmehl is it my imaginationor do you think it'sreally getting cold in herewe carry on this conversationlike neither one of us is herethere's an
Thyne Scabbard

Steel Killer  - Saint
He’s got the eyes of certain death Blows out his plague with just one breath He knows your moves and where you goHe’s got you tricked and you don’t k

Rotting alive, buried in sin, Decomposed body, decaying within Rotting alive , buried in sin, Controlled mind, evil withinDying a slow death your bodies riddled with canc
Vomitorial Corpulence

Stephen Hawking Walked Away  - Frank'sEnemy
And so Carl Sagan starts to pray Stephen Hawking walked away Everything led to today The pogrom went the other way It's the end Bertrand Russell bowed down Syncretists fa
Frank's Enemy

Steven Hawking Walked Away  - Frank'sEnemy
And so Carl Sagan starts to prayStephen Hawking walked awayEverything led to todayThe pogrom went the other wayIt's the endBertrand Russell bowed downSyncretists fall to
Frank's Enemy

Stiletto 13  - Rackets&Drapes
i look like my father, i feel like my motheri walk like my sister, i talk like my brother
Rackets & Drapes

Still Dead  - TransfiguralForm
Transfigural Form

Still Holding On  - BetweenThieves
The beauty I see, sweet words people sayReminders of You each dayYour image is traced in all You designedCreation whispers Your nameEven through all the painYour Spirit s
Between Thieves

Stix And Stonz  - Rackets&Drapes
When they call you namesWill you feel ashamedWill you hide your headBetween your legsTell me what you'll doWhen they laugh at you'Cause you carry a bible with you(he's a
Rackets & Drapes

Stockholm City  - SonsOfThunder
Oh, Stockholm cityYou are lost but looking prettyOh, Stockholm cityYou’re not ashamed and that’s a pityOh Stockholm cityMay love knock you to the groundTo t
Sons Of Thunder

Stomp  - RudolphMcKissick
Lately I've been going through some things That's really got me down I need someone, somebody to help me come and Turn my life around I can't explain it I can't obtain i
Rudolph McKissick

Stones  - amDrive
could it be that you and me were made to breathe and show our love could it be we only bleed when someone cuts to draw our blood they say it's in love but fear is what th

Stop  - TowerofHundred
Not long ago you had a fireTo live for the Lord was your desireYou stood upon the RockThe lust of the world showed you the wayBut all that has changed you’ve gone
Tower of Hundred

Stop At Nothing - 24Idaho
when the fever breaks and you pull me back again how long was i gone this time? and i've climed the ropes but keep falling in the flames desire pulls me in the fire it's
24 Idaho

Stop By Here  - PraiseIIChoir
ChorusSomebody needs You Lord, stop by here.Somebody needs You Lord, stop by here.Somebody needs You Lord, stop by here.let Your glory fill this place,let Your glory fill
Praise II Choir

Stop Hiding  - RudolphMcKissick
VerseTell me why you keep on hidingIt appears you just keep trying toIgnore everything I'm sayingCrack demon got you stealing and lyingLook your family in the face denyi
Rudolph McKissick

Stop Look Listen  - Fighter
When youre on the street / You know you sound so tough / You've got a chip on your shoulder / But tonight I'm knockin' it off / You wrote the book hen it comes to gettin'

Stop Sign  - Solomon'sWish
I hear You saying, I Must have patience, but I Don't want to hear it anymore I wish You'd tell me something I don't know Surely You're tired of cautioning me
Solomon's Wish

Storm  - JunkerJorg
Let's get this party startedWake up the tested light up the power lineWake up the rested deadWhat coming to malignLock up link lock up chainThe undeniable painThe brain s
Junker Jorg

Storm Comin  - Petra
Went to sleep last night and I woke up feeling right Daylight in my eyes and it seemed to be really bright I went to the window and I looked up in the sky I saw the angel

Storm Rain Tears  - Teramaze
The Lord thundered from Heaven his voiceOf the Most High he spoke to me and saved me from myselfThrough his eyes the rain appearsWashed away the sin and tearsBut I trust

Storms  - Slechtvalk
Black storms, victim of the pain, will I survive.Rain, wind and thunder are beating me insane.Dark clouds of fear are rushing around me.And I run to escape from the pain.

Straight Shooter  - Bleach
Flat face on the groundYou’re unbelievableA love that’s never boundIt’s unbelievableStraight shooter without lookingReady or not - here’s what

Straight Up/Down  - Frank'sEnemy
I told you about the work and all that it meansGod came down as Jesus and fulfilled the the ultimate dreamA gift wrapped in His blood and it's ours to takeYou will hear t
Frank's Enemy

Strange Animals  - DanielAmos
Strange animals, strangeStrange animals, strangeToo complex to be tamed, too great to be graspedTheir wonder and beauty cannot be expressedSo will they devour you? Well n
Daniel Amos

Stranger  - HolySoldier
StrangerPeople talk about HimAnd His ways they can't explainOthers come against HimAnd His reckless claim to fameHe's an axiomHe's the maximumHe's a rebel and He's got a
Holy Soldier

Stranglehold  - RobRock
Say goodbye to all that you have ever knownShadows falling at your feetFeel the enemy that lingers in the airYour destiny is under siegeI want you to tell meI need you to
Rob Rock

Streams  - SaviourMachine
It's the light that surrounds youThe light that commands you to fightFight to find the answerFight to the doorThrough all eternal questionThrough vision of no moreTears o
Saviour Machine

Streetlight Dancer  - Bloodgood
Homeless, delinquent, defensesSurrounding his real feelings and personalityNot shaven, not clean, a sideline playerYou know what I meanSonata, no lyric to his musicIt's a

Streets Of Madness  - RobRock
Voices in the shadows, whispers in the nightTelling him that vengeance will make everything all rightTortured as a child, condemned by all his peersThoughts that have no
Rob Rock

Strength Of Many  - TheocracyAD
Members ever seekingPartnership with the believingA blessed unionRemnant eyes looking upPartakers of the bread and cupSweet communionWarfare fare we offer prayers against
Theocracy A.D.

Strength Of My Life  - PayableOnDeathPOD
Yo! Eternal rhythms in your system so clear.No negative take your isms stay clearedWe keep it lovely, give you want you want hear (no you won't hear)And Matisyahu in the
Payable On Death (P.O.D.)

Strength Within  - Unashamed
Time has come. Time to confront what I have fought with so long. I have to fight, not conform to myself. Conform to this world, give into my sin, only to fall again. I wo

Strengthen Me  - GospelMusicWorkshopofAmericaYouthMassChoir
VerseBuild me up when I am falling,Make me strong when I am weak,Anoint me with Your power, Lord,(Strengthen me)Power to fight Satan on every handThe ways of the wicked l
Gospel Music Workshop of America Youth Mass Choir

To him oh shame, they're children, piteous babesThey slay their blood, they poured out in his nameWith wailing cries and tears and rueCalled sadness need as pain they kne

Stroll Thru A Wicked Age  - Betrayal
To him oh shame, they're children, piteous babes They slay their blood, they poured out in his name With wailing cries and tears and rue Called sadness need as pain they

Strong Convictions  - Petra
Western world where the strong survive And the meek will inherit the dregs Living now in the twilight time Will the world hear the answer it begs Secular and sacred blur

Strong Points Weak Points  - DanielAmos
You were always inclined to fall down on your kneesYes I am always praying through my vanitiesWhat was doubt in you has lost a Holy warWhat is faith in me has conquered a
Daniel Amos

Stronger - Noiz

Stuck  - YesterdaysHero
I look at your life and what can I say.Your life is being torn away.I know you had a special future, but now you're just a loser.You could have been the best, but now you
Yesterdays Hero

Stumble - Silage
What's on your T.V.?Whatever's okay with meI didn't think you'd seeI'd change it but i'm too lazyI let you stumbleMy example, I watched it crumbleIt's all right in a whil

Stygian Passage  - LordianGuard
By lightning by thunder, by gathering of windsA chariot of silver and gold descendeth and taketh me in.My eyes behold wonder, as I gaze on this landTo terra I bow down my
Lordian Guard

Subliminal Division  - Detritus
Consumed in a struggle of spiritual warfareAn unseen battle in my mindA failure uncontrollable, persona inexplicableA scar that the past has left behindRid me of this can

Substance Abuse  - Unashamed
Lost living for this world, taking chances with my life, out of control. Surrounded by darkness, living in sin. Substance abuse, destruction the toll. Everything's ch

Subtraction And Division  - NamesWithoutNumbers
the distance grows between reality and the dreamthat once seemed like destinytoo old to dream so much but too young to give it upis this how it was meant to beis this eno
Names Without Numbers

Success In Your Hand  - RudolphMcKissick
Success is in your hand, follow My planI've called you for this hour, and placed in you My powerIt's in your hand, follow My planI'll do exceedingly, above all you ask o
Rudolph McKissick

Sudden Heaven  - DanielAmos
Familiar scene, no dream, I look'Cross hills of green and woodland brookThen, pulse for pulseThe Will speaks soft and lowOn waves of joy the sweet and tearful flowSudden
Daniel Amos

Suddenly - LynnBaird
Solo, lonely and afraid Hold on, something's bound to break Falling down, running from the promised land Midnight, and I'm still awake Don't feel right, haven't slept for
Lynn Baird

Suffer Of Sweet J  - JacksOfAllTrades
Can`t you see the pain is spreading all around usOur lives controlled by addictions and lustIf it feels good just feel freeEverybody else is doing it so why can`t weJust
Jacks Of All Trades

Suffer the Children  - TransfiguralForm
Suffer the Children (words and music: Pope) Extracted from an unloving womb, murdering me to satisfy your sex drive, scraping me out with a hook, injecting me with poison
Transfigural Form

Suffer To Reach  - LikeDavid
Here comes the rainWhen the sky is darkened like OctoberI’m watching these clouds move inIn the middle of summerIn the middle of summerThe rain will comeIs it time
Like David

Suffering of the Masses  - FocalPoint
as the world is flooded with black, a fire burns to light a shapeless path. the masses cry out and plea for help. their voices ring for everyone to hear, and those left r
Focal Point

Sufficient  - Bleach
And just to taste forgivenessTo taste Your mercyon my lips. I longTo know contenmentBurdens liftedYou promised itLet it reach my heartPlease let it reach my heartSo I'll

Sugarcoated Ways  - Bleach
Sugar coated ways, all hypocrisy.Come facade with me, break your hardened clay.Chorus:Do you feel the pain they bear, do you even care?Na na na na na na na.... Ah your Su

Suicidio - Antidemon
[Ex 20:13 / II Co 4:4]Oriundos, carnificina de uma batalhaObscuros, já quase mortos no infernoPactuados, introduzidos ao suicídioPor um deus falso, enganador é o

Another lonely nightSurrounded by breathingI called him dynamite (liar)Shot and sleeping, he believes meYou boys are all talkSexually nowhereAlone, in the darkNice try, b

Suits And Ties  - SkankinBuvas
So you have more bass in you sports car.So your wallet chain hangs down real far, I betit made you wreck your skateboardf, didn't it?You bought your shirt with change off
Skankin Buvas

Summer Sits Here Raining  - Sanctifica
Welcome to the fall my friendsit down by the firea seething mass of men you areunited by a thoughta wishApart from me you saw it comingas the first night repelled its daw

Summer Song  - RevJohnFlowers
Summer SongCHORUS:its a cool break, u know I cant waitevery day's like a Sunday and we'rehearing the radio playingtake the long wayunder the sun to our cool summer songsu
Rev. John Flowers

Summerland  - KingsX
summerland in my pastdays were full and i knew it would lasti never thought there was anything else but yousummerlandthe wind is getting coldsummerlandyou're finally gett
Kings X

Summerthrow  - Rez
Empty room, it's a holidayThe sky, the walls, a familiar grayIf i could find some peace of mindIf one day again I'd feel the summer's breathOh summerthrowSummerthrow your

sun  - MadMax
Closed door, another fight Two wrongs don't make a right Spoken words not meant to be Its darker side of me Cold heart, bitter tears Two fools on a ship of fears You cry
Mad Max

Sun Stands Still  - Bleach
I have been so worn and so spentMedicate what’s left and leave the restFight to love and live I must confessMedicate what’s left forget the restStranger thi

Sun Stars Moon  - PaulColmanTrio
Do you believe it's true It all depends on you? If you were to fall down We wouldn't know what to do? I'm a lonely soul I'm a lonely soul When I think I'm al
Paul Colman Trio

SunStarsMoon  - PaulColmanTrio
Do you believe it's true It all depends on you? If you were to fall down We wouldn't know what to do? I'm a lonely soul I'm a lonely soul When I think I'm alone I want to
Paul Colman Trio

Sunbeam  - WildernessOfTekoa
Oh who am I, this breath of fading mist Where do I stand on this speck of heavens dust Suspended on a sunbeam Where no ones really listening Suspended on a sunbeam So her
Wilderness Of Tekoa

Sunday  - MadattheWorld
Written by Randy RoseSun shinning bright honest light glows on this dayHappy go lucky trees are green, all clean at thisPerfect park all is well yetThis day means lonelin
Mad at the World

Sunday Parking Lot  - Terminal
I heard the news states awayYou were fairing through white sleepCollapsed outside the restaurantCouldn’t dry my eyes at the thought of youWent to visit you in a ho

Sundays On The Way  - Carman
The demons were planning on having a party one night. They had beer, Jack Daniels, and pretzels, there was red wine, some white. They were celebrating how they crusified

Sunk  - ShadedRed
Caught in the undertow, down I go, deep dark belowHold my breath, fight to find, anythingSome sort of lifeline(Bridge)SunkCan I find my way?To the surfaceWould payAnythin
Shaded Red

Sunrise - Rez
The day is coming you'll forget your goldYou'll throw it in the streets like a sacrifice of oldBut you won't be able to buy what you most desireAnother sunrise to avoid t

Sunset  - StrangeOccurrence
Sunrise Acoustic Mix
Strange Occurrence

Sunshine  - TinmanJones
Sunshine...Your color's so brightMade a good impression As a lily garden mightCapture the moment of sunriseIlluminate my soul into another starry nightYou, I'm staring in
Tinman Jones

Sunshine Down  - LostDogs
I marvel as I sip upon my sweet teaI’m popeyed at the sweetness of my sweet peasThe blooming of my treesWhy does the sun shine down on me?I’m grateful for t
Lost Dogs

Sunshine Rain  - KingsX
there's a thorn in my sideand I feel like I'm standing in the middle of a battlefieldoh lord I try I walk thru sunshine rainin every forest there's a snakeand the apple o
Kings X

My days are getting better Since I read your letter Every day Things are so much clearer Since I let you You nearer Every Day I just can't wait to breathe this air Inside

Supersonic  - TheLads
V1There’s a sound that’s goin ‘roundSomething I found it’s hit the town(Marvel Music Sound)This is it I can’t containCan’t remain
The Lads

Surgical Disgorgement  - VomitorialCorpulence
Surgical disgorgement of demonic cancer, GOD is thespirtual surgeon to our lifes, he brings healing toour bodys, he brings hope to our lifes, he brings joyto our hearts,
Vomitorial Corpulence

Surprised  - Rez
I done my timeI took my rideStritted my stuff, did it my wayHid myself from the light of dayPushed, shoved, tripped an' fellBut dead men got no tales to tellEverything I'

Surrender  - LondaLarmond
Every morning when I wake upIn the evening when I go to bedThank you lord because he's keeping meSafe from even things that I cannot seeHe's a father, he's a brotherAnd h
Londa Larmond

Sustain - Unashamed
As I walk through this valley of death, fear does not hold a grip on me. For your sake we face death, all day long, and by your hand, you help us understand. As the spir

Sustain Me  - Renascent
I hear the screams from beyondThe power of my memoriesSo fragile and weakSome end to this pain I seekI live among these stonesThe living dead and bonesLight is here by Go

Sustained  - Unashamed
As I walk through this valley of death, fear does not hold a grip on me, for your sake, we face death all day long, and by your hand, you help us understand, as the spiri

Sweeping Through The City  - JerryWashington
Sweepin' Through The City (Sweeping Through The City)(recorded by The Caravans, Shirley Caesar, Carlton Pearson & The Azuza Mass Choir, Stephanie Mills, Stovall Sisters,
Jerry Washington

Sweet And Ordinary  - RoseBlossomPunch
Lies are sweet and ordinaryListen closely you’ll hear it in meFind my way back so I can downsizeStayed up so late I could hear the sun riseBe it quiet be it soonWh
Rose Blossom Punch

Sweet Goodnight Neshamah  - RaptureoftheMeek
Say goodnight my sweet pride, you sang your last lullaby,showed your head too many times, now you must die.You've been my downfall.I will overcome this deformity.I don't
Rapture of the Meek

Sweet Little Jesus Boy  - LynnBaird
Sweet little Jesus boy, they made You be born in a mangerSweet little Holy Chil', didn't know who You wasDidn't know You'd come to save us Lawd, to take our sins awayOur
Lynn Baird

Sweet Memories  - SacredWarrior
I remember all the things you used to sayThe times we shared together, the many tears we`ve shedBut now it seems as though i talk to barren wallsI know someday I`ll see y
Sacred Warrior

Sweet Spirit  - RudolphMcKissick
Sweet Spirit(written by James Moss)(recorded by 21:03)Into:There's a sweet Spirit in this place.There's a sweet Spirit in this place.Watching over us and keeping us,rest
Rudolph McKissick

Sweet Work Of Love  - LostDogs
The ground opened up and you wereHurled to ruinThe fabric of the earth just ripped in twoYou were famous and beautifulCommanding the nationsBut you were bloodied and batt
Lost Dogs

Sweetest Thing  - JerryWashington
Sweetest Thing(written by Kierra Sheard)(recorded by Kierra "KiKi" Sheard)Chorus:He's the sweetest thing that I've ever known.Sweeter than the honey on a honey
Jerry Washington

Sword Of Victory  - SacredWarrior
Well I seem to find that the enemy attacksAt a time when you least expect itSo you better prepare for the day will comeThat your name will be electedThere'll be lots of p
Sacred Warrior

Syö sut  - Terapia
sun pääsi on täynnä melua menneen päivänillalla haluat vielä lisääsä et uskalla olla ilman tänäkään yönävaan liikaa kun sa

Sylva NC  - WithFaithOrFlames
when truth is relative the lies all seem to bleed together and all becomes nothing for the heart of us has been let down the war has risen as the enemy approaches and he
With Faith Or Flames

Symbol  - Undercover
She brushed her arm at meSwept me awayShe never said a wordI knew it was trouble when she turnedIt was enoughTo know it was trouble when she turnedSomebody forged a ruleC

Symphony of Moonlight  - CrimsonMoonlight
Crimson Moonlight

System Breakdown  - SystemBreakdown
don't you look into that eye again.the spark you saw there deep inside is dangerous my friend.and will you try another round?before they shoot you to the ground.oh no - w
System Breakdown

Down and weeping and overcome. Led astray by the superior configuration across the nation. Another decade of evil in the making. Hearts are breaking. Heads are aching. Th

Living to serve the only Kinglife worthy of respect and honorLiving for freedom, justice and all that is goodChoosing death before dishonorNever to attack an enemy unarme

TMBWGMNL - Slechtvalk
The Messias has come upon our earth to bring us a world of peaceThe Savior has won, from the Lord of demonic fallen angelsHe gave us His life, so that we could live for e

Table For Two  - Caedmon'sCall
Danny and I Spent anther late night over pancakes Talkin' 'bout soccer And how every man's just the same. We made speculation On the who's and the when's of our futures A
Caedmon's Call

Taivaallinen Jerusalem  - Oratorio
[translation][Heavenly Jerusalem]It was built before no souls were createdIn advance God wanted you to be there2000 years ago the earth shook“Look; the kingdom of G

Take a Bow  - LoveisRed
Take a bowYour time is up and I'm glad to watch you goWhat all you've done is run your mouth about how it was back thenBut the scene's alive and I won't let it fade awayJ
Love is Red

Take Everything  - WithBloodComesCleansing
I see His angels rise before me, and His glory shown about, I stand firm in my faith when all else is gone, cause in my weakness I will be made strong. Set yourselves apa
With Blood Comes Cleansing

Take It Away  - ClarenceRobinson
Take It Away(written by Keith Branch)(recorded by Earnest Davis Jr. & The Wilmington-Chester Mass Choir)Chorus:If You find anything that's not like You,I ask You Lord, Y
Clarence Robinson

Take Me To The Cross  - Brother'sKeeper
Show me all the sacred places Show me where my faith was born Show me where my heroes lived the life I'm longing for Lead me to that ancient city Where the blood of p
Brother's Keeper

Take My Heart  - Jake
Don't wory Baby I won't go away Can't you feel it in the way that I tell you That I'm here to stay Don't worry Darling It ain't no lie Can't you tell by the way that I lo